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Stricken Unveiled By S.K. Logsdon,

  • Title: Stricken Unveiled
  • Author: S.K. Logsdon
  • ISBN: 9781301488292
  • Page: 176
  • Format: ebook
  • After Emily places Johnathan in rehab, a discovery is unveiled, throwing a disastrous curve ball her way Emily s world is turned upside down and the only people she can rely on are her friends Rocker Johnathan, the man who claims to love her is pushing the limits And just when she thinks life is coasting along peacefully, he breaks her heart once Will they ever geAfter Emily places Johnathan in rehab, a discovery is unveiled, throwing a disastrous curve ball her way Emily s world is turned upside down and the only people she can rely on are her friends Rocker Johnathan, the man who claims to love her is pushing the limits And just when she thinks life is coasting along peacefully, he breaks her heart once Will they ever get past this Caution This book contains heavy adult sexual content, profanity, bisexuality and lesbianism For ages 18.
    Stricken Unveiled After Emily places Johnathan in rehab a discovery is unveiled throwing a disastrous curve ball her way Emily s world is turned upside down and the only people she can rely on are her friends Rocker

    One thought on “Stricken Unveiled”

    1. 3 stars Seriously F F Scenes again I mean, not just SCENE but SCENES with an S Oh god, there s totally nothing sexy about that, it s like asking a guy to watch 2 males having sex well, for some girls that s kind of hot but the F F thing,,,eeeew Her bestfriend is bi, then her.hhh She s the friggin main character You just tainted her In book 1, I was not really okay with it but I thought, maybe it s just a one time thing but then it happened again, and again and she s enjoying the hell out of it S [...]

    2. This series keeps getting better and better i love how Emily is discovering herself, at first thought it was a little bit on the extreme side but, if she thinks she needs it then, its great that she takes her time to discover herself and all that There s something i hated though, and it was how easily she discarded her friendship with Stacy and that it took so long for her to talk to him again I thought their friendship was something so awesome that nothing could break it Now, what can i said ab [...]

    3. 3.5 StarsI m addicted even though there were errors and I want to stab Jonathan in the heart with a letter opener can t wait to read

    4. I don t even remember how I stumbled upon this new author but I am glad that I did I was sick in bed when I started this book and it grabbed my attention and I immediately had to buy the next one Rock Star, Sex, Drugs, Rock n Roll, groupies, steamy HOT Sex it has it all Yes, there are some Editing errors but I can look past those This author can write some sex scenes let me tell you WOWZA and even the not so hard core scenes she writes will have your panties falling off Emily is a smart mouthed, [...]

    5. This is the second book in the series and WILL contain spoilers from book one We suggest reading book one prior to reading this review After Emily leaves Johnathan in rehab she is struggling keeping her emotions in check due to being 12 weeks pregnant with Johnathan s twins While Johnathan is away Emily reconnects with Claire, an ub r hot ad executive who just happens to be a lesbian and have feelings for Emily Emily and Claire set off on a journey of sexual exploration and awakening Claire must [...]

    6. SpoilersI just finished Stricken Unveiled and I liked it This picks right up after Stricken Desire about Emily and Jonathan Jonathan is off to rehab to get better and Emily is trying to take care of herself and her babies pregnant Just like most rock stars, hard drugs, sex and rock and roll sometimes do not mix It has gotten to far for Jonathan and for him to be with Emily he s willing to go for help What will happen when he gets out Will Emily be able to forgive him for the things that he did Y [...]

    7. Stricken Unveiled4.5 Groupies StarsI am a huge fan of Rock band books and books with strong sassy lead females The Stricken Series has both of those and Im addicted and I can t stop reading them I love Emily she is a tiny red headed spitfire, who literally kicks a and takes names It s been along time since I have found a LEAD female that I not only like but could also see myself as being friends with usually I m a fan of the awesome funny best friend and hoping they get their own book I finishe [...]

    8. I liked this one than the first one It still had Oh My lots and lots of drama, but it kept my interest threw out the whole book.Emily K, first things first I would hate to be her boyfriend cause in all honesty she is NOT all that faithful to Johnathan I mean she has Claire on the side then she basically flirts and I m not talking innocent flirting either, flirting sexually with every man who comes with in 5 feet of her Then she goes and gets mad cause Johnathan flirts or fingers some woman when [...]

    9. Stricken Unveiled is the second entry into the Stricken series What I liked most about it was how the book took the plot, characters, and conflict of the first novel and amplified it all There s conflict, Emily and Jonathan s relationship is in great danger, and everyone has to lose.Oh and there are , and better, sex scenes Emily and Jonathan have a lot of scenes with one another, and with other girls Whatever innocence that Emily started the series off with is definitely gone by now Stricken [...]

    10. The storyline for this book was okay Bad boy rocker Jonathan continues to be bad he had issues really big issues I skipped over the parts about Emily and Claire because girl on girl is not my thing I am not sure I follow how everyone falls in love with Emily but hey the girl must have some special powers.My biggest problem with this book is that it really could use a good proof reader There were so many grammar errors, words missing or sentences that were incomprehendable as well as some spellin [...]

    11. I only read this because I already got all 3 so I figured I would skim read God it just gets worse This one is worse than book 1 and that s saying something I just can t fathom why every man and his dog is in love with this horrible petulant little child of a woman She is a whiny self obsessed idiot, yet everyone talks about how strong she is and how caring She is vile, she cries to get what she wants, she flips out on her best friend and refuses to speak to him because he doesn t tell her every [...]

