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A Little Piece of Ground By Elizabeth Laird Bill Neal Sonia Nimr,

  • Title: A Little Piece of Ground
  • Author: Elizabeth Laird Bill Neal Sonia Nimr
  • ISBN: 9781931859387
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Little Piece Of Ground will help young readers understand about one of the worst conflicts afflicting our world today.Written by Elizabeth Laird, one of Great Britain s best known young adult authors, A Little Piece Of Ground explores the human cost of the occupation of Palestinian lands through the eyes of a young boy.Twelve year old Karim Aboudi and his family areA Little Piece Of Ground will help young readers understand about one of the worst conflicts afflicting our world today.Written by Elizabeth Laird, one of Great Britain s best known young adult authors, A Little Piece Of Ground explores the human cost of the occupation of Palestinian lands through the eyes of a young boy.Twelve year old Karim Aboudi and his family are trapped in their Ramallah home by a strict curfew In response to a Palestinian suicide bombing, the Israeli military subjects the West Bank town to a virtual siege Meanwhile, Karim, trapped at home with his teenage brother and fearful parents, longs to play football with his friends When the curfew ends, he and his friend discover an unused patch of ground that s the perfect site for a football pitch Nearby, an old car hidden intact under bulldozed building makes a brilliant den But in this city there s constant danger, even for schoolboys And when Israeli soldiers find Karim outside during the next curfew, it seems impossible that he will survive.This powerful book fills a substantial gap in existing young adult literature on the Middle East With 23,000 copies already sold in the United Kingdom and Canada, this book is sure to find a wide audience among young adult readers in the United States.
    A Little Piece of Ground A Little Piece Of Ground will help young readers understand about one of the worst conflicts afflicting our world today Written by Elizabeth Laird one of Great Britain s best known young adult author

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    1. A really great book that made me feel that no matter what my kids will make it in their lives.I wish they will be as strong as Karim I beleive that parents should read this book to get an idea of how our kids servive here.

    2. Buku Elizabeth Laird yang ketiga yang saya baca dan tetep aja sukaaaaa.Semua buku dia tuh sejauh yang saya tahu cerita ceritanya humanis dan menyentuh hati.Sungguh sayang rata rata buku dia under rated di sini.Berhubung lagi males errrr , maka saya mo kasi cuplikan dari buku ini aja Semoga cuma cuplikan aja, udah bisa membuat anda tertarik membacanya Karim duduk di ujung tempat tidurnya Kepalanya dikelilingi sekumpulan poster sepak bola yang menempel di dinding Dahinya mengerut saat membaca sele [...]

    3. It is difficult to talk about Palestine and Israel with out being polemical The conversation often falls into policy, politics and history that maintains an impossible place of resolution for many.Laird paints a picture of occupation that is both relevant and frustrating Her story holds a human element that often gets lost in ideology and politics Laird walks her audience through exhaustive curfews inflicted on Ramallah, Palestinians by the Israelis through Karim, a twelve year old boy protagoni [...]

    4. For someone who has read The Diary of Anne Frank too many times to count, this was an important book to read The book follows the lives of a Palestinian family and their friends, told primarily through the eyes of an adolescent young man who aspires to become a professional soccer player, despite curfews that curtail his ability to spend time outside doing much of anything.If the mark of an educated person is to consider all sides of important issues, we probably need books like this one books [...]

    5. This is a middle school story about Karim, his family, and his friends, all Palestinian, facing the roadblocks and bullets of the Israelis I have read so many books from the perspective of the Israelis It is important to remember that there is no single story When countries and people are at war, the innocent always suffer, by all the countries involved in conflict.Karim s grandparents land was taken, olive groves and all Curfews were a daily part of Ramallah, the small town in Palestine where K [...]

    6. I picked this up because it s about Palestinians and soccer, both topics I have an interest in However, I was a little leery of it being a book pitched at teenage readers I was worried that it would either be too simplistic, or didactic, or mawkish Fortunately, it is none of those things rather, it is a nuanced story with a Palestinian boy at its center that any reader can relate to Karim is a pretty typical 12 year obsessed with soccer and video games, constantly annoyed by his younger sister a [...]

    7. I can t remember the last time I read something that offered me such a different perspective than the one I am used to hearing about I don t know this is something typical of most people in the United States due to media coverage, or whether it s personal because I know Jews than Muslims, but the plight of the Palestinians has never really been something I knew very much about You hear the news reports of bombings, the words West Bank and Gaza Strip, but I personally was ignorant about what li [...]

    8. Protagonist Karim, 12Grade Level 7 10This book is about Karim, a twelve year old Palestinian boy living in Ramallah during the Israeli occupation Karim s number one love in life is soccer When he meets a boy named Hopper he stumbles on the perfect place to create a soccer field an abandoned lot filled with rubble Hopper, a boy living in the refugee camp, Karim, and Karim s best friend Joni a boy from a Christian family decide to work on the lot to make it into a soccer field, and importantly, i [...]

