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Moving In Reverse By Katy Atlas,

  • Title: Moving In Reverse
  • Author: Katy Atlas
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • What happens after the fairy tale ends Last summer, Casey Snow s life changed in an instant after a chance encounter with Blake Parker, the lead guitarist of her favorite band In weeks, she went from being an average high school student to the paparazzi plagued girlfriend of a rock star all while dodging tabloid rumors that she was responsible for the breakup of his baWhat happens after the fairy tale ends Last summer, Casey Snow s life changed in an instant after a chance encounter with Blake Parker, the lead guitarist of her favorite band In weeks, she went from being an average high school student to the paparazzi plagued girlfriend of a rock star all while dodging tabloid rumors that she was responsible for the breakup of his band, Moving Neutral.Moving In Reverse follows Blake and Casey past their whirlwind summer, into the reality of their first semester of college Everything isn t as perfect as they d hoped Casey struggles in her classes and tries to fit in with her sorority obsessed roommate, while Blake wonders about the career he left behind And while Blake and Casey adjust to college, Moving Neutral is getting closer to signing a new guitarist and replacing Blake Parker for good.
    Moving In Reverse What happens after the fairy tale ends Last summer Casey Snow s life changed in an instant after a chance encounter with Blake Parker the lead guitarist of her favorite band In weeks she went from

    One thought on “Moving In Reverse”

    1. Wow, I LOVED Moving Neutral but this was disappointing Nothing really happened in the book No real connection between any of the characters, no real plot movement, nothing for the reader to connect to the character Casey and Blake are unhappy through the whole book, but Atlas just seemed to string A bunch of events together to push out a book There was no real description of how these events made the characters feel or how or rather why they even effected there relationship The book seemed like [...]

    2. For this review and go to Live Read and BreatheSo you first fall for Casey and Blake in Moving Neutral This books starts where Moving Neutral leaves off In moving neutral you are so happy that Blake chose Casey but in this book the consequences of this choice starts to kick them in the butt.Casey is still trying to find her way in life and find out who she really is She does this in this book but with that and that fact that she is still naive and young she makes stupid choices which kick her i [...]

    3. Casey Snow had never failed anything in her life.She d also never referred to herself in the third person, so this was a major problem.Casey most certainly has her moments I loved it when she pulled out the quirky humour I felt for Casey in this one where she struggles with her grades because she s too busy juggling her social life Blake gave up everything for Casey, and Casey s worried that he might regret that decision The sad thing ishe kind of does This obviously puts Casey in a tricky corn [...]

    4. NOOOOOOOOOO I can t believe it ended like that I didn t even realize I was at the end until I saw to be continuedriously I wasn t paying attention to page numbers, I was too busy reading THE HORROR I wasn t mentally prepared for that OK I ll patiently wait I guess for book 3 That s all I can do.What a tummy turner this book wasYou know that it s gonna turn bad and you re screaming in your head CASEY YOU DUMMY Because she s just making bad decisions again UGHH And then Blake WTF He kind of turns [...]

    5. While this book kept my attention, I did find myself skimming through it I absolutely loved Moving Neutral and the character development However, it was absent in this book There was an introduction of two new characters, Liv who I thought was going to have a bigger role and just dwindled out never to be heard from again and then there was Tanner Cole He was a pretty constant figure in the book, but didn t evolve at all, which will hopefully change in the next book Overall, the content seemed l [...]

    6. 3.75 5I really like these characters, whoever in this book, what s missing is the relationship between everyone or the break down of each relationship And Blake, he never came off as such a total asshole yet he pulls the king of all asshole movesjust didn t play well with the Blake that I grew to adore in book 1 I really liked seeing Casey grow into her own person and the introduction of a few new characters, who I think I will be swooning over I m hoping that the next book will do a better job [...]

    7. I so loved the first book so I was pretty excited to pick up this one, and lucky for me it didn t disappoint.I have to say though I didn t like Casey as much in this book as the first one I could understand in the first book when she lied to Blake but this time round, I was not on her side I still loved Blake though and overall the book was really well written and as I said it didn t leave me disappointed till of course I saw the To Be Continued partUrghhh now to wait for the next one P.S Please [...]

    8. Gosh this feels so wrong to say because I loved Blake in Moving Neutral, but I could not stand him in this book I hated how Casey got blamed for all of his decisions, I mean he is an adult and made his own choices What s up with him never saying I love you back Poor ole Casey, if you cant tell I am definitely on her bandwagon I cant wait for the next book, I hope that Katy will give us a strong confident Casey this next time around.

    9. wow, and dam another series not finished,this is agreat book loved it wish i could read book 3 straight away feel like im missing something important by not getting into that 3rd book, how long to wait for it

    10. I hated how the book ended Man Blake can be a selfish ass He is not exactly prince charming But still a great character.

    11. I hoped for a different story line this time, and not an ending thats left open and surely you could have had a different ending than splitting up again its a book lets be creative They make the same mistake literally again, within a short time scale How can you rate a book when that book is not complete It should have been given a clear better ending, not getting up and walking off the end II also think that for 2 college aged adults they are immature, perhaps so him, as hes meant to be the ex [...]

