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File Under: 13 Suspicious Incidents By Lemony Snicket Seth,

  • Title: File Under: 13 Suspicious Incidents
  • Author: Lemony Snicket Seth
  • ISBN: 9781443434799
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Paperback
  • Match wits with Lemony Snicket to solve thirteen mini mysteries.Paintings have been falling off of walls, a loud and loyal dog has gone missing, a specter has been seen walking the pier at midnight strange things are happening all over the town of Stain d By The Sea Called upon to investigate thirteen suspicious incidents, young Lemony Snicket collects clues, questionsMatch wits with Lemony Snicket to solve thirteen mini mysteries.Paintings have been falling off of walls, a loud and loyal dog has gone missing, a specter has been seen walking the pier at midnight strange things are happening all over the town of Stain d By The Sea Called upon to investigate thirteen suspicious incidents, young Lemony Snicket collects clues, questions witnesses, and cracks every case Join the investigation and tackle the mysteries alongside Snicket, then turn to the back of the book to see the solution revealed.A delicious read that welcomes readers into Lemony Snicket s world of deep mystery, mysterious depth, deductive reasoning, and reasonable deductions See at hachettebookgroup titl
    File Under Suspicious Incidents Match wits with Lemony Snicket to solve thirteen mini mysteries Paintings have been falling off of walls a loud and loyal dog has gone missing a specter has been seen walking the pier at midnight st

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    1. Some Lemony Snicket humor You do it I don t want to Don t be a baby, Harvey Don t be an infant, Mimi Don t be a fetus Don t be a zygote Don t be a woman and a man I just had my chaperone and her wild, enormous hair, which this morning had not one but two hairbrushes stuck in the back There was a knock on the door I was very interested in seeing a postman at last, but it was Theodora who opened the door, and her enormous hair blocked my view, so I only saw a white gloved hand reaching toward me, [...]

    2. I ve made no secret of my love of Lemony Snicket and this book does nothing to lessen that love.This book takes place within the larger Lemony Snicket series of All The Wrong Questions , a prequel series to Series of Unfortunate Events Daniel Handler keeps to the noir tone of the current series in this collection of 13 different mysteries that the reader has to try and figure out based on the short story they ve read and then flip to the back to read the answer Anyone who has ever read Encyclope [...]

    3. The reason this is three stars instead of four is that I listened to the audiobook instead of reading the hard copy There s nothing wrong with the audiobook it s read by a cast of narrators that would top the all star list of any hipster parent I m identifying you as a hipster parent if you can immediately recognize the voices of Ira Glass, Sarah Vowell, Rachel Maddow, and Terry Gross And it s really fun to listen to Vowell, Gross, and the rest, but it would have been nicer to also see the adora [...]

    4. I love Lemony Snicket I love everything he writes, and his style of writing Although this book is formatted differently, I found that it still had the essence of Lemony Snicket in there 13 Suspicious Incidents is literally just that A book about 13 incidents that Snicket resolves very quickly It s enjoyable, and fun, and quirky The book reminded me a little bit of those Goosebumps books with alternative endings in the sense that to read the ending and how the mystery was solved Snicket tells you [...]

    5. I loved this so much I m glad that Mr Snicket decided to write this I will say that I think it would be a good idea to read at least the first book in the All The Wrong Questions series maybe even the second book too, before reading this I think you ll enjoy it , because you ll go into it knowing the characters already and their quirky personalities The format of this book was so great It really added to the reading experience.

    6. Ok I feel stupid, I have two masters degrees and yet reading the endings of these stories I feel like I was missing something hidden away in this children s book I have to say I am very fond of this series by Lemony Snickett, I just love all the minor characters in Stained by the Sea, especially their punk librarian This book has wonderful quotations about librarians and lots of book related humour The mysteries are all short and some are obvious than others but as I said, I still feel like I m [...]

