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Blood Diaries: Tales of a 6th-Grade Vampire By Marissa Moss,

  • Title: Blood Diaries: Tales of a 6th-Grade Vampire
  • Author: Marissa Moss
  • ISBN: 9781939547057
  • Page: 187
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Middle school is tough enough for normal humans, but when you re a vampire, it s even challenging Edgar rises to the occasion with wit, humor, and some help from his friends.
    Blood Diaries Tales of a th Grade Vampire Middle school is tough enough for normal humans but when you re a vampire it s even challenging Edgar rises to the occasion with wit humor and some help from his friends

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    1. Blood Diaries Tales of a 6th Grade Vampire was a very cute book Edgar Stoker starts the 6th grade and deals with all of the problems that normal kids do Will I be popular How can I be cool Will I have friends Then he adds all the problems of having a secret identity and keeping it from all of the humans Unfortunately for Edgar, he is not very popular, in fact he kind of fades into the background Then he goes from being not popular to being picked on all of the time at school The other vampires a [...]

    2. 3.5 STARSThis cool story is the diary of a month in the life of the middle school vampire, Edgar Stoker See, Edgar is a loner at school because it s of the utmost importance that he keep his supernatural status, and as a result he can t really get close to any friendswhat would you think of the boy that brought raw liver sandwiches for lunch Not only that, Edgar doesn t quite fit in with his vampire family, because he enjoys being close to humans and is one of the only ones who has actually chos [...]

    3. Originally posted at Escape Through the Pages with a 3.5 star rating.Blood Diaries Tales of a 6th Grade Vampire by Marissa Moss is an entertaining look at the life of one Edgar Stoker 6th grade vampire Despite Edgar being a vampire, he has many of the same experiences in school that a regular 6th grader would have, making the book fairly easy to relate to.Edgar writes in his diary about the history of vampires, some of the rules of being a vampire like garlic, stakes, sunlight and telling others [...]

    4. Hott Synopsis We ve heard it said a million times nothing is harder than middle school.But what if you were in middle school and had a secret A big secret A secret that could change life as we know it.Edgar Stoker is such a person He s a vampire who has chosen to go through middle school CHOSEN Who would do that His family thinks that s bad enough but Edgar goes even further he makes friends with humans Imagine His parents have decided to overlook his lapse in judgement on these decisions but wh [...]

    5. Edgar isn t the coolest kid in 6th grade But being a secret vampire might have something to do with it It s the rule that vampires are not allowed to tell or show humans their secret But Edgar gets mad one day when he s being bullied and the secret is out If he can convince his school that he isn t a vampire then he might be able to finally have some peace.What a fun little story Granted I m reading this as an adult, but it was so fun Written as a journal and told from Edgar s point of view give [...]

    6. Edgar is a middle school vampire which means he is one of the few vampires that have chosen to live through the horrors of middle school Surviving middle school is harder than it looks, even for vampires Edgar must act like a teen but not be too low on the social pecking order or draw too much attention to himself And he can never, never reveal that he is a vampire Edgar also has to dance around the social structure of his vampire family which is pretty big considering that his family tends to l [...]

    7. In the same wryly humorous style of Eight Grade Bites but for a slightly younger audience, this book follows the trials and tribulations of sixth grader Edgar Stoker As anyone who has navigated middle school knows, popularity can be a slippery slope, and fitting in is hard for humans, much less vampires When Edgar s fondness for liver sandwiches upsets Gertie, a popular classmate, he inadvertently reveals the truth about his blood thirsty nature and becomes popular briefly The book is filled wit [...]

    8. Blood Diaries Tales of a 6th Grade Vampire is a fun take on the problems and issues that appear in a middle school setting with the added complication of hiding a secret identity as a supernatural being Edgar Stoker is a very relatable character for both kids and adults as he tries his hardest to find his place at school and at home Visit Mondays with Mandy and Mira to find a comprehensive review

    9. Written by Marissa Moss with the alias of Edgar Stoker , famed author of the Amelia s notebook series, this clever, dry witted start to a series will likely please young fans of the Wimpy kid variety The sketches are charming and definitely add an extra laugh out loud element to the story, while offering appeal to readers who may be venturing into unfamiliar chapter book i.e post easy reader territory for the first time I ll be recommending to boys who like stories about fantastical creatures, c [...]

    10. Read this one after both my 10 and 8 year old read it All three of us give it a 3 star My 10 year old enjoyed the great grandmother and her inventions My 8 year old thought it was funny the popular girl started liking him only when she thought he was a vampire and liked him even when he ignored her It was cute, and the illustrations entertaining I think most kids will find this fairly entertaining and should be able to read it relatively quickly.

    11. Pretty funny, pretty insubstantial book that I think would appeal to actual kids than it appealed to me There were some great things in here, but every time Edgar started talking about vampires being smarter and superior to humans, I got Bella Swan flashbacks, and it really lessened my enjoyment of the story.

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