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Brown Eyed Handsome Man By Sable Hunter,

  • Title: Brown Eyed Handsome Man
  • Author: Sable Hunter
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Continuing the Hell Yeah Series with Book 4 Kane Saucier has chosen to walk away from a family fortune to wear a badge As Sheriff of Kerrville County, he lives near his brother Zane and his friends, the McCoys of Tebow Ranch His life is good, but something is missing The Sheriff is lonely until love walks through the door of his office one day in the form of Lilibet Continuing the Hell Yeah Series with Book 4Kane Saucier has chosen to walk away from a family fortune to wear a badge As Sheriff of Kerrville County, he lives near his brother Zane and his friends, the McCoys of Tebow Ranch His life is good, but something is missing The Sheriff is lonely until love walks through the door of his office one day in the form of Lilibet Ladner She s not had an easy life, but from the moment they meet, the sparks fly While everything is perfect in the bedroom, there is trouble in paradise intrigue, danger and mystery turn their world upside down Kane s faith never wavers his Little bit is worth fighting for And even when her darkest hour comes, Lilibet refuses to give up on her dreams or her Brown Eyed Handsome Man Warning This version of the book contains explicit content and details For a less explicit version check out the Hell Yeah Sweeter Versions also available on Intended for Adult audiences 18 Contains graphical scenes and sexual content.
    Brown Eyed Handsome Man Continuing the Hell Yeah Series with Book Kane Saucier has chosen to walk away from a family fortune to wear a badge As Sheriff of Kerrville County he lives near his brother Zane and his friends t

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    1. 3.5 Stars So, you always know what you re going to get with Sable Hunter s bookstally unrealistic OTT love stories.Kane was a great hero and it was definitely insta love Lilibet was pretty decent I always hate though, how the heroines are treated as pariah in these books Whatever disability or difference is definitely over exaggerated and the heroine is treated cruelly by others This one was no different but I liked Lilibet She seemed strong and sweet She didn t let her disability keep her from [...]

    2. 3 3.5 stars Author went back to the sweet, totally insta lust love model Which I liked The only downfall was the drama and strife caused by his bitch of an ex wife Other than that, it was a short and sweet read Although maybe a bit too sweet.Hero was great, tons of sexy time, heroine was insecure but not bad And she did not let her insecurities drive her behavior She did not push hero away and did not let the ex wife drive her away She did have a physical disability That never gave hero any paus [...]

    3. A 4.5 rating for me rounded to a 5, only reason being that there was not much of a build between the two main characters It was not a bad thing, I believe in love at first sight and found the story to be a sweet, touching, emotional, exciting and sensual read But always enjoy a great build, especially with such loveable characters Any erotic romance fan will love spending some time with A Brown eyed Handsome Man.Lilibet is a sweet, kind hearted, beautiful and lonely local gal She s never been in [...]

    4. As I have been reading my way through the Hell Yeah series the character Kane gets a just enough attention to make me wonder This story was a perfect addition to the series Several questions are answered and a whole parallel story unfolds As a stand alone readers might feel the whole thing is rushed but if one reads it after Joesph and Cady s story there is plenty of build up to justify this short story My biggest complaint is one I often have with romances, it is when the couple have just been [...]

    5. This story was R.U.S.H.E.D The romance moved at the speed of light There is a lot of mean spiritedness in this fictional town Too much to be believable The heroine has one leg shorter than the other and so she has a limp No one likes her because of that Simple corrective shoes could have fixed her problem, yet we re supposed to believe she went her whole life without them as the town cripple The sheriff sees her in his office for the first time, he wants her, he chases after her, he kisses her B [...]

    6. I m a little at the fence with this novella The insta chemistry between Lilibet and Zane was a little too quick for me There s love scenes than dialogue and the history between both characters is a little vague The suspense portion was very good, I liked that it wasn t stretched out to the point and solved logically I don t know if it was the format in which I read it, but again, grammatical errors was annoying One of the characters name was changed in spelling mid way and it took a few lines t [...]


