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Death Runs Adrift By Karen MacInerney,

  • Title: Death Runs Adrift
  • Author: Karen MacInerney
  • ISBN: 9780738734606
  • Page: 296
  • Format: Paperback
  • With her wedding plans in place and her future mother in law settling in at the Gray Whale Inn, it s a rare patch of smooth sailing for innkeeper Natalie Barnes Even Natalie s guests a mystery writer and a woman researching her grandfather s decades old disappearance from Cranberry Island are interesting and enjoyable, adding a lively element to the dinner conversationsWith her wedding plans in place and her future mother in law settling in at the Gray Whale Inn, it s a rare patch of smooth sailing for innkeeper Natalie Barnes Even Natalie s guests a mystery writer and a woman researching her grandfather s decades old disappearance from Cranberry Island are interesting and enjoyable, adding a lively element to the dinner conversations.But while picking berries for her Lemon Blueberry Pudding Cake, Natalie makes a ghastly discovery a dead man in a skiff adrift on the waves With people she cares about on the hook for murder, Natalie must act quickly to bail out her friends and catch the killer.
    Death Runs Adrift With her wedding plans in place and her future mother in law settling in at the Gray Whale Inn it s a rare patch of smooth sailing for innkeeper Natalie Barnes Even Natalie s guests a mystery writer

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    1. Death Runs Adrift is the 6th book in the A Gray Whale Inn Mystery by Karen MacInerney I am glad to report that this book gets back to what I like Quaint locale Great characters The preaching was left out of the book so we could enjoy the story 4 stars

    2. Book 6 in the series, and I think I may be about to give up on it I found myself skimming the last quarter of the book because I felt I d already read it it was basically the same as so much of what is there in the first five books.As I wrote in my review of Book 5, Brushed With Death, the readers of cozy mysteries welcome the formula that familiarity and predictability are precisely what they look for in a favorite series from a favorite author And cozy fans are also willing to suspend a whole [...]

    3. Another fun mystery within a mystery by author Karen MacInerney I really enjoy the Gray Whale Inn series, and think I might have to find my own Cranberry Island sans murders, preferably.

    4. Natalie has a craving for some berries and heads out to her favorite spot to pick them Little did she know that on her way back to the inn she would find a dead body is a dinghy adrift in the water Several suspects come to mind including someone that she knows is innocent Could it have been a lover s quarrel or a disagreement over lobster territory Natalie thought she would be putting the finished touches on her wedding plans and instead she is trying to catch a killer.Dollycas s ThoughtsAs I re [...]

    5. There are a few storylines going on here so if one is not to your liking you have a couple to choose from Natalie Barnes runs the Gray Whale Inn on Cranberry Island When she is not taking care of her guests and friends, she is planning her wedding to local artist and Sheriff John Quinton Recently, there has been a hiccup in their wedding plans but that pales when Derek Morton s dead body is found There is some strange goings on and it all seems to be tied to marijuana that has recently been fou [...]

    6. Reading the latest Gray Whale Inn mystery is a bit like taking a vacation to a favorite spot In this case, it s a mythical island off the coast of Maine This is the 6th book in the series In the first we meet Natalie who has sunk everything she has in an old house on a small Maine island The main industry has been lobster fishing for many years Natalie is an inspired cook especially when it comes to baking Recipes at the end are an added bonus This latest book finds Natalie looking forward to he [...]

    7. I tried hard to like this book, but after figuring out the whole marijuana mystery about a 1 3 of the way in made this book drag I felt like this was an episode of Scooby Doo with how dumb the characters were to put the pieces of the puzzle together to figure what was going on, on the island And having all the other mysteries wrapped up in 2 lame chapters, kind of did this book in for me The twist of Derek having an affair with his aunt was borderline disgusting and lame at best Oh, and I still [...]

