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Of A Feather By Kenneth C. Goldman,

  • Title: Of A Feather
  • Author: Kenneth C. Goldman
  • ISBN: 9780957010369
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Paperback
  • Socrates has a gift, a power even he doesn t fully understand.But old Gert who feeds the pigeons in Gustav s Park understands Pretty Jamie, who works at the Bird Emporium, understands And the old Indian chief who wears a strange, two sided bird mask, he understands too.As does the ancient, angry spirit called the Thunderbird and about a million of Wellington County s feaSocrates has a gift, a power even he doesn t fully understand.But old Gert who feeds the pigeons in Gustav s Park understands Pretty Jamie, who works at the Bird Emporium, understands And the old Indian chief who wears a strange, two sided bird mask, he understands too.As does the ancient, angry spirit called the Thunderbird and about a million of Wellington County s feathered creaturesThey know what Socrates Singer really is.And they know what he can do
    Of A Feather Socrates has a gift a power even he doesn t fully understand But old Gert who feeds the pigeons in Gustav s Park understands Pretty Jamie who works at the Bird Emporium understands And the old Indi

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    1. 4.5 StarsAt an Indian traveling bird show, young Socrates Singer learns of the Wakinyan bird mask which represents the duality of life The one who wears the Wakinyan mask may be a protector or a thing of vengeance Normally, Indians of a certain tribe possess this supernatural power.Plagued by mysterious dreams Socrates gift appears at a critical time in his life when he s coming into his own Thunderbird, an evil spirit, is thriving on Socrates emotions He ll have to decide whether this new found [...]

    2. Of A Feather by Ken GoldmanThe second hand store where I work regularly receives items from the public to sell on An ornament came in recently, a clown sitting on a bench with two pigeons at his side It freaked me out.To understand why this innocuous attractive ornament had that effect on me, you need to read Of A Feather by Ken Goldman, who has taken Hitchcock s classic horror film and taken it about ten miles further onWhoever came up with a murder of crows as a collective name must have known [...]

    3. Ken Goldman continues to prove why he s one of my favorite up and coming authors OF A FEATHER is a diabolical and absorbing tale that takes wing early on and pulls the reader through the darkest of skies The journey is astonishing and the destination, unforgettable.

    4. A cross between The Birds and Carrie this book was amazing to read For some strange reason it had the feel of a Young Adults book but it no way does it not merit being included in the Horror genre a brilliant original storyline and one that keeps you guessing,grimacing and giggling in all the right places.

    5. I loved this book, very reminiscent of Stephen King and had me gripped very quickly.I would echo a previous review that this felt a little young adult but this in no way diminished my enjoyment.There was definitely some room for a little gore

    6. A review for Of a Feather, by Ken Goldman This is a small town Eventually everybody knows everybody, and things just overlaps, you know Nutshell The whole town has birds on the brain, though nobody realizes the extent of it There are other, darker things at work at the town, though, and these sins are made all the horrible for how simple and common they are Of a Feather is about darkness and redemption, and the seemingly chance encounters that draw disparate persons together and drive them inex [...]

    7. I was given this book as an ARC advanced reader copy and at first I was really reluctant, as just how scary could a book about birds be Hadn t Hitchcock kind of corned that market Well now I was so tense at the end I gave myself neck ache Ken Goldman is brilliant in his ability to hook you in and dribble the story at you until you are on the edge of your seat waiting for the tense finale.I can t wait to actually BUY this book for my collection.Socrates Singer, the main character, has a strange i [...]

    8. Anyone who reads this book that also suffers from ornithophobia will probably not want to leave their house for a week, and I m sure they will suffer nightmares As the title suggests, this book features birds, all sorts of birds, who are not our benign feathered friends But they are not really what this story is about it is about adolescence That confusing time in everyone s life where things never seem to go smoothly In fact, sometimes events lead up to make things go horribly wrong.Of a Feathe [...]

    9. When writing reviews, I try to avoid re capping and instead focus on the experience of reading the novel That said, this novel was simply fantastic, blurring the lines between horror and an oddball americana fantasy genre that only exists at the end of Ken Goldman s pen It was novel and inventive, and I hate those pretentious dollops because they sound too close to damning with faint praise But in this case the praise isn t faint, and the damnation only exists for the antagonists and the tragic [...]

    10. Wow Who s that man standing next to Ken Goldman Stephen who Take your favorite Stephen King novel, remove any filler and add better storytelling BOOM, now you ll know everything you need to know before reading this book I feel like I cheated the system finding this novel for free I REALLY cared about these characters and that is rare for me The story was good, but the storytelling was epic I ve found a new favorite author.

    11. Before I begin this review, there are two things you need to know.First, I happen to be friends with author Ken Goldman Known the guy for two decades now and counting.Secondly, I do not read horror which just so happens to be Ken s area of expertise and the genre for Of a Feather, his new book.But when your friend of 23 years publishes his first full length novel, you tend to make exceptions And in this business, it s considered good manners for writerly friends to support each other by reading [...]

    12. facebook OnlyFiveStarToday s Five Star author is Ken Goldman for Of a Feather Ken Goldman knocked this one out of the park.way out of the park A gripping tale of adolescent angst, Magic, lore, and love Socrates is an awkward young man who never really fit in anywhere He loves his younger sister and his family, but he struggles to find his way in the world Always picked on by the town bullies, he finds his own voice one day and it is loud.Along the journey he meets a girl who he can talk too, and [...]

