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The Penny Tree By Holly Kennedy,

  • Title: The Penny Tree
  • Author: Holly Kennedy
  • ISBN: 9780451220554
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Paperback
  • Single mom Annie Hillman has been coping with trouble for so long, she s just getting through the days, when the local newspaper carries an ad featuring a picture of a young Annie on the front page, with an earnest message of love and regret from an unknown admirer The paper s editor refuses to name names, but the ads continue to appear And when the story breaks, Annie fSingle mom Annie Hillman has been coping with trouble for so long, she s just getting through the days, when the local newspaper carries an ad featuring a picture of a young Annie on the front page, with an earnest message of love and regret from an unknown admirer The paper s editor refuses to name names, but the ads continue to appear And when the story breaks, Annie finds herself in the national spotlight Now, for the first time in years, Annie is beginning to see that joy might be possible even in the midst of hard times and that the life she s led, along with the people she s loved, might still show her the way.
    The Penny Tree Single mom Annie Hillman has been coping with trouble for so long she s just getting through the days when the local newspaper carries an ad featuring a picture of a young Annie on the front page w

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    1. I finished almost all of this book all at once thank goodness for a break from homework I got The Penny Tree ages ago when I joined a book club you know, one of those five books for 1 deals This one sounded vaguely interesting from a short description, so I figured it s cheap Why not Holy crap It was so amazing The story is about Annie, who is going through a divorce and is having a hard time coping Her marriage fell apart during the illness of her younger son her relationship with her husband a [...]

    2. I loved this book As a mother of a one year old and another on the way, this book really touched me There were a lot of moments when the main character reflected on her feelings towards her children Maybe it s just the pregnancy hormones, but I cried probably seven times reading this book.I was convinced by ad 2 that I knew who the guy was I had no doubt in my mind who it was Then, it was someone who I didn t expect at all All in all, this was a great book about the relationships between each of [...]

    3. I really identified with the themes of love and forgivenss that run throughout the book Enjoyed the mother daughter relationship and how we sometimes shortchange our mothers when we ut our fathers on pedestalsI am pregnant, so I am overly emotional, but I cried and cried while finishing the bookIf you need a good read, pick it up

    4. This book kept my attention from page one on I loved it A great combination of love, romance, hardships, disappointments and mystery About a lady named Annie who seems to have been dealt a bad deal in life Yet she makes the best of it and chooses to see the positive and not the negative As she is going through a divorce a newspaper publishes an ad that is asking if anyone has seen a certain woman The woman happens to be her A different ad runs for three weeks and has a very romantic tone to it S [...]

    5. I am so surprised that I actually LOVED a book with an HEA and one that made me shed a tear or two as well The dialogue is so honest and rich, the characters delightfully flawed but true and I m sure there was a Newfoundland in the author s life at some point because Montana was true to form as well I had thought the premise a little far fetched and hokey but when the writer of the infamous ads is revealed, it all falls into place perfectly Her little pearls of wisdom are an added bonus, i.e the [...]

    6. I d forgotten how much I like this author The Tin Box I just enjoy the way she crafts her books.This one is about a woman who is in the midst of a divorce, has two sons, one of whom has a serious illness She feels real , like someone you can identify with as she struggles to deal with her life The author is good at developing characters you begin to care about Her plot has some interesting twists and turns This book is recommended for readers who like books about relationships.

    7. This is the third book I ve read from this author and none of them have disappointed I enjoyed reading this story it is not some larger than life story but really just a glimpse at a family where one thing after another has gone wrong and how it affected that family I would recommend it for anybody

    8. This would have been a three until I got to the ending I did not see it coming and Kennedy really nailed it I didn t agree with everything the book suggested about marriage and relationships, but Kennedy s biggest message that love based marriage can survive the storms of life if we aren t so quick to throw it away for a fresh start is beautifully portrayed Great book

    9. This novel took a few chapters to hook me, as I found it a little heavy on exposition and the author s style occasionally interfered with the story, but it was well worth the extra time Kennedy packs an emotional wallop in this story of all too real people in all too real lives, with all too familiar problems If this novel doesn t get to you, you just may be a little dead inside.

    10. Although it took me a little while to get used to the author s style of going back and forth between the past and the present, I thoroughly enjoyed this book that dealt with the consequences of a child s serious illness on a marriage I never guessed who was behind the ads Well done Ms Kennedy.I am looking forward to reading from this author.

    11. I loved this book I was reading it when I was going through something not so fun I was with my husband and daughter taking her to her freshman year of college I was reading it in the bathtub of our hotel room because I was having a hard time sleeping I was belly laughing and trying to be quite so I didn t wake my family up Just pick it up and read it I hope you belly laugh too.

    12. This was a quick and easy read with a really uplifting ending I loved the theme that ran through the book about how joy and happiness can be found even during the hardest of times and how no matter how close to rock bottom you feel you can always bounce back

    13. Good book about life Brought many thoughts and memories of motherhood with boys Shared moments, lost moments, so much Relationships between a child and her parents, her and her husband, and her and her own children Simply written but evokes emotion.

