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A Boy Back from Heaven By Celeste Goodwin Matthew Goodwin,

  • Title: A Boy Back from Heaven
  • Author: Celeste Goodwin Matthew Goodwin
  • ISBN: 9781462113859
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Paperback
  • Celeste and Billy Goodwin sighed in deep relief when their four year old son, Matthew, finally came to consciousness after critical surgery But just when they seemed to be in the clear, Matthew s eyes rolled back in his head, and he became unresponsive for several harrowing minutes.Doctors called the episode a medical anomaly, but what really happened can only be describeCeleste and Billy Goodwin sighed in deep relief when their four year old son, Matthew, finally came to consciousness after critical surgery But just when they seemed to be in the clear, Matthew s eyes rolled back in his head, and he became unresponsive for several harrowing minutes.Doctors called the episode a medical anomaly, but what really happened can only be described as a miracle When Matthew returned, it was with a perspective and wisdom about life and love that was far beyond his years Experience the serenity of heaven through a child s eyes as you read Matthew s true account of his walk with angels and his shocking revelation months later about the angels identities.
    A Boy Back from Heaven Celeste and Billy Goodwin sighed in deep relief when their four year old son Matthew finally came to consciousness after critical surgery But just when they seemed to be in the clear Matthew s eyes

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    1. I enjoy reading near death experiences and am especially interested when it s a child I was a little surprised that this book focused on the health issues Matthew had and there were only a few mentions of his experience His experience itself wasn t long or detailed but meant a lot to him and his family Because of it, they were able to find peace with death and the afterlife and are able to share that with others.I can t imagine the fear his parents felt when he was getting sick for apparently n [...]

    2. Quote I asked, Matthew, do you understand what those words mean He looked at me like I had completely lost my mind and said, Of course, Mom Do you know what they mean I giggled and said, Well, I m not sure Can you help me out and explain it He proudly sat up with his little Hot Wheels car in his hand and gave me an explanation that God loves each of us so much that He sent his very own Son to die on the cross for all of the bad things we have done He asked, Mommy, do you know what sin is Yes, it [...]

    3. Life after death is a topic of great interest for a lot of people, but there is also a lot of debate the different accounts that have been shared over the years I don t have all the answers about what s truth and what s not here but it s clear from what I read in this book, that this family believes what they are sharing The story is certainly a compelling one, well told I read it in one sitting I was so involved Above all, it s a story of the heart wrenching circumstances that led a four year o [...]

    4. A sweet story that seemed a little less sensationalized than the one currently made into a movie It felt very honest, simple yet profound Told by a very young boy who knew that his story of almost dying can help others deal with a loss and let them know that they don t have to grieve out of fear of what happened to their loved one pg 123 The crux of the experience is in this statement by the author mother that we face the cycle of life and losing those that we love as they age, I am full of peac [...]

    5. One of my favorite subjects to read about is near death experiences Especially those told from the least likely of sources, such as children I read Heaven is For Real about two years ago I didn t think it was possible to read anything powerful A Boy Back From Heaven shattered that thought This should be a must read on anyone s list It would be a great source of comfort for anyone that has lost a loved one and wants peace in trying to heal I became engrossed and read it in one sitting Once again [...]

    6. I was provided with an ARC of this amazing and powerful story The book is extremely well written and will appeal to most anyone regardless of their personal, religious, or spiritual views You can t help but fall in love the little boy, Matthew It is a straight forward, no nonsense story of this little boy s fight to survive and the beauty he witnessed when he walked to, what he described as, the edge of heaven I highly recommend this book.

    7. A Boy back from Heaven was a great book to read It was about Celeste Goodwin oldest son, who became very ill at the tender age of 4 years old The pain and suffering that Matthew went through along with his parents and family and how their belief and trust in God was tested It made me feel like I was going through it also.It was a great story and would love to read of Celeste Goodwin books.Hilda E.

