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Batgirl, Vol. 4: Wanted By Gail Simone Fernando Pasarín Jonathan Glapion Marguerite Bennett Daniel Sampere Derlis Santacruz Carlos Rodríguez,

  • Title: Batgirl, Vol. 4: Wanted
  • Author: Gail Simone Fernando Pasarín Jonathan Glapion Marguerite Bennett Daniel Sampere Derlis Santacruz Carlos Rodríguez
  • ISBN: 9781401246297
  • Page: 395
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Batgirl struggles to continue fighting crime after being emotionally drained by the death of her brother, James, Jr With her relationships with Batman and her father strained, Batgirl face one of Batman s most ruthless villains, The Ventriloquist, alone.Collecting Batgirl 20 26, Batman The Dark Knight 23.1 The Ventriloquist
    Batgirl Vol Wanted Batgirl struggles to continue fighting crime after being emotionally drained by the death of her brother James Jr With her relationships with Batman and her father strained Batgirl face one of Batm

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    1. 4.5 starsAlso posted at Addicted2HeroinesI have such a girl crush on Gail Simone And if DC ever decides to take her unwillingly off of this title, I have no doubt I would boycott the bastards.This volume focuses on two different stories that crisscross and intersect very well, in my opinion.First, we get and introduction to the new and I think vastly improved Ventriloquist.Second, we see the fallout from the last volume, Batgirl Death of the Family Mainly, that Barbara isn t sure she can keep pl [...]

    2. Gail Simone s Batgirl has been consistently impressive, and this volume is no exception At the end of the previous volume, Babs killed her brother, James, to prevent him from killing their mother Something like that will really screw a girl up, you know Much of this volume is taken up with Babs working through this the only way that somebody like her can entirely alone She can t exactly confide in her therapist, after all And for completely understandable reasons, she doesn t feel like she can r [...]

    3. Bullet Review It s so nice to pick up a comic and have almost every single issue be amazing This is Batgirl Well minus the final issue of this volume Didn t care for the art or the story must be some what if story No clue, don t wanna read a million other comics to find out either.

    4. The new Batgirl of 52 is no longer Oracle nor bound to a wheelchair.In this installment she deals with a ton of personal issues and follows on the heels of a female villain with a dangerous, talking puppet.Wonderful artwork with grittiness and shadow applications OVERALL GRADE B plus.

    5. This was a solid followup Volume 3 was better but some things I did love in here This is broken into two parts First half revolves around a crazy puppet master chick with a doll who can, you guessed it, talk and kill people Sounds dumb right Actually it s the best part Super exciting and fun and the villain is creepy as fuck and perverted so makes it entertaining Then we have the second half where Knightfall go after Gordan cause he knows too much Inbetween we got some fun little moments with Ri [...]

    6. Another great volume to a great series Last volume Batgirl crossed the line in killing her sadist of a brother James Gordon Jr Not only must she deal with her own guilt but the wrath of her father Commissioner James Gordon Yes he knows what his son was, but he was still his son As penance Barbara give up the Batgirl costume and realises being Barbara Gordon is not really so bad However Barbara is not the kind of person to take hit from anyone no matter what clothes she wears With the appearance [...]

    7. This story arc had some positives, but the things I disliked about it outweighed them It s about my personal tastes and not about the quality of the storytelling.I liked Barbara Batgirl s struggle with guilt because she thinks she was forced to kill her psycho brother James Jr to save their mother She feels unworthy to wear the Bat emblem and call herself a heroine, and it s good to see that kind of self doubt in a heroic character Jim Gordon s determination to bring Batgirl to justice for killi [...]

    8. Babs is having a terrible time I didn t enjoy this one as much as the first 2 Probably because I felt like the Ventriloquist villain dragged this down a bit This is the aftermath of Babs fight with her brother James in the last volume I didn t think he was really dead because this is a comic book She feels guilty and Gordon is on the warpath for Batgirl For an interesting concept like that, we don t get as much on it as I would have thought I m used to Gordon being a big part of Batgirl s storie [...]

