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Alpha Trine By Lexi Ander,

  • Title: Alpha Trine
  • Author: Lexi Ander
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 148
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The sole survivor on a science vessel adrift in deep space, Zeus was adopted by the Emperor and Empress of the Mar Sani, though he is both human and blind, and seen by most as unfit to join the royal family Though they were able to repair his vision, Zeus does not trust his eyes and the nobles of his parents court refuse to ever trust a frail human.Dargon Kal Turak, alonThe sole survivor on a science vessel adrift in deep space, Zeus was adopted by the Emperor and Empress of the Mar Sani, though he is both human and blind, and seen by most as unfit to join the royal family Though they were able to repair his vision, Zeus does not trust his eyes and the nobles of his parents court refuse to ever trust a frail human.Dargon Kal Turak, along with his symbiote and lover Alpha, command one of the most dangerous ships in the stars Narrowly escaping a trap, they dock in a space port to make repairs, but find that the Psionics hunting them are closing in fast In desperation they kidnap the port Master Mechanic, unaware that the man they ve brought on board is than he seems, and will bring far upheaval to their ship, their lives, and the stars than any of them could have imagined.
    Alpha Trine The sole survivor on a science vessel adrift in deep space Zeus was adopted by the Emperor and Empress of the Mar Sani though he is both human and blind and seen by most as unfit to join the royal

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    1. Zeus has grown up with his adopted family and believed all his life he was human Humans are not regarded highly and are often killed His adopted parents, after losing their youngest son to Poseidon s call, raises Zeus as their own and he becomes a royal prince While working as a mechanic, he meets Dargon and Alpha, his symbiote and lover While the attraction is immediate, Dargon doesn t like humans at all but can t stay away from Zeus Will they be able to all put aside their differences and unco [...]

    2. Having recently lost their own child the Emperor and Empress of Mar Sani adopt the lone infant survivor discovered in an abandoned vessel The Gods have brought this infant into their lives for a reason and it s not theirs to question why Zeus has known only love from his parents and siblings though many others feel he is a human weakling with no redeeming qualities Having reached adulthood, Zeus finds his calling in service as a Master Mechanic With his rotation of service on a space port about [...]

    3. Wow I m outta breath This is a non stop short book that hooked me right away It was so sweet when the Mar Sani royal family adopted baby Zeus I especially enjoyed the deep relationship between Zeus and his 2 brothers They never treated him like he was different and in turn, Zeus thrives under their tutelage.After 5 years on a space station serving as master mechanic, Zeus can t wait to get back home He then runs into Dargon and his symbionte Alpha OK, the chemistry is smoking hot right away alth [...]

    4. The world building here is just too convoluted too many alien species, too many names, too many storylines The core relationship between Zeus, Dargon and Dargon s symbiote Alpha was fascinating but at times so buried underneath all the technobabble it was a struggle to keep reading but kudos to the author because I did keep reading These three held my attention and I wanted to find out what happened to them even if I felt my eyes crossing trying to decipher the crazily complex universe.

    5. I enjoyed a lot about this book and really admired Ander s incredible inventiveness, but the experience of reading it was mostly frustrating My favorite part was the opening chapters about Zeus adoption, but once the story moved to the space station I was overwhelmed by the onslaught of different alien species, with their wildly different appearances and abilities Instead of giving us any time to get caught up or orient to what was happening, the book kept lurching from one major event to anothe [...]

    6. 5 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book Reviewsmmgoodbookreviews.wordpress Zeus was found abandoned on a science vessel by the Mar Sani, a reptilian race, accepted into the Imperial family he grows up loved and wanted even though he is blind, at thirteen he has his eyesight repaired by the Chtichlians Having his sight is hard Zeus prefers to rely on what he hears as what he sees can t always be trusted, now Zeus is about to return home with his brothers after spending nearly five years on a spac [...]