    8. I loved this book I could not put it down I read it from cover to cover one evening after work A story of a family s journey to find answers for their sick son and what they discover along the way is astonishing I am forever thankful for Matthew for sharing his amazing experience and his mom Celeste for having the courage to share their story.

    9. What an amazing story and wonderful young man At the same time I felt a little misguided as I read the story It was told from the mom s perspective and her story than her son s Very little was about his Heaven experience and about his poor health and medical struggles.

    10. I really liked this book It was an easy and pleasant read and it went fast because I didn t want to put it down The description of heaven was comforting and hopeful It was well written with a great message of what beauty and love awaits us when we pass.

    11. FaithThank you for sharing your personal struggles It helps those of us facing the same gain deeper faith in Christ And who better to teach it to us than a child If we all slow down, take time to listen they really communicate beyond their years.

    12. A quick and good read What a roller coaster this family had to go through Luckily, they each came out strong and with a deeper appreciation for life and God Get the tissues ready

    13. Amazing storyHeart felt story Truly a wonderful book to read The power of faith and prayers I recommend this bookI have recommended this book to family and friends

    14. I won a free copy from the First Reads Giveaway Program and think that it interesting I would recommend it to everyone.

    15. Very interesting and believable experience I would be interested in reading of these types of experiences.

    16. 5 stars I knew this would be a emotional read I kept putting it off till the last minute I was right, it is touching, emotional and full of love I used many tissues reading this book It is a fast read The story was told simply in away that was easy to connect with the Goodwin family I wanted the best for Mathew and his family I see why people were expecting about Mathew s experience It was short and sweet and important that we realize that life goes on and we are loved It felt real to me what M [...]

    17. This is an account of a young boy s illness and his death when he was four angels dressed in white who briefly walked with him before he was told that he must go back He later finds out that one of his angels was his mother s grandmother who died before he was born Celeste Goodwin ends the account of her son s experience with, I am full of peace and gratitude I m grateful for each day God allows us to spend together in the time we have left on the earth, and I have peace in knowing that when our [...]

    18. If you want to read the story of how a five year old healthy boy became very sick and just about died and of how it impacted him and his family, this would be a great book to read.However, I thought the book would be about a boy s near death experience in heaven Very little of the book talks about this, and Matthew actually never even got to heaven It should have been titled A Boy Who Was On His Way to Heaven and Came Back Since I believed the title and thought this book would tell about heaven, [...]

    19. This the sweet story about a little 4 year old boy who was seriously ill It took several weeks for the doctors found out his problem which after a lot of suffering, pain and tests was discovered to be high blood pressure At one point his blood pressure was 195 systolic over 135 diastolic While he was in one of his surgeries he left his body for about 5 minutes and lives to tell of his experience in the spirit world Matthew is now 11 years old and doing well but his story is amazing This young bo [...]

    20. The story of a little boy who was critically ill with a blocked adrenal artery which was causing him to have very high blood pressures While in the hospital before his diagnosis was known, he lost consciousness for a few minutes Weeks later he told his parents about a journey he took to heaven It brought peace to him and his family to know that loved ones on the other side still care about us and watch over us, and death is not something to fear.

    21. This was quite an interesting story, but all through the book as the author wrote of not understanding heaven, afterlife, and having so many questions, I wanted to tell her that the answers were available and wanted to share the truths known through a prophet of God and the restored gospel, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints.

    22. Intriguing, inspiring true story I think it would have been a better reading experience which of course, is not the main focus if it were condensed Otherwise, an heartfelt accounting of an unexpected and dangerous health threat to a 4 year old and his subsequent experiences on earth in heaven.

    23. This was the most wonderful book and I know that I will see my son and parents againThat s something that I really loved about reading this book and the pictures really proved it was a true story

    24. This was an important event in the lives of this boy and family but there s not much substance to the actual story.

    25. You can believe or not believe, this book could help some with insights into what cannot be seen yet is very real.

    26. KennedyI have a lung disease,and I know I will be going home some day when God says it time Well wrote God bless this family

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