UNLIMITED BOOK ☆ Nothing Venture, Nothing Win - by Edmund Hillary

Nothing Venture, Nothing Win By Edmund Hillary,

  • Title: Nothing Venture, Nothing Win
  • Author: Edmund Hillary
  • ISBN: 9780340212967
  • Page: 317
  • Format: Paperback
  • The remarkable life story of one of the greatest adventurers of our century conqueror of Everest, Antarctic explorer, friend of the Sherpas and tireless traveller A man of outstanding physical bravery and skill, yet heart warming modesty A man whose triumphant achievements will ave a permanent place in the records of human endeavour.
    Nothing Venture Nothing Win The remarkable life story of one of the greatest adventurers of our century conqueror of Everest Antarctic explorer friend of the Sherpas and tireless traveller A man of outstanding physical bravery

    One thought on “Nothing Venture, Nothing Win”

    1. A most enjoyable book I had no idea that Sir Edmund was just a regular guy who liked tramping around mountains, became quite experienced, and was invited to the Everest expedition He was quite the adventurer, even on family vacations, and seemed like a really good person, too.He describes some of the most amazing close calls in such a matter of fact way comes across as very down to earth.

    2. Ed Hillary has become another person with attributes I desire to emulate in my life He loves his family He loves an adventure And he cares deeply about helping and serving the less fortunate I m sure their have been other explorers on earth since then, but after reading this I consider him to be the last of the great explorers of yesteryear He is up there with Shackleton, Lewis and Clark, and other great explorers that have come before.As a civil engineer I was able to relate to him and his expe [...]

    3. If my life finished tomorrow I would have little cause for complaint I have gathered a few successes , a handful of honours and love and laughter than I probably deserve Over 300 pages of pure adventure penned by the humble bee farmer Sir Edmund Hillary His autobiography follows his life through hardships growing up, the military, near death experiences, a heavy dose of mountaineering, and current throughout is the great drive of adventure He tells tales of such magnificent feats in the humbles [...]

    4. I enjoyed reading this book, not for the writing which wasn t really very good but for the story which was excellent Some o the stories were a little disjointed but the author can hardly be blamed for not remembering every single detail of an expedition Sometimes funny things stick in your mind and need to be shared, I suppose I would recommend this book to anyone with a love of mountaineering or arctic exploration.

    5. I expected this to be about his Everest climb in 1953, but that was relatively a small part of the book But reading about his life before and after that feat was interesting I didn t find this an incredibly easy or gripping book to read And it was written long before he died, so it excludes about half his life.

    6. This book is a great story of Sir Edmund Hillary s life of adventure from it s humble beginnings to about halfway through his life I enjoyed it immensely, especially his voice and personality and he wrote of his adventures He writes with modesty and gives credit where it is due I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys tales of adventure and exploration.

    7. Sir Edmund Hillary has always been one of my hereos so I am slightly biased but love everything he has written A great memoir about his life up to 1976.

    8. Originally read this in 1975 and re read it in 1990 It is a witness to perseverence The probability of failure was emense.

    9. Very interesting autobiography of Sir Edmund Hillary, first man to reach the summit of Mount Everest, the highest peak on earth Had personal interest to me because it is where my name comes from.

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