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Kayden: The Past By Chelle Bliss,

  • Title: Kayden: The Past
  • Author: Chelle Bliss
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 306
  • Format: ebook
  • CAN BE READ AS A STAND ALONE NOVEL Kayden Michaels has a past filled with sex, addiction, and heartache A past that he s avoided sharing with the love of his life, Sophia, and held close to his core not risking rejection Needing to get his addictions in check and gain control of his life for the sake of his family, Kayden is forced to confront his past and make amend CAN BE READ AS A STAND ALONE NOVEL Kayden Michaels has a past filled with sex, addiction, and heartache A past that he s avoided sharing with the love of his life, Sophia, and held close to his core not risking rejection Needing to get his addictions in check and gain control of his life for the sake of his family, Kayden is forced to confront his past and make amends for the path he s walked.Kayden must recount every carnal act and the betrayal from those he s loved to identify the triggers that spur his addictions and overcome it all to be worthy of Sophia s love his sole reason to exist.This is NOT a novella.
    Kayden The Past CAN BE READ AS A STAND ALONE NOVEL Kayden Michaels has a past filled with sex addiction and heartache A past that he s avoided sharing with the love of his life Sophia and held close to his core n

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    1. 3.75 StarsNow I know that there is a note that this can be read as a standalone, and while it can, I wouldn t recommend it I think that understanding the dynamic behind Kayden and Sophia s relationship, how they started, where they are now, etc is necessary to appreciate this book for what it was I read this first, and then I went back and read Untangle Me Had I not read Untangle Me, I m not sure I would have rated this one as high.While this was not a novella but a full length book, it read lik [...]

    2. Kayden is a force to be reckon with and no one could tame him no matter what they tried because Kayden was a man on a mission His mission was to do what he wanted to do when he wanted to do it and with whom He took man whore to another definition I mean he slept and drank his way through numerous women that he did not even remember their names Lord have mercy he was a hoot to read about because you get a sense there is something there underneath him but you really don t get to see it until he sh [...]

    3. This was a steamy look into what makes Kayden the man he is It is full of love, loss, and growth If you read Untangle Me which i hope you do before this book you fall in love the with the complicated and loveable man Kayden is This book is a MUST read sequel.

    4. 4.5 star Review Kayden The Past Love at Last 0.5 by Chelle BlissWe first learned about Kayden in Untangle Me and although this is a stand alone novel, in my opinion you really need to read Untangle Me before you read this one Kayden, what a troubled life he has led he has certainly been through life s ringer This book is like a roller coaster ride, full of ups and downs,highs and lows There is romance, passion and a great deal of angst in this story, but one that kept me entertained and most ce [...]

    5. Once again Ms Bliss doesn t disappoint I actually was able to beta read this story after I expressed my unconditional love for her first book, Untangle Me By the way, if you haven t already read Untangle Me you NEED to At the end of Untangle Me, Sophia expresses a strong interest in learning about Kayden s past This book is Kayden telling his story, from start to finish, leaving no gaps, holes, nothing In order for Kayden and Sophia s relationship to work he has to be honest with her even if tha [...]

    6. 4 Star Review by Jen HagenFor those of us that have read Untangle Me, we know that Kayden had a past tainted with drugs, alcohol, and women lots and lots of women In this prequel we get to hear first hand from Kayden about his self destructing acts and how the accumulation of them made him into the man and father that he is today Kayden will always fight the battle of addiction, but he will persevere throughout the callings in order to keep his family intact He doesn t want to be that person aga [...]

    7. This is a look into Kayden Michaels past It is filled with sex, addiction, loneliness, heartbreak, revenge and at times love When you are Kayden s girl there is no other He will dedicate his life to you and never stray.Kayden is leading a very dark life He parties too much, drinks to much, does too many drugs and woman are clearly not a good idea in his world Kayden has super bad luck when it comes to woman He has had a fiance cheat on him, a wife leave him because she found someone else and bec [...]