    14. This is in my top 10 favorite books, I probably read it at least once a year Anne is a very relatable character who is struggling, and every time she turns around something else is trying to kick her back down She heads back to her hometown feeling broken, along with her 2 son, after separating from her husband This story is about families, what holds them together, what tries to tear them apart I laughed and cried with her and her challenges, and just wanted to sit and hug her sons because they [...]

    15. This book was an interesting one for me because it was not like any other I have written there is a little mystery in it The main character has gone through some really rough times and she is finding strength to get through her trails through the bonds she has formed with family and memories they have formed over the years.

    16. This was a choice for an autumn reading challenge, and I loved it immediately The characters were quirky and believable I could see my two youngest sons in Luke Eric The flashbacks may bother some, but it was good insight into why the characters acted as they did and I was surprised by the reveal towards the end I didn t want to set this one down and now want a penny tree of my own.

    17. Soon to be divorced Anne Hillman is at the end of her rope Her oldest son doesn t talk to her much at all, constantly skips school, and reminds her that he d much rather be living with his dad on a near daily basis Her younger son has survived an illness that devastated the family financially and emotionally She returns to her childhood home and finds strength in the penny tree her father gave her when she was twelve following one of the worst days of her life bad part in the school play, middle [...]

    18. I loved the Tin Box, and I loved this book as well.Kennedy is now an author who I want to read all her books The Penny Tree is ultimately a love story centered around a heroine who is finding herself, and we get a front row seat as she remembers events that had lead to her present situation Not being a mother, and not a divorcee, nor the product of a broken home I m just saying, I have no firsthand experience , I think Kennedy does a good job at depicting the turmoil that divorce has on all part [...]

    19. I picked this book up on impulse, getting ready to leave on vacation, and didn t know what to expect The first chapter or two made me wonder if this was going to be another woman as victim story Well, it wasn t Annie s woes recede a bit or at least take some interesting turns as she gradually solves one problem after another not always with the first try, but eventually I loved seeing her relationship with her sons evolve I ve owned several 13 year olds her characterizations were dead on Annie a [...]

    20. I don t usually choose to read realistic fiction, especially about mothers and their lives with their children and marriage, because I m just not there in life yet, but The Penny Tree by Holly Kennedy is so much than that Kennedy writes in a way that a reader of any age will be spell bound She weaves the moments of Annie s life so well, from flashbacks to what is being told in what s not said, all in great skill and poetry The themes of this novel love, family, and all that truly matters in bet [...]

    21. This was a sweet book, and I really wanted to like it than I did But it took me forever to read which means it just wasn t that engaging and I was mostly reading it just to see what happened I hate when that happens I am glad I stuck it out I liked the twist where Luke was one placing the ads, and thought it was incredibly sweet My money was on her ex husband, haha I didn t like how dragged out the book was And I really hated all the quirks of the characters, it was like the author was trying t [...]

    22. I kept reading this book because I wanted to find out who the mysterious ads were coming from, and though it is called the Penny tree, it really isn t about a tree at all I was surprised when I discovered who was writing the letters and actually felt like it was a little generic and not a lot of thought went into it I wanted to get through it so that I could read the next book I have planned I thought the character of Annie was aggravating and at times irrational It was an okay book but some of [...]

    23. For the life of me I just could not get into this one despite the good ratings Initially I felt the story just wouldn t move forward It was just stuck in one time frame with beaucoup flashbacks Then I started to think Why and then it started to feel predictable I even did something I rarely do flip to the end and yep, predictable I wouldn t NOT recommend it simply because so many people liked it However, I would steer away those who tastes are similar to mine.

    24. A cute story with an ending I was surprised at It bugs me when books jump from the present to the past and this book did that a lot I know it s part of the story, describing what life was like, or whatever, but it still bugs me If it hadn t done that so much I would ve given it a higher rating.

    25. Our book club is reading this book about a woman in the midst of a divorce who has problems with her sons, financial problems, etc and some of her ways of coping It had a secret admirer thrown in to the mix also I liked the characters, all of which had their flaws, but were interesting and kept you wondering how their problems would turn out.

    26. This novel was the first I had read in sooo long Probably three years at least It was not what I would have usually chosen, a friend brought it to me, but it was perfect I could easily put it down and pick it up later, it had a simple plot and the subject manner was light Single Mom, trouble with children, a mystery admirer and a link with the past Sort of like beach reading material.

    27. While having the potential to be emotional and touching, this book really just misses the mark The whole premise of the book is a little ridiculous, and then the revelation at then end is exceedingly ridiculous There is no subtlety I felt like this could ve been written by an elementary school student.

    28. This book is an excellent book in that it taught me a few things about life and how to handle it and how to handle family and the push and pull in those relationships Very interesting plotI had to force myself not to read ahead and spoil it all I get so impatient but I really wanted to be surprised with this one and I certainly was Wonderful charactersa great feel good novel

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