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Stargate Atlantis: Dead End By Chris Wraight,

  • Title: Stargate Atlantis: Dead End
  • Author: Chris Wraight
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Dr Rodney McKay must try and rescue his friends who are stranded on an icy world on the edge of the Pegasus Galaxy.
    Stargate Atlantis Dead End Dr Rodney McKay must try and rescue his friends who are stranded on an icy world on the edge of the Pegasus Galaxy

    One thought on “Stargate Atlantis: Dead End”

    1. They discover an address almost at the edge of the gate range that the ancients were experimenting with and decide to investigate They get stuck on a freezing icy planet and only survive because there are people who have managed to survive the harsh conditions So try to save the people from the worsening weather and get home in one piece return return Ouch This is one of the poorer SGA contributions I really have to question whether this author knew anything about Atlantis I think he may have se [...]

    2. Rodney finds evidence on Atlantis of a new gate address that would take them to an Ancient Outpost It is further out than any other so far The storyline is decent and has some nice plot points The reason it only gets 2 stars is that a lot of the characters don t really talk like they do on TV They are referred to as Tauri, and that never happens in Atlantis There s a few other niggles with terminology, and I suspect that the author prefers SG1 to SGA Carter is mentioned a lot, even though she s [...]

    3. While attempting to investigate an Ancient experiment, Shepherd and his team end up stranded on an ice planet with a busted jumper, no way to call home and no way to return to Atlantis An okay storyline with decent character voices Not one of the better SGA books, but made for an entertaining enough read.

    4. This was supposed to be a team story, and I thought I d like it It is good to see Teyla and Ronon get their due screen time but if you re a Sheppard fan, you won t care for this book much, as the author apparently doesn t care much for Sheppard Shame.

    5. I have always enjoyed reading the SG 1 and SGA books, but in all honesty this is the worst one of the bunch.The biggest reason for me was the characterisation of Sheppard, McKay, Teyla and Ronon, there was little interaction or for concern for each other and at times Sheppard and McKay came across as downright disliking each other there was none of the friendship which we see in the series and as this book was based in season 2 3 this friendship was established between them Sheppard showed littl [...]

    6. Another book about our favourite group of SG Well for me anyway I am a Stargate Atlantis guy well was since it ended a couple of years back unfortunally In this tale our adventurous group goes to a planet undergonig an ice age or the beginning of one after discovering that something was being research there by the Ancients.Plainly this hasn t a plot per se They enter a world where they are rescued due to a problem in the stargate that makes the puddle jumper crash As McKay and Shepperd try to re [...]

    7. A whole star off for hinky gate science you can t materialize in the plasma tunnel, because there s no plasma tunnel, you disintegrate in the first gate and then reintegrate again on the other end and another one down for rather illogical decisions, mostly made by Sheppard Also, the characters felt like two dimensional versions of themselves, especially Ronon and Teyla Ronon the Hunter Teyla the let s talk about mat weaving Cultural Attache It s like the author put every character in a neat box [...]

    8. A fairly mediocre installment in the SGA series from Fansemonium, which has been hit or miss, and particularly so with the SGA series so than the SG 1 which at least occasionally feels as if it was written about the same characters we knew in the series, whereas here and most frequently in the SGA books it feels like the characters are either people you have never met or being told by people who did not understand the characters Personally, I d give this one a pass as it gives you nothing of tr [...]

    9. was a fan of the Stargate Atlantis series My best friend recommended this one to me It was a nice way to get my Atlantis fix Was the book perfect No the plot was kind of thin But it was a lot of fun, and the characters were spot on It read like a typical episode Fans looking for something in depth might be disappointed, but those looking for a fast paced read will enjoy it Basically, the intrepid crew of Atlantis go to a forgotten planet whose population is being threatened by an out of control [...]

    10. I think this has been my favourite SGA book so far The characters were all very true to form, which is very important coz, man, I love those guys Lots of Zelenka Rodney competitive moments, albeit over a distance, still fun I loved the cold, snowy setting and thought the whole place was very evocatively described, I could almost feel that snow and ice And the tension building as the situation deteriorates, I felt that too Great story, really exciting and full of interest Deffo my favourite

    11. This writer failed to capture the essence of the characters which is crucial in writing for a series where the fans know the characters inside and out, hanging on every joke, quirk, and so on I had to reread the first chapter 5 times because I couldn t get into it, would put it down, and then forget everything about it Once I got a several chapters in, I was still unimpressed with the story arc.I d definitely skip this read.

    12. It s always good to read a Stargate novel where a the writer is a fan, b the characterisation is decent, c there s team even if they do split up, which is realistic and d the plot is readable understandable.

    13. Better characterization than the last one, but still off in places And I m kind of getting tired of Ronon Teyla always being the ones who need rescuing But overall, a good story would have liked to see this as an episode.

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