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  • Title: A Snow Covered Moon
  • Author: L.M. Adams
  • ISBN: 9781304570468
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Paperback
  • I am Jaevia Knightley, Jae for short, a daemon, a mutt, a mix breed, half succubus, half vampire I once was part of a great organization, the Kindred, our only charge, to police the other supernaturals of the worlds The Kindred and I came to a crossroads so to speak and I decided to not be one any, only problem Well you really can t stop being Kindred, it s a lifetiI am Jaevia Knightley, Jae for short, a daemon, a mutt, a mix breed, half succubus, half vampire I once was part of a great organization, the Kindred, our only charge, to police the other supernaturals of the worlds The Kindred and I came to a crossroads so to speak and I decided to not be one any, only problem Well you really can t stop being Kindred, it s a lifetime thing.I ve escaped to the human world and now hide as a proud citizen of Balti, Maryland, always with fear that the Kindred will send Reapers after me So when they send their very best bringer of death you can imagine my surprise when instead of ending up rotting in the dirt I end up becoming a Grigori, a watcher, charged with being the eyes, ears and hands for the Kindred I don t know why I ve been given this chance only that messing this up will drag myself and everyone I ve ever cared for down with me My first case, missing werewolf carriers, the Batardi the bastard children of supernaturals they carry the DNA sequence of their supernatural parent but aren t supernaturals themselves So many have gone missing, even the Kindred want to know why Failing to solve this case is not an option not for the missing wolf carriers or for me Book contains violence, graphic sexual scenes, horror, BDSM and other adult situations
    A Snow Covered Moon I am Jaevia Knightley Jae for short a daemon a mutt a mix breed half succubus half vampire I once was part of a great organization the Kindred our only charge to police the other supernatural

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    1. This is the best book I ve read in months The author s creation of these awesome characters is amazing This book kept me wanting after each chapter and wanting to visually see the story unfoldI can t wait to read the next installment from this fresh new exciting author

    2. I ve read A Snow Covered Moon three times now and each time I do it just gets better and better The dynamic and growth throughout for each character from when we meet them til the end is inspiring Everyone compliments each other so well and I couldn t put the book down even though I knew what would happen This is def a reread for me for years to come Adams paints a brilliant picture and has a magical way with words The dark things are so tempting and inviting and they make you want to sit up and [...]

    3. So I finally finished A Snow Covered Moon Even though it was a paranormal orgy so many creatures some new some I already knew I loved almost every minute of the book The first 3 percent not sure page wise because I read it on my kindle did not jump out and demand I keep reading them But once I got past the start of the book I was completely hooked And to think that there is at least one other book following this one was icing on the cake About to do some research to see what s next A Snow Covere [...]

    4. The reason I picked this up is it had a few raving accolades on my web site facebook ParanormalBookFest where I put up a lot of Free and 99c paranormal books So, here are the comments facebook ParanormalBookFest pThis has serious sex, so never try it on your public commute unless you re brave and like stirring the surrounding travellers up a bit, which, proving it s safe, could be fun There s a bit of SM in this, but I wouldn t call it overt, the novel certainly doesn t launch into leather and s [...]

    5. Reviews amzn 19pF6LP5.0 out of 5 stars If the Title has you curious, the pages are nothing but Satisfying November 4, 2013By Piper RoseFormat Kindle Edition Verified PurchaseAuthor kept me engaged page after page, chapter after chapter She really brought the characters as well each scene to life This Book is a Action pack, lip biting, page turning thriller that is sure to keep you fantasying without being able to guess what s going happen next 5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome Gripping story October 29 [...]

    6. WOW This is an amazing story I wouldn t recommend it for anyone who is squeamish about sexual or violent content but, I love d it I did have to take a break after several hours of reading though because it is emotional draining for people like me who get really into the stories they read Jaevia is an amazing, complex, sassy character She is also confusing because she is secure and insecure at the same All the characters is this story are amazing I was originally voting for Jack in the beginning [...]

    7. Has a lot of potentialThis book could be really good with editing The plot and characters are great However, I found myself correcting so many grammatical and literary errors that I couldn t fully immerse myself in the storyline Many sentences had to be reread to figure the author s intended meaning disrupting the flow of the story That being said, with editing this author has the potential to become a best seller.