    13. I won Of A Feather in Giveaways.I had never read horror before, so I did not know what to expect I have to admit that after reading this book I felt like I was struck by a meteorite My heart was pounding all the way through this read, and I couldn t put the book down In the beginning I thought this was a book about Socrates Singer who had a special connection with birds, and I felt his reasons for being angry and felling betrayed But this is not only about Socrates, is about Jamie, Dorie, Franki [...]

    14. Socrates has a gift, a power even he doesn t fully understand But old Gert, who feeds the pigeons in Gustav s Park, understands Pretty Jamie, who works at the Bird Emporium, understands And the old Indian chief who wears a strange, two sided bird mask, he understands too As does the ancient, angry spirit called the Thunderbird and about a million of Wellington County s feathered creatures They know what Socrates Singer really is And they know what he can doTake one part Christine add one part Th [...]

    15. When I first started this book I thought it was actually a junior fiction novel because it was just so easy to read I soon realised it was not That said, the writing was very good, descriptive but not overly so All of the characters were great and had distinct personalities The story flowed well and I never felt like I was struggling to get through it.Some of the scenes were quite gory which I don t mind usually.but A warning to fellow nature lovers the descriptions of birds that are hurt or kil [...]

    16. Suspense superstition thrillerthis tale was woven full of angst and fear those who are already afraid of birds beware all joy cannot be found at the end I was left crying for losses that were not even real this was a well thought out plot equally well written the author has taken horror to a new level by giving his characters such life, and making their pain so real I will.go dry my tears now.

    17. This one was fun to read It really makes you realize how many birds are around us all day every day I was shocked by the twist I really did not expect the conflict to resolve how it did And the final ending A shocker, but totally believable I would read from this author again.

    18. even though I could not let go before I finished reading this book, I didn t really like the turn of events.

    19. Back in the 1960s or 70s there was a book and movie about an awkward, loner of a boy named Willard who had a pet rat named Ben Willard also had an uncanny ability to control large numbers of rats, and he used that ability for nefarious reasons Carnage ensued In Of a Feather, there is an awkward loner of a boy named Socrates who has a pet bird named Kiki Socrates also has an uncanny ability to control large numbers of birds and he uses that ability in nefarious ways Carnage ensues.So the basic pl [...]

    20. Riveting, surprising, wowAlthough this had a horror label I found it of a thriller, fantasy, suspense Great read, interesting characters, recommend it

    21. I wanted to love it, but had Issues and SPOILERSI would like to start out by saying it is clear that Ken Goldman can write fiction very well, and I was so excited when I saw this on the Kindle Daily Deal, that I bought it right away The premise of the book was interesting communicating with birds and SPOILER ALERT becoming a Bird God, Wakinyan Flying was a major benefit So, what did the protagonist do with this power of the hawk and the sparrow He accidentally pulled a Willard, except with birds [...]

    22. Very good book I, like another reviewer on here, thought this would be a re hashing of Hitchcock but it wasn t This book was very original and it entertained me Here is what I thought would happen 1 Socrates was being picked on but he would find favor from the bird spirit.2 Gert the Pigeon Lady would teach him how to harness his special powers.3 Jamie the hot girl at the bird store would fall in love with Socrates and they would be happy.4 Socrates would right all the wrongs with his special pow [...]

    23. Interesting read from a new author free download from a bit ago Wakinyan a word that calls forth flocks of birds for good or ill, and an ancient mask of the Thunderbird according to Oglala legend makes its presence felt in a small town Socrates Singer, the main character of the book, has had a hard life to this point, bullied, and forgotten, things start to change for him once he is gifted a parrot, Kiki, and begins to learn about this strange capability he now has Soon, things begin to happen [...]

    24. For the birds a good wayThis is an unusual and very creative tale It is sort of a CARRIE meets THE BIRDS, paranormal romance gone bad, coming of age story Our hero, a teenage boy named Socrates, after undergoing years of bullying, discovers that he has a connection to birds and a unique power over them Although initially not aware, he is able to get birds to do horrific things when he is extremely upset or hurt The gore is quite graphic, and the suspense quite intense For people who enjoy horror [...]

    25. It had promise but didn t quite deliver.I did read this book in just two nights, so it was interesting enough to want to see what happens Unfortunately, it never really developed into the good mind freak I was hoping for I did not like any of the characters and I find that unusual in itself I also felt there was a very juvenile feel to the whole book, like it wanted to step into maturity but got left sitting at the kiddie table I would read future books by this author as he is almost there.

    26. Not bad This book took me all the way to the end of the story, it held my interest till the end It was well written, and seems like the writer is writing it while watching it all happen Ken Goldman has a way of introducing the characters so you know them as if they were your friends I would read another book by Ken Goldman any time.

    27. This reads like a young adult novel, complete with adolescent angst, a school bully, and a magic mask There s also a fair amount of gore and profanity It s a bit like a fumbling, teenage version of Hitchcock s The Birds Not a lot of literary merit here.

    28. A chilling tale of birds, revenge, magic and the Wakinyan an ancient Oglala Indian Thunderbird god of justice.

    29. I won this book through Good Reads First Reads promotion and just received it today and can not wait to start reading it

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