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كويتية في غوانتانامو By ريم الميع,

  • Title: كويتية في غوانتانامو
  • Author: ريم الميع
  • ISBN: 9789948496182
  • Page: 432
  • Format: Paperback
  • , 2002, 11

    One thought on “كويتية في غوانتانامو”

    1. I was bracing myself for a tough Arabic read but breezed through this book in a few hours Honestly, I had Abdurahman Munif s Alsharq Al Mutawaset in mind when I bought this book and had absolutely no idea that a it was nonfiction and b a collection of newspaper articles That said I fell in love with the writer s feisty personality My favorite part isn t when she asks Jassem Boodai to sign, sign, sign her documents, although that was hilarious, but when she thinks that 9 11 was a giant plot to pr [...]

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