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The House on the Strand By Daphne du Maurier,

  • Title: The House on the Strand
  • Author: Daphne du Maurier
  • ISBN: 9780316252997
  • Page: 292
  • Format: ebook
  • Dick Young is lent a house in Cornwall by his friend Professor Magnus Lane During his stay he agrees to serve as a guinea pig for a new drug that Magnus has discovered in his scientific research When Dick samples Magnus s potion, he finds himself doing the impossible traveling through time while staying in place, thrown all the way back into Medieval Cornwall The concoDick Young is lent a house in Cornwall by his friend Professor Magnus Lane During his stay he agrees to serve as a guinea pig for a new drug that Magnus has discovered in his scientific research When Dick samples Magnus s potion, he finds himself doing the impossible traveling through time while staying in place, thrown all the way back into Medieval Cornwall The concoction wear off after several hours, but its effects are intoxicating and Dick cannot resist his newfound powers As his journeys increase, Dick begins to resent the days he must spend in the modern world, longing ever fervently to get back into his world of centuries before, and the home of the beautiful Lady Isolda
    The House on the Strand Dick Young is lent a house in Cornwall by his friend Professor Magnus Lane During his stay he agrees to serve as a guinea pig for a new drug that Magnus has discovered in his scientific research When

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    1. Quite a few of Daphne du Maurier s novels and short stories have been made into films, and this is how many people have come to discover her work The House on the Strand is one of her lesser known novels the penultimate novel by Daphne du Maurier from 1969 It is an unusual work about time travel and mind expanding drugs themes which could be thought of as apposite for the time.The author thrusts us straight into the action with a beautifully written and vividly descriptive episode The viewpoint [...]

    2. I read a CRAZY GOOD BOOK years ago called Blinding Light , by Paul Theroux that The House on the Strand , reminded me of at times CRAZY.but addicting IIn both books we get drawn into the main characters experience on a hallucinogenic drug The tension suspense fantasy is C R A Z Y and GOOD I admit I liked Paul Theroux s book better a little better than Ms Maurier as this book was a sloggy slow start and got confusing in parts but then got WILD FUN again to the ending Blinding Light grabbed ya by [...]

    3. Who would have thought that the words time travel and Daphne du Maurier would go together in one sentence Nevertheless this is exactly what she has written in The House on the Strand and she does it very well indeed I loved the Cornish setting, all those places I have been and seen and which Du Maurier loved so much The main character time travels or does he back to the fourteenth century to a place where he can observe events but cannot participate in any way His biggest problem is that while h [...]

    4. Nu m a surprins convingerea lui Magnus c voi continua s i fiu cobai Acest lucru caracterizase prietenia noastr de a lungul anilor, at t la Cambridge c t i mai apoi Jucasem cum mi c nta el, nu numai n escapadele compromi toare din timpul anilor de studen ie, ci i mai t rziu, c nd drumurile noastre s au desp r it, el urm ndu i cariera, de biofizician i apoi de profesor la Universitatea din Londra, iar eu intr nd n rutina searb d a vie ii de editur St team treaz i m g ndeam ce scandal o s i fac lui [...]

    5. Daphne du Maurier and time travel Sure, let s give it a shot.That was my entire thought process when I decided to buy this from a secondhand bookstore last summer Rebecca is terrifying and brilliant, and I figured that if du Maurier applied even a portion of her talent to this story, it wouldn t be half bad And it wasn t I still prefer Rebecca, but who doesn t.Our protagonist is Dick Young, and he s agreed to be part of an experiment done by his college friend, Professor Magnus Lane Dick will li [...]

    6. Daphne du Maurier writes very deep books that masquerade as mystery romances No two are alike, and in this novel she steps into the world of time travel or maybe she doesn t After all, have you ever read a du Maurier that didn t pose questions than it answered We are taken into the world of Richard Young, a man who has reached a crossroads in life and is contemplating what his next step is going to be His best friend, Magnus, a bit of a mad scientist, has loaned Richard his home in Cornwall for [...]

    7. We are all bound, one to the other, through time and eternity While vacationing at the Cornwall home of old chum Magnus, Richard Young is convinced to act as guinea pig for his friend s latest experiment a drug that enables the mind to travel into the past although the body stays in the present Richard s trips take him to the 14C where he is soon so wrapped up in the past that it becomes as addictive to him as a drug or is it the drug itself that is addictive Are the lives of those in the past s [...]

