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Mary Walker Wears the Pants: The True Story of the Doctor, Reformer, and Civil War Hero By Cheryl Harness Carlo Molinari,

  • Title: Mary Walker Wears the Pants: The True Story of the Doctor, Reformer, and Civil War Hero
  • Author: Cheryl Harness Carlo Molinari
  • ISBN: 9781480425446
  • Page: 105
  • Format: ebook
  • The story of Mary Edwards Walker, the doctor and women s rights activist who served in the Civil War and received the Medal of Honor.Mary Edwards Walker was unconventional for her time She was one of the first women doctors in the country, she was a suffragist, and she wore pants And when the Civil War struck, she took to the battlefields in a modified Union uniform as aThe story of Mary Edwards Walker, the doctor and women s rights activist who served in the Civil War and received the Medal of Honor.Mary Edwards Walker was unconventional for her time She was one of the first women doctors in the country, she was a suffragist, and she wore pants And when the Civil War struck, she took to the battlefields in a modified Union uniform as a commissioned doctor For her service, she became the only woman ever to earn the Medal of Honor.This picture book biography tells the story of a remarkable woman who challenged traditional roles and lived life on her own terms.
    Mary Walker Wears the Pants The True Story of the Doctor Reformer and Civil War Hero The story of Mary Edwards Walker the doctor and women s rights activist who served in the Civil War and received the Medal of Honor Mary Edwards Walker was unconventional for her time She was one of

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    1. I m becoming and convinced that picture book biographies might be the way to go to incorporate nonfiction into the curriculum For example, this excellent biography would go along with fiction books about women s rights, the civil war, and anything with medicine I also think it s important for young people girls especially to be reminded that society was not always as it is today, and that women have not been allowed to wear pants on a regular basis for that long Forty years ago, teachers on m [...]

    2. Wonderful Look up some photographs of the real Mary Walker I wish one had been included in the book and you ll be treated to some fascinating pictures of her as an elderly woman, in her full top hat coat regalia What a fascinating woman

    3. The True Story of Civil War Hero is what attracted me to this book But inside the story was even better I ve always been a pants crusader for women ever wonder why generic symbols of women always wear dresses and so Mary Walker is my new Hero Wish she was here so I could shake her hand She was truly an amazing woman and now I d like to read an adult book biography of her This is an ideal book to teach children the lesson of being a rebel, but in a good way.

    4. This is a must have book for every young person s library.The illustrations are so well done that the whole story comes across just through the pictures The artist captured the history of the time in the backgrounds and costumes The facial expressions are amazing Mary s face is calm and determined as she strides down the street in her long coat and pants while the town people are aghast and the women in their hoop skirts talk behind their hands One of my favorite lines, one I would be happy read [...]

    5. I had to smile as I read this book Mary Walker was a lady who knew her own mind and heart and lived according to her beliefs regardless of what others said or did She was mocked and gossiped about at all levels of society, she was even jailed at one time for daring to wear pants at a time when women were expected to wear only long dresses and skirts She also made her way through medical school and fought her way into the army to work as a surgeon during the Civil War Her courage both on the fron [...]

    6. Recently, my daughter and I were introduced to Mary Edwards Walker in the book Rabble Rousers Twenty American Women Who Made a Difference and looked forward to finding information about her Sadly I was only able to find this one picture book on this remarkable woman but was glad to have found at least this little yet beautifully done biography I so appreciate Cheryl Harness and other authors who take the time to create mini biographies to introduce young readers to persons of historical importa [...]

    7. This is an excellent book for younger readers, especially girls Mary Walker is a wonderful role model for young girls Her story is written in a no nonsense, but appealing manner The illustrations are colorful and fully integrated into the story time frame.

    8. I like the history this book provides, and everything this woman had to go against to be her version of success Despite what males expected her to do be.

    9. Opening Do you remember when we read the biography of Helen Keller earlier this book What do we know about biographies Wait for response saying biography is factual story about a real person The book we re going to read today is another biography about a woman named Mary Walker, who was a doctor The book is set in the 1800s Many things were different back then, but there are a couple of differences we need to know about before we read this book First, in the early 1800s, slavery existed in the U [...]

    10. Highly Recommended return return This story about Mary Walker is well done for a non fiction picture book trying to explain women s rights, abolition and the Civil War Mary Walker was a woman who wore pants in the 1800 s and was one of the first women to get a medical degree As the nation was about to go to war, Mary decided she was going to go help the wounded When she got there, she was not allowed to practice medicine, but to just be a volunteer But Mary was stubborn and stayed to prove herse [...]

    11. Dr Mary Walker, one of the first medical doctors in the United States, also served in the Union Army as a surgeon and led a movement for women to wear pants The story describes Mary s determination to be herself and to serve her country The narrative skips around a bit, first from her post Civil War pants wearing days to her actual service and imprisonment during the war, to her advocacy for women s causes as a veteran The note at the end is particularly informative, though neither the book nor [...]

    12. This is a picture book biography about Mary Walker, one of America s first women doctors, who also campaigned for equal civil rights for all men and women, while first working as an unpaid hospital volunteer caring for soldiers in the hospitals and on the battlefields during the height of the Civil War Mary never gave up on her desire to be a surgeon in the Army during the Civil War, she officially became one in 1863 Mary was comfortable in her own skin she preferred to wear pants so she could m [...]

    13. In school children are taught about the women s suffrage movement, but few encounter the name Dr Mary Edwards Walker This nicely illustrated book, suitable for students ages 8 to 11, portrays a unique champion for women s rights who was far ahead of her time.From an early age Mary Walker was a trailblazer She attended medical school and became one of the first American women doctors, in 1855 When the Civil War began she asked to join the army as a surgeon but was initially turned down Undeterred [...]

