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The Tin Box By Holly Kennedy,

  • Title: The Tin Box
  • Author: Holly Kennedy
  • ISBN: 9780765351043
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Paperback
  • Growing up, Kenly Lowen s life was shaped around a widowed alcoholic father who made it clear that he never wanted her in the first place She emerged from childhood determined to find happiness Today, at thirty two, Kenly has a husband and a son who mean the world to her the kind of life she always dreamed of having.When her closest childhood friend dies, Kenly is givenGrowing up, Kenly Lowen s life was shaped around a widowed alcoholic father who made it clear that he never wanted her in the first place She emerged from childhood determined to find happiness Today, at thirty two, Kenly has a husband and a son who mean the world to her the kind of life she always dreamed of having.When her closest childhood friend dies, Kenly is given an old tin box they once shared a tin box they hid on the roof of a tree house fifteen years earlier Inside is a secret she has kept for years To reveal it could end her marriage and shatter her world, but can she continue to shoulder the weight of years of silence Kenly s is a story filled with heartbreak, tragedy, and hope In a small town filled with hidden treasures, young Kenly discovers people who change her life From terminally ill Tommy, who loves her, to old Max, who shows her that a fire pit is sometimes the best medicine, to edgy Lexie, who believes life should be lived, The Tin Box will take Kenly on an unforgettable journey The decision she finally makes will test the ties that bind people together against a wound that could tear them apart.The Tin Box is an achingly beautiful novel of one woman s desire to save all that she loves while honoring the past that made her into the woman she is.
    The Tin Box Growing up Kenly Lowen s life was shaped around a widowed alcoholic father who made it clear that he never wanted her in the first place She emerged from childhood determined to find happiness Today

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    1. Every so often I will take a break from reviewing new and upcoming releases and browse through the titles in our stacks to discover something that I had read about and stocked for our store, but not personally read myself Sometimes these discoveries turn out to be interesting finds Some quite enjoyable, others merely a pleasant diversion Every once in awhile I stumble across an undiscovered gem One that absolutely takes my breath away and touches a place in my heart I know I ll never forget The [...]

    2. The Tin Box is a riveting, emotional tale about a girl name Kenly From the beginning, the author, Holly Kennedy, pulled me in quickly by revealing some of Kenly s thoughts about a heart breaking dilemma she was facing Then, the book shifted back to Kenly s troubled childhood As the saga continued, I realized I loved this character who possessed determination, bravery, and incredible resilience.This story grabbed me from page one and wouldn t let go I couldn t predict what was going to happen nex [...]

    3. This is the first novel of a supposedly up and coming author Midway through this book, I began to not like it because I felt the heroine, who had been a great girl turned bad She did not tell the real father of her baby boy that he was the father So I guess she was not bad, just wrong maybe But today, I am feeling like we all do wrong All people are bad and good So I have changed my mind about the book Maybe it was just right on I did love the book actually A girl with a tough life met a best fr [...]

    4. This was a very emotional book It made me love my life and also taught me that it could always be worst and to smile everyday There is good build up to the ending This is not your typical love story, not the type where you know the ending This is real life love, the kind that involves sacrifice and forgiveness.

    5. This was an amazing book It was about life and living with the choices we make It was about forgivenessrgiving others and ourselves The characters are developed in a way that most of us can easily identify with them I can t say enough about this book If you haven t read it s a must Just be prepared for tears at the end.

    6. This is Holly Kennedy s debut novel It is a poignant story of love, forgiveness, and the ability of the human spirit to rise above itself I couldn t put it down One will cheer for Kenly and her extended family It treats with love, betrayal, and secrets and what they do to families and to one s own sense of honor.

    7. I enjoyed this book I was so caught up in Kenly s lifeher ups and downs, her relationship with her dad, and her needing to be loved Tommy was a wonderful character, so full of life, even though he knew that his would be cut short.A very good story that I would highly recommend to anyone.

    8. A quick read that was good A bit overdone, kinda like the movie Mask with a twist I found myself getting annoyed with the main character and was disappointed other characters weren t as developed as they could have been.