    8. I began this on an out of town trip I have been totally smitten with Daphne lately Saw this on audible I had a credit I figured it would be good listening driving down the road I wish I had gotten Frenchman s Creek instead I hate to take anything away from those who love all things Daphne I myself was thinking to set out and read all of her writings I did like the initial descriptions of the setting, the Cornish Coast, the time travel I just could not handle all the experimentation and animal sl [...]

    9. An unusual DuMaurier in that it s a time travel novel I found it quite readable, but I could not make myself pay any attention to the complex relationships, housing arrangements and hierarchies of the 13th century characters very odd, because I got the impression they were supposed to be so much vivid and intense than the modern day characters I had not before encountered the idea of time travel as an effect of inherited memory combined with hallucinogenic drugs I liked the idea, it was believa [...]

    10. This book is a wonderful time travel story.When Daphne DuMaurier had to leave her home of 25 years, Menabilly close to Gribbin Head the model for Manderley in Rebecca outside of Fowey, her husband signed a lease for another house close by owned by the same Rashleigh family who owns Menabilly So she moved to Kilmerth Kilmarth shortly after her husband died BTW her husband was Major Browning whose WW II quote This was a Bridge too far became famous and later even a book title.In the basement of Ki [...]

    11. The next stop in my time travel marathon November being Science Fiction Month was The House on the Strand, the 1969 novel by Daphne du Maurier I was delighted to learn that the author of Rebecca and The Birds had attempted to fuse one of her Gothic romances with time travel adventure and I had high expectations for this book If written by anyone but du Maurier, it s unlikely I would ve finished it The author s depiction of how time travel could become an addiction and dissolve a modern marriage [...]

    12. Wonderfully eerie and entertaining book I listened to an audio version that was really well produced The musical interludes between each chapter actually heightened the spookiness.This is DuMaurier at her best Set in Cornwall which, haven t been there, is a really good setting for spooky stories Lots of craggy coasts, dense fog and and end of the earth feeling in the early 1960 s maybe the late 50 s but I can t look at the title page for a date because this is an audio book , the story is about [...]

    13. Professor Magnus Lane wants his friend, Dick Young, to try a time travel drug while he spends his summer at Lane s historic Cornwall home The hallucinogenic drug takes Dick on a trip to 14th Century Cornwall where he observes the upper class feuding, committing crimes, brewing sinister potions, and indulging in clandestine romances Dick finds the drug very addictive, partly because 14th Century life is so much exciting than his real life Dick s marriage is rocky, he has recently resigned from h [...]

    14. Du Maurier s time travel novel did not cast the same spell on me that her short stories or Rebecca did, but it s a captivating tale nonetheless And well, there must have been something at work as I noticed that each time Dick, the narrator, was about to go back in time, I d get antsy and feel the need to close the book for awhile His need for the drug, for the journey to his corner of Cornwall in the 1300 s, is palpable and as clear as any drug addict s the addiction, the high, the inevitable le [...]

    15. Un roman tr s trange, angoissant et myst rieux Je ne l ai pas vraiment aim comme je peux aimer d autres romans, avec mon coeur, puisque je ne me suis pas sp cialement attach e aux personnages la faiblesse du protagoniste m a beaucoup agac e Je crois en revanche que je me souviendrai tr s longtemps de son ambiance touffante, dans laquelle le lecteur se sent perdu Une exp rience de lecture int ressante et p n trante

    16. Du Maurier is a master of the Gothic, and this work of time travel science fiction is one of her finest Dick Young epitomizes modern man disaffected and aimless, he is disillusioned with his chosen career and increasingly distanced from his wife and stepsons His one real and multi layered connection is with his former college mate Magnus Lane, now a dedicated biophysicist Lane offers Young the use of his family home on the Cornish coast while Young works through his period of personal malaise in [...]

    17. It helps that I grew up very close to the locations featured in The House on the Strand, and perhaps that s one of the reasons for my particular fondness for this tale of love and longing.The storyline weaves brilliantly between the twentieth and fourteenth centuries, with the hero, Dick Young, experiencing a grand passion for the unhappy Isolda, the enigmatic, medieval opposite of his mundane twentieth century wife, Vita.I recently read Margaret Forster s biography of Dame du Maurier and noted [...]