    9. OK well, this started off a little ho hum for me, but then Gail Simone kicked in, and I had a real female hero to read about, with real issues, not the usual crap that writers seem to think girls do I let this one simmer a bit since I read it about 10 days ago , and yes, I think I ll still have to support 4 stars Never has Batgirl felt so relevant to me or to DC at large.Then I read this io9 batgirls new uniform mNot only is Gail Simone done, but they are revamping make Batgirl like 12 yrs old U [...]

    10. Babs just can t catch a break This volume deals with the aftermath of her fight with her brother, James, and how she copes with it Barbara decides to retire her cape, feeling she is no longer worthy of wearing the bat sigal Due to recent events, and later events, Babs relationship with her father is estranged Jim is usually a big part of Batgirl stories but it was interesting to see his love for Barbara and disdain for Batgirl His reluctance to learn her true identity surprised me for some reaso [...]

    11. Gail Simone is writing the best Batbook right now that has probably been true since the beginning of New 52, but Snyder really gave Batman a long needed and refreshing overhaul with the Court of Owls, which I still consider the best pure Gotham City story in the setting s history But when it comes to mixing the comic medium with the psychology of the non superpowered folk, Gail Simone keeps the story of the renewed Barbara Gordon at the top of the class in terms of plotting, quality, and self aw [...]

    12. In my review for Vol.3 Death of the Family I talked about how things would change going forward and how exciting I was to read all about it view spoiler And as we know from Vol 3 Barbara finally snaps and kills her brother hide spoiler Her father is then left to pick up the pieces and hunt Barbara down for murder He basically tells Batman to step out of the way and not protect her or cover of her Although at this point the relationship between Barbara and Bruce is so broken that I don t think he [...]

    13. Batgirl s journey under Gail Simone continues in this fourth volume It opens with a battle against the Ventriloquist, a creepy new take on the character that preys on Barbara s shaken state of mind and yet is eerily hilarious at the same time thanks to the Ventriloquist s dummy s perverted sense of humour The Ventriloquist Villain s Month issue is also pretty good, giving us some backstory, but it feels a little late since it comes after the main story involving her.The second arc in this volume [...]

    14. First of all, this cover is so much better Well, I didn t like this book, but I can t rate it because 1 It s impossible to give my honest opinion without having read the other books in the series facepalm 2 Gail Simone is very talented, obviously, but I don t appreciate this kind of art I m a less is kind of girl.3 Superheroes are not my favorite theme I always knew that, but I thought it was time to give this genre a chance In other words, book, it s not you, it s me ARC provided by DC Enterta [...]

    15. Haha, the ventriloquist issues were a bad joke In a term of Batgirl villains, she wasn t so bad, as so far I found them mostly lame, but she wasn t interesting and puppets are creepy The young Barbara issue was pretty nice, I enjoyed to see her first steps in the vigilante direction For the rest, it was entertaining but probably too much melodramatic or convenient for my tastes Overall, a very average volume.

    16. Unexpectedly dark and brooding It would have been a little better if there could have been some variation on how her brother s death was affecting her but Simone kept striking the same note over and over with that plot point The artwork wasn t too great either This volume was definitely a step down from previous volumes.3 5

    17. Somewhere between 3.5 and 4 stars This one was better Alysia was in it , and Barbara went on a date It wasn t all doom and gloom like volume 3.

    18. More of the same World The art is okay, it s the same old same old for me It s too dark in my opinion The world building is okay for what Simone has done here, it makes sense in her world and it s just doubling down on what the New52 was Story Yeah not my favorite because of the tone This is my second time reading this and now they I look back at it there were a lot of deaths in the short time of the New52 and it was dark and close to torture porn I don t like the contrived story of Babs v Dad [...]

    19. This volume is the culmination of all of the previous volumes, so it s recommended to not read it without reading the others First there s a multi issue story with an extremely creepy Ventriloquist not the classic Batman one and Simone deftly writes her as sinister, deranged and unsettling From the previous volume, Batgirl has been pushed to the brink emotionally and placed in direct conflict with her father The events have moved her to a very dark place and it was intriguing to see how she deal [...]