    8. Wow, ok let me say first that this is a book that could be considered a stand alone book But, I highly recommend that you read Untangle Me first book show 1The back story of Kayden and Sophia explains so much Kayden is a 1 Alpha Male who gets takes what he wants He brings a whole new level to man whore in this book You begin to understand the Kayden in Untangle Me and why he is how he is He endures, love, loss, and pain like no other Your heart breaks for him and you wonder how he has made it th [...]

    9. Kayden the Past is a very brave story for this author to write given the nature of the story This is not just a glimpse into Kayden s past this is his past As he tackles his demons to be the man that Sophia deserves and so he can learn not to make the same mistakes and return to his addiction, Kayden must first discover where it all started.As we begin the story, we jump around in time as we view Kayden as a boy struggling with an absent father, into his young adult life which is tangled in alco [...]

    10. After reading their love story, I was left with questions of Kayden s past While reading this book, all from his pov about his past, I realized that I had only part of his past right Something had happened to him that caused the addiction Kayden has gone through a lot in his life and has been in a lot of pain I was understanding with the drinking in this story then I was in his love story with Sophie This book made me fall for the man he is in the present With everything he has gone through, h [...]

    11. We all have a past, some are colorful fun but for others, it consumes you, takes away any chance of happiness but it can also shape how you move forward.In Kayden, we get a look at the man before Untangle Me, before his life turned around Sophia became his world This story will also explain his actions in the first book You wanted to hate him then but you ll be forgiving Kayden by the end.


    13. POSSIBLE SPOILERS ALERT Kayden The Past BY Chelle BlissBEAUTIFULLY FUCKED UP Kayden His Parade of Pussy5 Stars I was talking with Chelle, and I told her I don t even know where to start with this review After reading Kayden, my stomach was in knots, my heart felt like it was going to explode, and I was definitely having a book hangover I will try my hardest to put this into words you all can comprehend I LOVED THIS FUCKING BOOK I am in awe and don t know quite know what to say, but when I finish [...]

    14. JOSIE S REVIEW 3.5 Stars Kayden the Past, is just what the title says it is about his past, prior to his meeting and falling in love with Sophia Sophia is from Untangle Me book 1 Kayden ends up meeting Sophia on Facebook and ultimately falls in love with her Their relationship was not easy but he knew she was different and real, something new to him.Which brings us to Book 2 Kayden the Past Many of us including Sophia wanted to know what happened to Kayden to make him the way he was We definitel [...]

    15. Disclaimer I received an ARC of Kayden The Past from the author to read and review for Kayden The Past Blog TourTitle Kayden The Past Love at Last, 0.5 Author Chelle BlissGenre Contemporary RomanceSeries Love at LastPublication Date December 31st, 20134 Bucking Stars Having read Untangle Me, book 1 in the series, before I read Kayden The Past, I feel a little frustrated simply because I know I would have connected and loved Kayden if I read the 0.5 book first Both can be read as stand alone boo [...]

    16. 5 BRIGHT AND SHINNING STARS FOR THIS BOOK Let me start off by saying I have not read Untangle Me YET so I don t know Kayden other than him telling his life story in this book I was given this book to read for my book blog and was told to read it by my partner on the page I was hooked on the first page of the Prologue I was sad to see the end of this book and don t even know how to put into words how much I loved the book, Kayden and his fucked up ness.This story is about Kayden who struggles wit [...]

    17. I received a copy in exchange for an honest review I read Kayden and Sophia s story many years ago and decided that it was time to visit with him again I figured why not since I get to see my Gallo men all the time It wasn t long before Chelle Bliss had me completely immersed in his story and remembering what a messed up life Kayden had before Sophia entered his world While some parts of his past had me hanging my head in sorrow for him, other parts had me shaking my head in disappointment wonde [...]

    18. One of the most moving reads you will experience all year Your heart will beat and skip beats for Kayden How one person can have such bad luck with women is unbelievable However, when you see the person deep down and how he became who he is, you will completely get him Very well written and the time line flowed nicely The fact that it was written as a therapy diary was a surprisingly nice format Well developed characters gave such insight into how he bounced from one bad choice to another He cam [...]