    14. MARY WALKER WEARS THE PANTS THE TRUE STORY OF THE DOCTOR,REFORMER,AND CIVIL WAR HERO by Cheryl Harness,illustrated by Carlo Molinari is a delightful Children s book,age range 6 9 years Mary Walker is the first and only female to win the Medal of Honor, one of the first female Doctors who served during the Civil War A woman after my own heart She worked,lived by her own rules not societies,she worn pants,yes Ladies, pants during the Civil War,she was outspoken,believed in Women s rights and was a [...]

    15. Although it s wonderful to have another picture book biography about an early feminist to add to the book shelves, I finished this one wanting to know about Mary Edwards Walker The author s decision to focus on her choice of clothing shows how radical she was for her times, but it might also detract from her ground breaking feats She became a physician in 1855, one of the first females to do so and volunteered her services as a surgeon during the Civil War Although she was forced to work as a n [...]

    16. Picture book biographies are awesome This is such a great way to get kids to read about historic times and figures Mary Walker was one of the first female physicians in this country and the first female to get the Medal of Honor for service during the Civil War While the main premise of this book is to give a biography on Mary Walker and her struggle to be allowed to practice medicine, it was also a great way to learn about the war itself Whenever I read a book like this with my daughter, I alwa [...]

    17. 1 No awards2 Grades 1 43 This book tells the amazing story of Mary Walker She was an independent, ground breaking woman She wore pants are the Civil War, when only men could wear pants She served in the Civil War as a doctor She fought for women s rights She was the only woman to earn the Medal of Honor.4 This book is an inspirational story for any young girl The amazing feats of Mary Walker are expressed in easy to understand language, with colorful pictures Mary Walker shows anyone they can fo [...]

    18. I only recently learned about dress reformers, primarily women who crusaded to be able to wear something other than long dresses in impractical settings When I saw the title of this book, I thought it would be a chance to learn about the movement Unfortunately, that is not the case Don t get me wrong, Mary Walker sounds like an extraordinary woman one of the first awarded an MD, first woman military doctor, prisoner of war during the Civil War, etc However, I feel like the title is misleading, [...]

    19. I did not know of Mary Walker I liked to hear of what she fought for, particularly in the Civil War However, this book doesn t give much information about what life was like growing up and what events experiences might have led her to be the kind of woman she was There is a little information at the back, but it is supplemental and most kids won t read that part I also felt that the book was a bit over flowing in its praises of Dr Walker She was admirable, yes, but I felt it was being forced at [...]

    20. WAW nominee 2016A picture book biography of Mary Walker I was disappointed that the story is a bit flat There isn t too much detail in this book The reading level is AR 5.5 which makes it great for a read aloud, but not so much for the kids to read Still all in all it will be a good one for discussion about how society has changed over the years This demonstrates something as simple as pants being considered outrageous behavior for a woman in the 1800 s.I look forward to using this to introduce [...]

    21. Matter of factly written picture book about the Civil War era woman who became a doctor, but only after two years of volunteering as a nurse in the War led to her commission as an official Army surgeon She was captured, was a prisoner of war for a few months became first woman to receive Medal of Honor Campaigned for equal dress for women and the right to vote Nice author s note gives full story of her life, born and lived in Oswego NY I got to tour her house once when I visited a friend there B [...]

    22. This is a narrative version of a biography about someone who I really had never heard of before, which surprised me, since the Civil War period is one that has interested me than most in America s history Mary Walker was a woman who was far ahead of her time She wore pants gasp , she was a doctor whoa , she fought for women s rights including the right to vote wow , and she even won the Medal of Honor for her tireless efforts to help save soldiers lives during the Civil War Mary Walker s story [...]

    23. I liked this picture book WAW possibility but felt it was too low a level for the WAW award It has a 5.5 ATOS level, but just not too much info I did enjoy learning about this woman I had never hear of before and know this would make an easy read aloud, but am afraid it is a just a borderline yes vote for me.She is an interesting character most noted for wearing pants than her work with wounded during the civil war I am surprised she was allowed to go to med school just like she had trouble get [...]

    24. I gave this book 5 5 stars I thought the illustrations were excellent and really enhanced the story The story itself is about one of America s first female doctors Her work during the Civil War led to her receiving a Medal of Honor This book highlights not only her work but also her unique personality and stubbornness when it came to helping those in physical need This is an excellent story for children interested in the many unique people from the civil war I would recommend this book to all up [...]

    25. Another interesting woman to learn about And while it is a true story, I am wondering about the research, which I know Cheryl Harness does well There is a note in the back I still wanted And specific references, especially as it says right on the cover the true story of And reallye is the first and only woman to have received the Medal of Honor Definitely my curiosity has been piqued And I actually remember being sent to the office for wearing pants to school in second grade

    26. This book tells the story of Dr Mary Walker, the first woman to serve as a physician in the U.S Army, who saved the lives of many soldiers and civilians, strongly opposed slavery, and likely served as a spy for the Union army Walker refused to accept the norms of the day, and insisted on wearing pants rather than inconvenient hoopskirts This book tells, simply and directly, about her fascinating life and many achievements.

    27. In the 1800s, most believed that only men should vote, govern, and do the doctoring Not Mary She campaigned for equal civil rights for all men and women And she went to medical school A passionate crusader for women s rights, Mary Walker chafed at the impractical dress that was as stifling to women as were the conventions of the day This book attempts to briefly tell the story of a formidable woman and joins the growing collection of great children s biographies of remarkable women.

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