    20. Rebounding from the depressingly dark and brutal Death of the Family, Vol 4 suggested sub title Babs Bad Day steps right up to kick the line but thankfully does not cross it like said predecessor The first half features a hell hath no fury villainess, who is right out of a Stephen King daydream, hijacking a reality TV show audition The latter half continues the James Jr Nightfall story lines from the prior editions with non stop action In contrast, there are several nice, lighter scenes of Babs [...]

    21. Gordon wanted to take the Batgirl down But, he failed A father can t put his daughter behind the bars, after all Finally, justice proved the Batgirl s innocence Superb story line, with some amazing twists A must read Batgirl comic.

    22. The I read this book the difficult I find it to remember why I even liked Simone s Barbara in Birds of Prey It s not a fair comparison at all, I know for one, this Barbara is clearly in a different stage of her life than the Birds of Prey s version was, and two, Simone s creativity is quite obviously stunted by the endless editorial mandates plaguing DC offices these days But there s a very ham fisted quality to her writing in this particular book almost authorial intent, really that doesn t s [...]

    23. In volume four of Batgirl, the Gordon family is still recovering from the events at the end of Death of the Family Barbara believes herself responsible for her brother s death Even worse, her father, blames Batgirl as well, and will do anything to hunt her down But Babs has no time to mourn, when she goes up against a terrifying foe, the Ventriloquist.Wanted is another enjoyable volume of Batgirl by Gail Simone There are two storylines here, one involving the the new version of the Ventriloquist [...]

    24. I don t even know I feel so tired from reading this long, incoherent, endlessly ranting collection of mediocre comic work that feels like its been ripped straight out of the worst part of the 90s The characterization is off the wall inconsistent with Babs, and Jim, the plot is poorly explained despite the constant superfluous thought captions bombarding the reader at every page, there s a bevy of bizarre, out of touch stereotypes, and a constant stream of deaths presumed deaths that read as stra [...]

    25. Barbara Joan Gordon, be your own damn hero I ve been loving Gail Simone s Batgirl for many reasons, but I think that I love her understanding of Gotham City most of all Gotham is a weird place, and Simone gets the fact that in order to be a successful villain in Batman s town, you ve got to be willing to take things to some seriously twisted levels Batgirl s conflicts with villains like Grotesque and Knightfall have been great I was stoked to see them make another appearance here but volume 4 s [...]

    26. This arc has just not been my cup of tea I love Jonathan Glapion s inks, but I don t care for the way the artist draws people somewhere in between not realistic enough and not cartoony enough, if that makes sense.I love Gail Simone, but I just want this arc to be over We all know Barbara is going to put the bat symbol back on why not just hurry up and get it over with And James Gordon is written unnecessarily stubborn and unwilling to listen to reason Especially since his son was a murderer who [...]

    27. Wow I just love this series It gets better with every collection The writing and art are both top notch It is a shame that they are changing the creative team on this title soon I am not looking foward to the new direction The new Ventriloquist is just creepy, psychotic and awesomeness all rolled into one big ball of fun The Knightfall character is very good as well I like the addition and she works well as a major plot device and also as a background plot I cant wait to see how Gail Simone wrap [...]

    28. Not impressed with this one at all The artwork is bad, and the storyline was hard to follow The characters, especially James Gordon, seemed to be out of character for the most part and not really themselves.The villian, Ventriloquist , starts out using her dummies to kill people, then inexplicably is able to control electricity, and then develops telekinesis which leads to zombies Wait, what Zombies How does that even fit into this story Bandwagon much Not sure I would recommend this to anyone e [...]

    29. I didn t enjoy this fourth volume of Batgirl s adventures as chronicled by Gail Simone nearly as much as the first three It the previous books it didn t matter how dark things got, you could always count on Babs to be confident and perky and spunky and sassy and sure of herself In the current volume she seemed defeated and depressed often than not It might be a realistic approach to the things she s seen and had to do, but it lacked the can do feel good aura I had grown to like and expect It s [...]

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