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A Little Night Murder By Nancy Martin,

  • Title: A Little Night Murder
  • Author: Nancy Martin
  • ISBN: 9780451415271
  • Page: 101
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Murder under the stars Nora Blackbird pregnant at last is spending summer afternoons wallowing in the Bucks County pool of her best friend, Lexie Paine, who has just been released from prison At night, Nora is covering Philadelphia s high society events for the local newspaper And this time she doesn t have to look far for a good story.Next door, a Broadway show is iMurder under the stars Nora Blackbird pregnant at last is spending summer afternoons wallowing in the Bucks County pool of her best friend, Lexie Paine, who has just been released from prison At night, Nora is covering Philadelphia s high society events for the local newspaper And this time she doesn t have to look far for a good story.Next door, a Broadway show is in rehearsal at the estate of Toodles Tuttle, the long deceased but ever legendary composer Reigning over the estate is Toodles s diva widow, Boom Boom The demanding old broad still rules with an iron fist, and considering the chorus line of enemies she s racked up over the years, her death has been a hotly anticipated event So imagine everyone s dismay when it s her beloved daughter, Jenny, who drops dead from a cause that is anything but natural just as the lights are set to go on for the lucrative new Toodles musical.Yet murder is only an overture to the drama to come Nora s sister Libby, a soon to be grandmother, has gotten herself into a sticky situation, wooed by both a lowly bug exterminator and a cheesecake loving Broadway impresario Edgy sister Emma has a dangerous new boyfriend who may jeopardize her show jumping exploits And the love of Nora s life, Mick Abruzzo, has been desperate to prevent Nora from meeting the most notorious member of his mobbed up family his mother.Now Nora has to deal with the bump and grind of her personal life, and also bring the curtain down on a daring killer before he forces her to exit stage left, permanently.
    A Little Night Murder Murder under the stars Nora Blackbird pregnant at last is spending summer afternoons wallowing in the Bucks County pool of her best friend Lexie Paine who has just been released from prison At night

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    1. This series has long been a favorite of minence book 1 I won a copy of this here on GR and have finally gotten it read I don t know how it ended up so far down in The Pile Everybody s a little nuts in this one Libby, who s always a bit on the edge, is freaking out about being a grandma, Emma is, well, Emma, and Nora is hugely pregnant Lexie has just been paroled, who knows just what Mick is up to, and his mother arrives on the scene This was a great story, maybe not the best of all the mystery p [...]

    2. I love this series and its crazy characters and plots This one definitely has some unusual things in it, especially at the end I can t wait for the next one because I have to know what happens next

    3. I have to be honest I love a good Blackbird Sisters Mystery And this one was no exception and probably the best one in the entire series so far.Nora is finally pregnant with Michael s baby, and they are planning a secret wedding, but there are so many things in the way Nora s job is a journalist for a Philly paper, that may or may not always tell the truth, but Nora is determined to make her part of the paper a success by being honest in her columns, even though her boss continually wants her to [...]

    4. In the latest Blackbird Sisters Mystery, Nora and Mick are planning a secret wedding while trying to to keep their daily lives on track Nora is visiting her friend Lexie, who was recently released from prison, when she gets involved in the untimely death of Jenny Tuttle, daughter of a deceased Broadway musical legend Add to the story a bunch of crazy actors including Jenny s mother,who has blue skin and no love lost for her daughter, and Bridget O Halloran who is Mick s mother While this is all [...]

    5. This latest book about the Blackbird sisters has Nora and Nick planning an intimate wedding, while waiting for the birth of their daughter What could possibly go wrong, right Well, try noisy neighbors who live next to Nora s best friend Lexi, kidnappings, murders, FBI, and a secret marriage Those are just a few highlights from this latest book by Nancy Martin If you didn t believe in the Blackbird Women s curse before you read this book, I think you will once you get to the end Nancy Martin spin [...]

    6. The date is finally set for Nora and Michael s wedding but will it be the private ceremony they both want will they keep Libby from turning it into a circus event will they keep Lexie away from the press spotlight will Michael be able to stay out of jail most importantly, will they escape the Blackbird curse Oh and by the way, there is another murder in their extended circle of Philadelphia society This is such a fun series with a little couture, a little humor and of course a little murder myst [...]

    7. I love the Blackbird Sisters Series, and like all the others this book does not disappoint None of the characters are cookie cutters, they are all entertaining, and have you glad that some of them aren t in your family From a blue skinned prima donna to an overstepping boss, this book will keep you wondering what will happen next Looking forward to the next book in the series.

