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Triple Dog Dare By K.S. Brooks Stephen Hise,

  • Title: Triple Dog Dare
  • Author: K.S. Brooks Stephen Hise
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When wealthy champion dog breeder Stu Hockersmith presents prize pup Lord Louis to lovely Bianca Jameson, he hopes to win her heart Things don t always go as planned Bianca, oblivious to Stu s amorous intentions, takes the adorable pooch back to California where she goes on to become a celebrated author, writing books about little Lo Lou.Bianca thinks she s living the goWhen wealthy champion dog breeder Stu Hockersmith presents prize pup Lord Louis to lovely Bianca Jameson, he hopes to win her heart Things don t always go as planned Bianca, oblivious to Stu s amorous intentions, takes the adorable pooch back to California where she goes on to become a celebrated author, writing books about little Lo Lou.Bianca thinks she s living the good life with her Norse god of a fianc , former fashion photographer Lars Lundgren When she realizes Lars has spent all their money and committed her to a new book with a looming deadline, Bianca pulls out all the stops to get the job done But she doesn t know about all of Lars deals.To make matters worse, Stu is informed that gifting Lord Louis broke the kennel club bylaws and he now must get the pup back before his father s legal team takes action against the woman he still loves.Stu needs Lo Lou to satisfy his father Bianca needs Lo Lou to finish her book Lars needs Lo Lou to work out a secret deal with a movie producer Lo Lou can t be in three places at the same time Or can he
    Triple Dog Dare When wealthy champion dog breeder Stu Hockersmith presents prize pup Lord Louis to lovely Bianca Jameson he hopes to win her heart Things don t always go as planned Bianca oblivious to Stu s amorous

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    1. An excellent comedy novel or is it chick lit Maybe serial killer thriller No, no Space opera No, wait, it had dinosaurs in it Wait, what s the other thing with the d The furry things No, not that green pepper in the fridge That s penicillin by now oh, dogs It has dogs in it Yeah, it s a comedy Triple Dog Dare takes a reader on a bumpy ride Mind you, I wanted to slap most of the characters up at least four or five times while reading this, since I hate Hollywood types But Brooks and Hise managed [...]

    2. I was approached by the author and was asked for my honest review of this book I was happy to do so, because they indicated that this was a romantic comedy I had never read a romantic comedy before so I said I would be happy to do so 2 weeks after agreeing to review the book they sent it to me I looked at the title and cover and thought to myself this is in no way a romantic book I was leery at first and I won t lie to you, I didn t think I was going to like it Well I ve learned my lesson Never [...]

    3. Triple Dog Dare is far removed from my typical genres of choice when it comes to books Nonetheless, I have a lot of respect for its authors, K.S Brooks and Stephen Hise and decided to give it a chance I m glad I did I was than pleasantly surprised.For the most part, Triple Dog Dare reads like a romantic comedy in the vein of Judd Apatow, though less raunchy , but there is a little bit of everything woven throughout the story There are multiple threads in the plot, many of them seemingly unrelat [...]

    4. Triple Dog Dare is all about threes Three dogs is only the obvious Another is three characters in love Stu loves Bianca, although she has no idea Bianca loves Stu Bianca also loves Lars or at least would say she does Lars loves himself I ll call it a non traditional love triangle because that will help me sneak in another three ish word.But the biggest three is the genre Taken as a whole, the story best fits the chick lit genre In a blog post on the differences between chick lit and romance, aut [...]

    5. The subtitle for Triple Dog Dare is, Three dogs A world of trouble That just about sums it up The story is in the tradition of the old screwball comedies Beautiful Bianca, a former journalist, is living in California with Lars, a fashion photographer with a shady past, and Lo Lou, her West Highland terrier and their meal ticket Bianca only wants to write stories that will help people instead, Lars has her writing children s books featuring photos of Lo Lou as well as a generous helping of Bianca [...]

    6. I really enjoyed Triple Dog Dare It s a fun and simple tale, and yet it s not without its complications and twists Brooks and Hise build up some terrific characters who aren t what they seem, which makes for interesting surprises throughout The narrative unfolds rapidly, too, urging the reader along at the same pace I d say it s a page turner, but that would make it seem as if it s not layered and complex, which it is, in an easy way It s not laden and difficult to read, but it s not without its [...]

    7. If a book is written by either Hise or Brooks, you can be confident of a really good read Put the two together, and you can be confident of an even better one double the excellence These two authors have talent, skill, imagination, a solid sense of humour, and the ability to provide great entertainment.Triple Dog Dare is a wonderfully light hearted and funny story packed with ingredients some hanky panky, misunderstandings, an eensy bit of romance, a very gentle fun poking at the dog showing are [...]

