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The Late Scholar By Jill Paton Walsh,

  • Title: The Late Scholar
  • Author: Jill Paton Walsh
  • ISBN: 9781250032799
  • Page: 231
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A new murder mystery featuring Lord Peter Wimsey now a Duke and his wife Harriet Vane, set in an Oxford college in the 1950s.Peter Wimsey is pleased to discover that along with a Dukedom he has inherited the duties of visitor at an Oxford college.When the fellows appeal to him to resolve a dispute, he and Harriet set off happily to spend some time in Oxford.But the dA new murder mystery featuring Lord Peter Wimsey now a Duke and his wife Harriet Vane, set in an Oxford college in the 1950s.Peter Wimsey is pleased to discover that along with a Dukedom he has inherited the duties of visitor at an Oxford college.When the fellows appeal to him to resolve a dispute, he and Harriet set off happily to spend some time in Oxford.But the dispute turns out to be embittered The voting is evenly balanced between two passionate parties evenly balanced, that is, until several of the fellows unexpectedly die.The Warden has a casting vote, but the Warden has disappeared.And the causes of death of the deceased fellows bear an uncanny resemblance to the murder methods in Peter s past cases methods that Harriet has used in her published novels.
    The Late Scholar A new murder mystery featuring Lord Peter Wimsey now a Duke and his wife Harriet Vane set in an Oxford college in the s Peter Wimsey is pleased to discover that along with a Dukedom he has inheri

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    1. Where I got the book my local library The fact that I didn t buy it is indicative of my uneasy relationship with Jill Paton Walsh s last Wimsey Vane book, The Attenbury Emeralds SPOILER WARNING somewhat spoilerish, where I needed to discuss a point and couldn t do it without giving away what the book s about But not very much.Has anyone else noticed that Paton Walsh has a tendency to make a weak start with these books There s an irritating throat clearing quality to the first half a dozen pages [...]

    2. Jill Paton Walsh may not be Dorothy L Sayers, but this is still a witty, entertaining story and it s wonderful to have Lord Peter Wimsey and Harriet This story takes place later than Sayer s books, after WWII, but fortunately Bunter is still around serving as Lord Peter s devoted valet Like Gaudy Night, my favorite Sayers book, the setting is the world of Oxford in all its insular arcane academic glory St Severin s College must decide whether it should sell a moldering but valuable ancient manu [...]

    3. Having read the last so far in the novels featuring Peter and Harriet Wimsey now the Duke and Duchess of Denver , by Jill Paton Walsh, I feel I have come to the end of a journey Having stopped, and started, the series many times, I have finally now completed all of the Wimsey books and enjoyed being in the company of the characters created by Dorothy L Sayers Some of the books I loved, others I liked, but I have not disliked any of them and that is the same for these continuing the series by Wal [...]

    4. This was going so well, until we get to the end The ending just didn t work for me at all, it seems a bit vague and wishy washy Which is such a shame because I was loving it until then.Don t get me wrong It s still worth a read I was just disappointed.

    5. This is Jill Paton Walsh s fourth expedition into the world of Sayers characters Lord Peter Wimsey and Harriet Vane, in in some respects the first flying completely solo, as it were In Thrones, Dominations she completed an unfinished book A Presumption of Death incorporated ideas Sayers had already set out The Attenbury Emeralds described a case mentioned by Sayers but never set down, and introduced some a major catastrophe in the Wimsey family for which there is a spoiler below, so stop now if [...]

    6. Poor old Dorothy L Sayers I bet she would have hated what Jill Paton Walsh has done to Lord Peter Wimsey she s managed to turn him into a bourgeois pedant Even worse a boring bourgeois pedant Sic transit gloria mundi.

    7. Three and a half stars for me This is the first iteration for my reading of the Jill Paton Walsh continuation of the Dorothy Sayers Lord Peter Wimsey books I so enjoyed years ago.It was not quite right for me, somewhat mechanical, but interesting to spend time with the mature married couple in their roles as Duke and Duchess.The school atmosphere in Oxford is a deadly one and Peter and Harriet do their best to find out who is behind several deaths and attempted poisoning of the Warden.The book [...]

    8. After her first solo Peter Wimsey Harriet Vane novel, The Attenbury Emeralds, a most lackluster book, Jill Paton Walsh redeems herself with The Late Scholar Is it the return to Oxford, evocative of Gaudy Night Is it the happy couple working hand in glove as they did in Have His Carcase and Busman s Honeymoon Is it a surer hand with her sopho effort Never mind which, readers will enjoy The Late Scholar, which rises to the standard of some of the best mysteries penned by Dorothy L Sayers herself U [...]