    8. openbooksociety article a Brought to you by OBS reviewer Omar I once had a boyfriend that In A Little Night Murder we see Nora struggling with life, her pregnancy is going wonderful but everybody tells her that she looks huge, with her career as journalist of the Social column and a boss that is taking too much liberties with her life and career, also her best friend is out of jail and her on parole boyfriend that are making business together and won t tell Nora what is that they are doing, now [...]

    9. Nora has lost her shape, but not her sex appeal Even though she is pregnant with their first child, Michael has a passion for her and baby girl that only an Italian man can possess.This time there is a love triangle that will curl your toes Who will Nora choose Who will fall literally for this Blackbird risking his life for love Five stars.

    10. 3.7I read the whole book and still am unsure if I previously read it or not Either way it was a joy reacquainting with the blackbird sisters.

    11. Froth Bubbles that form in or on a liquid, or something that is appealing but that has no serious value or interest.First things first Just ask anyone who knows mego ahead ask Does SidneyKay like first person narrative After the shudder from the crowd the answer will be a resounding no Well, guess what A Little Night Murder is written in First person Which shouldn t come as much of a surprise to me really in that most of the murder mystery stories I ve read they are first person So when I opened [...]

    12. I love this consistently well written and entertaining series I love the characters Nora and Michael are my favorite fictional couple and have enjoyed watching them grow and evolve and get into wonderful mischief At some point I plan to reread the series to enjoy it all over again.

    13. Nancy Martin s 10th novel in the Blackbird Sisters Mystery series, A Little Night Murder will have readers thinking Broadway and delivery rooms Martin continues her story of three once privileged sisters who have seen better days in her latest cozy offering This is the perfect mystery for theatre lovers and mystery buffs alike, as it focuses on the murder of the daughter of a late musical genus Readers looking for a series with strong family ties even to the mob won t be disappointed with this o [...]

    14. Originally posted on Smitten by Books Blog4.5 StarsFor fans of Rhys BowenNora Blackbird couldn t be happier She s got a job she loves, her best friend Lexie Paine is out of prison, and she s finally decided to marry love of her life Michael Abruzzo Blackbird family curse be damned She spends her days helping Lexie duck the paparazzi, her evenings covering high profile parties for the paper, and her nights planning the future with her fianc.Then Lexie s neighbor, Jenny Tuttle daughter of legendar [...]

    15. A lot happens in this book Lexie is released at the very beginning, and her friendship with Nora resumes, although there s a bit of bitterness from Lexie, after being locked up for so long Nora has arranged for help with Lexie escaping from the reporters waiting for the jail and hiding at a sort of safe house, which turns out to be one of her mother s country mansions outside of the city Nora visits frequently, and the murder takes place view spoiler at the neighbor s mansion The victim is a wom [...]

    16. newandusedbooks index.A LITTLE NIGHT MURDERNancy MartinObsidianAugust 2014A Blackbird Sisters MysteryLexie Paine, Nora Blackbird s very best friend forever, has been released from prison early, and Nora is waiting outside the gates of the penitentiary to take her home Lexie s release is controversial and she needs a good place to hide from the media she does that at her estranged mother s summerhouse Nora is seven months pregnant, and big as a house, but she is still doing her job as society edi [...]

    17. The Blackbird Sisters Mysteries feature Nora, Libby and Emma Blackbird, three Philadelphia heiresses whose parents have run off with their trust funds, forcing all three women to get jobs for the first time in their lives Nora Blackbird becomes the assistant to a newspaper society columnist and attends parties for a living Unfortunately, Nora also stumbles over a lot of dead bodies while she s covering the social scene on the Main Line Follow Nora s amateur sleuthing as she solves crimes of fash [...]

    18. I have followed the Blackbird Sisters series religiously since Nancy Martin started writing them I can never get enough of Nora Blackbird and her sisters, Emma and Libby This book was no exception It was probably one of the better books, or the best, in the series I fell in love very quickly with the fact that Nora was pregnant with a little girl I thought this added a very exciting twist to her character and to her and Michael Abruzzo s relationship Nora and Michael are also planning a secret w [...]

    19. In this 10th outing, Nora Blackbird is hugely pregnant and getting to spend time with her BFF, Lexie Paine, who has just been released from prison Nora continues to cover Philadelphia s high society events for the local newspaper and is taking an on line course to improve her journalism skills.A murder happens at the estate next to Lexie s family summer home and Nora, because she moves in the same social circles as the dead woman, is drawn into solving the case Nora s wacky family is along for t [...]

