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Love Is Relative By Haven Francis,

  • Title: Love Is Relative
  • Author: Haven Francis
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 224
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • LOVE IS RELATIVE Defining Love, Book One When the one thing they want is the only thing they can t have, how far will Danny and Emily go to convince themselves that love is all that matters, even if it s forbidden When Emily Winters returns home she thinks she knows what she s getting into She s had three years to accept the fact that her former best friend love of heLOVE IS RELATIVE Defining Love, Book One When the one thing they want is the only thing they can t have, how far will Danny and Emily go to convince themselves that love is all that matters, even if it s forbidden When Emily Winters returns home she thinks she knows what she s getting into She s had three years to accept the fact that her former best friend love of her life boyfriend of exactly one day, Danny Donovan, is no longer any of those things to her In fact there is a good chance he hates her There is an even better chance that he is her half brother She thinks she knows what she is coming home to, but what she finds is the utter devastation that Danny s life has become thanks to the chain of events that Emily s mother set in motion three years ago Danny has lost everything and Emily doesn t recognize the cold hearted bad boy that Danny has become She can only resist his temptation for so long before the line that separates right from wrong becomes blurry and negotiable as she and Danny try to navigate around it When life in the small town of River Bluff becomes too much to handle, Danny and Emily are finally forced to deal, not only with their present, but also their past When the truth of their sibling status is revealed will it tear them apart or allow them to finally be together in the only way they know how Contains adult content Suited for ages 17 and up.
    Love Is Relative LOVE IS RELATIVE Defining Love Book One When the one thing they want is the only thing they can t have how far will Danny and Emily go to convince themselves that love is all that matters even if i

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    1. I received the novel from through a free promotional day and contacted the author to do an honest review.Love Is Relative was a very good read It had suspense, a villian Emily s mother , steamy sexy scenes and a story that to me was very different than anything I have read in awhile I loved the alternating POVs In some books that I ve read in the past, the alternating POVs were not clear enough Haven s writing made it very clear and flowed smoothly.The book showed how the characters evolved fro [...]

    2. Love is Relative by Haven Francis is the first in a series I will be awaiting the second book quite impatiently Haven has managed to create characters and events straight out of real live and make them totally believable She created a series of characters among whom Danny and Emily are the main ones Emily has decided to run away from the commune her mother had brought her to three years ago She forced Emily to leave her adored grandparents and their farm, her friends and neighbors, and most of a [...]

    3. Love Is Relative by Haven Francis was an interesting take at two young people, 17 year old Emily Winters and 19 year old Danny Donovan, who have been best friends since they were children and were just beginning to explore their feelings for each other two years prior to the story when Emily s mother inexplicably announces that Danny s father is also Emily s father, making them half siblings Talk about putting the brakes on a blossoming romance Emily is then taken away from the town she grew up [...]

    4. I really loved this book I REALLY loved Danny There was definitely a sexy element throughout the entire book but it was done differently then most I ve read in this genre because the two main characters may be brother and sister I loved that their love felt genuine and that it was based on a shared past and a long friendship.The chapters alternated between Danny and Emily and I liked seeing both perspectives, it also helped moved the story along This book was hard to put down

    5. Ok im irritated, i thought this was a stand alone book and get to the end and its another book to come They were doing too much to not know if they were related all that time Charile is a POS she does whatever she wants and never thinks how it effects the people around her I really needed this story to end.

    6. I really felt for the main characters, Emily and Danny They had already started to fall for each other before they discovered there was a possibility they may be half brother and sister Then they get torn apart when Emily s mother takes her away to live in a commune Meanwhile, Danny s family is devastated by the possibility that Emily may be his half sister It means that his father cheated on his mother Over the three years that Emily is gone, Danny s mother ends up dying, his father turns into [...]

    7. This is Haven s first series which I read out of order but I actually don t know that I would have been able to handle it without knowing there was a happy ending I read both Love is Relative and Love is Absolute one after the other so I honestly don t know where the first ended and the second began I will post this review on both Again Haven write s from both characters POV which lets us know what both are thinking at all times This series revolves around Emily and Danny Emily and Danny have be [...]

    8. I had mixed feelings about this book, but since it kept me in suspense and engaged me to the end, I m giving it 3.5 stars, but I ll round it up to 4 Emily and Danny have known each other since they were children As young teens, they fell in love, but were torn apart overnight due to a family revelation I won t add any spoilers However, several years later, when the characters are 17 and 19, they are brought back together A lot has changed in three years, but they still love one another This fami [...]

    9. This quote came to mind while I was reading Love Is Relative The heart is a strange beast and not ruled by logic Maria V SnyderLove has no bounds It sneaks up at the worst possible moments, and can make you feel emotions you might not want to feel If you understand what I m saying then you will understand the struggle that unfolds in this story If your one of the few out there that hasn t experienced love Well, this book may shock you I love Danny and Emily Their love brought tears to my eyes, a [...]

    10. This was a very sweet story about two young people who truly love each other but find themselves having to battle with the possibility that they are, indeed, half siblings In the latter half of the book, the relationship between them becomes intense, forcing them to be creative in dealing with what s going on between them They also need to deal with issues about their own families, especially since Danny has had to step up as a guardian to his two younger siblings, Jason and Maddie, after the [...]

    11. 2 1 2 Stars I m all over the board on this story If I were to rate the first half of this book I would give it 4 stars I love the best friend turned young love premise and I felt IT so strongly that I chose to overlook the potential incestuous relationship bit.No small feat About half way through the story I lost momentum because the tension was pivoting on this are they or aren t they brother and sister It s pretty hard to make that tension grow and develop for the last half of the book, even w [...]

    12. This is a really enjoyable novel that deals with the pains of adolescence While Emily is trying to re start her life after escaping from the bizarre cult her mother dragged her into, Danny is trying to be a mother and father to his younger brother and sister while still being an eighteen year old Both have too much to worry about, but to complicate matters, their relationship is questionable The author did an excellent job of portraying the characters in this novel, including the minor character [...]

    13. I got this book after seeing good reviews on It was worth it.The sexual tension of Danny and Em come right off the page from the beginning First there are looks and glances, then you find they have a history I wanted to see a way for them to be together right from the start From the title you may see there is a problem They could be half siblings I hoped for a way for this not to be true because this girl cares for him so much and he couldn t live without her This was a quality read.

    14. I have to admit when I started reading this book I was a little creeped out by the premise but once I got into it I got sucked right into the story You really start to feel for the characters and Danny and Emily definitely have serious chemistry I was a little bummed when I got to the end and found a cliffhanger because I thought it was a stand alone but I will read the next book If I could I d give it 3.5 stars and 4 if there was better editing but it was an freebie so I can t complain too muc [...]

    15. I can t imagine going through everything Emily and Danny do Its flipping horrible My heart was constantly breaking for them.What I really didn t understand how their friends could be pushing for them What if it turned out the way they was fearing, what then I understand that they just want them to be happy but there s limits and Emily is the only wrong that knows it would be wrong.Why would Danny make that decision without talking to Emily He s the one that said they should always talk so there [...]

    16. Surprisingly I didn t feel uncomfortable reading this book considering the relationship issue The duel POV was clear not like some books that seem to repeat each other I really enjoyed it but would have parked it for awhile if I knew it wasn t a stand alone3.5 4

    17. Very emotional book about strong love between brother and half sisteroh wait maybe that was two lovers The back and forth between the two characters will keep the pages turning.

    18. Looking beyond the titillating stumbling block that separates Danny Emily, and some editing proofreading issues, this is well told story that held my attention to the end.

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