    9. Boys will be boys, even in Israel occupied Ramallah In the days when Israeli tanks enforced long curfews that keep him cooped up at home with his bullying brother Jamal, his obnoxious sister Farah, piles of homework from school that keeps getting disrupted, and news of skirmishes, death and injuries on TV, Karim dreams of becoming world class footballer, a successful businessman, and inventor of special acids to destroy the Israeli barbed wire fence.But, as his uncle Abu Feisal said, in the nigh [...]

    10. A boy called Karim Abodi made a list of things which he would like to do in his life The most important thing in this list is to destroy the Israel tanks which block the street and not allowed people to go out Karim and his family couldn t do anything except sitting at home till the curfew ends He couldn t play football which is his passion or even see his friends He has an elder brother who was always annoying him his name was Jamal Karim was about to go insane because his brother in addition t [...]

    11. This is a very good book It is narrated in the eyes of a Palestinian boy The Israelis have taken over Palestine and have set down curfews The bot Karim woks on a little piece of ground called Hopper s ground Karim goes there every day His parents are worried and interested in where Karim is going and they think that he was being harassed by the Israelis When the second curfew is set, Karim doesn t make it to his house so he hides out not an abandoned car with no food or water Karim is shot while [...]

    12. The novel illustrate how Palestinian people live under occupation where the curfew , poverty and torture Laird traced Karim life where he lists his wishes to where he was shoot by Israel soldier A Little Piece of Ground show us apart from Palestinian children experience

    13. Really good book I learnt a lot from it and it is sad, funny, and it just makes me tingle when i look at the cover

    14. I gave this book 3 stars for many different reasons This book was generally a good book for younger ages I say this because it does not have all the in depth detail that many other books have This book talks to much about the war, and not enough about the adventurous little boy in the story The little boy in the story is very great at soccer and has to escape from the army to play soccer, the author should have focused on this part of the story and not on the army oppressing the citizens.

    15. This has been the best book I have read this Year It is Amazing The Main Character shows so much resilience to the is Isralies I really Love his Passion to free Palestine and also to play soccer.I think a really underrated Character in this book is Hopper He will not stop at anything till Palestine is Free.All in All, I Highly recommend this book

    16. This book will draw you directly into the conflict in occupied Palestine and clarify for anyone the reality of apartheid from the clear eyed perspective of a child who wants to grow up and play football but is faced with so much .

    17. Very insightful book for tweens on the Palestine situation Rich characters who you immediately like and empathize with.

    18. 10 hal terbaik yang paling diinginkan Karim dalam hidupnya adalah menjadi 1 Pemain sepak bola terbaik di dunia2 Keren, popular, ganteng, dengan tinggi minimal 1.90 meter yang jelas lebih tinggi dari Jamal kakaknya yang menyebalkan itu 3 Pembebas Palestina dan pahlawan nasional4 Pembawa acara televisi dan actor terkenal yang penting terkenal 5 Pencipta game computer terbaik sepanjang masa6 Jadi diri sendiri, bebas melakukan semua yang dia suka tanpa diawasi terus terusan oleh orangtua, kakak dan [...]

    19. In writing A Little Piece of Ground, author Elizabeth Laird admits that a balanced view of the problems between Israel and Palestine was not her aim She wanted to first be as true as possible to how Palestinian children live today, and what their lives are like Profile It has been criticized for its generalized view of Israelis the children of the story never meet an Israeli when not looking at them down the barrel of a gun Travis 518 Also, the book represents a boy s point of view, which is lim [...]

    20. This review has published on my blog Apa arti waktu dua jam bagi kita yang hidup normal antara jam 6 sore sampai 8 malam Mungkin masih di kantor, bekerja dengan nyaman, di rumah tilawah selesai shalat, makan malam, sambil menonton televisi, bercengkerama dengan keluarga, atau mungkin sedang dugem di mal Sedang membaca, atau sudah tidur, atau mungkin sedang termenung dan berkhayal Tapi bagi Karim dan keluarganya, waktu dua jam adalah waktu yang sangat dinanti nantikan Saat Karim bisa bermain bola [...]

    21. Genre FictionFormat ChapterAwards NoneSummary A young boy Karim and his friends desire to play soccer and just have fun They find a secret place to go to make this happen This is also their way to escape from the war that is occurring Its a daring book that takes you into the day to day life of a Palestinian boy who desires for his life but is stuck on the battle field with his life being endangered everyday Critique The book was so emotionally drawing Because it was a different culture, this m [...]

    22. Sepuluh hal terbaik yang aku inginkan dalam hidupku oleh Karim Aboudi, Apartemen Jaffa 15, Ramallah, Palestina.1 Pemain sepak bola terbaik di dunia2 Keren, populer, ganteng, dengan tinggi minimal 1,9 meter yang jelas lebih tinggi dari Jamal 3 Pembebas Palestina dan pahlawan nasional.4 Pembawa acara televisi dan aktor terkenal yang penting terkenal 5 Pencipta game komputer terbaik sepanjang masa.6 Jadi diri sendiri, bebas melakukan semua yang aku suka tanpa diawasi terus terusan oleh orangtua, ka [...]

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