    7. MM Sci Fi goodness doesn t get any better Really great world building and descriptions were off the charts great to set the characters I felt like I could see them completely I def had Star Wars flashbacks to the bar cantina scene loving that The intrigue part of the story really gets time to develop and uncover and there are clues but nothing so out there you know what s happening the first 10 pages Of course it has the obligatory mine and possessive alpha stuffbut the real Alpha symbiote was v [...]

    8. Updated 7 18 2013Less Than Three Press has picked up Alpha Trine and the sequel, Striker The re release of Alpha Trine is September 25th Woot updated 3 21 2013Major edits were done to the story that added an additional 7k to the storyline Issues with flow and the confusion of the first chapter have been taken care of I hope you enjoy the additions As before, this is a free download Cheers

    9. Overall book rating 4Audio Book Michael Stellman 4.5Book Cover 3 I really like Michael Stellman What can I say There is something about the way he reads, or pronounces his words, or I really don t know what exactly it is, but it works for me So it s safe to say that enjoyed this even because of him It has to be said I liked this story a whole lot It was original and it went places I really enjoyed I absolutely LOVE the way Zeus s adopted family adores him His twin brothers are some of my favour [...]

    10. Aliens, space fights and romance What else a sci fi fan could ask NOTHING It s all here, in this book Let me start the review saying this title was a freebie, but now it s not I read and I m reviewing the published version click here, to the publisher s site The plotZeus is a human, born blind and growing up with an alien specie he is a warrior, as all Mar Sani.His live will be turn up side down by a alien in a secret mission Dargon Kal Turak may be the salvation of the universe, and also Zeus p [...]

    11. I am a mean and vicious human and I am about to stab somebody s baby in the guts with an alien machete If you have a problem with it, move along, if not feel free to proceed 1.There are alien species in these 150 pages than in all five Star Treks combined.Too much info is cramped into too short of a book The author is overly descriptive and repetitive where it comes to tiniest details There are too many words that leave no room for emotional side of the story The book is a list of events, witho [...]

    12. I don t think I m cut out for Sci fi Alpha Trine was a fun but mediocre read for me one that would be better appreciated by someone else, I believe Lexi Ander has crafted an intricate and intriguing vision of the world in the far away future I can t really say alternate world since, well, who knows, we may be traipsing across the galaxy as one of the most hated species in the universe sometime in the future There was a multitude of alien races introduced to us, complete with sufficiently mind bo [...]

    13. Update 5 June 2014 I have re read for the 3rd time now as Striker 2nd book in series has just been released Still LOVE IT Wow, I have just re read this new release of Alpha Trine and I loved it The world building and alien descriptions are great Lexi gives you just enough detail so that you understand the different worlds and alien cultures without over describing the details and hindering the pace and progress of the story Zeus, Dargon and Alpha are really strong characters and it was very easy [...]

    14. Fantastic world building So much to take in and so much developed that I hope there s a sequel A great read with a brisk pace and the take on mpreg was cool Loved the characters and all I can say is that with space it might have been a less dense read which at the pace it went could be overwhelming if you weren t in the mood I want .Favorite passage Brother, Azaes whispered, emotion choking his words Please never withhold from us again You don t have to stand alone I never want to wonder why I [...]

    15. Unique sci fi Had a LOT of world building Too much for me at times because I found it pretty confusing at times Seemed to have a lot of twists dumped in I loved that Zeus had such a strong family connection to those who raised him Enjoyed the relationship between his brothers and sister and parents Great to see I also liked Dargon and can see the appeal of Alpha although I didn t really understand him well enough both in description and role with Dargon one of the confusing areas for me.

    16. Great story A bit confusing at first, it took a few catch on The relationship between Zeus and his siblings really did it for me, got me engaged and fully invested I loved the history and world building, complicated with so many different species.Some very sexy stuff going on too whew Definitely interested in seeing this as a series

    17. There is something really special about this book, and I think it is the combination of fantastically imaginative world building, a mysteriously twisting plot line, and some very creative characters who make their way through a galacto political mess of, well, galactic proportions The back story is much deeper than I first suspected, and while some of the immediate questions get answered to the point that the ending intermediate as it may be is mostly satisfying, there is a ton of issues left f [...]

