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Dream London By Tony Ballantyne,

  • Title: Dream London
  • Author: Tony Ballantyne
  • ISBN: 9781781081730
  • Page: 256
  • Format: Paperback
  • Captain Jim Wedderburn has looks, style and courage by the bucketful He s adored by women, respected by men and feared by his enemies He s the man to find out who has twisted London into this strange new world, and he knows it.But in Dream London the city changes a little every night and the people change a little every day the towers are growing taller, the parks haveCaptain Jim Wedderburn has looks, style and courage by the bucketful He s adored by women, respected by men and feared by his enemies He s the man to find out who has twisted London into this strange new world, and he knows it.But in Dream London the city changes a little every night and the people change a little every day the towers are growing taller, the parks have hidden themselves away and the streets form themselves into strange new patterns there are people sailing in from new lands down the river, new criminals emerging in the east end and a path spiralling down to another world.Everyone is changing, no one is who they seem to be.
    Dream London Captain Jim Wedderburn has looks style and courage by the bucketful He s adored by women respected by men and feared by his enemies He s the man to find out who has twisted London into this strange

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    1. I ve been sitting on this review for awhile because I m not really sure what to say about itThis is a Weird London book which puts much emphasis on the weird part, and a bit less on character development and coherent storytelling I suppose some of this fits with the whole dream aspect of the story but I ve read stories which read like dreams, and this didn t really fit the bill The writing itself is pretty standard fare, to be honest it s the events themselves which create the weirdness, and som [...]

    2. London has been infected, or infested, bymething Buildings grow like living things, rivers and streets literally wander, the parks are congregating, and the 1 tourist attraction is not Big Ben or the palace but a massive spiral path that has opened up in the middle of the city Even the people are changing Welcome to Dream London.The other governments of the world want to stop it before it spreads any further, and they are willing to go nuclear on London if they have to They enlist former soldier [...]

    3. Firstly, I noticed there are no gif reviews for this one, and it definitely deserves a gif, or threeThis book opens as it means to go on, with weird sh t happening, a death threat, and a gritty stuck in your teeth kinda atmosphere Want something a tad different Something crazy, but fun, with an MC that talks about himself in the third person Dark, twisted, with a fairytale feel I mean a Grimm fairytale, not a fluffy one , Dream London is a book you ll either love, or hate I dare you to try it on [...]

    4. Honey Peppers was a fantastic character This book had little spurts of brilliance like her some great metaphors, some great characters Honey Peppers and Mister Monagan, really , some great lines of dialogue, some great weird ideas but mostly it just wasn t for me Too often, it felt disjointed, frustrating, obnoxious, and confused, which maybe was the point, but it wasn t what I happen to like in a novel, haha The main character didn t feel likeable I think this is a book for people who really en [...]

    5. What a pleasant surprise this was I only read Dream London because I came across Dream Paris and found it was the second in a series I was less enthusiastic about the potential of Dream London as I much prefer to Paris to London, over it has an unpromising male narrator Still, it seemed fairly intriguing and necessary to read for the sake of the sequel As I began, my spirits fell as I realised the narrative was in the first person and the person in question was an irritating macho caricature How [...]

    6. While the initial premise was engaging and the world was incredibly interesting, eventually I just finished the book incredibly confused The characters were witty and interesting, but ultimately I didn t care about Captain Jim Wedderburn most of the parts I enjoyed were just him bantering with whoever was in range but the plot What Ants I feel like this was a book that was trying to say something underneath what it actually said, some great metaphor about life, but I think I would have preferre [...]

    7. Another weird London entry Not a hidden kind of weird weird crawls out of the financial district and starts infecting the city, mutating everything and everybody Our protagonist not hero is Captain Jim Wedderburn, charming rogue, or so he insists It stops being believable around the third repetition.The scenery is good, but this sort of thing can t survive on scenery alone In fact the author has a whole mess of notions he s trying to stuff in protest and poverty and stereotypes and sex work and [...]

    8. Originally published at Walker of Worlds.Until fairly recently I hadn t realised that Tony Ballantyne was releasing a new novel I d read Twisted Metal a few years back on its release and very much enjoyed his depiction of a robot only society and its workings I never did get around to the sequel, Blood and Iron, instead deciding to patiently await the completion of the Penrose trilogy before diving in further However, due to a variety of personal factors the final novel was delayed, and news on [...]

    9. The tone of this urban fantasy is set when Captain James Wedderburn wakes in a bedroom that is a slightly different shape than it was when he went to sleep but you have to expect that in what London has become to the sound of munching and sees two glowing salamanders eating a green beetle the size of a dinner plate on his bedroom floor The fact that his first thought is that they would be worth quite a lot if he can move quickly enough to catch them tells you a lot about the kind of London this [...]

    10. This is either a brilliant political commentary on how the politics of Reagan and Thatcher have dangerously disrupted the social fabric of the West or just a damn good story Either way, I could not put down this tale of a slightly self deluded hero attempting to prevent a near future London from slipping out of our reality and into some other world that has unleashed all the baser instincts of mankind And I do mean man kind as there is a heavy dose of heaving breasts, tight skirts and whoring ap [...]

    11. Originally published at Risingshadow.Tony Ballantyne s Dream London is a delightfully gritty new weirdish urban fantasy book It s one of the freshest and most exciting takes on urban fantasy I ve had a pleasure to read, because it s a thrilling combination of science fiction, fantasy and new weird elements It s a refreshingly original book that differs quite a lot from several other urban fantasy books.I m a bit difficult to please when it comes to urban fantasy Urban fantasy can be fun to read, [...]

