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Tarbabies By Allen R. Brady,

  • Title: Tarbabies
  • Author: Allen R. Brady
  • ISBN: 9780615861227
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Paperback
  • That thing on the porch won t go away I called the police, but I don t think they re coming They ve got their hands full with the Manhattan quarantine, so they can t waste their time on a nothing little town like Otterkill That means it s up to me and the neighbors, and there are fewer of us every day Fewer of us, and of them Every person we lose is one monsThat thing on the porch won t go away I called the police, but I don t think they re coming They ve got their hands full with the Manhattan quarantine, so they can t waste their time on a nothing little town like Otterkill That means it s up to me and the neighbors, and there are fewer of us every day Fewer of us, and of them Every person we lose is one monster to deal with The Spiller family, the folks from the Retirement Center, even the Mathises Rottweiler are now stalking the streets, waiting for someone to get too close A single touch is all it takes I don t know which of my neighbors became the thing on the porch, and I suppose it doesn t matter I ve got to get out of here, but the Tarbabies are already showing up in Albany, and Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh There s nowhere left to run, and there s no point in hiding Not when the shadows themselves are after you.
    Tarbabies That thing on the porch won t go away I called the police but I don t think they re coming They ve got their hands full with the Manhattan quarantine so they can t waste their time on a nothing litt

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    1. I just recently finished reading Tarbabies, by Allen R Brady It s an apocalypse told on a local scale When the protagonist first hears about them in Manhattan, they re considered of a nuisance than an actual threat But soon after that, they continue to spread outward from the city Finally, there s nowhere to go.What are tarbabies Well, we re not entirely sure It s not like they re fast, vicious monsters like werewolves or vampires, and they re not really zombies, either Just don t let them touc [...]

    2. Yes I received this book from the author Yes I gave it 5 stars It was a perfect blend of utter creepiness and absolute comedy all rolled into one I can t tell you how creeped out I was by The TarbabiesI think they are scary than zombiesmpires,werewolvesc But the horror was tempered in a good way withe utter mundane ness is that a word of Josh and Libbyeir neighborsis is how people are they would react to the impossible I can t tell you how I went from moments of eebie jeebies to laughing out lo [...]

    3. My full Tarbabies audiobook review can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.The tarbabies, while it wasn t disclosed how they were created, where these shambling slow creatures that hide in the shadows during the day and come out only at night Here s the interesting part, if you even so much as brush up against a tarbaby, suddenly all pain will leave you and a euphoric hilarity will overcome you, all while the sticky black tar consumes your body and you become on of them, living only to transform the [...]

    4. Full disclosure I received a free ebook copy of this book in a giveaway.Some books leave me at a loss for words in a very good way, and this is one of them The entire book left me really wowed A strong mix of survival horror and apocalyptic fiction, with a hint of old school dark fairy tale thrown in The tarbabies are sticky, as you d expect, and if you re caught by onewell, best not get caught The story centers around a couple trying to get back to the wife s family during this apocalypse, and [...]

    5. I decided to try the audible book format for this novel The reader is none other than Allen Brady, the author He does an excellent job in reading his book Since his credits to date are writing plays, he uses a lot of dialogue, which works great for an audio book.As a novel, I would recommend this book for middle school grade children Even though it s called a horror novel, I didn t find the blob type monsters very scary The story was too simple for an adult to enjoy However, the writing was okay [...]

    6. Fun, quick, and engrossing are three of this book s strengths.Its two biggest weaknesses were a relentless sardonic banter, and a intermittent neglect of Sanderson s Laws of Magic, made all the infuriating because so much of the book was so clever.Brady s imagination is impressive, his every wo men are all believably next door, and his sense of dramatic tension is enviable.I will definitely be checking out the other two books in this series.

    7. Zombie apocalypse mixed with the blob Instead of undead cannibals there are shuffling tar like creatures who engulf whatever living thing they encounter, turning them into another featureless monster.Josh and Alice live in the suburb, and initially intend to stay since they don t see the threat of the creatures, but a few incidents later they set off to find a better place to wait out the apocalypse, dodging the tarbabies as they go.The books biggest draw is the sarcastic, dark humor which can b [...]

    8. This is excellent To be frank, I really didn t think I would enjoy it, not my kind of book at all However, how wrong can you be It was brilliant, well written and I m looking forward to book 2 in the series now.

    9. I received this book for free as part of First Reads giveaways This review may contain spoilers.I would probably have given this book 4 stars Unfortunately, the constant switching between third and first person, with no warning, made this book very hard to read at times.I thought that the new take on the zombie theme was a really unique one, especially given the link ins to Brer Rabbit, though I could definitely agree that the name and title carried racist connotations, so I was very hesitant to [...]

    10. The whole idea of Tarbabies is scary and funny and really creative With the huge Zombie kick, a new monster emerges 1 2 The Blob and 1 2 Zombie,as described in the novel We travel along with Josh, Libby aka Pixie, and Banjo their adopted dog from a neighbor ,as they go from Otterkill to Albany,NY to seek out refuge with relatives Unfortunately they are waylaid by many debacles that are either darn funny or scary For example, the neighbors started a Tarbaby on fire, another chopped his wife s arm [...]

    11. Truthfully, as the book began to take shape I was a bit mystified as to how the author was going to continue in an interesting manner, where it was going to go, how the monsters were truly going to be, well, scary, and how could they ever be defeated or not.Mr Brady accomplished all of these in a smooth and unpretentious and believable manner, which considering the monsters were globs of tar is frankly a fine achievement His characters are well drawn and the societal reactions and over reactions [...]

    12. I debated on giving this book four or five stars, but opted for the higher because it was so damn entertaining Also, the ending But so good I don t know how to not give anything away I will say that I related to the characters, who were well developed in such intriguing ways The whole story is such an original take on apocalyptic crises, I found myself eager to keep reading A lot of it made me laugh, and the action scenes had me speed reading along Recommended read.Brady manages to create high t [...]

    13. Won from The story is around Libby and josh and how they need to get away somewhere safe as people are turning into tar blobs and walking around slowly but if they touch you it s curtains You can t get away as its like a glue and you start changing no one knows how it started or what can kill them.It takes people s ailments away and they are happy but turn into a blob with no features at all.Not really a horror story I have to admit I smiled to myself but worth a read to see what happens on thei [...]

    14. A horror book that isn t exactly heavy on the horror, BUT.is was one of the best written books I ve ever read I ve never felt so attached to characters in a book as I was with the main character and his wife He really knows how to paint a picture of situations The humor was completely on point and much appreciated Can t wait for the sequels And I couldn t get over how much this book would lend itself to the big screen Here s to hoping

    15. I m not sure why this book is referred to as a Horror novel since there is nothing even remotely horrific about it Maybe if there were a point in the book when the protagonist seemed frightened himself and not cracking jokes while being chased through the woods or wondering if his wife is carrying chapstick while being ambushed I would have given this book 2 stars.But that was simply not the case.

    16. Great end of the world book, with a different type of zombie I liked that it took you from the very begining instead of just throwing you somewhere after the fall of civilization I enjoyed the main characters and jow they rwelaye to each other i look forward to reading the two sequels Thank you Mr Brady for an enjoyable read.

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