    19. 4.5 stars In Untangle Me, we first met Kayden and Sophia and learned about Kayden s past, how he had a string of crazy women in his background and got a peek into some of the choices he made before he met Sophia Kayden The Past is told from his point of view, and is a wonderfully written, very hot story with a lot of heart I recommend reading Untangle Me first not only because its a wonderful story but also so you can get a feel for how deeply Kayden loves Sophia and why he will do anything to c [...]

    20. I received an ARC for an honest review This was brilliantly unexpected I assumed that Kayden would be the same story as Untangle Me, only from Kayden s perspective, which seems to becoming common among authors But Kayden was a complete story in itself It tells the story of Kayden, before he met Sophia his journal written at the suggestion of his counselor All during Untangle Me, we are introduced to Kayden s past alcoholism and womanizing through comments, implications, and one of his crazy ex g [...]

    21. Well this was a hell of real roller coaster written as Kayden s POV, his back story and why he became a man whore This is not a repeat of Untangle Me Hurt by the women in his past, Kayden battles to fight his addictions whilst trying to save himself at the same time, this story gives you the insight into what damage Lisa did to Kayden and how meeting Sophia really turned his life around You definitely see where Kayden gets his issues from and justifiably so For Kayden to go through all the shit [...]

    22. Wow I never have read a book from a males side through out the whole book Kayden s life is something to read about I was hooked from the beginning and could not put the book down I am still in shock of what these words brung to my mind as images This male is going on my book boyfriend list and my dream list of wishing to meet him Wow I am not sure if I want to save him or just use him I bet he would not mind either one The story line was straight across the line but it is the life of Kayden, so [...]

    23. this was not something that I was too fond of, the back in the past story was kinda different Me personally I didn t care for it Could have been better maybe if they added of the present into the story mixed it up a bit I did however read this after reading book 1 and I so recommend everyone to read this one first it will give you a of a insight on Kayden Really great writing however I loved how the story flowed and went together The pace of the story is another thing maybe it was just me and [...]

    24. I was given an ARC for an honest review and I must say I wasn t disappointed with Kayden s past His tortured past was very entertaining, some funny and sad, such a heart filled experience for me Kayden lived thru heartache, addiction, and lots of sex Who knew it would eventually give him the one thing in life he s been waiting for A happy, healthy life with Sophia My heart truly broke for Kayden, boy he had it rough and it didn t help that he was constantly shit on I truly love Kayden Sophia as [...]

    25. I loved every bit of this book Chelle Bliss really let s you into the mind of Kayden We learn in this book why he is the way he is and why he feels that he does not deserve his beloved Sophia Chell nailed it with this book and I cannot wait to read of this beautiful story 5 Star read for me and if I could rate it higher you bet I would.Please make sure you read Untangle Me by Chelle Bliss before you read Kayden.Kayden baby I love every thing about you

    26. I gave this book 4.5 stars WOW This book takes you into Kayden s past and what a past he has had From drug addiction to earth shattering life events you will get every emotion drawn out There is so many twist, turns and ticks to his past Some of the characters you will first love them, hate but fate has plans for Kayden I was happy to see Sophia love him no matter what.Chelle has written a beautiful story about Kayden s past and I can t wait to read from her.

    27. I read Kayden The past after Untangle me and although I enjoyed for me Kadyden The Past blow me away It is a very well written story which deals with life s up and downs, contains a lot of hot sex and ends the story of Sophia Kayden beautifully.I will be looking for books from Chell Bliss

    28. KaydenWell Chelle, you ve done it again I loved taking this journey of self discovery with Kayden He was so broken and lost, I just wanted to jump in this book and show him the light If there s anyone out there who hasn t read these books, what are you waiting for

    29. This was an awesome read It was incredible to get deep into the head of the main character I grew to love in Untangle Me I recommend this read and this series to anyone looking for a heartfelt, heart warming and sexy steamy read.

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