    18. I couldn t with any certainty say that this book is on par with other books I ve read by the author over the years, but I did end up enjoying it far than I initially thought I would The beginning was a little slow to gather momentum but once it did it was difficult to put aside I loved the setting of Cornwall and the descriptions of past and present The overall sinister aspect was well done, this was compounded by the fact that Richard in his travels was an observer to events unfolding around h [...]

    19. Vow, each Maurier s book is able to surprise us even Dick Young is lent a house in Cornwall by his friend Professor Magnus Lane During his stay he agrees to serve as a guinea pig for a new drug that Magnus has discovered in his biochemical researches The effect of this drug is to transport Dick from the house at Kilmarth to the Cornwall of the 14th century.

    20. A wonderful haunting tale of time travelHighly recommendedWill surely be reading of Daphne Du Maurier s stories

    21. The House on the Strand published 1969 is the second to last novel of Daphne du Maurier A prolific writer, du Maurier enjoyed enormous popularity with readers during her lifetime, though the critical reception to her books was often much cooler Attracted to the natural wildness and violent history of Cornwall, du Maurier escaped there from the spotlight , and frequently used it as a locale for her novels.Dick Young is spending the summer at Kilmarth, the family home of his scientist friend Magnu [...]

    22. Really quite a dreadful novel, though a page turner as Daphne du Maurier books tend to be Guy called Richard takes a vacation at his friend Magnus s house in Cornwall Magnus is a biochemist who has created a new drug and convinces Richard to try it the drug transports Richard back in time 600 years to be an unseen witness of events among the minor nobility in 14th century England Two stories unwind side by side, Richard in the present, and Cornwall in the 1300s Both are a let down Richard has a [...]

    23. The House On The Strand is a novel which draws together many of Daphne du Maurier s talents as an author We have an excellent story line descriptions of the Cornish coast an area which she knew well and a feel for historical detail All of these things give life to the story of Richard Young and his trips into the unknown.Acting as a guinea pig for his scientist friend, Magnus, Richard Young takes part in an experiment using a drug that has been developed by Magnus The hallucinogenic drug takes Y [...]

    24. It s up to the reader to decide The evidence is there for both points of view Are we observing hallucinations or a window into the past The pragmatist will side with the theory of chemically induced hallucinations The romantic will side with the spiritual, a mind is opening a window to the past Personally, sometimes I m just an old softy, I like the romantic idea of a window to the past It was interesting that du Maurier did not let our adventures off without suffering consequence for their expe [...]

    25. I ve read Rebecca and a number of Lady Browning s short stories notably The Doll, Kiss Me Again, Stranger, The Birds and Don t Look Now and thoroughly enjoyed them I ve attempted some other novels and found myself unable to finish they just ran out of steam for me However, with House on the Strand that was not the case This is a page turner a fascinating time travel novel set in Cornwall in the late 1960s There is never a dull moment from start to finish and even when the protagonist is being ne [...]

    26. I think this had potential to be a great story Unfortunately, it just didn t culminate that way First of all, there were a whole slew of characters introduced all at the same time If you ve read any of my reviews you ve probably seen evidence that I don t like this very much I find it hard to get to know that many people all at once Further, all these people from the past are remarkably intertwined by well, I guess by marriage, brotherhood, et cetera Let s just say du Maurier is as bad as George [...]

    27. Interesting idea for a story a man takes a formula and travels back in time and witnesses some events taking place around the area he lives in However, is the past time real, is he hallucinating or as events seem to be blending together, is he slowly loosing his mind Yeah, I thought that sounded like a compelling story, too However, though quite a bit was good, I found the main character to be on the selfish side, treating his wife shabbily On the other hand, the wife was a bit of a shrew, so ne [...]

    28. 3 1 2 stars An interesting plot, well written but for some reason the narrator didn t ring true to me Something about his narrative seemed feminine and I had to keep reminding myself that it was a man speaking It also seemed a bit unbelievable that view spoiler he didn t seem to worry about the risks he was taking wandering about with no awareness of the present day conditions even after his friend is killed and he is almost killed himself hide spoiler I did appreciate the deliberate ambiguity o [...]

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