    7. I m such a sucker for puzzle mystery books Probably the 1 reason why I love Lemony Snicket so much I managed to figure out all 13 incidents in this book largely due in part to the convenient solutions in the back but the conundrum I could not crack for the life of me was WHY ARE THERE 26 SOLUTIONS AND ONLY 13 MYSTERIES The extra 13 solutions have slight correlations to the other 13, but they make absolutely no sense without any context It s driving me crazy Who would ve thunk that I would spend [...]

    8. It s a good thing I always read books cover to cover.Lemony Snicket, you re sly, but this volunteer is on to you Well, except for the Last Word I didn t understand that nonsense.Read this in one sitting Loved the mini mysteries and the strangeness of Stain d by the Sea s inhabitants Loved the one which getting a good night s sleep figured prominently Loved the hints of the VFD.

    9. These 13 short stories are further evidence that Lemony Snicket s All the Wrong Questions series is ever bit as much subversive fun as A Series of Unfortunate Events if not so I m starting to think the solo adventures of juvenile Snicket in the village of Stain d by the Sea are my favorite brainchild of Daniel Handler thus far That village librarian Dashiell Qwerty has become yet another of my fictional boyfriends does not hurt the case The mysteries are fun Some of them are fairly obvious, but [...]

    10. It is better to dive into a shark tank than into a family argument I ve missed Snicket and his is a word which means LOL I ve enjoyed some of 13 incidents and learned about Bellerophon

    11. AMO esta serie, amo a este autor, amo su forma de escribir, los gui os a los lectores de todas las edades, su visi n del mundo de los adultos, todo Estos 13 incidentes sospechosos tienen sus altos y bajos, no son todos obvios y no son todos complicados Hay algunos en donde la respuesta la puede deducir el propio lector y comprobarla leyendo las resoluciones en las p ginas posteriores, otros son un poco m s complicados, y su resoluci n sorprende, aunque sean sencillas o poco convincentes Sin emba [...]

    12. The first time I laughed out loud was sometime before we even got out of South Carolina The introduction to this book is pretty similar to this preview on the back Please find herein thirteen 13 cases investigated by Lemony Snicket during his apprenticeship in the town of Stain d by the Sea Every detail of his inquiries into local kidnappings, supernatural occurences, violent vandalism, and food theft has been described and catalogued in this recording For security reasons, the conclusions to th [...]

    13. If Lemony Snicket Encyclopedia Brown had a baby, and hopefully they wouldn t that would be creepy, but anyway if they had an unholy creature that was birthed from that unimaginable mating ritual the product of that sick act would be this book This is in between books 2 and 3 of the All The Wrong Questions series in chronology, but as far as I can tell nothing here is continuing the story arc It s just a short, fun very funny book full of 13 little mysteries that aren t that hard to solve it is a [...]

    14. I loved this so much, I cant wait to read the main series I also absolutely LOVE A Series of Unfortunate Events so much, and I loved the Easter eggs from ASOUE in this one Seeing little Lemony is honestly one of the best things ever Sorry this review is kind of all over the place but I m really excited.

    15. File Under 13 Suspicious Incidents follows thirteen short stories that take place in Stain d by the Sea sometime after during the events of Book 2 in this series When Did You See Her Last At first glance, none of them are connected, but I know Lemony Snicket s writing And I know that having the conclusions to each mystery at the back of the book is no accident I also know that there is a code hidden in this book involving the five or so extra endings that don t match any of the stories And it ma [...]

    16. These cases were really fun Some were really interesting and hard to guess, others were a bit obvious, but in all of them we got to see Snicket acting like a true detective now, solving cases here and there and helping everyone out I also kinda like that there are endings than cases, it felt very confusing at first, thinking there might be something to them, but I think they are there just to confuse readers in case you want to skip to see the endings That way, you won t know if you re readin [...]

    17. This isn t actually the next installment in the All The Wrong Questions series, but it does take place in the same town and with the same characters This consists of 13 short stories that allow you to guess the answer I pretty much buy anything that has Lemony Snicket s name attached to it, because I love everything he writes I wasn t totally sure what exactly I was in for with this book, but I was pleasantly surprised by it.I enjoyed the book It was fun to try and solve the mysteries and I enjo [...]

