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Speaking In Tongues By Jeffery Deaver,

  • Title: Speaking In Tongues
  • Author: Jeffery Deaver
  • ISBN: 9780684871264
  • Page: 225
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Two men of words One seeking only peace The other, violence Tate Collier, once one of the country s finest trial lawyers, is trying to forget his past Now a divorced gentleman farmer, land developer, and community advocate in rural Virginia, he s regrouping from some disastrous mistakes in the realms of love and the law But controversy and danger seem to hav Two men of words One seeking only peace The other, violence Tate Collier, once one of the country s finest trial lawyers, is trying to forget his past Now a divorced gentleman farmer, land developer, and community advocate in rural Virginia, he s regrouping from some disastrous mistakes in the realms of love and the law But controversy and danger seem to have an unerring hold on Tate Even as he struggles to rebuild his life, his alter ego is plotting his demise.Aaron Matthews, a brilliant psychologist, has turned his talents away from curing patients to far deadlier goals He s targeted Tate, Tate s ex wife, Bett, and their estranged daughter, Megan, for unspeakable revenge Matthews, ruthless and hell bent, will destroy anything that inhibits his plans When their daughter disappears, Tate and Bett reunite in a desperate, heart pounding attempt to find her and to stop Matthews, a psychopath whose gift of a glib tongue and talent for coercion are as dangerous as knives and guns Featuring an urgent race against the clock, gripping details of psychological manipulation, and the brilliant twists and turns that are trademark Deaver, Speaking in Tongues delivers the suspense punch that has made this author a bestseller It will leave you speechless.
    Speaking In Tongues Two men of words One seeking only peace The other violence Tate Collier once one of the country s finest trial lawyers is trying to forget his past Now a divorced gentleman farmer land developer

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    1. If you look up a definition of clich writing, this book would be one of the prime examples of it It is as average as average gets First of all, I don t read many crime novels but I have read enough to know what is original and what have been overused over time or beaten to death Second, I have also watched a tons of movies that focus on crimes such as kidnapping just as this book does and I also know what is considered a good story and what passes as a weak attempt at story telling This is one o [...]

    2. My father surprised me by picking up Speaking in Tongues when he was visiting me I think he was attracted to the back cover copy about two men of words, one seeking peace and other seeking violence Actually, considering the climax of the book, that cover copy is an oversimplification Both men were seeking peace in their own way, but neither could agree with the other s methodology One character is a former psychiatrist and the other is a former prosecuting attorney, sometimes known as the devil [...]

    3. Jeffrey Deaver certainly knows how to write suspenseful novels I ve enjoyed severslmof them, but this one was a bit too gruesome and the characters too weird for me I didn t realize I was listening to an abridged version of the audio book, but I m glad it was Not my favorite of Deavers books to say the least

    4. il ritmo incalzante e l introspezione psicologica dei vari protagonisti, sia la protagonista Megan, sia i suoi genitori, sia il rapitore sono fatti con grande maestria Lo stile come sempre impeccabile e la lettura gradevole anche se nella trama vi sono delle forzature non da poco Ad esempio il rapitore che riesce sempre a fare fessi i suoi interlocutori, che riesce a far ubriacare il poliziotto piuttosto che convincere al suicidio la madre dello psicologo di Megan, mi sembrano francamente un p i [...]

    5. Psychological thrillers is one of my favorite genres This book is a classic example of why I love them so This was a great book about a seventeen year old girl who is kidnapped for reasons unknown, then the story unfolds The pieces come together beautifully true to Jeffery Deaver style.

    6. If you want a book full of cliches, stereotypes, and a storyline that can be seen for a mile away, then this is the book for you

    7. Poco emozionante, troppo lungo e banale Situazioni risolte inverosimilmente Non che bisogna scrivere per forza un libro all anno, Jeffery

    8. Il libro scritto bene, in modo semplice, e la lettura veloce La storia molto coinvolgente, infatti inizia con un vero colpo di scena e il nodo sembra inestricabile, quindi per tutta la vicenda mi sono chiesta cosa sarebbe successo poi e, soprattutto, come.Il lato negativo che la storia mi sembra inverosimile, non solo per il breve tempo impiegato per ritrovare la ragazza scomparsa, ma anche per tutte le altre sfaccettature Poi, per carit , potrei essere ignorante io e scoprire che questo caso pi [...]

    9. Indecisissimo tra 3 o 4 stelle.Scritto magicamente bene, e per una ragione o l altra mi ha tenuto incollato molte sere fino a tarda notte, ogni parola ti prende per leggere quella dopo, e ogni fine capitolo ti lascia con il fiato sospeso e vuoi andare avanti, questa la cosa positiva La trama un puro Thriller, in stile film americano Ragazza rapita, voi sapete da chi E assistete a 3 o piu parti diverse principali Una della ragazza rapita, una dai genitori e una dal rapinatore Non svelo niente, ma [...]

    10. I wasn t sure what to think when I finished this book I just kept looking at the book like What How did we get here from there That s really how it ends Not what I expected at all I can usually guess where the story is going and somewhat how it will end This one went way off in a different direction and kept going This is a stand alone book, so not a character series It s a story of a man who was a very good Defense Attorney and quite after he won life in prison for the accused He is divorced an [...]