    8. I have really been enjoying the Gray Whale Inn series by Karen MacInerney In Death Runs Adrift, Natalie s wedding is quickly approaching Not only is her future mother in law still in residence, the island s wealthiest, most influential citizen has become smitten with her that could perhaps be helpful There are two guests at the inn a mystery novelist and a woman searching her family s history on the island All these factors are quickly overshadowed by a murderwhich Natalie discovers.It soon beco [...]

    9. This is one of the best cozy mystery series that is currently out and is fast becoming a favorite Okay, I admit it, it is already a favorite When reading this series not only does the reader feel like they are right there on Cranberry Island in Maine, but the recipes that Natalie makes in each book are in the back of the book I m dying to try several of them Natalie Barnes, proprietress of the Gray Whale Inn, is busy with her own wedding plans The last thing she expects when she goes out to pick [...]

    10. This series really irritates me The author obviously doesn t think that police are very smart Natalie Barnes, the heroine finds a body in a skiff on the shore She takes a note that was in his hand Then after the police search his home, she goes into the house and finds two very obvious clues sitting in plain sight I like mysteries with a challenge and the basic story is a good one but don t dumb it down to fit the story She is one of those nosy people who think they have the right to interrogate [...]

    11. I have conflicting feelings for this series On one hand, I really enjoy the mysteries, setting, and characters It is one of my favorite cozy mystery series in those aspects On the other, the author uses her books as a platform for her personal opinions in both political and social categories I do support her right to do this but it is a turn off for me as a reader, regardless of whether or not I agree with her opinions When I read, I like things to flow naturally Not have events occur or the cha [...]

    12. A Gray Whale Mystery 6 Very enjoyable Much better than typical cozy that has irritating female lead character Features a likeable mature woman in her late 30s who s running an inn on a small island off the coast of Maine I liked all the characters too, although almost too many to keep track of Interesting murder but got a little complicated I could have done with a little less of the constant cooking, baking, and eating But overall I loved the book and will definitely read another one from this [...]

    13. A fine book This is a complex story line, but all the characters are absolutely wonderful including the new characters The last several chapters contain a fine surprise, not completely unexpected I enjoyed every page of this book

    14. Quick and entertaining read Great edition to the series These books are as cozy as they come but have lots of twists and turns, too.

    15. A light, easy read a good cozy mystery series that I have enjoyed from the start The small Maine town and characters that care about each other are such a pleasure to read about and the blueberries were so fresh that I could almost taste them After the case is solved, there is a wonderful ending to the book that put a smile on my face.

    16. Summer ReadI love The Grey Whale Inn series They are great beach reads Plus the recipes in the back of each book are wonderful

    17. Great book This was another wonderful book in the series These books are very entertaining I highly recommend reading them in order I m looking forward to the next one

    18. Review originally published at The Bookwyrm s Hoard, along with a guest post by Karen MacInerney.Mysteries abound on Cranberry Island, and there are several of them in Death Runs Adrift, the sixth book in the Gray Whale Inn series The most pressing question, of course, is who is the dead man in the skiff, and how and why did he get there Then there s the mystery of the very old bones recently discovered on Murray Selfridge s land Could they be the long missing Episcopal priest and grandfather of [...]

    19. Love this series I think mostly I love it because the characters are flawed like real human beings, they don t all speak in the same manner, and the writing is very good I especially love that each book is layered with than one mystery or story There is often a contemporary mystery and a historical one, and I think that just adds interest to the books Love it

    20. I really like Death Runs Adrift, by Karen MacInerney In fact, I really like this entire series the Gray Whale Inn Mysteries The main character, Natalie Barnes, and most of the other Cranberry Islanders are so likable, and their descriptions and characters are so well written, that I feel like I ve gotten to know them over the years I now think of them as old friends that I am glad to visit with, during the course of each new book I have rated each of the previous books in the series Four Kitties [...]

