UNLIMITED BOOK ☆ Nekropolis - by Maureen F. McHugh

Nekropolis By Maureen F. McHugh,

  • Title: Nekropolis
  • Author: Maureen F. McHugh
  • ISBN: 9780380791231
  • Page: 241
  • Format: Paperback
  • Fleeing an empty future in the Nekropolis, twenty one year old Hariba has agreed to have herself jessed, the technobiological process that will render her subservient to whomever has purchased her service Indentured in the house of a wealthy merchant, she encounters many wondrous things Yet nothing there is as remarkable and disturbing to her as the harni, Akhmim A peFleeing an empty future in the Nekropolis, twenty one year old Hariba has agreed to have herself jessed, the technobiological process that will render her subservient to whomever has purchased her service Indentured in the house of a wealthy merchant, she encounters many wondrous things Yet nothing there is as remarkable and disturbing to her as the harni, Akhmim A perfect replica of a man, this intelligent, machine bred creature unsettles Hariba with its beauty, its naive, inappropriate tenderness and with prying, unanswerable questions, like Why are you sad And slowly, revulsion metamorphoses into acceptance, and then into something much But these outlaw emotions defy the strict edicts of God and Man feelings that must never be explored, since no master would tolerate them And the jessed defy their master s will at the risk of sickness, pain, imprisonment and death.
    Nekropolis Fleeing an empty future in the Nekropolis twenty one year old Hariba has agreed to have herself jessed the technobiological process that will render her subservient to whomever has purchased her ser

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    1. This is going to be one of those works dearest to my heart not because they are stimulating, nerve challenging or fast enough to make my heart race No, this is far from traditional SF the plot is of no importance here, nor the characters what matters is the world and how difficult it makes life for those who question its ways.What makes this novel stand out for me is its setting it is so rare to see the future in a place that no one has bothered to look at, as if the future will not have it Moro [...]

    2. What I got out of this book was, like other reviewers said, love isn t enough Mainly not romantic love as shown between Hariba and Akhmim, but also familial as shown by how Hariba s family tried to help her, or friendship as shown by what happened to Hariba s best friend who also tried to help her For Hariba and Akhmim s relationship, affection isn t enough in the face of power balances so unequal that attachment turns into dependency, consent and honesty is moot because there s too much pressur [...]

    3. I never do this, but lists You re getting lists this time What I liked The subtlety I m not a jaded scifi reader, so all the scifi elements introduced were suitably familiar, but not too incomprehensible to me Prejudices The exploration of inequality in a relationship Whether the inequality is constructed by rules parents teach their children or science that removes choice, it is real and there aren t any easy answers The writing Akhmim The ending.What I didn t like Multiple first person voice p [...]

    4. I Hm I don t know This book is very much science fiction, very much not in the style of science fiction, and that s both its strength and weakness The SF elements are used as constructs for the story, which is all about people This is good, because I care about people than I do about technology This is bad, because I feel like some of those SF elements are not fully thought out or at least not addressed in the text , because only the ones that have implications for the characters that the autho [...]

    5. All I could think while reading this was that McHugh had a whole hell of a lot she wanted to say about fundamental Islam and or Arabic society s treatment of women and I wished she would just come out and say it but then I would remind myself that this was a fiction novel, and she was contentedly making whatever point she wanted to make I guess Having just read Infidel by Hirsi Ali made Nekropolis seem like weak criticism indeed, but then that s probably an unfair comparison.I was excited when, [...]

    6. I just couldn t get into this book The first few chapters introduced an interesting near future world and I was curious to see what the author would do with it Well, she had her characters take an action that brought them out of that world so that she didn t have to deal with the sci fi aspects any It was at that point that I realized I didn t care about these characters Disappointing, but glad I moved on to reading something else.

    7. Maureen Mchugh writes a very interesting sort of science fiction a recognizably near future earth filled with startling, amazing technology that has nothing to do with the plot drive of the novel at all instead of speculating on what will be, she speculates on how an ordinary person will live their life in a world that just happens to have this tech you want her to explore some of these post post modern marvels in depth it can be frustrating at times to catch unexplained, matter of fact glimpses [...]