    11. Questo il primo libro che leggo di Deaver, quindi non saprei giudicare pi di tanto il suo stile.Mi ha un po stranito il fatto di conoscere il colpevole gi ad inizio libro l identit del colpevole, credo sia la prima volta che mi capita di leggere un libro che parte cos.Personaggi curati ma alcuni altrettanto banali, episodi raccontati e poi lasciati l non capir mai se Megan si prostituisse davvero , scene al limite del surreale il ritorno di Joshua con la gola squarciata sembrava una barzelletta [...]

    12. This took a lot longer than usual to finish it was creepy enough that, when I d put it down, it required a real act of will to get back to it Once the degree to which this guy is warped became evident, I had to convince myself to finish it Deaver has a true talent for inhabiting the minds of his characters since this one was written 17 years ago, apparently he found his way out again The twists he throws in here are of the Oh, no, he s not gonnaoh, no type one of the reasons that put me off, tem [...]

    13. This isn t Jeffrey Deaver s best book by a long way The main characters are very likeable, the plot is way too obvious, and the trademark double bluffs just aren t there My understanding is that this is an early work, only published after some years I m afraid it shows, and probably should have been left in the box in the garage Having said all that, the second half of the book does pick up a little enough to see an inkling of Deaver s talent and skill as a writer of crime fiction.

    14. Originally published on my blog here in February 2007.This is an early thriller from Jeffrey Deaver, revised four years after the original publication Like most of his thrillers, it is fairly conventional in its plotting and background Megan is the daughter of a moderately successful lawyer and his estranged wife following an incident which suggests a suicide attempt to law enforcement, she is undergoing therapy when she is abducted by a psychopath looking for revenge Her parents, intended to be [...]

    15. 3 words Oh my god Thus book is what is getting me into thrillers, I loved everything about it, it wasnt to detailed, it was a page turner, it made me hold my breath, it left me speechless, it made me gasp and it is unforgettable I definitely recommend this, if you want a psychological thriller.

    16. Buku ini sangat mengasyikkan, kekurangan buku ini hanya terletak pada sinopsisnya yang tidak menarik Sudah beberapa kali buku ini singgah di lemari saya namun baru kali ini saya membacanya.Saya selalu menyukai gaya bercerita dalam novel novel detektif, lugas dan apa adanya, dengan mengecualikan karya Deaver The Twelfth Cards yang menggunakan daftar forensik, yang membuat saya terhenti membaca dan baru lama kemudian berhasil menyelesaikannya Kisah ini mengenai psikologi kejiwaan, topik yang menar [...]

    17. Deaver s skill at weaving a crafty and intriguing suspense story is sound He has the bare bones of the work down to a science, and when it comes to most of his tales, the bones themselves are strong, hearty, and glistening white.In this case, however, those bones have virtually no muscle.This tale is about Tate Collier, his ex, Bett, and their kidnapped child, Megan The villian for this tale, a slick tongued psychiatrist named Aaron Matthews, is a man of such skill that he can talk virtually any [...]

    18. Decadenza di un genere Mi ha divertito davvero poco questo La figlia sbagliata di Jeffery Deaver che in giacenza da tempo Non ci sarebbe molto da approfondire trattandosi di un thriller senza pretese, ma il fatto che Deaver stato uno dei miei autori di genere preferiti, o almeno pi seguiti dalle statistiche anobiiane qui accanto pare che ne abbia letti gi 15 in precedenza e allora vorrei provare a capire meglio Ipotesi 1 Deaver d il suo meglio nella serie che ha come protagonisti Lincoln Rhyme A [...]

    19. Speaking in Tongues Jeffery Deaver 1995 Simon Schuster 333 pages ISBN 0684871262.Speaking in Tongues is a stand alone thriller by Jeffery Deaver, best known for his Lincoln Rhyme series The novel is extremely fast paced and I ll bet fans of Deaver and suspense alike will finish this book within a few hours of picking it up.Megan McCall is a troubled teenager who visits a therapist on a regular basis Estranged from both parents, Megan is still damaged by the divorce between her free spirited moth [...]

    20. Apa yang terjadi jika seorang pengacara yg dijuluki si Lidah Perak harus berhadapan dengan psikolog ulung yg menaruh dendam kesumat terhadap dirinya Tate Collier, seorang mantan Jaksa Persemakmuran, memiliki curiculum vitae yang sangat gemilang ketika masih bertugas Kemampuannya menyihir dan mempengaruhi hakim juri hingga memenangkan kasus2 yang ditanganinya sangat luar biasa, suatu kemampuan yang membuat dirinya mendapat julukan si Lidah Perak Tapi kini, setelah ia mengundurkan diri dari jabata [...]

    21. Tate Collier, former criminal prosecutor who now does wills, trusts and house closings with the occasional case on the side, has an ex wife Bette McCall and their daughter Megan who is 17 years old Megan had a boyfriend, Joshua LeFevre, a senior honour student in college and gifted athlete, but on the advisement of Megan s therapist she has dumped him much to Joshua s surprise One Saturday morning Megan went to see her therapist, but instead of Dr Hanson, she is greeted by another therapist by t [...]

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