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Deelgenoten in de Misdaad By Agatha Christie,

  • Title: Deelgenoten in de Misdaad
  • Author: Agatha Christie
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 140
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Tommy en Tuppence Beresford vervelen zich en denken met heimwee terug aan de spannende tijd dat ze voor de geheime dienst werkten Maar juist als ze er vuriger dan ooit naar verlangen dat er weer eens iets opwindends gebeurt, komt Tommy s chef met een verbluffend voorstel Tommy krijgt zes maanden verlof en moet in die tijd samen met Tuppence een detectivebureau leiden EnTommy en Tuppence Beresford vervelen zich en denken met heimwee terug aan de spannende tijd dat ze voor de geheime dienst werkten Maar juist als ze er vuriger dan ooit naar verlangen dat er weer eens iets opwindends gebeurt, komt Tommy s chef met een verbluffend voorstel Tommy krijgt zes maanden verlof en moet in die tijd samen met Tuppence een detectivebureau leiden En dat is het begin van een serie nieuwe avonturen.
    Deelgenoten in de Misdaad Tommy en Tuppence Beresford vervelen zich en denken met heimwee terug aan de spannende tijd dat ze voor de geheime dienst werkten Maar juist als ze er vuriger dan ooit naar verlangen dat er weer eens

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    1. This may be an unpopular opinion, but Tommy and Tuppence Beresford are my favorite of Agatha Christie s detectives Poirot is brilliant and much appreciated, but Tommy and Tuppence are charmingly brilliant and absolutely hilarious I love these short stories, in which the Beresfords take over a detective agency and solve a series of crimes of varying severity Throughout, they refer to their shelf of masters , adapting the mannerisms and techniques of various literary detectives, to hilarious effec [...]

    2. Loved all of Tommy and Tuppence s banter and the cleverly placed references to other famous sleuths of the Golden age of crime Some mysteries were definitely better than others, but overall this collection was just a lot of fun to read

    3. I have been rereading some of the old books of Dame Agatha as a sort of breather from serious literature this book is one of them If I remember correctly, I read this sometime in the early eighties, three decades and a half ago I remember not liking it much at that time and the reread did not change my opinion Tommy and Tuppence Beresford, IMO, are Agatha Christie s weakest detectives even though they are an endearing couple The premise of this collection of short stories is really nice the Ber [...]

    4. I love Tommy and Tuppence they re my favorite Christie characters They are so fun with their banter and companionship it really is a partnership and marriage of equals In fact, they are told by Mr Carter Excessive self confidence was always a characteristic of you two Whether your immunity is entirely due to your own superhuman cleverness, or whether a small percentage of luck creeps in I m not prepared to say In this collection, the base story is their longing for adventure This wish is granted [...]

    5. The best Tommy and Tuppence I ve read It s a collection of short stories maybe that s why The characters get to shine without bogging down the whole thing with their antics TT are my least favorite Christie characters by far, I really didn t expect to like this book It also helped that the stories were centered on simpler, cosier mystery, not espionage.

    6. Capital Tommy and Tuppence mystery s are one in a million, and practically the only ones that can leave you with a warm and fuzzy feeling.In this one, the undaunted couple take on running a detective agency, under assumed names, to ensnare a few dangerous spies for Scotland Yard In among that though, they also solve several murders, and assorted and alternately humorous mysteries

    7. So Tommy and Tuppence were married , she chanted, and lived happily ever afterwards And six years later they were still living together happily ever afterwards Tommy and Tuppence, who were first introduced in the book The Secret Adversary ,are now happily married but Tuppence is restless and bored She craves for some adventure I wish something would happen As if her wish is granted, they are visited by Mr Carter who works for some unnamed secret government agency and is their old friend He propo [...]

    8. Esta es la colecci n de historias del matrimonio de detectives Tommy Y Tuppence Beresford, a quienes conocimos en el Misterioso se or Brown Tuppence es impulsiva, carism tica y muy intuitiva, mientras que Tommy es m s pr ctico, con menos imaginaci n y por eso es capaz de ver con mayor facilidad los hechos reales Son la pareja perfecta, complement ndose.Esta colecci n tiene como hilo central el hacer homenaje a detectives de la novela negra de la poca, la mayor a de los cuales no han trascendido, [...]

    9. Sehr unterhaltsame Krimi Episoden Das liebenswerte Ehepaar Tommy und Tuppence Beresford f hrt eine Under Cover Detektei namens Detektei Blunt Da sie den Schein aufrecht erhalten m ssen, bernehmen sie in den einen und anderen Fall Dabei schl pfen sie in die Rollen ber hmter Detektiv Duos aus der Literatur Holmes Watson, Poirot Hastings, Thorndyke Jervis etc Bei ihren Ermittlungen haben die beiden allerdings mehr Gl ck als Verstand Das beeintr chtigt das Lesevergn gen aber keineswegs

    10. 1929, 2 Tommy Tuppence Beresford, Blunt s Detective Agency, LondonFifteen linked short stories, each originally published in magazines 1923 1928 , and slightly rewritten to make the novel feel a bit tighter Unfortunately, Christie was unsuccessful in that regard it still feels like a bunch of short stories cobbled together Not bad writing per se but this is certainly not one of Christie s strongest books.Tommy and Tuppence are running a detective agency under the benevolent eye of Mr Carter, the [...]