    12. There seems to be a new emerging sub genre saving modern London from magic attack which has mushroomed recently In just the past year I ve read several of Kate Griffin s light hearted Matthew Swift and Magicals Anonymous series, the first two of Paul Cornell s blood and grit James Quill books, most of Ben Aaranovich s increasingly dark Rivers of London series, and China Mieville s excellent and unique Kraken Tony Ballantyne whom I count as one of the most innovative and imaginative science ficti [...]

    13. Thanks to author editor Tim Marquitz, I have recently become a huge fan of Urban Fantasy In case you don t recall, Tim was the editor of Angelic Knight Press s book MANIFESTO UF I had read UF before, but I didn t really fall in love with it until the publication of Tim s book This is partly what drew me to DREAM LONDON, the latest release of author Tony Ballantyne And I m sure glad it did this book is chocked full of quirky characters and amazing landscapes, a true cult classic in the making.I d [...]

    14. Tony Ballantyne brings us a rather unusual tale in his urban oddity, Dream London Here, we enter a world where the famed city is no longer recognizable, as every night, the city changes, houses and buildings growing and twisting, the streets moving into new formations, and every day people wake up a little different Here, ex soldier Captain Jim Wedderburn, the young strapping rogue of Belltower End, fights to keep hold of his own little empire, overseeing a ring of prostitutes and drug trafficki [...]

    15. Honestly, part of me wonders why I gave this four instead of three stars I hadn t considered the rating I was going to give the book whilst I was reading it, and when it came down to it, four stars is what developed I think if there was an option, I would put it at three and a half I have mixed feelings on this book, but overall a favorable impression,At first, the book mildly intrigued me with its bizarre atmosphere and later annoyed me with its overabundance of repetition I almost felt like it [...]

    16. Has a great premise, a lot of very interesting characters Honey Peppers and Mr Monagan , and is definitely completed with elements that are absent in the mainstream line of pop cultures It d be very bold if a movie director decided to make a movie based on this novel, because those elements that I meant was the non vague vulnerability of the main character Captain James Wedderburn , because of him being exposed blatantly in a very opposing manner to his natural role of a protagonist Hence a defi [...]

    17. Antihero n Protagonist who lacks the attributes that make a heroic figure, such as nobility of mind or spirit.Tony Ballantyne s Dream London opens with a stunner of a first chapter Captain Jim Wedderburn awakens in his room to find two fiery salamanders munching on a green beetle the size of a dinner plate It only gets stranger from there, as he confronts a business rival Wedderburn is a pimp bumps into his old girlfriend who hands him a scroll with his fortune on it and meets a stranger who off [...]

    18. 3.5 starsSo, this is a bizarre book, with a lot of different elements influencing it The lead character is being led around by his, um, nose and doesn t generally know what is really going on The action sort of meanders and changes like a dream sequence can, so if you need things to make concrete sense, steer clear But this is different than most UF Sci Fi, so if you are looking to change things up, try it out I enjoyed it There were times when I got a bit frustrated with the unknown and sometim [...]

    19. Dream London is about as perfect a mix of gritty, far fetched sci fi fantasy and sleaze as I ve found to date, Ballantyne has penned what, by every right, should go down as a classic, from the lead character through to the smallest part being played every one is memorable and has a part to play in the intrigue at hand The very liberal use of the background and nods to old fashioned stereotypes hit their mark to a tee It took a few chapters to really pick up speed and get through to what was prom [...]

    20. Original and dark enough to satisfy Plus, i m a sucker for anything set in London I know everyone knows the feeling you get when you re reading a book and it just feels like it has everything you want from a book at that time This book was that for me this past month I ve already begun the next book in this series, Dream Paris

    21. Strange, disconcerting, and utterly fascinatingThis is, perhaps, the most imaginative thing I ve read in a very long time I was hooked from the go and the words that wrote Dream London into existence grabbed my imagination in a way that was completely foreign and than a little dizzying The novel is exquisitely illustrative with its imagery, and scary as all hell.

    22. Like a dream, Dream London evaporates almost completely from memory as soon as it s finished This makes it either the best evocation of dreaming yet put down on paper or useless I m afraid you ll have to read it yourself to find out which I afraid I can t remember.

    23. An absurd story, but interesting as social satire touching on social media and the Internet, capitalism, individualism, etc.2.5 stars

    24. originally posted at thebookplank 2013Earlier this year I received the Solaris catalogue of book they were publishing this year and among quite a few cool book I noticed Dream London Urban Fantasy has been a hot topic for a lot of recently published books and offers an interesting premise for a lot of authors to venture is What I could make up from the synopsis of Dream London was exactly this The setting that Tony Ballantyne introduces in Dream London is weird and twisted but wholly original Dr [...]

    25. Tony Ballantyne s Dream London The Dream World Book 1 is a tale of two halves Well, 60 40, anyway The first 60% of the book is really well done and interesting The setting is amazing, the characters interesting and well developed, and the plot is completely different It s also a book that makes you think about things Unfortunately, someplace around that 60% point, the wheels start to come off Essentially, it s like Ballantyne s painted himself into a corner and he has to resort to hand waving so [...]

    26. This is the hallmark novel for the the post truth age It is written in a way that you feel the city shifting and shaping beneath your feet as you and the main character experience it, but at the same time you never feel like you are that out of place This passage sums up what I m talking about without giving anything away really 4 was 2x2 That was easy enough But what about 7 Half seven was 3 12, but that wasn t right, it was yellow, because 7 was yellow times 2.I wrote that down.I stared at the [...]

    27. While urban fantasy may just be the most evil genre on the planet, this book, ostensibly a member of the sub genre, is just too cool and weirdly surreal to be judged as such Dark humour galore, amazing landscapes and general weirdness, and not so subtle jabs at capitalism in general The joke is on ancaps here Added pleasure lies in watching familiar London landmarks and many not so familiar distort themselves in accordance with the novel s inner logic Cool stuff

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