    8. Wow Unexpected, perfect read Now series This was SO unusual Exciting, twisty, snarky, excellent story Keeps you guessing but I wasn t left hanging at the end Some editing needed Must get the entire series

    9. Wow this book is like being thrown into a world where everything supernatural is real Twisted is the perfect description for this book cause it touches on everything and doesn t disappoint Jack omg my new book boyfriend tee hee.

    10. I received this book for a fair and honest review This is the story of Jae hiding in the human world from her supernatural past But you can t run from your past forever and she will need all her friends to see her through the trials ahead With a vampire, a werewolf, a demigod and a magi she will face the most evil part of her past and forge a new future This is an outstanding story of love,lust, magic and friendship a true must read

    11. Not my usual readNot my usual type of book but honestly I liked this book very much and will definitely be getting the next book in the series.

    12. Loved this book I read a lot of paranormal books I absolutely loved this story Definitely a must read for any paranormal lover I cannot wait to read the next book

    13. 3 stars doesn t really reflect how much I enjoyed this story, because the story was a 4 5 star read Unfortunately, this book is badly let down by a complete absence of editing It s not one or two typos the text is littered with errors from start to finish It s not a question of ignoring the occasional missed comma Time and time again, I found myself having to go back and re read things that made no sense on first reading There are sections of several sentences that are all strung together with n [...]

    14. Heavy in an awesome way.When I first started reading this book I was expecting a regular paranormal romance I got so much This book is very hot and wonderfully kinky It may not be for everyone but I loved it.

    15. I wish I could give better than 5 stars This author grabbed a hold of me and I hard so much trouble putting this book down If you love all things paranormal, add some kick ass fighters, and some really steamy sex, then read this As soon as I finished this book, last night 5 am , I started book 2 I really recommend this read 5 thumbs up.

    16. WOW This was a story and a half I do have to warn you, this story is full of SM relationships with fights for dominance I m usually not into the whole SM scene, but it fit into the story so well, it just made the story hotter But it s not all about the sex, it s so much This is a story about friendships, relationships, anger, vengeance, lust and a whole lot of action The characters are so real, you could reach out and touch them and LM Adams can build a scene OK, this story is about Jae, a half [...]

    17. Twisted EventideI LOVED THIS BOOK So much so that I am rereading the entire series right now LM Adams is an awesome author This book has it all Lost love, found love, twisted evil things, fighting, swords and guns, dominant alpha males, dominant females, subs, and a truly evil I ve got a few loose screws b I love how this book makes you hate to love something so much Serioulsy good writing I do believe the editing could be better and that is the only reason I am giving a 4 The storyline, the cha [...]

    18. Jaevia is on the run She is not aware her whereabouts are known and she is about to get a promotion Her hated fianc Lucien is part of the team that finds her and tells her of her new duties Part of her duties include unhating Lucien, which she ultimately has no problem doing once all the details of her training are shared and she admits her emotions to herself Jae is a very strong female and stands strongly for what is right This is a very good book.

    19. 3 StarsThis book was so full of spelling and grammar errors that I wasn t able to fully enjoy it With a good re edit, I believe that this story would become exceptional.The storyline and character development seem to be great Her descriptions are very detailed and paint a great picture of events for you.

    20. Arc reviewFor honest review This story has everything you will want It s got action, adventure,love, friendship, war, supernatural, bdsm, and so much much I m just am excited about this series.

    21. Four starA great book and the story of Jae and the men in her life kept me reading I never knew what to expect of her There area some problems with the writing but as long as you can get past it the book is worth reading I can t wait to see how it all ends.

    22. I will have to say I loved my adventure with Jae, I will have to give this book 5 Stars cause I like where this book is going.Keep up with the great work L.M AdamsWill definitely be reading

    23. I would have given a higher rating if it wasn t for poor grammar throughout the book Sentences are incomplete, words missing or misspelled.

    24. This book is outside my comfort zone However, the story is well crafted, the characters are interesting, and the action is non stop.

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