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STARGATE ATLANTIS: Rising By Sally Malcolm,

  • Title: STARGATE ATLANTIS: Rising
  • Author: Sally Malcolm
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Novelization of the TV pilot episode the team discover Atlantis.
    STARGATE ATLANTIS Rising Novelization of the TV pilot episode the team discover Atlantis

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    1. Rising is the initial story about the Stargate discovery of Atlantis, and was used as one of the TV episodes There are a few differences between the book and the TV showing because of filming some of the scenes However fans of the series will instantly rediscover the thrills the team had making their way to a new galaxy.The Ancients left a clue for others to find in a place which over millennia became buried under miles of snow and ice, after a recent huge showdown with Apothis the Stargate team [...]

    2. This book won t disappoint if you re a fan of the show, and it ended up surprising me n how well done it was In fact it was pretty much a carbon copy of the episode from the TV series, with the extra dialog and scenes , and some insight to what some of the characters are thinking, how and what they feel about other characters and certain events and things around them, which you don t really get a lot of detail in from watching the show I loved having one of my favourite shows in my hands in book [...]

    3. Rising by Sally Malcolm followed the events of the pilot episode of Stargate Atlantis I found it to be a brilliant novel even if read by itself It lends well to the TV Series, as it has some scenes in its pages that were not on the small screen and the introspection in the characters gave you a deeper understanding of their actions Even though I knew what was going to happen in the novel, I still found myself wanting to turn the pages Rising helped me get to know the main characters of the Atlan [...]

    4. This is a novelisation of the first episode of Stargate Atlantis, the TV programme It was great in the way it gave introspection to each character, allowing for multiple points of view in regards to the same scene It also allowed for a much deeper understanding of the characters, especially Colonel Sumner, who I found a rather difficult character to guage from the two episodes he is in the show for.

    5. Word for word transcriptionOf the onscreen episodes It s workable, but if you ve seen the episodes, you have pretty much everything you re going to get from this novel There are a very few character insights, but nothing you might not guess from the actors portrayals It s okay, but with a limited budget, you might consider later novels and stories in the series.

    6. Adventure reading fun.Thank you Sally Malcolm for a great introduction to the series of Stargate Atlantis in a book form I love it

    7. I m on a Stargate kick, and I m so glad I ve finally started reading the books.Rising is based on the script for the Stargate Atlantis pilot, so I feel as though there s not much I can review without an original story by the author In any case, I did enjoy reading what I think were scenes that didn t make the final cut, although I m only 100% sure about one of them not being there Elizabeth Weir is my favorite character, so new dialogue or an inner monologue from her was awesome to read As for t [...]

    8. it was surprisingly good.It had all the good oneliners of the pilot like he s Canadian I m sorry exchange especially when Shanks is Canadian and so is Hewlett and Torri.It has all the scripts parts and added layers of what s going on in their heads like the exchange between Jack and Daniel after Jack arrives at the base after escaping the drone the exchange goes Warm welcome Daniel goes wasn t me we all knew watching yeah this time well, that s in the book The whole power play between Weir Sumne [...]

    9. Summary Stargate Command sends a multi national team of explorers on a possible one way mission to the Pegasus galaxy They are in search of the Lost City of Atlantis and a hoped for wealth of knowledge and technology Things go wrong, naturally Hmm, well, I ve never much liked novelizations of film and television episodes and I ve never really loved spin off tie in novels yet somehow I frequently find myself reading them , but I think I actually preferred reading Rising to watching it Except for [...]

    10. Let me tell you, this book A awesome Sally Malcolm really understands the characters, and their inner monologues and thoughts are quite revealing and hilarious at the same time too She nailed Jack O Neill and John Sheppard perfectly Their wry humor, the laid back attitude Her McKay is convinced that the universe is out to get him, that for some reason, fate hates him personally Teyla is a wise, thoughtful leader And even Weir and Ford are likable My favorite part of the book episode is the begin [...]

    11. This is was the first book in the Stargate Atlantis series It s call Rising like the first episodes on the Stargate Atlantis TV series I thought that by reading this novel I would gain something But movies s tie in in these case series s tie in are a two way street They either give something new or do not The other books on these series are not base in any tv series so they give us something new This one did not It gave nothing new And I mean nothing The lines on the series are there The emotio [...]

    12. Of course every fan knows the story of Rising because it s nothing else than the novelization of the pilot episode from Stargate Atlantis Still it s a very good book There are a few scenes in it that weren t in the episode because they changed them before airing Plus you get the thoughts of the characters which, obviously, you never get in the episode.Well yeah, a great book and a must have for every Altantis fan.

    13. I ve been looking for the Stargate books for awhile I know they aren t the best examples of literary fiction, but I loved the TV show and wanted to read the books so I could continue the adventures.Stargate Atlantis Rising was basically a retelling of the first ever episode of the show with the same name Not much new was added and nothing changed But it reminds you of the characters and is a good stating point to get back into a series that I loved when I was younger.

    14. a ko sa mi hodnot , preto e je to len prep san vodn as seri lu, tak e som ju neust le mala pred o ami Obsahuje v ak p r sc n navy e, v pam ti mi utkvelo l enie e te na Zemi Kniha je p san z poh adu v etk ch hlavn ch post v, dos asto sa v ak striedaj a m e to by trochu m t ce Ale celkovo nem m o vytkn , pre fan ika seri lu mo no trochu zbyto n , ale ob as je fajn si nie o pre ta miesto pozerania.

    15. I m a huge fan of Stargate and went into this with a heavy dose of trepidation The beginning of Atlantis is one of my all time favourite moments from the Stargate universe To see it here in words, expanded with new scenes and to get the opportunity to see inside the characters heads made it even better Not to mention that, as a die hard John Teyla fan getting to see how he first thought of her is pretty fun An excellent companion to the show.

    16. I had a hard time getting into this book at first since I already knew what was going to happen But about halfway through I noticed I was having a harder time putting it down Aside from the author referring to the Athosians as Ethosians , I thought it was pretty good and that it was pretty much in character.

    17. I love novelizations of movies TV shows, because they always have so much detail than can fit on the screen The author shifts points of view frequently, which gives us an inside look at each of the characters thoughts I particularly liked the bits with Col Sumner, which gave me a better idea about his character than we got in the episode.

    18. I liked it I got a in depth look at what the characters were thinking and feeling I really loved the writing style The book is I think the first 3 episodes of the show Can t wait to dive into the next book

    19. I m glad I took an evening to read this novelized pilot episode There was a lot of background thoughts of characters which I enjoyed the insight of I plan on going through and reading all 20 of these books I m glad I decided to not skip this pilot.

    20. It is a decent novel of the events that take place in the pilot of the tv series Stargate Atlantis, but it doesn t add anything to the story, s the pity Nothing special Just watch the pilot.

    21. Faithful adaptation A faithful adaptation of the pilot episode with slightly emphasis on the chemistry between Teyla and Sheppard as revealed by his thoughts Some nice moments early on with Jack O Neill.

    22. Novelization of the first Atlantis episode, giving some additional insight into the characters minds during the series pilot Great job

    23. Follows the SGA pilot plot very closely This was probably my least favorite of the SGA books I ve read so far, and it had a lot to do with the writing style.

    24. Not like the tv seriesThere is a lot of different changes on tv compared to the book But it is still a great read

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