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And Only to Deceive By Tasha Alexander,

  • Title: And Only to Deceive
  • Author: Tasha Alexander
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 301
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Emily agreed to wed Philip, the Viscount Ashton, primarily to escape her overbearing mother Philip s death while on safari soon after their wedding left Emily feeling little grief, for she barely knew the dashing stranger But her discovery of his journals nearly two years later reveals a far different man than she imagined a gentleman scholar and antiquities collector whEmily agreed to wed Philip, the Viscount Ashton, primarily to escape her overbearing mother Philip s death while on safari soon after their wedding left Emily feeling little grief, for she barely knew the dashing stranger But her discovery of his journals nearly two years later reveals a far different man than she imagined a gentleman scholar and antiquities collector who apparently loved his new wife deeply Emily s desire to lean about her late husband leads her through the quiet corners of the British Museum and into a dangerous mystery involving rare stolen artifacts To complicate matters, she juggling two very prominent and wealthy suitors, one of whose intentions may go beyond matrimony into darker realms.
    And Only to Deceive Emily agreed to wed Philip the Viscount Ashton primarily to escape her overbearing mother Philip s death while on safari soon after their wedding left Emily feeling little grief for she barely knew

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    1. Don t fall in love with your dead husband, Kallista It can bring you no joy There are few emotions painful than regret, specifically, the regret of finally realizing that you love someone, only after they ve left or after they ve died How horrible must it be to realize that you can t tell someone you love them To come face to face with your own self absorbance, your own youthful folly, your inability to see beyond yourself to a great love that could have been A great love that never was.This s [...]

    2. This book It was not my thing.It was certainly readable enough nice and popcorny and fun but the thing about popcorn reading is that suspension of disbelief with regard to anachronisms kind of relies on a certain kind of lightheartedness, at least for me.So when the narrator started going on and on about how she was now Free From The Bounds Of Society, my disbelief went crashing to the ground Sure, I wouldn t want to have lived back then, but I feel like there s a way to do this kind of thing a [...]

    3. I enjoyed this historical mystery very much and will definitely continue with the series I m glad I did this as a buddy read, as we were able to dig for clues together making it all that enjoyable It connects with the Iliad and Greek artifacts in an engaging way, turning this novel into sophisticated fun for the mystery or suspense fan, with a touch of romance that is strictly one foot on the floor Pictures pertaining to the book, that I found helpful, are below.Some of the artists and art work [...]

    4. I ve read all kind of books there are those that made me cry, while with others I laughed books that made me think and wonder or amuse me as I read them just for the kick of it.Tasha Alexander sAnd Only to Deceive made me reflect, for it was different from the average historical fiction books I read recently That is evident from its first paragraph Few people would look kindly on my reasons for marrying Philip neither love nor money nor his title induced me to accept his proposal Yet, as I look [...]

    5. This book started out very promising As historical fiction, the author gets it right enough detail for interest but not so much to bog down the story She does not take too many liberties with the time period or setting As a novel of suspense it is an engaging story not really a page turner but enough suspense to keep me anxious to read on.Where this book suffers most is with its heroine, Lady Emily Ashton She is a young widow, a social station which makes her believe herself to be worldly than [...]

    6. I must confess I feel a little bad about my relationship with Lady Emily Ashton I came across her adventures in the wake of Lady Julia Grey s escapades and I fear I won t be able to do Emily justice, that she will always be overshadowed by Julia And, um, Brisbane Do not mistake me I like Colin Hargreaves very much He is a delight and I hope Emily never throws him over But he s not.well He s not Brisbane There I ve said it We can move on If you haven t guessed by now, AND ONLY TO DECEIVE is the f [...]

    7. And Only to Deceive is billed as a novel of suspense set in the 1880s though mostly I m in suspense as to whether the heroine will do some other wildly anachronistic thing Emily Ashton marries Philip Ashton solely to escape her mother s nagging he dies in a hunting accident shortly after their marriage and its only after his death that she realizes he was a man of hidden depths, which she begins to explore There s a mystery involving forgeries and stolen antiquities from Greece and a budding rom [...]