    8. This was a good novel but not quite what I would call science fiction There are several sci fi elements to it Jessing an illegal bio programming method that bonds a person to another to ensure loyalty.Androids Though they get called harni or chimeras.House computers and Simulations.I enjoyed this book actually I read it right through overnight when I could not be bothered sleeping and that has to be a recomendation The characters are well constructed and the setting is Morocco which is a very pl [...]

    9. McHugh has an amazing gift for immediacy in her writing I think even folks that don t like scifi might enjoy this work, which is so character driven, that the scifi elements are simply part of the setting.At first, I thought seemed similar to so many dystopian romances, although much better written But McHugh has so much to say about society, status, position than these ya novels I have read In the distance future in Morocco, Hariba, a young woman from the Nekropolis the town of the dead sells [...]

    10. A bleak romance set in a future in which, as in our present, the actuality is so much less than the imagining McHugh is expert at capturing contemporary compromise and longing and recasting our continuing sense of isolation and loneliness into a world that the genre has led readers to believe can only be one of, if not institutionalized hope, only temporary incompetence Her worlds are real because they capture humanity s weaknesses, and rather than gloss over these failures, they come to define [...]

    11. This book, set in a future Morocco, shows that, regardless of advances in technology, the basic human experience often changes very little Her main character, the young Muslim woman Hariba, has voluntarily sold herself into servitude her loyalty to her employers assured by chemical biological means However, when she falls in love with Akhmim, a lab created biological AI who seems all too human, the two escape their employer owners, risking jail or deathRegardless of the book s exotic tech, Harib [...]

    12. This is my fourth McHugh novel, and with all four of them, I have stalled out midway for a long time, coaxed myself back into reading them, and then plowed through the ending I m starting to think that it isn t just me, that she has issues with pacing and building narrative momentum The concept, of a chemically indentured woman in an ultraconservative future version of Morocco who falls in love with an artificially made person, is intriguing As ever, McHugh refuses easy resolutions and simple ch [...]

    13. This is one of those books that I bought during a cheap bundle sale but never read I have a few of those, just standing around on my bookshelf On the back cover, it says Science Fiction The authour is a Hugo winner But the novel, though it is full of futuristic terms and props, is so basic And beautiful A woman gives up everything for love and then finds love, by itself, is not enough.

    14. This book could ve been very disappointing On the bottom of the cover a quote from Cleveland s The Plain Dealer promises us A literary novel in sci fi clothing and I can t pretend I wasn t sceptical when I read that but it was also what roped me in It was probably too much to hope for Finnegans Wake with simulacra but the reviews I consulted promised a character driven narrative that just happened to be set in a future Morocco sometime after 2144 we never do get to learn the precise date.At its [...]

    15. Our main character, Hariba, used to live in a necropolis in her middle eastern city This was the district where poor people lived tombs are cheaper than housing Hariba couldn t see a future for herself there and so sells herself as a slave, essentially, by being jessed This procedure makes Hariba bond emotionally and involuntarily to the one who buys her bond She can be sold again and rebonded if her owner desires Hariba begins in a fairly wealthy household, but trouble comes along soon enough i [...]

    16. Another surprisingly perceptive book by McHugh There are multiple narrators who carry the various stages of this book It is set in Morocco, in a near but unstintingly different future The sci fi elements serve as aspects in the life of the characters, and are not explored otherwise.I think while it works very well in many regards, it still shows superficial understanding of essential aspects of Arab Muslim life One sore point that sticks out to me is all the references to the so called Second Qu [...]

    17. Dans le Maroc du milieu du 22eme si cle, Hariba est une domestique, qui a t jessed C st a dire que son cerveau a t modifi pour qu elle soit intrins quement loyale son propri taire il s agit d indenture volontaire la Jack Vance, m me si la aussi, le co t de racheter son contrat est si important qu au final on peut parler d esclavage Mais quand elle d couvre Akhmim, un harni, ou Chim re, tre humain bio construit avec un statut, dans cette r gion du monde, de non humain , elle se retrouve vouloir a [...]