    9. I heard about this book from a TLC program about Proteus Syndrome Intrigued, I picked it up from Abe Books and read it this year I enjoyed it, although it did make me shed a few tears A great novel indeed.

    10. Wow, I was pleasantly suprised by this book I wasn t expecting much but I got a very emotional and powerful story of love and perseverance An easy and enjoyable book that I m very happy to have stumbled upon

    11. A story of life, love, and lessons one of the most important of those lessons being forgiveness It was a very nice story I enjoy Holly Kennedy s writing style Her writing is very realke it could be about someone you know.

    12. I wanted to read this book to find out the secret, but once I started reading I was pulled into it We all make mistakes In a split second, you could make the wrong choice How do you fix it without hurting everyone I really enjoyed this book It made me laugh and cry.

    13. Reminds us that we are all human and make mistakes we either learn to live with or deal with Tommy had a outlook on life alot of us could learn to live by.

    14. An emotional story, written by a new author I read the book in a day, and was engrossed right up until the end

    15. 301 pages This book was loaned to me by a friend from Sunday School It was not exactly the story I expected This story was about a high school girl named Kenly who moves to a new town in Canada with her alcoholic father She makes friends with neighbors and meets a boy named Tommy who has a genetic health issue They become great friends and share many things at a firepit each evening She also spends time with him in his treehouse Her father s condition gets worse and he commits suicide She stays [...]

    16. I enjoyed this book I wasn t drawn to it, in the sense that I couldn t put it down, but it was definitely worth finishing An awesome reminder that we all fail and we all require forgivenesse giver as well as the recipient.

    17. This is not labeled as true romance but it should be A lonely teenager, mother dead, father commits suicide She is so lonely that she hangs out with the other outcasts in the community She has a special friendship with a boy who is seriously physically challenged They have a one night stand, but almost immediately she leaves for college, gets a business mentor assigned by the college they have sex, she becomes pregnant and, guess what, both the mentor and she think the baby is his There is a qui [...]

    18. I thought the beginning of this book was a little slow, but once I got into it I like it I thought the decision she made at the middle and end of the book were selfish Especially the one at the end I mean she had made her decision, live with it If that includes guilt and pain, you re the one that brought it on yourself, you deal with it Like I said, I thought it was selfish of her at the end to tell her husband, especially when there was no good that would come of it People with probably disagre [...]

    19. I read this a number of years ago and am almost scared to read it again in case the changes in my life lead me to perceive this book differently than i did then That almost seems silly as a great piece of literature can give new meaning each time you read it, and i know this to be a great piece of literature but it was so beautiful i just want to leave it at that To anyone considering reading this, please do The best books stay with you.

    20. This story is about a secret and I only kept reading to find out the secret I found myself disliking the main character and I just didn t get into the story much 7 10 2006 the things that matter most in our lives are so small most people miss them altogether until it s too late They are those moments that fill you up so full you can t speak, the one you go back and visit when your heart needs a little salve or you need a reminder of what living is all about.

    21. The entire book felt like several seasons of a teenage soap opera Kind of Dawson s Creek This doesn t work There is not a single climax but multiple climaxes throughout the book It s an emotional rollercoaster Great for a tv soap opera not so great for literature The character development isn t there either This book was a huge waste of time I had to read it as it was part of a book club selection, but glad to put it down and move on to real literature.

    22. This is one of those books that I would have rated 3.5 if I could It was quick reading but had a very emotional story It s easy to think the the main character made a poor decision, but it s one of those things where it s easy to say what she should have done when you re not really walking in her shoes.

    23. Dette er en udem rket k rlighedsbog tilsat lidt drama, lidt som Danielle Steel, men uden Steels sans for at f l serne eller i hvert fald mig til at indleve sig i sit persongalla.Hurtigt l st, og god til en ikke forpligtende solskinsdag p altanen.

    24. This is another book I read for bookclub I think there are a lot of good questions about What would I have done in this situation that this book brings out I would definitly recommend this one for a bookclub, because it will give you great things to discuss.

    25. This story had some surprises with real meaningful words One of the main characters, Kenly, had nothing good going for her while growing up until she met some misfit friends She keeps a secret that could ruin her family until about 14 years later the truth comes out.

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