    8. Sometimes, a book just doesn t work for me no matter how much I want to enjoy it And Only to Deceive have everything that I should like, interesting characters, a mystery and a tragic love story However, somewhere along the way the story just lost my interest and unfortunately I never found it as interesting as it was, in the beginning, to read.So, what went wrong Why did this book not appeal to me I think the biggest problem for me was that the plot, Emily s hunt for the truth about Philips inv [...]

    9. This was a fun and an unexpectedly touching story featuring a woman who falls in love with her husband after he is dead That central feature lends the book weight, poignancy, engagement than it probably deserves Not that Emily isn t engaging on her own I particularly like her growing intellectual interests and determination to educate herself in areas that catch her attention Attending lectures at university and hiring tutors for ancient language and art lessons just fit her so well and made [...]

    10. While in Borders, I picked up Tasha Alexander s And Only to Deceive I quickly was drawn into the opening chapters Alexander s given her heroine, Emily Ashton, a wry, crisp tone that is enchanting In that sitting, I could see the mystery part of the book approaching, but was much interested in Ashton s intellectual awakening as she found herself suddenly in a position of increased social power and financial independence At home that evening, I kept regretting not buying it and wanting to continu [...]

    11. As the novel opens, Lady Emily Ashton is horrified She s a recent and young widow, and her period of half mourning is not yet over She s entered the stage where it s acceptable to participate in limited social events, and her mother plans to use these occasions to relaunch Emily into the marriage market Emily had chosen to marry her husband to get away from her mother s matchmaking apparently, even her status as a widow is not enough to protect her from her mother, now.Her husband died when on a [...]

    12. I didn t enjoy this book as much as Deanna Raybourn s Silent series, but it was entertaining I couldn t help but compare the two as the protagonists have very similar setup Rich, widowed, Victorian era, mystery about husband s death This book seemed to dance around the story quite a bit, went off on tangents and had frequent periods of stalling in the middle I enjoyed it, and will read the next though, as the setting is very interesting.

    13. This one was a complete impulse buy I picked it up because the jacket copy promised a cauldron of intrigue, scandal, and danger set in the British Museum and said it would be the result had Jane Austen writtenThe Da Vinci Code What hyperbole It was none of those things But it was a delightful, little, romantic Victorian cozy mystery If anything, it reminded me of the Amelia Peabody mysteries except instead of tracking down Egyptian artifacts in the field, the heroine of this novel tracks down st [...]

    14. Was looking to add on to my love of Ann Perry Elizabeth Peters Victorian mysteries This, by first time author Tasha Alexander, was like a romance novel without the good romance parts The mystery was lacking, solved within a few chapters Characters were inconsistent, and our heroine was very flat for me.

    15. A very slow building A very deitailed descriptions A very intriguing premise of falling in love with a deceised husband.The first part was really slow, but it picked pace until at almost the very end it became really interesting

    16. This novel is subtitled A Novel of Suspense, but IMO it s a misrepresentation Suspense comprises a very small percentage of this story Mostly, it s a quaint historical novel, taking place in the end of the Victorian era The protagonist Emily is a rich young widow She had only been married for a few months before her husband died on a hunt in Africa She never loved him, never even really knew him She married him to escape her overbearing mother A year after his funeral and almost out of mourning, [...]

    17. An engaging historical romance, with an interesting plot and a diverse number of well constructed characters I loved the first page of the book, as well, as the following s of course but that one did an amazing job at catching my interest, presenting a character, with a very dry sense of humourWhen Lady Emily finds herself widowed, she cannot in thruth, consider herself saddened by her husband s demise In fact, her husband s death, will give Emily, something she has longed for a long time now He [...]

    18. It was a new book and as such, pleasant to read Also, I heard good things about it, so started out enjoying it Then it turned out to be one of those smug stories where the hero ine is so snarky, he she can t keep from snarking even in his her sleep Tiresome to say the least And the snark is not that good either And the book is a historical only because the heroine gets to wear nice clothes, I suppose.Lady Emily married a guy just to save herself from her horrible meddling mother The guy died The [...]