    12. nice story although i don t like what s happened from the middle part up to the ending the story did really relate from its title moving in reverse, it was like the story between blake and casey was falling apart from getting to know each other lovers, lovers losing trusts, losing trusts heartbreak, heartbreak apologizing, apologizing lovers, then all can be repeat in reverse mode I can t wait for the 3rd book i want them together again, although in this book i think i prefer Tanner to Casey he [...]

    13. I am actually impressed The first book took me a while to read, but this one was better It was 3 stars, maybe 3.5 Couldn t quite get myself to rate it 4 stars on here I am hoping the next book does get up to the 4 star rating I read this book in a day It wasn t the best book, but I felt myself actually caring about the characters, and feeling what they were It wasn t predictable like the first book I had no idea where the story was going, and because the cliffhanger, I am interested in seeing wh [...]

    14. I think I just really like Blake and Casey s characters, and that s what makes me like this series so much I enjoy reading about them and had trouble putting Moving in Reverse down The story was so much darker than Moving Neutral , but it almost needed to be Blake and Casey s story ended on such a high point that it would have been hard to keep that up for an entire novel As tough as some parts were to experience, I liked where they landed at the end of the book and look forward to seeing them g [...]

    15. Bit disappointed with the second book of this series It just lacked credibility for me I stopped caring for Casey and Blake s actions don t correspond with his personality, or how I perceived it I just didn t feel the characters were acting their age and then didn t like Casey s actions whilst in LA Don t think I ll be reading book three as the story is too dragged out over the books It felt like this book had no real direction and then sped up towards the end The characters lacked any depth, in [...]

    16. I m loving this series, I found this one torturous to read because I hated seeing Casey do stupid things like meeting with April I actually had to get up and put the book down for a few wishing it wouldn t happen I still love Blake and although he seems to overrate just a tad insert sarcasm he still love her I am hopeful for a happy ending because I m a sap that way and wouldn t mind some adult scenes too Lol

    17. I ll give this book 3 stars I don t really get Casey why she can t stand up for herself especially to Blake s accusations Clearly, they need to trust each other I mean, who said living in Blake s world is easy right I also think that she s way in love with Blake so that s why when they have an argument, it s always Casey who s in a mess She just doesn t see that Blake is can be a jerk.It really does feel like we re moving in reverse Perfect title for the story 3

    18. Moving In Reverse this was longer than Moving Neutral and I really did not enjoy at all I mean come on throw me a bone GAR I will be how ever reading the third book in hopes there is a fresh breath of air and sense of the couple actually going some where and being stronger I can t help but think the words I Love You have no definition to Casey Blake like a bad relationship I m hanging on in hopes third time round will be better.

    19. I was kicking myself over the ending and was not happy with it at all that was why I gave it 2 stars however the story was a little choppy and it needed to have the characters get their sh t together but never did frustrating for sure I wanted the happy ending never received it in fact I want them to stay far apart from each other seriously.

    20. I didn t know there was a second book until this week.So i actually read Moving Neutral again.The second book was not bad at all and i will buy the third book to see how Blake and Casey s story ends.There were a few chapters which i breezed to quickly , but in the end the read was interesting enough.

    21. I actually really enjoyed this book than Book 1But man I wish I could jump in there and hit Casey on the head with a frying pan and no I am not a violent person but geez he s up and left her twice in there so called relationship, get over him and move on, i d go for the other hotty represented in this booklolCan t wait for book 3

    22. I didn t hate this book but I didn t really like it much either There was nothing about these characters or story which appealed to me Nothing has happened in the story, I cant even determine where the climax part was I really didn t feel any passion between the characters ITS A LAME VERSION OF THOUGHTLESS AND EFFORTLESS.

    23. I really was looking forward to this book I was disappointed an crushed that Blake turned into an ass view spoiler Blake takes Casey s virginity and an HOUR later walks outta her life Mr MIA for the REST OF THE BOOK ,,W T F At this point I hope Casey tells Blake in book three to piss off She needs to go for Tanner hide spoiler

    24. Another cliffhanger I didn t think there would be another book after Moving Neutral, but Moving In Reverse worked for me I wondered what would be Casey and Blake s life would be when they both attend college and Moving In Reverse answered it I really can t wait for the 3rd book When is it coming

    25. Quite short, but a good continuation of the story Blake turned his back on his music career to go to Uni with Casey but not all is plain sailing After misunderstandings and lies things seem to be ruined I didn t like who Casey was becoming in this book, I hope she pulls herself together in the next one

    26. I didn t like this one as much as the first one Hopefully the next one will be better This wasn t bad it just seemed like it was just filler to move the storyline along I felt like could ve happened in this book.

    27. I got into this book a lot quicker than the first one and finished it quicker too I loved it throughout And I love the characters Straight onto reading the next one now I would recommend this series

    28. Oh, Blake, what the hell happened to you He was such a punk in this book, that he s going to have a WHOLE lot of making up to do in the 3rd book for me to forgive him Poor Casey I did, however, really enjoy Tanner He s a fun, genuine guy I hope he gets time to shine in the next book

    29. I loved the first book, but for some reason this didn t enthrall me as much I think it s because it didn t seem as the main characters had a close relationship Maybe the third book will rectify that

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