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  • Title: The Dead Will Tell
  • Author: Linda Castillo
  • ISBN: 9781250029577
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Everyone in Painters Mill knows the abandoned Hochstetler farm is haunted But only a handful of the residents remember the terrible secrets lost in the muted hushed whispers of time and now death is stalking them, seemingly from the grave On a late night shift, Chief of Police Kate Burkholder is called to the scene of an apparent suicide an old man found hanging from theEveryone in Painters Mill knows the abandoned Hochstetler farm is haunted But only a handful of the residents remember the terrible secrets lost in the muted hushed whispers of time and now death is stalking them, seemingly from the grave On a late night shift, Chief of Police Kate Burkholder is called to the scene of an apparent suicide an old man found hanging from the rafters in his dilapidated barn But evidence quickly points to murder and Kate finds herself chasing a singularly difficult and elusive trail of evidence that somehow points back to the tragedy of that long ago incident Meanwhile, Kate has moved in with state agent John Tomasetti and for the first time in so long, they re both happy a bliss quickly shattered when one of the men responsible for the murders of Tomasetti s family four years ago is found not guilty, and walks away a free man Will Tomasetti be pulled back to his own haunted past When a second man is found dead also seemingly by his own hand Kate discovers a link in the case that sends the investigation in a direction no one could imagine and revealing the horrifying truth of what really happened that terrible night thirty five years ago, when an Amish father and his four children perished and his young wife disappeared without a trace.And, as Kate knows the past never truly dies in The Dead Will Tell by Linda Castillo
    The Dead Will Tell Everyone in Painters Mill knows the abandoned Hochstetler farm is haunted But only a handful of the residents remember the terrible secrets lost in the muted hushed whispers of time and now death is s

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    1. I was so fortunate to win a copy of The Dead Will Tell Kate Burkholder, 6 by Linda Costillo through the Giveaway Contest This novel has it all mystery, suspense, murder, serial killer thriller This novel grabbed my interest right from the beginning and didn t let go until I read the last word.Fourteen year old Billy Hochstetler and his little eight year old brother, heard something in the middle of the night Billy goes downstairs to investigate and found his dutch parents at the mercy of two Eng [...]

    2. I just love this series It is one of my faves Highly recommendedMy review is on the first book Sworn to Silence, which will give you in detail what this series is about Each book in the series is a different story that is a great thriller and mystery.

    3. I m continuing to enjoy this series Castillo s strength is in the descriptions she paints You literally feel you are at the scene Note that some of these scenes are extremely graphic, so this is not a book for the squeamish This is the first of the Burkholder books I ve listened to The narrator does a very good job And the book is told at a nice steady pace, so it makes it easy to listen and stay focused important to me on the road I figured out some aspects of the mystery early on but there wer [...]

    4. No 6 in the series Oh how I love this Taking place in the Pennsylvania Amish countryside, It s a two for one You get a murder mystery wrapped up with an insider s look at the Amish culture Kate, the local sheriff attempts to solve a series of related homicides that have a common thread leading back to a horrific murder of an Amish family over 30 years ago Do you believe in ghosts Can the Ghost of the Amish mother be back seeking revenge or justice I highly recommend this series, from start to fi [...]

    5. The book starts out with a horrific crime a 1979 home invasion of the Amish Hochstetler farm in Painters Mill, Ohio A group of teens break in to steal cash and the night ends with a family slaughtered, a mother abducted, and a lone survivor a 14 year old boy Fast forward 35 years and the perpetrators of the crime, now respected members of the community, start to get threatening letters Soon afterwards, the killings start with one after another of the original perpetrators brutally murdered by wh [...]

    6. Four months previously, Chief of Police Kate Burkholder had moved into the farmhouse with State Agent John Tomasetti their love had blossomed to the stage where Kate felt able to make the commitment Tomasetti was still tortured by his past, but was coming to terms with those demons that was, until one of the men responsible for his torment was released from jail on a technicality, walking free.Confused and uncertain as to how to pacify Tomasetti s anger and grief, Kate was torn when she was sudd [...]