    12. I have never read a book this fast in my life other then it being a novella This series is AMAZING I love Em, maybe it s the Aquarius in me kindred spirits S, ya don t disappoint Girl and I m starting to wonder if I have a thing for woman because the scenes with Em and Claire sizzle Is it warm in here suddenly But I digress.Book 2 is hotter then book 1 and that was a great start to this series.I m starting to think that Johnathan needs a kick in that nuts not the ass but from his own admission h [...]

    13. This book is mainly about Emily and Claire s relationship Emily is on pause with Jonathan while he is in rehab and she meets Claire Jonathan continues to cause drama through the whole book, of course Claire treats Emily like a princess So even though Emily normally isn t into women, she decides I give dating Claire a try I loved seeing her being taken care of by someone so loving, and dominant The sex scenes are panty dropping hot And we get to see a new relationship friendship start with James [...]

    14. I am sorry to say that the second book is of the same needs the revision of an editor, and the characters do the same thing all the time It s just book 1 with a few twists However, I believe James having a bigger role in this second book serves as an advance to his role in the series I am seriously hoping for something between James and Emily I usually stick to wanting the original couple who would be, in this case, Johnathan and Emily, but he says and does too much for me to actually like him [...]

    15. I loved the first book in this series, Stricken Desire I have to say I loved this one even It continues Emily and Jonathan s story But bad boy rock star Jonathan continues to bring plenty of drama to Emily s love life I can t wait to see if they end up together or not Don t worry even with their ups and downs, there are plenty of hot, steamy did I say HOT sex scenes in this book Not only with Jonathan but plenty with the focus in this novel Claire Yes, Emily has truly lost her innocence and spi [...]

    16. I loved the first book in this series and I couldn t wait to read the second book Now that I have finished it I m not sure how I feel about it Some part of me is really disappointed in Emily, she goes on about how Jonathan cheats on her and yet she does the same to him but with a woman that s still cheating and the other part of me loves her because no matter how much Jonathan stuffs up in their so called relationship she picks herself up and becomes a stronger person I love the author s writing [...]

    17. Love this book and the author You get drawn in the characters and the feeling and the history of the characters The twist and turns and the ups and downs This story has it all If you are looking for the sassiness and sauciness of scenes, this is has it all The triangle between Claire, Emily and Jonathan Then there is the ex fiance and her thinking What will she do What will the band do How does the band feel Then James, everybody needs a James I don t know where the author comes up with these ch [...]

    18. Ok I loved this book so much than the first I really like the fact that Emily is exploring her sexuality and I for one love the F F scenes They are very well written and sexy as hell I love that Emily understands her desires and knows that while she enjoys having sex with Claire, but would rather be in a full fledged relationship with Johnathan but like a man he screws up Majorly but hopefully he can grow up a little bit and be the man that Emily wants Sk you are amazeballs and I FLOVE your cha [...]

    19. Love this series When you think nothing insane can happen It does,, it take you on a thrill ride of a different relationship that most people would turn their nose at It was done so well that reading it feels natural If you have a faint heart then skip over the the hot parts but you will be missing out Can t wait to see how this sexy tail will end who heart will be broken and who s will now be whole

    20. I won the 1st book and had to buy the other 2 I love Emily She can be such a bitch but yet so loving I think she does things that all of have thought about doing at sometime just afraid to try lol I love that she is a horn dog girl after my own heart this book makes you squeeze your legs shut because it is so intense and very erotic You may have to get Pete B.O.B out to release you sexual frustration can t wait to till 4th book comes out to see who Emily ends up with

    21. This book continues from book two with Emily dealing with all the crap that is Jonathan This story explores her hot hot hot relationship with Jonathan and Claire with some twists and turns on the rock and roll road I am beginning to love D with all his womanizing ways He cracks me up Great read and another hit.

    22. I really want to give this book than 3.5 stars but the editing continues to throw me off I am loving that Emily is a strong female character, although at times I think she should walk away completely but understand why she doesn t Off to book 3 and kind of upset that I did not know this was a 4 book series, especially since book 4 is not out yet I hate waiting for books in series.

    23. The romp through Emily s life continues in this excellent instalment The twists and turns in this book kept me hooked and I couldn t put it down.Emily is waiting for Johnathan to return from rehab when scandal hits and he continues to break her heart Will Emily be able to adjust to all life continues to throw her way.A great read.

    24. Holy HOT and STEAMY This book should not be read out in public Now I do get kind of annoyed at Em, who to me is just too understanding and open at times, but I really love how this story has twist and turns I am diving right into book three now

    25. Wow this was a hot read I love how Emily is starting to discover herself in this book I thought it was well written had me wanting This book was a hard one to put down I can t wait to see what Emily does in the next book in the series.

    26. O.M.G.There is no amount of words to describe the experience you get when you read this amazing continuation of a rock romance that breaks all the molds Buying books three and four tonight

    27. Gee woman you are killing me How long do I have to wait for the next one I enjoyed this book not as much as the first one, I m not really a girl on girl kinda person, but looking forward to the next one.

    28. Ok Claire and Emily are hot but I am losing my faith in Jonathan I was thinking he would get his shit rode the but I guess not and Emily is having way to many relationships I m feeling a disconnect and I don t know who I want Emily to be with now

    29. I just really don t like the lead character At all, she s a total tube In fact there isn t really anyone that likeable at all The hot rocker is a complete wimp, she s a dick and the lesbian thing just isn t believable Really didn t enjoy this

    30. This is the 2nd book in the series and you need to read the first in order to follow This focuses a lot on Emily and Claire s relationship It will also continue the story A few wrong words that you have to re read a few times and an error about Jonathan s past.

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