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Christening By Claire Kent,

  • Title: Christening
  • Author: Claire Kent
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 171
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Erin thought she reached a hard won happy ending She has a sexy, successful husband, two beautiful daughters, and a life of ease and luxury.She adores her husband, but she never sees him any, and he seems to drift farther away every day She loves being a mother, but she wants to be Erin too and she doesn t think she is any She and Seth have never stopped lovingErin thought she reached a hard won happy ending She has a sexy, successful husband, two beautiful daughters, and a life of ease and luxury.She adores her husband, but she never sees him any, and he seems to drift farther away every day She loves being a mother, but she wants to be Erin too and she doesn t think she is any She and Seth have never stopped loving each other It s just that love can be harder than she thought.Sequel to Nameless.
    Christening Erin thought she reached a hard won happy ending She has a sexy successful husband two beautiful daughters and a life of ease and luxury She adores her husband but she never sees him any and he s

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    1. 2 stars Review posted May 11, 2014Melodramatic doesn t even begin to cover it Based on my fondness for Escorted and Seven I felt it couldn t hurt to buy Christening and Incarnate After all, I was on a roll when I finished Seven Unfortunately I couldn t have been wrong It took me several days to finish this quick read says all, right And isn t it kinda pathetic to say that the sex was the best thing about Christening Sobbing, sobbing, weeping, whining, bawling yadda yadda yadda Grow some backbo [...]

    2. It s kind of crazy or masochistic that I m adding this book to the TBR given that I wanted to do violence to Erin in Nameless Lord save me from bitches that don t know what they want But Escorted was AWESOMAZING and now I find myself damn near stalking Kent looking for new releases from her, so I ll take what I can get Christening may end up sucking

    3. A good insight to what happened to Seth Erin s marriage after 6years We see the little trials that they had how they dealt with it They still had it Loved their chemistry, as usual Loved how everything was, once again, very real The girls were adorable A great addition to Seth Erin s story.

    4. Not many Ever really dives into after the HEA, it s not all smiles and rainbows It s real life, pure, complicated, emotional, circumstantial and crazy Especially after having kids and a demanding career like Seth does I still wish Seth had a pov but I m glad you got to see emotions from him this time You see Erin trying to find her identity, and all mother and wife at one point goes through this especially if her hubby works lots, and her children are in school I personally have gone through th [...]

    5. I adore Erin and Seth and am so glad we got to take a peak into their marriage 4 years later It s nice to read books that are realistic and not all sunshine and rainbows My heart broke for Seth, but I admired Erin for doing what she needed to do They have both really developed as characters since the beginning of NAMELESS The girls were adorable and added some fun and humor into the story Can t wait to read part 3

    6. It was nice to see erin and sth again and see them struggling even after having their happy ever after and overcoming it together it is something that i sometimes think about after i finish a book what happens after several years

    7. blue moon spipp artiClaire Kent alias Noelle Adams revient sur un livre qu elle a publi il y a quelques mois, Nameless une longue histoire racontant, comme toujours, l histoire d amour improbable entre deux personnes que rien ne devait rapprocher surtout pas une attirance r ciproque Seth et Erin ont partag une seule nuit qui a conduit une grossesse et apr s de longs mois, se sont avou s leur amour L histoire est donc finie Non pas pour Claire Kent qui va se pencher dans cette suite plus courte m [...]

    8. Nameless was not one of my favorite books, but it s one that s stayed with me Even though it s been a couple of years since I read it, I still remember it pretty well Not that many books stay with me like that It s kind of interesting to see what happens after the HEA.Surprisingly, I felt myself completely sympathizing with BOTH Erin and Seth I could see both sides and at least part of me was like, they re both right Erin feels a little lost, neglected by her husband and floundering as to what s [...]

    9. This book made me learn about Erin And Seth s relationship MY LIKE SCALE Romance 4 5 WHEN FINALLY GET THERE SHIT TOGETHER Drama 4 5 A LOT OF THAT Cover 3 5 OKAY COVER Erin 4 5 I LIKE HER MUCH MORE THAN THE FIRST BOOK Seth 4 5 HE IS A GOOD GUY Writings 4 5 GOOD STORY Humour 3 5 NEEDED MORE Hotness 4 5 GOOD ENOUGH HEA view spoiler 5 5 NOTHING CAN BREAK THEM hide spoiler br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br

    10. Christening is a Nameless novella looking into the life of Seth and Erin several years after their wedding Their daughters Mackenzie and Anna are now six and four, respectively They are such sweet girls They were the cause of a few tears on my part We get a realistic look at issues single income families face Seth s guilt at missing out on time with his wife and daughters, unintentional broken promises, and Erin s struggle with having an identity outside of being a wife and mommy In the beginnin [...]