    19. I have been re rating some of my books after developing a new system, in which I rate based on how I felt about a book than on its objective qualities, and came across this one after seeing another review of it So I have to be honest The prose style is average, it s got too many anachronisms, and the plot is ordinary But I really liked it Some of that is down to the characters, in particular the main character s approach to what life s given her, and I enjoyed the romance And I remember it bein [...]

    20. Really 2.5 stars, I had to force myself to finish it.I didn t find much of a mystery here, it was obvious from the start what was going on and who was doing it Also, very little romance and no suspense make for a very dull book I did find the bits about Greek antiquities interesting.At one point I thought the story was going to have an interesting twist but that didn t pan out so I hung on to the end and was disappointed.I won t be recapping, the blurb does a decent job of that.

    21. This felt so very much like well, several books I ve read before, but especially Silent in the Grave Both were in the first person In both, a Victorian lady is widowed, doesn t mind very much, finds out much later poor old hubby, Philip, Viscount Ashton, was murdered, and conducts investigation alongside husband s friend with whom there are sparks while stressing constantly about what to wear and when can I get out of mourning for heaven s sake it s not like I loved him In both, I wound up with [...]

    22. Voil une nouvelle s rie lire Il y a m me un Colin J ai particuli rement aim le contexte, avec Emily qui est veuve d un poux qu elle a peine connu et qui tombe peu peu sous son charme au travers de ce qu elle d couvre sur lui Il y a des moment doux amers, mais il y a aussi beaucoup d humour, et une galerie de personnages secondaires allant du plus horripilant mon dieu quelle m re horrible aux plus sympathiques Ivy, tu es tr s chouette, et les majordomes sont d finitivement des gens bien.

    23. And Only to Deceive4 StarsLady Emily Ashton is quite relieved when she learns of her husband s death in Africa for their marriage was one of convenience However, after reading Phillip s journals, Emily realizes that he was a man of great depths with a passion for antiquities and for his wife Emily s need to know soon leads her to the British Museum and into a dark and dangerous mystery revolving around stolen artifacts It would seem that historical mysteries with Lady in the series title are a [...]

    24. Fluff, but well writen fluff some anachronisms that probably made it enjoyable to be honest yay feminism.

    25. When I read the back cover of this book I was immediately interested There s something very appealing and romantic about getting to know someone by his letters and personal papers Unfortunately for Lady Ashton her husband is already dead when she starts to get to know him that way.For Emily, accepting the proposal of Philip, the Viscount Ashton, was an easy way to escape her overbearing mother, who was set on a grand society match So when Emily s dashing husband died on safari soon after their w [...]

    26. Where I got the book bought retail at author eventAnd Only To Deceive was Tasha Alexander s debut novel and the introduction of Lady Emily Ashton It s the late 1880s, and Emily has been widowed soon after her wedding As she only married to escape her mother s incessant matchmaking, she is not mourning her husband until she begins to learn about, and share, his interest in Greek culture and antiquities She then falls in love with him for the first time, until she begins to discover that he may no [...]

    27. And Only To Deceive is the first of a cozy historical mystery series set in the Victorian era Our amateur sleuth is Lady Emily, a widow who is guilt ridden because she didn t love her husband or even really know him As she sets out attempting to find a way to mourn him properly, she realizes both the freedoms and dangers of widowhood, and embarks on a journey of self discovery Along with a budding interest in Greek antiquities and art, she also discovers that her husband s death was not as simpl [...]

    28. An entertaining new author of historical romance, despite some anachronistic language It is somewhat similar in tone and style to Anne Perry s Charlotte Pitts series, and while I found the actual mystery somewhat dull I enjoyed the characters, setting, and writing The heroine was annoying for the first half of the book when she seemed wooden and unfeeling Later it became clear that the main point of the book was that her conventional and restricted upbringing had prevented her from any sort of e [...]

    29. GR has recommends this book to me for at least a year I chanced upon it at a used book sale and thought, what the hell I m ever so glad I did The only downfall to the plot is that the heroine doesn t enjoy coffee Of course, she is a Victorian lady, so it s tea for her, but she is so spunky that taking a glass of port after dinner with the gentlemen is quite acceptable The plot left me questioning until the very end I really didn t know who to blame for the crimes committed and was quite saddened [...]

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