    9. I don t think there is anything trickier than taking up the artistic mantle of a beloved author Jill Paton Walsh has resurrected Dorothy Sayers aristocratic sleuth, Lord Peter Wimsey and this is her fourth addition to the Lord Peter literature.I really loved Thrones, Dominations and The Attenbury Emeralds and expected this book to be equally appealing, but I was disappointed Lord Peter, Bunter and Harriet were all there as was the charming Dowager Duchess Peter s mother but the sizzle was missin [...]

    10. Best one of these so far I love the idea of a college Visitor, and of Peter being one I also really like the way Peter and Harriet are aging.

    11. It will not be a surprise to many that yep, this is a long one.There s a masochistic tendency in me that I never suspected Why else would I keep reading what basically amounts to terrible fan fiction about some of my favorite characters What is this compulsion that makes me keep getting, and reading, these books even though I know it s not going to be pretty Because this is classic bad fan fiction, in which the author pulls elements from all the canon works and tries to take ownership of them It [...]

    12. The Duke of Denver formerly known to everyone as Lord Peter Wimsey discovers that one of his inherited duties is as visitor to an Oxford college St Severin s finds itself in the middle of an acrimonious dispute over whether or not to sell a valuable manuscript to finance the purchase of a piece of land which might or might not be worth a lot of money if planning permission can be obtained on it Peter s task is to make the decision and several of the fellows turn up on his doorstep to try and con [...]

    13. Let s be clear from the beginning Jill Paton Walsh is no Dorothy Sayers But, with the approval of Sayers estate, she has done a than credible job of continuing the partnership of Lord Peter Wimsey and Harriet Vane I ve found all of her additions to the series delightful and true to the spirit of Sayers creation In this latest installment, it s 1953, and Peter and Harriet are called back to Oxford when Peter discovers that as the Duke of Denver, he s the official Visitor for St Severin s College [...]

    14. I loved this book so much Reading it, I was back in the world of Peter Wimsey The only reason I didn t give it 5 stars was because of a few minor issues I had, but overall this book was well plotted and extremely well written

    15. Much better than previous efforts No embarrassing sex scenes, and no cringing moments between Harriet, her children, and Bunter No grating class issues either.The plot is a bit convoluted, and the last 10 pages were unnecessary.The best moment was an Oxford Fellow grumping about train connections between Cambridge and Oxford by way of Bletchley What is Bletchley anyway he whines We know that since it is the late 50s, that the Bletchley undercover activity which Benedict Cumberbatch recently enac [...]

    16. This book is a fabulously well written piece of fanfiction and I mean that positively.With the permission of DLS s Trustees JPW has written a brand new story that takes Peter Wimsey and Harriet Vane into the post War world and their new roles as Duke and Duchess of Denver She also takes them back to Oxford, and it s lovely to both revisit characters from Gaudy Night and have glimpses of real life Oxonians like C S Lewis described as a sound theologian and J R R Tolkien described as a misogynist [...]

    17. Honestly, it is difficult to be civil about this piece of work I will link to an excellent and fairly civil review review showFrom small trifles such as the constant use of first names in every line of dialogue, the dumbing down of every single academic reference or quotation, the bland and insipid characters, the creaky and one dimensional versions of Peter Harriet to the unlikely, silly ending, this book has it all Those who love the original Sayers books will not find any of the qualities tha [...]

    18. In the latest of Jill Paton Walsh s Lord Peter Wimsey and Harriet Vane novel, she returns the couple to Oxford where Lord Peter must mediate a disagreement over the sale of an ancient book that may have been annotated by King Alfred the Great Walsh s descriptions of Oxford and its environs are delightful and puts the reader there with Lord Peter While the writing here was fine, the characters never came to life for me Perhaps if I had immersed myself in Sayers books, it wouldn t matter But I had [...]

    19. I found this outing of Lord Peter now the Duke of Denver and Harriet Vane serviceable but not inspired The couple is back at Oxford University, solving a series of increasingly violent happenings at a College were Peter is the hereditary Visitor, something like an ultimate arbiter.The progression in the lives of Peter and Harriet et al is interesting and I enjoyed the usual bits of this series Bunter ever present, the Sr Dower duchess still a delight at 80 , the Jr Dower Duchess still a snob, et [...]

