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A Esfinge sem Segredo (Portuguese Edition) By Oscar Wilde,

  • Title: A Esfinge sem Segredo (Portuguese Edition)
  • Author: Oscar Wilde
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 163
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Oscar Wilde 1854 1900 foi um dramaturgo irland s, romancista, poeta e autor de hist rias curtas.
    A Esfinge sem Segredo Portuguese Edition Oscar Wilde foi um dramaturgo irland s romancista poeta e autor de hist rias curtas

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    1. The Sphinx Without a Secret es otra de las historias cortas de Oscar Wilde que esta vez nos lleva a ver c mo a veces nos enamoramos de los conceptos o de los secretos y no de las personas en s mismas Aqu , Lord Murchison s lo descubre la verdad, la mundana verdad, de una mujer supuestamente misteriosa hasta que ella muere Cuando lees The Sphinx Without a Secret te sientes asistiendo a un caso de detectives que est n persiguiendo fantasmas, que s lo siguen su propia sombra y que ven un caso en do [...]

    2. This is a story of a gentleman who falls for a beautiful widow surrounded by some kind of mystery, wanting to know the truth behind, he ends up losing her and few days later, she dies, his friend finds what it s all about after hearing his story, but did he really unveil the truth

    3. My Favorite Quote For she was like one of those strange crystals that one sees in museums, which are at one moment clear, and at another clouded Nice and Quick read

    4. Women are meant to be loved,not understood This is the point on which the story develops The protagonist s attempt to understand the actions of the woman he loves leads to their break up and,eventually,her death The development of the story was good The build up of mystery was like gradual increase in the intensity of background music The plot seemed familiar It seems a similar plot was used in one of Sherlock Holmes stories But it s used there in a different way and there is a genuine mystery i [...]

    5. That s is when a very short story leaves you question the whole story It was cuts little story with easy wording, fine concept, good story, nice characters but a mind blowing ending.

    6. A no o que n o temos segredos pode nos afligir Os nossos segredos, geralmente, n o passam de embara os N o s o verdadeiros segredos, s o mis rias que ambicionamos manter na esfera da intimidade N s pr prios n o sabemos lidar com isto, queremos manter na n voa ou penumbra tudo aquilo que envergonha nos Neste conto de Oscar Wilde, a personagem Lady Alroy, tem de facto um segredo, s que este terrivelmente insidioso T o insidioso, que nem perante a promessa de amor, Lady Alroy quer libertar se deste [...]

    7. Review of The Sphinx Without a Secret as part of the Complete Works of Oscar Wilde A couple things A I did not read an ebook, despite what it says above I don t have an ereader, thank ya very much.B I totally didn t need to spend a considerable amount of time getting comfy on the couch to read this I finished it within three songs on my playlist Yes, I understand the title is The Sphinx Without a Secret An Etching, but for some reason I thought it d be a longer etching.So this is a charming litt [...]

    8. No comprendo suficientemente bien a las mujeres respondi Mi querido Gerald dije , las mujeres est n hechas para ser amadas, no comprendidas Soy incapaz de amar a alguien en quien no puedo confiar replic

    9. The wonderful mystery we create by escaping from who are, from what we are and from where we are Wonderful short story

    10. Woman are meant to be loved, not understood A line from the book that in my opinion can be cast for both genders or neither It is not a gender to be understood but an individual themself This is a perfect beginning to my review of a book that bases itself around secrets and curiosity We never found out what thelady was hiding nor did we find out what had happened to the future of the protagionous A book with many unfinished endings

    11. It was very easy to read and very much like Wilde, I don t think it s so brilliant as some of his other short stories, but I enjoy anything by Wilde, anyway It was really very difficult for me to come to any conclusion For she has as like one of those strange crysals than one sees in museums, which are at one moment clear and at another clouded This story is on the verge of being totally pointless and having a moral Why after reading the picture of Dorian gray everything seems a bit dull I shoul [...]