    18. First read in Dec, 2012 Just read with the revamped first chapter and loved it even As with all of Lexi s books, it is a rich world with interesting characters Looking forward to in the series ETA Reviewed for Prism Book Aliance I grew up reading science fiction, fantasy and romance novels They were never all in the same book however, which is why I love Alpha Trine It combined all the things I adored from my favourite genres and put them all together Alpha Trine has spaceships and technology [...]

    19. 3 3.5 stars.Lexi Ander created a huge, new world in Alpha Trine, with lots of interesting species and conflicts Every one of the alien races is different and unique and sometimes even kind of funny or not like the L Eemas, who will destroy themselves preferably in a great explosion when they reach a certain age But sometimes it felt like the world was too complex for this one book, like some parts were too short or rushed Because of all the facts and explanations it took me a while to get into t [...]

    20. Very enjoyable read, which was on par for the course for Lexi Ander I did however have a problem with how quickly they all forgot the past and fell in love it seemed a bit in genuine and that spoiled some of the last third of the book I will be looking forward to the next one however

    21. Well this was a very surprising book I knew it would be good but it was than good First off I had never read anything like that Herms, aliens, sea gods it had everything in it and I loved it It was very fast moving and action packed I can t wait to read the next book in the series.

    22. Bear with me, because I don t read a lot of Sci Fi I do read a lot of M M however, and this story qualifies.An infant, Zeus, is found in hypersleep on a derelict vessel in space near the home planet of the Mar Sani, a reptilian humanoid species The Empress, in grief over the loss of her youngest child, immediately adopts Zeus believing his arrival was ordained by Poseidon Zeus is not only blind, he s a Terran human and Terrans are the scourge of the galaxy due to their rapacious enslavement of o [...]

    23. 3.5 STARSI enjoyed this but I feel it was building to something much larger It was OK but I think it will get much better in book 2

    24. Left adrift in space as a baby, Zeus is now the adopted son of the Emperor and Empress of the Mar Sani They are the only family he knows, and he loves them all dearly Even if the differences in his biology means he is always seen as an outsider to some of the Mar Sani.On his last day aboard the docking station that he currently works at, he meets Dargon and his symbiote, Alpha It is probably best to say that Zeus is less than impressed with what he thinks is a pirate and his questionable ship Hi [...]

    25. When the Emperor and Empress of the Mar Sani lose their infant son to the Waters of Poseiden, the Empress is so devastated, her beloved worries for her health But when she hears that a two month old infant, a Terran human , has been found on an abandoned science vessel in deep space, she quickly snaps back and marches off to bring him home There s no doubt for her, and for the Emperor, that this boy will become their son As he grows and ages, though human, Zeus is treated as a full son of the cr [...]

    26. I have to say that the only thing that I didn t totally love about this story was that I got a little confused with all the species in the book I m not a huge science fiction reader, although I usually enjoy it when I dip my toe in the pond This story had a very interesting world along with it be prepared to not really like the human race when you read this one and it offers up a lot of possibilities for future fun and games with these characters I downloaded this for free last year but went out [...]

    27. OMG I loved this book At first I was like I ll read it coz I m bored and whatever but then I got into it and I couldn t stop reading The characters are unique and the different aliens are well described making it easy to picture them instead of a vague image I found the story kept me on edge and was unpredictable I was drawn into this story and felt like I was experiencing it along with the characters.

    28. Stopped reading at 20% and putting on hold for now because well view spoiler nonconsensual sexual reassignment mutilation of someone that young he s sedated and can t move yet awake and hearing what they re saying, knows what they are gonna do no Nope Don t wanna go there hide spoiler I ll revisit later.

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