    20. I love the sequels to the Sayers novels penned by Jill Paton Walsh True to the characters and the humour, spot on in the historical details, this one was a delight Peter and Harriet are back at Oxford, in happier circumstances than when they met, but still end up investigating a disappearance and two murders Post war conditions, and evolving attitudes, are subtly described, and the romance between the Duke and Duchess hasn t waned Their shared sense of humour is delightful and satisfying to the [...]

    21. Jill Patton Walsh is every bit as good as Dorthy Sayers and perhaps even better in the area of character development She gives both Peter Wimsey and his wife, Harriet Vane, depth of character and personality without sacrificing anything in the development of a complex and absorbing mystery featuring the characters of Ms Sayers and Oxford University in all of its charm and academic snobbery.

    22. I don t think this was Paton Walsh s best take on Lord Peter It relied on the original Sayers books too much I know, a bit hypocritical, as I m listening to a continuation on Sayers universe obviously I m desperately searching for of what I love What I mean is that some aspects of the plot were deliberately echoing things from early Lord Peter books, which became a bit frustrating, especially as it equated Harriet Vane with Dorothy L Sayers which Sayers said she disliked in a way which was occa [...]

    23. The Late Scholar Jill Paton Walsh has taken up the gauntlet and continued the adventures of Lord Peter Wimsey and Harriet Vane It has been several years since I ve read or re read Sayers original novels, so I quite enjoyed a reunion with these characters without being too critical.Walsh has written her own detective fiction, children s books, and adult novels, including Knowledge of Angels which was shortlisted for the 1993 Booker Prize.From In 1998, she won acclaim for her completion of Dorothy [...]

    24. Jill Paton Walsh picks up where Dorothy Sayers left off She has written two previous books co authored with the deceased Dorothy , aging the characters of Peter and Harriet In this book, they are not only older, but have two nearly grown sons That was a surprise to me The novel is set mostly in Oxford, with such lovely descriptions of the university town that I want to visit there Peter has inherited not only the Denver estate, but also the title of Visitor at a small college in Oxford As such, [...]

    25. Duke Peter Wimsey and Harriet Vane are back in this fourth worthy tribute to Dorothy L Sayers beloved gentleman detective.The Duke of Denver is called upon in his role as the visitor to help to settle a dispute over the possible sale of a manuscript at Oxford.The Warden is missing and then one of the fellows turns up dead.Wismey and Vane have their work cut out for them, unraveling the disappearance of the warden, the authenticity of the manuscript and the identity of the murderer.Jill Paton Wal [...]

    26. I wasn t terribly impressed with the mystery plot, and these books continue to feel like high quality fan fiction, but I enjoyed watching Peter and Harriet swan around Oxford in the 1950 s.In his role as the Duke of Denver, Peter is asked to intercede in a dispute at the fictional St Severin s College at Oxford He arrives to find that a disagreement over the selling of an ancient manuscript has escalated to murder, so he and Harriet spend a nostalgic few days revisiting their beloved alma mater [...]

    27. I am happy to find that Lord Peter Wimsey and his wife, Harriet Vane, are back in action Jill Paton Walsh has the approval of the Dorothy Sayers literary executors, and the sleuthing duo are in fine fettle The book starts with a wonderful exclamation by Wimsey Great snakes alive as he reads a letter to find he is the official Visitor to St Severin s College in Oxford He and his wife are required to visit the college and are drawn into a messy situation of conflict among the professors, a disappe [...]

    28. The story s good, the plot s good, the characters are good but there are little glitchy things Dorothy Sayers would have done right and Paton Walsh misses Bunter or any of the Wimseys would never say who when whom is correct, for example At times she gets titles wrong Peter s mother is referred to once as Honoria Wimsey when, as dowager duchess she s Honoria Denver Stuff like that I d love to see another one, but I d also love to see the publisher or Paton Walsh get someone to go over the manusc [...]

    29. Wonderful Simply wonderful I can t recommend this enough if you like murder mysteries and of course Dorothy L.Sayers I enjoyed how intellectual the plot and the clues are, I enjoyed the relationship between Harriet and Peter and the very smart references and all the metatextual passages what with Harriet being a writer there s a Gervase in this and Harriet picks up some mystery books by Edmund Crispin and Christie s writing is discussed The best part is of course Oxford, which is beautifully por [...]

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