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  • Title: The Mystery of Jessica Benson
  • Author: C.K. Laurence
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Jessica Benson is hot, beautiful, bisexual, and dead Her life and death intersects the drama of a professional football team and the detectives who are on the case The story takes place in Miami Beach, Florida The author, C K Laurence, has been a student of crime activity and weaves an exciting tale of mystery and intrigue, and creates an unexpected ending to a suspenJessica Benson is hot, beautiful, bisexual, and dead Her life and death intersects the drama of a professional football team and the detectives who are on the case The story takes place in Miami Beach, Florida The author, C K Laurence, has been a student of crime activity and weaves an exciting tale of mystery and intrigue, and creates an unexpected ending to a suspenseful adventure Ms Laurence is a long time rowdy Miami Dolphins football fan and uses her knowledge of the sport to develop a side story that rings true in football culture The book moves quickly from hot Miami Beach parties to the football field to the murder scene Look out The ending is a shocker
    The Mystery of Jessica Benson Jessica Benson is hot beautiful bisexual and dead Her life and death intersects the drama of a professional football team and the detectives who are on the case The story takes place in Miami Beach

    One thought on “The Mystery of Jessica Benson”

    1. C K Laurence writes this book from a drifting third person point of view drifting from a distant one to in a character s head to in another character s head all in the same scene The shift from one character s head to another s was disconcerting at times, especially when she only shifted to the second character s head for a few lines.This book had one of the most obnoxious characters I ve ever encountered Will Kauffman, main character Karen Brandt s detective partner, is racist, sexist, and just [...]

    2. This book was just painful to read The characters had little to no development and the sections with dialogue read like a 7th grader s fan fiction story I stuck it through to the end, but it took me weeks to finish this mess The author really needs a good editor Some of her sentences didn t even make sense Like this one He moaned low, painful and bitterly, drawing blood I have no idea what the author was trying to communicate there I wouldn t recommend this book or anything else by this author t [...]

    3. An amazing page turnerI didn t put it down til I was finished Loved the characters in the bookfelt like I knew them personally I am a huge football fan and that just added to my interest An ending I won t soon forgett at all what I thought would be the ending Fantastic writing i can hardly wait to read of this author In fact i think i will read The Mystery of Jessica Benson again was that good Five stars isn t enough I highly recommend this bookyou will not be disappointed

    4. The Mystery of Jessica Benson is a fun ride through the glitz and glamour of the Miami sports scene The author takes us behind the ropes of professional football, using it as the vehicle to tell an extremely interesting story.The title character, Jessica Benson is a beautiful young woman She s the girlfriend of the Miami team quarterback, and she s killed early in the book But that s not the last we hear of Jessica He story unwinds slowly throughout the book, spinning off new suspects as each ne [...]

    5. If you like a great murder mystery, which includes a variety of sexual behaviors among many of the characters, set in beautiful Miami Beach, this is the book for you The author has done her research well and it s shown in the police characters who are included in the book Who did do what to Jessica Benson And who was Jessica Benson, anyway Why was she involved with this football team There is a lot of evilness told in this story, but also a really sweet love story Are you intrigued Then I sugges [...]


    7. This was a great book Lots of twists and turns A true who done it till the end I get my books free and this is the first time reading this author I think I ll go add some of his books to my wish list.

    8. I suppose one star tells it all This may be the most poorly written books I ve ever read That I was able to finish it is due to my interest in who done it Having said that, let me add that this was a good story line, although I was a bit disappointed with the abrupt ending It seemed rushed and lacking development The major failing of this book is a common failing with many writers poor characterization These characters were lacking any semblance of realism and were like cardboard cut outs In a [...]

    9. This book was a great mystery book that has you guessing until the very end The ending is a real shocker and you could not have seen it coming There are many suspects and you will be changing your mind throughout the book.Great characters and excellent suspense throughout the book Highly recommend to those who love a good mystery book.

    10. it appears that the charactors could all have an attitude adjustment Story line okay, An easy read aNd not too long.

    11. Quick moving and engaging from the beginning, could not see the ending coming Suffice to say if you love Miami, football, and exciting people you will have a great time reading this book.

    12. Good book You people should just read this book yourselves and write your own review on this novel yourself and I really enjoyed reading this book very much so.Shelley MA

    13. Good readGood read, holds your interest Just right for light reading Good use of local places and eateries Read and enjoy.

    14. I received this book free in exchange for an honest return.I hated this book I thought that it was boring, the characters were hard to connect to, and after wasting my time reading the first few chapters I just quit and couldn t continue I wish I had passed on this book instead of accepting it.

    15. The killer was a surprise to me and personally I m glad it turned out to be this person I was cool with Karen spending time with Sands, but I felt the way she would blab everything about the case to him was very unprofessional Overall a good mystery read.I was all set to read from the author, even checking her out on to see if this was a continuing series Sadly, I saw her bickering with people who gave her low reviews see review comments from profiles Jack and Butterfly below Talk about unprofe [...]

    16. This was a very difficult story for me to get through I understand the author is into authenticity of the crime scene, but for me, there were several parts that were too abrasive, in dialog and actions I almost felt like there needed to a warning label at the front of the book And just to be clear I m normally neither a prude nor a delicate flower in reading squeamish stories I did eventually gut through it, and the ending was totally different than I thought it would be, which was good, but I m [...]

    17. I liked Somehow this story felt bright and clean, and I felt uplifted even as I read The characters are believable for the most part NOTE a petard was a bomb placed against a castle gate with a short fuse If the bomber doesn t get away fast enough, he gets blown up, or hoisted on his own petard.

    18. It was a good story but it took awhile to tell It was nice that the mail guy who happens to be a football player wasn t a jerk I hate type casting that all football players are.A football players girlfriend is murdered He s number 1 suspect Investigation leads to many possibilities to who could have done her in.

    19. JESSICAJESSICAJESSICANicely written murder mystery involving a not so nice model and a professional football team and it s players Good characters and simple but effective dialogue in an era of big words with little substance Nice plot twist at the end that I never saw coming.

    20. My Review Of The Mystery of Jessica Benson This well written story with well developed characters The thing that I appreciated most was that, I was completely caught off guard as to who the killer was And there were no last minute characters that emerged as being possible killers as in some of the older writers of this genre have done.

    21. The typographical errors were distracting I truly wish that better editing was used in many of these ebooks.The story was okay I was really getting into the story, but then it seemed to veer off track in the middle.

    22. This was a freebie through BookBub.It was an ok easy read The plot and setting were interesting, but the characters were extremes the good guys were very very pure and the bad guys were evil.I don t plan to read any books by this author.

    23. Needs to be rewritten I couldn t stand the will, male detective, and had a feeling I knew who did it so I read it just to find out and I was right Didn t like how the female detective let him treat her the way he did I was hoping for something but didn t get it.

    24. The police are trying to find out who killed the girlfriend of a popular quarterback There are lots of suspects and surprises throughout the story The buildup to the unveiling of the murderer was so good.

    25. Outstanding thrillerFive star for the author Would recommend to one and all who loves football and mystery thriller The characters came out at you and you could see the senery in every page that you turned, you just can t put this book down.

    26. A murder mystery novel set in the football world Jessica Benson is the girlfriend of a quarterback and is found dead but we learn of her history throughout the book Detective Karen Brandt is in charge of solving this mystery.

    27. This was an excellent and absorbing readFun to read and kept me interested the whole way I will read by this author I really liked the characters

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