    12. Lady Alroy was simply a woman with a mania for mystery She took these rooms for the pleasure of going there with her veil down, and imagining she was a heroine She had a passion for secrecy, but she herself was merely a Sphinx without a secret.

    13. I m not a big short story fan, but I really enjoyed this one Wilde is ridiculously talented when it comes to mystery and suspense I am so glad I picked up this story I love his Picture of Dorian Gray, which this short story reminds me of in style.

    14. Me enamor apasionadamente, est pidamente y la indefinible atm sfera de misterio que la rodeaba excitaba mi curiosidad m s ardiente Lady Alroy era simplemente una mujer con man a del misterio Ten a pasi n por el secreto, pero ella no era m s que una esfinge sin secreto

    15. Realmente este cuento me gust y me sorprendi igual por ambas partes.No esperaba que Wilde nos hiciera plantearnos la posibilidad de una persona a enamorarse del misterio que ella lleva consigo y no de la persona en s Y, a la vez mostrarnos como, a veces estamos tan desesperados por encontrar a alguien que vemos cosas donde no las hay Muy bueno.

    16. The Sphinx without a Secret by Oscar WildeOscar Wilde has been a fascinating writer and even main character in the film Wilde, in which he is played by an actor who is flamboyant in his own right Stephen Fry.Oscar Wilde wrote vet good plays, I think of The Importance of Being Earnest A few years ago, I was reading The Happy Prince, which was destined for my daughter, but I was enjoying it a lot I don t know if Hannah, my daughter did.In a collection of Great Classic Stories I have found, among t [...]

    17. Hm I d read this before, but to be honest, I never really liked it It s not terrible, but somehow I don t know feels pretty pointless Also I m pretty much allergic to people mostly women in fiction acting not unrealistically, that s not it not everything has to be realistic , but just how people would never fucking act Think Carrie in 4 Weddings Who does these kinds of things Have these writers ever met a real woman Basically, women as mysterious beings who act weirdly, mostly for the benefit of [...]

    18. Um pequen ssimo conto de Oscar Wilde que nos deixa a vontade de ler mais Conta nos a hist ria de dois amigos que se reencontram e um deles conta ao outro que se apaixonou por uma mulher misteriosa Ao ver a foto da mulher, o amigo diz que parece uma Gioconda vestida de luto , com o sorriso enigm tico e que aparenta esconder um segredo O apaixonado seguiu um dia a mulher at um pr dio de aluguer e quando a confrontou com a sa da quele pr dio, ela n o respondeu, mesmo quando ele disse que queria cas [...]

    19. It is a story that speaks a message about the sheer irony of love and relationships, and perhaps the so called laws of attraction The themes of this story follow the satirical irony It does not seem like Wild s purpose for this book was to solve particular mystery of women Instead, he simply intends to point out the irrationality of women who seek to succeed in the game of attraction, and when they do, refuse to participate in the resulting relationship No matter what, these women are destructiv [...]

    20. This story perfectly highlights why trust is of paramount importance in a functional relationship especially if the relationship is of romantic nature One one hand we have a woman with a secret and on the other hand we have a nosy inquisitive suitor What could go wrong Well, I m not going to spoil the story for you but it doesn t have a happy ending.At the end of the day both, the woman and her lover are to blame for the occurrences which followed The woman should have been open about her hobby [...]

    21. This is a very short story about two friends who meet after 10 years One of them has women troubles and can t figure out why SPOILER ALERT a woman would want to go off on her own for some time Nevertheless it must have been a great mystery in the misogynistic world of Oscar Wilde, but for me it was sort of anti climactic.

    22. This is a short story My favorite part made me laugh hard was the conversation between two men One confused and trying to understand this lady and the other replies with, Women are meant to be loved, not understood Loved it.

    23. A line in the book caught my attention deeply Women are meant meant to be loved not understood.The way Wilde built up the intense mystery made me hold on to my seat and squirm with anticipation A marvelous read.

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