    21. Title Death Runs Adrift Grey Whale In Mystery 6 Author Karen MacInerney Published 5 18 14 Publisher Midnight Ink Pages 290 Genre Mystery, Thrillers Suspense Sub Genre Women Sleuths Cozy Mystery Amateur Sleuths ISBN 9780738740348 ASIN B00JMJJWZ4 Reviewer DelAnne Reviewed For NetGalley My Rating 4 1 2 stars While Gwen is away finishing her degree, Natalie s mother in law and has stepped up and taken on her duties Everything has been quiet and Natalie is enjoying the peace and quiet Unfortunately i [...]

    22. I love this series, bu was very disappointed by this book There were many, many just plain sloppy mistakes The book starts with Natalie discussing her guests not being expected back from the mainland for dinner, but then several pages later, they are there for dinner and she s not surprised at all Times were off Days were mingled together Mistakes like that make a book tough for me to read And the story was not anywhere near as well developed as the previous books in this series This one needs a [...]

    23. 4 STARS Death Runs Adrift is a charming cozy mystery set on a beautiful Cranberry island, Maine It is a small island that is close to the border of Canada Natalie Barnes owns Gray Whale Inn She is a wonderful cook Her future mother in law lives with them too She is planning a wedding, taking care of her guests When she is out berry picking she finds a dead body in a boat She takes the boat back to her place John is the police on the island But for this he has to call to the mainland He is also a [...]

    24. This is the 6th installment in the Gray Whale Inn cozy series, and I must say I enjoyed it every bit as much as I have all the others Even if you have not read the others in this series, this book works just as well as a stand alone novel Natalie Barnes, proprietor of the Gray Whale Inn, discovers a body, in the bottom of an abandoned skiff which she finds on her way home from blueberry picking The police are called, come to the island to investigate, and end up charging Tania, the niece of Nat [...]

    25. Get me to the Church on Timeif only December 5, 2014 By GLThaler The Book Explorer Canton, GA Verified Purchase What s this This review is from Death Runs Adrift The Gray Whale Inn Mysteries Paperback When I lived in the Northeast, I always yearned to be in places like Charleston , S.C, or and its environs Now that i have moved even farther than that, the taste of Maine and outer Islands have me yearning to return to the land of Blueberries and Seafood and the life of other good folks there I lo [...]

    26. Sigh I don t know what happened with this series The first few were light, charming little stories Unfortunately, the last two have been a hot mess of poor editing, tired storylines, and generally un interesting stories I don t say this to be mean, I just was really hoping for from the author This story picks up a little after the last book ended but the same tired triggers appear in this one Smuggler s Cove AGAIN plays heavily into the plot, Natalie AGAIN brazenly sticks her nose into police m [...]

    27. The Gray Whale Inn Mysteries are one of my favorite cozy series Set on Cranberry Island in Maine, the setting is one you could easily picture yourself settling in on for a long, relaxing vacation where you stay at Natalie s Gray Whale Inn This time around, Natalie and her husband to be, John, have their wedding plans settled, looking forward to a destination wedding in Florida, of all places In addition, John s mother has moved into the inn s carriage house and is helping out while Gwen is away [...]

    28. I really enjoyed visiting the Gray Whale Inn I think I would really like to vacation here, but hopefully if I did, Natalie wouldn t be investigating a murder and wouldn t have quite so much excitement going on Not only is she trying to figure out who killed young Derek, she is also helping two of her guests figure out what happened to the minster whose remains were found on Cranberry Island Natalie gets herself into some dangerous scraps trying to figure all of this out, and she is trying to pla [...]

    29. Death Runs Adrift is the sixth in Karen MacInerney s Gray Whale Inn series Like any series set in a inn, there are different guests that make appearances from time to time but the main characters of this series, Natalie, the owner of the inn as well as John, her fiance and Charlene, her best friend are involved in the all the action MacInerney s descriptions of life on Cranberry Island are wonderful and I can almost imagine staying at the Gray Whale Inn Death Runs Adrift starts with the murder o [...]

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