    20. So glad I m done with this series Since I bought the last 2 books in the series before I realized how far down hill the books were going I forced myself to read them, but this last one takes the cake for shitty endings Nora and Michael are before the judge ready to finally tie the knot and her asshole boss pulls a proxy marriage license from Paraguay out that says he s married to Nora That s the final straw on this bullshit Adult Series of Unfortunate Events series for me I wish he had died from [...]

    21. A Little Night Murder is the tenth book in the A Blackbird Sisters Mystery series.Nora Blackbird life is a busy one, once again Nine months pregnant and her and Michael are planning their wedding, hoping that her sister, Libby doesn t learn about it and turn it into a three ring circus Nora s friend Lexi has gotten out prison and they are relaxing by the pool of Lexi s mother s home While catching up with their lives they hear music coming from the neighbor s home next door When they hear a scre [...]

    22. It looks like things may finally be working in Nora and Mick s favor they re pregnant and due quite soon Additionally, her best friend is back in town albeit trying to hide from the press When the next door neighbor is found dead, Nora gets involved, as there may possibly be a family connection Her sisters are as wacky as ever, and Nora gets to meet someone outlandish than them Mick s mother In regard to Nora and Mick s plans for their family, it looks like things may not go as planned there, e [...]

    23. The drama Nancy Martin did an excellent job of keeping the drama quotient high in the latest Blackbird Sisters Mystery Nora is pregnant with That Man s child, Lexie is out of jail early but no one knows how the early release was wrangled , Emma has a completely unsuitable boyfriend, Libby is not handling becoming a grandmother well and is thus looking for romance in all the wrong places and oh, Michael s mother has blown into town Throw in the murder of a Broadway baby next door and you ve got t [...]

    24. I found this book to be delightful I had won a copy on , and I had read the first one in the series before reading this one and love how the character has developed I plan on going back and reading the ones in between I also learned a new word this time and it was atelier I don t believe I have seen that before Another reason to keep a dictionary by your chair where you are reading Nora and her sisters are very funny and so very different I think I like that the best about the series Each has a [...]

    25. Nora is finally pregnant, which means great things for the characters but potentially terrible things for the series Sure, babies or kids have appeared in the other books in the series, but Nora was never saddled with and constantly responsible for one let alone three if the decisions made in the novel pan out I m worried for future books in this series.As for this book itself, it was good The story was entertaining and the solution not too out of left field Some of the characters still irk me t [...]

    26. I thoroughly indulge myself in the Blackbird Sisters series I now want to read about Paraguay marriage laws I rated the book five stars knowing what to expect the romance, the comedy and the mystery from this author with the series I really want to know about the lives of the characters When I read about Nora, I become encouraged to dress in classic outfits I want to run to Marshalls and buy some Chanel and Jimmy Choos In this book, I noticed that the author put the characters into the current [...]

    27. I ve loved the Blackbird Sisters since book 1 This book is one of my favorites Nora is very pregnant Her relationship with Mick is as smooth as it s ever been Emma is getting her life back together, and Libby is crazy as ever Nora s best friend Lexie has just been released from prison There is of course a mystery here This one involves a Broadway show in rehearsal near Nora s family home The daughter of a legendary Broadway composer is poisoned, and an eccentric group of cast and crew are all su [...]

    28. I really enjoy the Blackbird Sisters books, though none of them stand out to me, and while there s a twinge of nostalgia for home, the Blackbirds and their natural habitat is a little too Main Line for me I m glad Nora gets to have a whole pregnancy though the baby s not born yet, so who knows , but the business with the proxy marriage comes off as a little strained.

    29. I love the Blackbird sisters series My thought on A Little Night Murder Mick and Nora are wonderful together I love Nora s insight to the charitable world of Philly Get me to the church on time It really does take a village for Nora and Mick to wed I must not have all of my marbles, cause I really like Bridget She s going to be a hoot as a granny Nice to see Emma to getting at least one part of her life on track Thrilled Lexie is back on the scene Enjoying her rise like the phoenix Looking forwa [...]

    30. Nora Blackbird and her sisters are cursed Everyone they marry dies So, it s understandable she is reluctant to commit marriage with Michael Abruzzo But, she is eight months pregnant and wants her baby girl to have a father, so she has agreed to marry Mick Now, all she needs to do is keep her sisters from finding out until the last possible minute But along the way, she has to figure out who killed Jenny Tuttle, daughter of legendary Broadway song and dance man, Tootles Tuttle And, avoid being ne [...]

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