    8. Wow what an amazing story, very well written, wonderfull characters This has been a real page turner for me I think i have been through every emotion powerfull.Lillibet a beatifull women inside and out, she has suffered much from the ignorant people of her town, because of her dissability, yet her kindness new no bounds It broke my heart how she thought so little of herself, Thinking no man would ever want her for his own The day she went into Kane s office, life changed for the both of them, hi [...]

    9. Sable has done it again this story the most loving emotional and sweetest read you can ever find This book is 4 in the Hell Yeah series sheriff Kane Saucier a good friend of the McCoy Brothers and his Lillibet who he calls Little bit are true soul mates for an eternity the book has mysteryDrama.d of course Romance and loveI love the way Sable dealt with Little bit s disability with huge compassion whatever Sable writes I will read have to say this one touched my soul as well as my heart

    10. As much as I love the drama, this book is a bit off for me Why Mostly because the attraction between Lilibeth and the Sheriff are just too fast too soon I mean, the Sheriff just met her I know, I know she oozes innocent and kindness but are you going to bang a girl you just met NO But overall, I enjoyed the storyline Sable Hunter s style of writing is a bit too fast for me, because I don t really feel the chemistry between them But yeah, I liked this series enough I ll finished it.

    11. The story for me had a sweet beginning, but got a little strange for some reason I believe the instant attraction part but it moved way to fast, I mean instant move in, sorry to many weirdo s in the world or maybe I am leery Anyway the story really picked up for me in the middle and really had me captured Liked Kane Little bit as he liked to call her But loved Zane in, I ll see you in my dreams better Still a good read

    12. I received a copy of this book from the author This is part of the Hell Yeah series and should be read after Joseph s story Her Magic Touch I loved this book just as much as I loved the first three in the series I look forward to continue reading what happens to the rest of the Mccoy brothers as well as Zane.

    13. well I feel like the wording gets worse with each book but the storyline keeps you interested short book this time.

    14. A Brown Eyed Handsome Man by Sable Hunter 5 5 Stars Just AwesomeWhat I ve really come to love about Sable Hunter is she does not shy away from things, nothing is taboo, so far we have had cancer, dyslexia, surrogacy, paralysis, faith healing, in this book our heroine Lilibet has a limp, which is the way she was born, however the reaction she gets just leaves me cold, what difference does it make to a person s personality if they limp or not Kane is not only the town Sheriff but also a friend to [...]

    15. Brown Eyed Handsome Man Hell Yeah Book 4 I loved this book Kane is the sheriff, his brother is Zane, who you can read about in I ll See You In My Dreams Hell Yeah Book 8 Lilibet was trying to run a business selling sandwiches and she walks into the sheriffs station and was instantly smitten with him Kane also feels a connection Her landlord wants her out of his property so Kane gets her a job working for the McCoys on the Tebow Ranch helping Libby and Jessie who are both pregnant There is some d [...]

    16. As always this is just to let you know before reading my review that I write my reviews as I am reading so I don t forget anything I wanted to say So please keep that in mind when you reading this and if it seems like I am making any guesses as to what MIGHT happen this is why.This Lonnie Patterson guy needs to get off his high horse he has put himself on top of what Lilibet is doing isn t something he should be able to evict her for, and Kane shouldn t let Lonnie use his power over owning half [...]

    17. Although, this book is not about one of the McCoy brothers, it is still set in the same county, and is about their good friend, Sheriff Kane Saucier, a handsome, considerate, and trust worthy friend He happens to meet Lilibet Ladner, who sells lunches from a cart, because no one will hire her, due to some physical disabilities, that she was born with She has noticed the handsome sheriff and finally gets up the courage to enter his office, to ask if they want to participate in her lunch program P [...]

    18. Another beautiful story by Sable Hunter This is a story about Kane and Lilibet He is the sheriff of Kerrville County and she is the wallflower that everyone called a cripple but she doesn t see it that way His career was his life and did not want anyone in his life because of betrayal When he saw her walk into the sheriff s station, his life was turned upside down Their journey would not be a smooth one but they would rise up against the odds to be together Their love was pure and nothing could [...]