    18. While the future may have brought many things, it hasn t brought to everyone equally Poverty still exists and, in certain places, so do new kinds of slavery Hariba is one such, a young woman who has undergone a procedure called jessing which makes her loyal to an employer, and unable to defy him without life threatening consequences in addition to legal ones But at least it is a job, an opportunity, and her master treats her well But then there is Akhmim, a harni, a created being who is owned ou [...]

    19. NEKROPOLIS by Maureen F McHughWow What a depressing book and I highly recommend it It s the story of a poor woman in Morocco who indentures herself into servitude to a rich family because she thinks doing so will make her meaningless life of poverty easier and give her a purpose She becomes impressed via a sort of viral nanotechnology into the service of a family where she quickly runs into trouble with the master s wife Hungering for companionship she falls in love with and decides to escape wi [...]

    20. A very sad SF novel about the obligations of culture, family, and situational necessity, set in a future Morocco Hariba is biologically programmed to be an indentured servant Akhmin is an artificial person bred to serve humans They re drawn to one another, but even if they can find freedom, it s difficult for either of them to distinguish love from obligation.I read McHugh s short story Nekropolis years ago and adored it The prose is spare and beautiful and the characters are alive on the page T [...]

    21. There s something about McHugh s writing that I simply love Nothing much happens in her books, yet I find them immensely readable I can t wait to find out what happens to all of the characters in this book the viewpoint switches from one to another and they re all sympathetic and tragic.The setting is fantastic, and I loved how different characters notice different things about it, making it real It s rare that you get sci fi set in poverty stricken surroundings this exploration of how techno b [...]

    22. A touching tragedy set in a near future Moroccan society that provides the experience of being a social outcast, a runaway, a refugee, and a foreigner.Writers, read this for point of view The narrative s shifting viewpoints from Hariba, the girl who sells herself into slavery to Akhmim, the man made life form Hariba loves to Hariba s mother, who undergoes risk to protect Hariba when she runs away to Ayesha, Hariba s childhood friend who takes risks to get Hariba and Akhmim out of the country and [...]

    23. This book is about one woman, Hariba who chooses to get jessed an altering of the brain body to heighten feelings of loyalty to an owner, rather than live with her broken family She becomes a housekeeper and works alongside a Harni a person created from 80% human DNA and 20% chimp DNA The Harni are legally discriminated against and are largely thought not to be human, but like artificial intelligence But Areba falls in love with the harni is super fascinating And actually I just heard on the ra [...]

    24. This novel was published just before 9 11, and thus somehow presents an interesting and perhaps unique perspective and speculation of Islamic life and changes brought on by technology and societal change I recall hearing that it was written partially in response to Tanith Lee s The Silver Metal Lover It s a slowly paced, very thoughtful book, quite uncomfortable at times McHugh is among the best at making her readers really think, question, and examine their reactions to her prose It s a well wo [...]

    25. An enslaved woman meets a non quite human, falls in love and finds a version of freedom Personal will, culture and identity exploration combine with scifi for a well written and literary spin on the genre, although the romantic elements grow tiresome Similar to The Silver Metal Lover, a non human human love exploration that I enjoyed despite its awful, awful title.

    26. Decently written prose, solid characters and intriguing relationship development between modified and artificial human beings However, the writer could use a big dose of Edward Said s critique of Orientalism Although set in the future, this is a classic depiction of the Muslim world as illiberal, repressive, backward, yet erotic and a Europe that is modern, free and compassionate to a fault Don t we already get this message through a thousand channels of self congratulatory fantasies of Western [...]


    28. A scifi novel set in future Morocco intriguing, right Well, it sure could have been better McHugh shies away from really exploring the implications of the technology she introduces and I found myself unable to relate to her point of view characters I think that this novel could have been much improved by use of third person narration, versus the changing first person point of view You d really think a book about bioengineered slavery would be interesting.

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