    7. 3.5 Another series that I anxiously await the next and newest installment A good mix of mystery, personality and personal relationships, and the Amish culture A look at an evil done to an Amish family in the past that has a high cost for the perpetrators in the future The long and far reaching effects of hatred and revenge A good, solid and quick read.

    8. Spoilers below, so beware I liked this mystery all the way up to the very end But the idiotic ending blew me away Hoch, who was 14 at the time his mother disappeared, blithely marries his half sister who, everyone says, is his mother s spitting image and doesn t realize it The two men killed remember raping the young woman but can t process the fact that the person standing in front of them with a gun is not a ghost, but her DAUGHTER Who hides in plain sight for years as Hannah and the owner of [...]

    9. This is a SOLID 4.5 read and I m adding another 1 2 star because it is one of the best series out there If, for some reason, you never started the Kate Burkholder series do yourself a favor and pick up book number one and enjoy the ride Being that the characters are constantly growing and evolving it is best to start this series from book one IMO There isn t any to say except Great read Linda Castillo and keep on writing

    10. Without fail Linda Castillo once again delivers a winner with The Dead Will Tell, book 6 in the Kate Burkholder series and what a stunning series this is One of my favourites I could write an in depth review, but in all honesty there s nothing I can say that I haven t already said in my reviews for the previous novels Just that if you love reading novels full of mystery and suspense, you have to read this series Her novels will grip you, and keep you engaged right up until the end Once again, 1 [...]

    11. The Dead Will Tell4 StarsWhen a man is found hung in his barn, Painter s Mill Chief of Police Kate Burkholder naturally assumes that it is suicide until evidence on the body indicates foul play Soon all the clues start pointing to a 35 year old homicide in which a man and his 4 children were killed and the mother disappeared without a trace The discovery of a second victim suggests to Kate that someone it out for justice and has no qualms about how they get it.A solid thriller with an exciting c [...]

    12. Police Chief Kate Burkholder and the Painters Mill police department have their hands full when three brutal murders occur within a short period of time Wooden Amish dolls are found left by the serial killer with each victim, indicating a connection to the unsolved murder of an Amish family that took place over 30 years ago.While Kate works to find the killer before lives are lost, she must also deal with a cranky town council member who is being threatened, and her fragile relationship with Jo [...]

    13. Make sure you have few empty hours to fill, because once you begin reading this tale, you won t be able to put the book down until you have finished it In this suspenseful mystery, Kate catches a murder case that seems to be linked to a cold case involving a home invasion of an Amish family As Kate s investigation develops, secrets kept for 35 years slowly come to light and the guilty are panic stricken, not by the law but by a ghost Kate has her own ghosts to chase away when her lover Tomasetti [...]

    14. The Kate Burkholder series just keeps getting better A string of murders is somehow connected to a horrific thirty five year old unsolved crime Could the victims be seeking revenge I loved the ghost story element in this book although I quickly realized that ghosts don t leave footprints Every time I thought I had things figured out, there were twist and turns in the plot that completely surprised me There is unrest between Kate and Tomasetti that added some angst to the overall story, but the o [...]

    15. 3.5 stars.This is my second Linda Castillo novel I ve also read one of her novellas I like the MC, Kate Burkholder As the MC, she is perfect By that I mean she is true to character, even when things appear upside down, she is consistent in her actions I liked the other characters as well The author can write unique and memorable characters I also appreciated the fact that they were able to make progress in that area and that the love interest wasn t sappy My dislikes with this book lies within t [...]

    16. Once again Linda Castillo writes a stunner that snagged me and held on through the entire book I wish there were than 6 books in this series I highly recommend this entire series.

    17. Es sind tats chlich schon um und bei 3 Jahre vergangen seit ich Kate Burkholder auf ihrem letzten Fall begleitet habe und ich frage mich wirklich warum ich so lange gewartet habe.Das Setting in der Amisch Gemeinde finde ich super interessant und ist f r mich im Genre Krimi Thriller absolut was besonderes Dies gibt den F llen eine besondere Note und macht es f r mich doppelt spannend.In M rderische Angst wird ein sehr dramatischer Fall aus der Vergangenheit mit einem aktuellen Fall verkn pft Die [...]