    19. Sable Hunter Hell Yeah Series Brown Eyed Hansom Man Book 4We meet Kane Saucier who is the Sheriff of Kerrville County He and his Brother Zane, an Attorney, and they are great friends with the McCoys at Tebow ranch Kane has found that he feels lonely and that something is missing in his life.When Lilbet Ladner walked into the door of the Sheriff s office, Kane s life was never the same Libet knows that the hansom Kane could never love her She has one leg shorter than the other and has a limp She [...]

    20. I have to say that I love this series I ve loved all the books and I really want to read all of them I liked the plot and the way all the books relate to one another So far, I think the author is really talented to be able to give us different stories all related without contradiction I love how I can find little things from other books and then everything makes sense It s like giving all the context to get through their story The only thing is that it was too much sex in this one As hot as it w [...]

    21. In this Hell Yeah installment, we get to meet one of the McCoy brothers good friends, Sheriff Kane Saucier From the moment Kane spots Lilibet Ladner it was lust and love at first sight Due to a physical disability, Lilibet has suffered, but despite all the bad things she has been through, she doesn t let anything keep her down Kane makes his intentions known early on, but a person from his past comes on the scene and threatens his relationship with Lilibet To add to that, Lilibet goes missing an [...]

    22. Sable Hunter has done it again this time with Brown Eyed Handsom Man.I was hooked from the very first page Kane Lilibet s love story was amazing You truly fall in love with the main characters Lilibets sweet shy personality fits her character perfectly She struggled with her disability and realized that just because the world sees her as damaged that she is in fact perfectly whole Sable wrote a tender book filled with love loving Hunter also brought out disabilities and deformities and showed th [...]

    23. UPDATE The wonderful Miz Sable emailed me the correct file with the entire story which 1st YAY and 2nd the remaining part of the story was great I just want to eat up her characters they re soendearing, hot, honerable and on and on LOL I d happily rec her books and hope you enjoy them as much as I have and do D Kane Saucier and Lilibet s storyrt of It s a short story within the happenings of the McCoy s stories and I was totally invested in what was going to happen next when it all of a sudden j [...]

    24. Sweet and Short.This was a very short story for the price But it was alright The buildup between Kane and Lilibet was short and quick This would have been much better if the relationship had been detailed because the characters were so loving and sweet I did not care too much for the action suspense and there was a surplus of villains in the book Everything seemed to happen instantly at the end but then that s what happens in a short book It was good because I have been following this series, b [...]

    25. Hell Yeah I love this series Kane Saucier is one saucy Cajun The chemistry between Kane and his little bit is off the charts.Sable manages to combine sweet, hot, sexy and suspenseful all in one great read The books in this series take place almost simultaneously, but you don t have to read them all to follow along However, it is great fun to me to see parts of the same story told from the differing points of view.Villians you love to hate and heroes who are human, flaws and all Great secondary c [...]

    26. This is another Hell Yeah book that showcases one of the McCoy s friends, Sheriff Kane Saucier If you have already read all of the Hell Yeah books, this is one goes back to number 4 in the timeline and can fill you in on the sexy sheriff and his woman, Lilibet Lilibet is not your usual heroine and it is quite refreshing to have a heroine who is not perfect, like so many of us out there Like other Sable Hunter books this one is not short on the steam and the sweet Even if you have not read any of [...]

    27. Love this seriesSheriff Kane Saucier has found his soul mate in a tiny women, who can cook, has a big heart, and a small limp Lilibet, can t believe the brown eyed handsome man of her fantasy is interested in her The girl with the limp that half the town treats as incompetent, due to her limp Kane wastes no time in convincing his little bit he is serious His ex wife and her brother bring trouble that nearly tares them apart A fun, fast paced and steamy story

    28. Some how I missed this one when I first began reading the series I m so glad that I went back and picked it up Kane Saucier and Lilibet Ladner are perfect for one another Kane has been scorned by his first wife she only wanted him for his money Lilibet has nothing and wants nothing from Kane but his love He has such an easy going way about him unless Lilibet is in danger and then watch out.his Sheriff personality will shine through Awesome book with a great ending

    29. crappy writing at its worst there actually is a storyline but guess what, most authors these days, at most publishing houses have those handed out to them i wish i knew what the original was this honest to goodness looks like a rip off of a well selling original mb or hq or whatever from back in the day, that s been rehashed into an adult and dumbed down, even version.

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