    11. The Two Ts are almost bright young things , except that neither of them has a bean, according to Tuppence I guess beans are relative, as she has enough money to buy forty hats she doesn t wear, according to her husband, and get her clothes made at rather nice establishments as well as rubbing shoulders with the titled and amusing in all the best night spots We re not told what Tommy was doing to earn the daily crust before the action starts, so it s just possible they were living on private inco [...]

    12. Tommy and Tuppence have always reminded me of Nick and Nora Charles of The Thin Man movie series, and I mean that in the nicest way possible Both couples have a wit and style that I find admirable and have a relationship that I am envious of Now, Tommy and Tuppence are a little bit restrained in their manner however which leads to a couple that I enjoy just as much as Nick and Nora but for different reasons They play off each other brilliantly and make up for what the other lacks in such a seam [...]

    13. I do not normally like short story collections by mystery writers They seem to inevitably rely on a sudden twist ending and that is difficult thing to accomplish repeatedly in a collection of short stories while holding the readers interest or creating any real surprises I do not normally get excited about Agatha Christie I mean I fell in love with, And Then There Were None , when I was young, but I have repeatedly read Christie since looking for that same magic and i have only become increasing [...]

    14. There are those who have a talent for the complete novel and those who have a talent for the short story and it is unusual that someone is very skilled at both Agatha Christie s skill undoubtedly lies with the longer tale, where she can give her ingenuinity time to ripen and unfold and where the length of the narrative is such that the unlikelihood, the sheer weight of implausibility, is obscured in the telling In Partners in Crime , the unlikelihood, in fact the absurdity, of the stories comes [...]

    15. In each chapter in this novelTommy and Tobins hero of the novel was live in a new adventure in International Bureau of Investigation Awesome novel

    16. This is a cute collection of short stories tied loosely together by an spy arc They also all feature Tommy and Tuppence solving their mysteries by employing the methods of various fictional detectives, including Christie s own Hercule Poirot.I enjoy Tommy and Tuppence as a couple and detectives, and I liked the imitating fictional detectives aspect of the stories, but none of the stories, save the last one really grabbed me They were all enjoyable reads, though.

    17. K sa hikayeleri de ok iyi Zaten bir k sm n bir Fare Kapan nda okumu tum Her vakada nl dedektiflerin rollerini yapmalar , zellikle Poirot beni e lendirdi Agatha teyzemiz g zbebe ini yine bir nevi canland rm.

    18. This was fun and fast Agatha Christie s husband and wife sleuth team, Tommy and Tuppance, is back solving crimes in the late 1920s Now married six years, Tommy is assigned by the secret service to head a detective agency, with Tuppance s help, that is a known contact of a spy ring While there, they take a dozen or so cases showing off their skills and having madcap mysterious adventures along the way.The novel was reminiscent of The Big Four , where an overarching frame allows a variety of short [...]

    19. Would ve given it 5 stars if not because of the odd translation Maybe the translator wanna give youngster impression for both characters since they were still in their young age But it just didn t work

    20. War ganz nett, aber das System mit diesen zusammengew rfelten Kurzgeschichten hat mir nicht so gut gefallen.

    21. Tuppance y Tommy me gustaron much simo, me divert mucho leyendo el libro, aunque en algunos casos las soluci n era bastante previsible.

    22. 2 in the Tuppence and Tommy Beresford series This 1929 short story collection follows The Secret Adversary 1922 and the charming, intrepid couple have gotten older In one story Tuppence refers to Tommy as being thirty two years old Tommy s boss, The Chief, has asked them to maintain the pretense of a detective agency in order to entrap the Russian spy No 16 They enter the role wholeheartedly and undertake to solve actual mysteries and in doing so adopt the mannerism of classical detectives from [...]

    23. This is a mystery for mystery readers Tommy and Tuppence are married and settled Tuppence is yearning for adventure when their old friend Mr Carter asks them to run a detective agency that is suspected of being a distributing center for Russian thugs Throughout the book T T solve several cases in the styles of famous literary detectives I only caught the references to Holmes and Poirot In the last chapter you remember there was a point to all this and that whole action takes place I didn t like [...]

    24. Tommy and Tuppence are such adorable characters, and I love how they spoof other fictional detectives They even poke fun at Poirot I love that Agatha Christie can laugh at herself this way It s almost a novel in short stories, although the plot that holds the stories together is a bit thin Our heroes are sent undercover to take over a detective agency that was really the front for some Bolshevik spies They take on a number of different cases while they are running the agency, and finally the Rus [...]

    25. aAfter seven years of marriage, Tuppence is finding life satisfying but dull, as Agatha Christie s Partners in Crime opens That delights Mr Carter, the high ranking intelligence official whom we first met in The Secret Adversary, because he has a proposition for the pair The government has recently arrested the Mr Blunt whose advertisements for the International Detective Agency are splashed all over the pages of the newspapers Mr Carter wants Tommy and Tuppence to keep running the agency becaus [...]

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