    11. HAD to buy this after reading Nameless since I absolutely love Seth He s an extremely complex character and you can t help but want to figure out that puzzle that is him Erin is still a bit clueless as to her wants and needs which is kind of annoying I m not a huge fan of female characters that don t seem to grow Yes, she KIND of grew in Nameless, figuring out that all men weren t like her controlling ex husband But, here we are years after Nameless and she s still unsure of her own needs and de [...]

    12. I love Seth and Erin so much and I was so happy to get of them 4 years later It was hard to see them struggling with their relationship again but it made the story feel real to me because everything isn t always sunshine and roses I did think that Erin may have been a little hard on Seth but I totally understood and she really wasn t trying to hurt him I loved that they were able to work through their problems and come out the better for it in the end They are such a great couple Mackenzie and [...]

    13. Another Chapter and great surprise.A married life didn t stop her having a degree and another child.But was that all Should she feel satisfied At first, we would thing it was spoiling Seth working a lot and she was being demanding But it wasn t it will come to a time like a husband wasn t there any still knowing how comitted he was Faithfull it was But he was married to his work Working mean providing and also an achievement But he was the man of a family And also she was lost but not stuck It c [...]

    14. I enjoyed this continuation of Erin and Seth s love affair I will say that I was disappointed that Erin didn t sort herself out 4 years after her acknowledgment of her love for Seth I thought she would concentrate on herself but clearly that didn t happen because she left him in order to sort out her feelings I was also disturbed about Seth s behavior towards his job and the family he was trying for No story is HEA we just want that to happen however this story set us straight on our fantasy.

    15. This was such a sweet cute short story that made me say aww during lots of the parts of the book Erin occasionally got a little on my nerves because I felt like she blamed Seth for things that were out of his control But I absolutely love Mac and Anna there characters where beautifully written When there is an interaction with children in the books that story always seems much cuter because children bring this extra cute spark and this story was not the exception Both Erin and Seth s interaction [...]

    16. I was nervous when this book was announced We always want our book couples to have their HEA and think that nothing can ruin it This is Seth and Erin s story a couple of years after Nameless The struggles of the couple are very real and you could feel Erin s discontent I liked how she decided to take control of losing herself and even if she is living a cushy life with her daughters and know that Seth loves them, that is not enough Don t worry, the couple does sort it out in the end and I think [...]

    17. Brilliant Loved it I have fallen completely in love with Mackenzie and Anna, they add so much to this story and make it real, warm and funny There were times when I was completely heart broken, then there were times when I just laughed I loved the development of the relationship between Erin and Seth, it was truly moving and painful at times Claire Kent is fast becoming one of my favourite authors.

    18. Erin Thomas and her young family go through the struggles of growing up and developing as a family unit Her husband Seth works too much and their marriage struggles a little as they both neglect basic communication within their marriage Erin s trying to remain her own person and Seth fails to understand and open up to Erin It s a very realistic tale of a family, the real struggles of a woman.I enjoyed this book, and loved the interaction between the children and their parents

    19. An enjoyable, yet short, reunion with Seth, Erin and their two daughters Once again this story just feels realistic to me I can certainly relate to having a Lawyer husband who worked ridiculous hours and the impact that can have on family life and your life as a married couple This was like having an extra long Epilogue to go along with Nameless.

    20. I was shocked to reaffirms this book to look at a relationship 2yrs later looking at life s and loves struggles Erin and seth really open your eyes to the ugly stuff of relationships and prove if you want or are willing to fight ture love is ugly and beautiful at the same time really enjoyed this book

    21. so excited when I knew there would be second book but hey it been done justice what Erin her daughter s an Seth are going through is a very realistic situation and I love how Erin took th initiative go work it all out yay

    22. I really enjoyed this short novel continuing Seth and Erin s story It s so easy to see nothing but HEA when reading romance, but the reality is that no matter how strong, a loving relationship takes work I still appreciate Ms Kent s dedication to writing a story based in reality.

    23. i was really moved by this book it s not a big story but explores a marriage during a rough spot and what they do to navagate the issues also, the kids reactions felt very genuine and evoked than a few tears from me worth the read.

    24. I think I might have actually loved this than the first one I just liked the very realistic approach on a lot of subjects here especially the family relationship.

    25. Not as deep as the first book, but the issues are again real Wanted a sequel from Seth s perspective and still keeping my fingers crossed for it Please, Claire Kent, pretty please

    26. Love the first story for some reason I can t really explain.I was excited to see how their relationship was turning out.

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