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Flabbergasted By Ray Blackston,

  • Title: Flabbergasted
  • Author: Ray Blackston
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When Flabbergasted stormed on the scene in 2003, the reviews came fast and furious Now this summertime favorite about a single stock broker looking for love in the murky waters of the southern church singles scene is repackaged with a hot new look.
    Flabbergasted When Flabbergasted stormed on the scene in the reviews came fast and furious Now this summertime favorite about a single stock broker looking for love in the murky waters of the southern church

    One thought on “Flabbergasted”

    1. To defend why I picked this up off the random fiction shelf, look at the cover What book could possibly look fun and inviting Then after reading the summary, I thought, why not I always think that mormons have the corner on strange, inside cultural idiosyncrasies I wanted to see what other religions had that could compare Anyway, it started off okayally, their singles retreat was exactly like our Single Adult outings in college Some people were there only to hook up, others were trying to maint [...]

    2. I wish there was a warning label on Christian fiction That way I wouldn t waste my time Not that there s anything wrong with Christian fiction It s just not my thing.Also This book is so simple, it could have been written by a monkey.

    3. Loved this book I am from Greenville, South Carolina and loved the references to my own town This is an hilarious book that will have you laughing through every page And the most appealing part of this book is faith factor A must read.

    4. I can t rate this book It wasn t anything like I expected and I really dislike churchy preachy novels There seemed to be very little tension in the story and in the end I stopped reading Just not my sort of thing.

    5. I absolutely loved this book It s about single life in the southern churches Fabulously entertaining I d recommend this to anyone looking for a good read.

    6. Being a lover of stories, I am often known to push through several chapters of a slow read in order to unearth a gem of a book Pushing through this one, however, lasted far than several chapters and proved to be much harder than I thought it would I think the only thing that kept me actually continuing through to the end was the mystery of the main character s love interest and my own wanting to see the story resolve in some pleasant ending I suppose it did after all, but it took me so long to [...]

    7. Flabbergasted, by Ray Blackston, is a breath of fresh air I laughed and laughed It s not often that I give 5 stars, but this one gets my 5 stars fair and square Also it s not often I mail a book to someone, but I ve got just the friend to mail this one to Jay is a young professional man recently relocated to South Carolina To meet girls, he checks out the Presbyterian church and ends up on a singles trip Packed with hilarity, Jay narrates the events, his spiritual questions, his observations, an [...]

    8. I had read some good reviews of this book but I think they read another book and confused it with this one I very rarely give up on a book but I gave up on this one halfway through the book The characters seem very one dimensional to me I don t see where this story is going I see no reason why Jay is even remotely attracted to Allie, who just acts very odd from the get go I find nothing endearing about her What is with her weird behavior I know plenty of people who have served as missionaries an [...]

    9. I think I ve decided that I like female authors better than male authors when it comes to fiction This book was ok, but listening to the romantic details from a man s point of view left me blah and wishing for I guess the word details is not the right word But the part I did like was how he slowly came to accept Christ That part of the story was very realistic and took the whole book to unfold.

    10. I probably didn t give this book a fair chance but put it down after only a couple of chapters I would categorize it as a contemporary Christian romance with humorous overtones However, do people REALLY act behave like that Again, I apologize for my peculiar sensibilities because it is probably a great read for most of you However it was slow, plodding and boring to me.

    11. I do not normally read Christian fiction as I normally find it very lame and pushing an agenda However, I accidentally started this book and quite enjoyed it It was a light hearted, easy to read story.

    12. Down to earth, realistic look at Jay, who joins a church singles group to meet women and ends up finding friends and meeting God.

    13. I expected this to be funnier It was entertaining, just not quite as funny as I d hoped I ve been in a singles group in a church so a lot of this was very familiar The bit about church hopping looking for dates was pretty dead on I know people who do this periodically although most church hop within a chosen religion, not across denominations as some did in the book The ranking of churches was new to me though.Allie was my favorite character, even if we didn t see a lot of her Our society really [...]

    14. I read this book about ten years ago and thought it was hilarious Recently I noticed that it was on the audible I share and decided to give it a listen I didn t laugh out loud so much this time, perhaps I m too far removed from the world of dating and that kind of Christianity, but now as an author I really appreciated Ray Blackston s writing It is very well written, thoughtful with very distinct characters and a great plot It dragged a bit in the middle for me but I believe any single Christian [...]

    15. This book should not even be on my radar It s so far out of my comfort zone that normally I wouldn t even give it a second look Except for the colors They would catch my eye immediately And yet I absolutely love it And it s about nothing Well, it has a plot, but it s nothing like the intense thrillers and suspense novels I normally go for It s not the kind of thing that would keep me up at night wanting to read it because I just have to know what happensD YET IT DOES I just don t get it.Full rev [...]

    16. Just okayCould have been a good read but the story never flowed, just jumped around from place to place The it never got deep enough into any of the characters or the story itself It ended predictably, but too quickly Character growth was unrealistically neat and tidy, painless Hard to finish.

    17. This book was just good It took a really long and winding path to get to the actual point Some parts of the book seemed totally out of place and disconnected That being said, in the end, I liked it.

    18. Novel for young peopleI found the book mildly entertaining Perhaps it would have been better if it were shorter Or I might have liked it better if I were single and just starting out in life.

    19. What a cute book showing the change in one person as he finds his way through being single and trying to meet new people in a new city Very light reading with some very cute characters Delightful read.

    20. This is different from my usual reading but I enjoyed it immensely It is mostly serious but there were a lot of funny parts as well.

    21. I won t lie, the lime Caddy on the cover is what got me to pick up the book It looked fun and it was I laughed, read aloud parts, and laughed some I loved the simple message of faith, of letting God do His thing I really enjoyed both the humor and the spiritual nurishment.

    22. Although the book was pleasant enough it didn t seem to have a middle or an end I didn t find it overly spiritual or sanctimonious If I had to pick a part I liked the best it would have been the beach trip That part was relatable.

    23. I ll never forget the day in June 2004 in Pryor, OK, when I brought this book home from the library by accident By accident Look at that bright cover I don t know how it was possible that I took it off the shelf, walked it up to the desk to check out, brought it out to the car, and drove it all the way home before I realized which book it was I had thought I picked up the Terri Blackstock novel next to it But home was 15 miles away from the library and I had no reason to go back and exchange it [...]

    24. Not bad but not awesomeI liked that this wasn t a typical Christian novel But the writing at times was painful to read It was a case of needing to show instead of tell.

    25. This was a comical, enjoyable book This is not the typical kind of book I find myself reading, but I really enjoyed it nonetheless I like the characters Blackston created and loved the location As a current resident of Greenville, SC and a son of South Carolina, the setting quickly grabbed my attention The author did a great job of using humor and real life to share the gospel Blackston does not make Christians out to be perfect people who do all things for the right reasons at the right time He [...]

    26. It s weird how I originally chose this book because i thought it was a young adult book and because it was about a dollar on Basically, while I did like the story, It didn t blow me away This book is for older readers as the language is slightly sophisticated but it s still understandable I think that when teenagers like me pick up a book, we expect like a really huge climax, a big adventure This is probably why young adults get an entire selection of books catered to them while books like thi [...]

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