    18. I liked this book, but Snicket s writing style here feels weaker and less engaging than in his other stories It s not nearly as wry or humourous However, the world building is thorough and original enough that you still take interest in the characters and their adventures The book is broken down into two sections, or files Part One of this book contains 13 chapters, each a mystery story Part Two includes a brief entry for each chapter, explaining how Snicket solved each case But the most interes [...]

    19. B.R 7 File under 13 Suspicious Incidents is a very mysterious book It is written by Lemony Snicket The characters in this book help Lemony learn ways to solve different mysteries Some of the characters in the book are Theodora Markson, Jake, George, Mrs Cozy, Harvey and Mimi Mitchum, and Tatina It s an important skill to know when not to say anything It s not a skill that came naturally to me then The lesson That Snicket learned is that sometimes it s good not to say anything File under 13 Suspi [...]

    20. File Under 13 Suspicious Incidents Or, A Study in Stalling and WanderingThere s not much to say about this insert into the All the Wrong Questions Series It s quite pointless and doesn t further any of the story that has been created in the first two volumes The same charm is there, yes, but so is the same frustration The mysteries are easily and stupidly solved Like COME ON These incidents are no Agatha Christie capers, that is for sure.Ultimately, I just felt this was a waste of time to furthe [...]

    21. Remember Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective Would he now be called Brown With the solutions to its mysteries to be found at the back of the book and because this is Snicket, misfiled solutions with no corresponding suspicious incident are also included , this installment in the All the Wrong Questions series reminded me of the old series I read as a child, though with the Dashiell Hammett tinge of its first two books still intact My favorite part was the musing upon communities that disappear Sni [...]

    22. As with all things Lemony Snicket, this book is a humorous tale about 13 mysteries I listened to the audio book and while the idea of having different authors read the different stories seems wonderful, it does not pull through while actually listening It becomes confusing having a different voice for each track and some of the narrators are better than others or rather some are really bad while they might be awesome authors their narrating skills could use some work and only one was excellent I [...]

    23. Each story is a mystery that Lemony files and then moves on to the next case At the end of the thirteen stories, each story is quickly revisited and explains the solution What a fun may for a middle grade student to try to solve these mysteries before they hear the answers I personally found the stories fun and enjoyed the different narrations I have to admit some of the cases had me stumped and I had to wait to the end to figure it out This audio is right around 3 hours long This would be great [...]

    24. File Under 13 Suspicious Incidents is a collection of short mysteries that take place between the second and the third book in the series All the Wrong Questions The series is a prequel to A Series of Unfortunate Events and is written in the same style It s both humorous and dark if your not a fan of A Series of Unfortunate Events, you won t enjoy this book As the title suggests it s a collection of 13 mysteries, including The Black Cat Cafe , and 26 solutions It s set up like the Encyclopedia B [...]

    25. 2.5 starsThis book was very hit and miss with me, and I m so disappointed because I love Lemony Snicket and his quirky humor and writing I had an issue immediately with the writing Snicket s instantly recognizable voice seemed dumbed down, and most jokes were a miss The cases were sometimes obvious, but then at other times the cases couldn t be solved by the reader what s the point of this book style if you re not going to make the mysteries solvable For the most part, the cases were convoluted [...]

    26. What can I say I am a Lemony Snicket junkie And this is another gem I am just sorry that I read it out of order If you read the All the Wrong Questions series, be certain to tuck this one in at the 2.5 slot I was quite proud of the fact that I solved a number of these mysteries right alongside young Snicket A few gems It s bad for you if you never do anything bad for you If you look someone in the eyes, really look at them, you are much less likely to hit them You are less likely to even think o [...]

    27. What s not to like about Lemony Snicket A real joy for language, a dry and absurd sense of humour, a masterful pervasive atmosphere of things being not quite right These cases micro stories were a interesting, absurd, funny and written in the delightful style which Mr Snicket specialises I was very impressed, a word which here means wanted it to never stop.

    28. More appearances by Dashiell Qwerty, sly references to classics, thirteen mysteries, a really fun structure with extra endings, and the revelation that Lemony Snicket does not care for The Little Prince I am pleased.

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