    18. 4.0 StarsYet another enjoyable book in this addictive mystery series I did correctly guess the ending of this one, even though it was a little far fetched These are still very entertaining novels However, I ve begun to notice that Castillo overuses certain phrases in her writing Also, I personally could skip the romance subplot, which always takes away from the grittiness of these stories.

    19. Okay, first of all, what happened to the Daniel Lapp case Did it just disappear and now Kate s out of the woods Honestly, I am not sure I care but it is strange that it was brought up and then just stopped.Wow, so many plot holes, than usual So Hannah married Hoch when their mother was still alive Yet she also says that she is responsible for her mother since her mother is mostly crazy So how is she living in PM and taking care of her mother who lives four hours away Yes, the mother was Amish b [...]

    20. Intruders break into the lonely Amish home of the Hochstetlers one night intent on stealing the profits of the family s successful furniture business The night takes a horrific turn for the worse and even greater crimes than robbery occur The lasting effects on all participants last the next 30 years Kate Burkholder, Chief of Police of Painters Mill, is a former Amish and speaks the language which helps the Amish population in her community She has moved in with a fellow policeman, John Tomasett [...]

    21. Police Chief Kate Burkholder is called to Dale Michaels farm for what looks like a suicide But evidence soon points to murder A small Amish Peg Doll was lodged in the victim s throat On the doll is scratched the name Hochstetler While Kate and her deputies investigate the murder, they find a link to a cold case that happened thirty five years ago An Amish man and four children died in a fire His wife was never heard from again Meanwhile, the murderer strikes again, and Kate must race to stop a k [...]

    22. I m a big Castillo fan and have read all the books, but this one was a let down due to sloppy storytelling and editing and poorly developed characters Also, the storyline with Tomasetti seemed like it was thrown in just for a filler didn t seem to fit well There were a number of discrepancies in the storytelling that I was surprised weren t caught by an editor or readers I am so very disappointed since I had loved this series I m so afraid that Castillo is going the way of some other writers I [...]

    23. I really enjoy this series and can wait for the next book to come out I like the Kate character and her police crew and Tomasetti I think it is very interesting that it is set in an Amish community I love mysteries and this one does not disappoint It keeps you guessing until the end and even when you think you know who it is, she throws in a twist I would definitely recommend this series to anyone who loves mysteries thrillers It s one of my favorites

    24. Two haiku review Local man murderedClue points to very old caseAre they connected Incredible twistReally great suspense thrillerPerhaps the best yet

    25. My favorite in this series so far, lot of twists and turns I had a hard time putting this one down I can t wait for the next book I highly recommend this series.

    26. In one review of this novel it was called a cozy mystery There is nothing cozy about any of these books They have violent deaths with gory details Again Kate is my favorite character in Ms Castello s writing This woman is strong and very good at her job as police chief In this particular one members of the community are in question for a murder when they were teens Still amazes me how this author can create twists and turns that baffle the reader Is usually an unsuspected one or two that arise n [...]

    27. Anche se, fin dalla sua apparizione e da qualche altro indizio disseminato qua e l , avevo intuito il possibile colpevole, questo non ha tolto nulla al piacere della lettura, alla suspense e all adrenalina di circolare pi veloce, fino all ultima riga, tirando poi il classico sospiro di sollievo, pi che dire l ancor pi classico io l avevo capito.E cos , anche questa volta, la Castillo non mi ha delusa Anzi.

    28. Linda Castillo quotes Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in her latest crime novel Let the dead Past bury its dead In The Dead Will Tell, Police Chief Kate Burkholder has to deal with a thirty five year old massacre Now, someone is targeting those who knew what happened on that tragic March night in 1979 The past is reaching out to bury the living.The Willis Hochstetler farm was the site of a horrendous family tragedy in 1979 Willis was shot to death in a robbery that went wrong, four of his five childr [...]

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