    8. Triple Dog Dare by KS Brooks and Stephen Hise is an amazingly hilarious adventure ride So easy to get lost into this cunningly razor sharp storyline Had me chuckling out loud during some of the clever lines and offbeat scenes Great visuals and very well written, this is a great entertaining escape Had so much fun that I didn t want to put this book down even though I was busy with other stuff to do.The story reminds me of the comedy film Best of Show as the lines were witty and of course there a [...]

    9. Three dogs a world of laughs Having read books by both Hise and Brooks before, I was very curious what this joint offering would be like Each author has clearly played to their strengths, and there are laughs aplenty in this intricate yet easy to follow yarn In places the situations reach Victorian levels of farce, and throughout this is a fast, light read to which it is easy to return Perhaps most refreshingly for this reader, it was a real pleasure to chuckle, chortle and laugh so often in a s [...]

    10. This book is full of interesting characters in both senses of the word literary and figurative beautiful and kind hearted Bianca the sinister, unlucky, and narcissistic Lars Lundgren flamboyant trainer Andrew to whom there s than meets the eye the wealthy, well meaning but somewhat emasculated Stuart Hockersmith and a host of other supporting characters Add to that some adorable Westies and poke a little bit of fun at the show dog circuit, and you have the makings for a great beach read At time [...]

    11. Triple Dog Dare is a hilarious tale of love lost, love found and a peek into all of the things that could possibly go wonderfully right or awfully wrong for each human and canine player along the way.The multitude of whacky characters are introduced at many different points of the story Some you will immediately despise and some you will love from the very beginning Love them or hate them, each character comes to life and is well developed in this light hearted, comedic escapade.I highly recomme [...]

    12. This romp by KS Brooks and Stephen Hise reminded me of those screwball comedies like Bringing up Baby It s a fun story with great characters light romantic comedy heavier on the com than on the rom I liked how each character gets fleshed out first through his or her own eyes and then from the other characters viewpoints I liked and rooted for the unlikely partnership of Bianca and Terri, former rivals who must work together to save Bianca s bacon after Lars Bianca s fianc , whom I took particula [...]

    13. Let me start off by saying this is not my normal genre, I like my books dark and evil With that saidis book was a fun read I loved the character development, the insight to each wonderfully good and bad person Fell instantly in love with Stewie, Terri and of course Andrew I will give a word of caution do not read this book if you re in a serious situation I read most of this book in the ICU waiting room and had to hold back my chuckles It did the job of transporting me from there to a awesome pl [...]

    14. I loved this book It s a screwball romantic comedy a genre we just do not see enough of these days and a wild ride Like any good roller coaster, it straps you in, kicks you in the ass and takes you for a hugely entertaining ride, depositing you at the station with a very satisfying sense of completion The characters are a mixed bag, all very distinct with their own agendas some you just want to tuck into your arm and take home with you, some you love to hate This is a fun book that I will come b [...]

    15. This was a fun read The author did a good job with the character development I really, really did not like Lars I felt he deserved a worse fate for his deeds I was also frustrated with Bianca and had trouble understanding how she let herself get into such a fix The character I would like to know about is Terri She s smart, pretty but doesn t know it and worthy of perhaps a book of her own Oh, and I did not expect the twist at the end.good job

    16. Funniest book I ve read in a long time A madcap romp from South Carolina to Hollywood and stops in between involving wonderful crazy characters Even the dogs, all West Highland Terriers Westies , had different and comical personalities I recommend this book to anyone who has ever loved a dog AND who wants to laugh out loud from beginning to end.

    17. I read this book while under much physical pain in my bones Nothing had helped until I started this hilarious novel.Some of the scenes were so well described that it translated into full images in my mind.For me it is important that the language utilised be easy to read, reflecting a good command of the English language in whichever version This was very well accomplished.

    18. The book started off slow for me, and I didn t think I d like it But I was pleasantly surprised Once the story got going, I really enjoyed it The scenes with Lars were rather comical I can see this book as a disney movie, for some reason I guess all the slapstick with the dogs and Lars s misadventures Good job

    19. Fun to readThe dance of the dogs was a delight to follow, giving the story a sense of Charlie Chaplan type humor I enjoyed the character development, and the play about gay had me rolling in the aisles.

    20. This was a mad cap comedy that really clips along It was lots of fun and would really make a great movie I wish I owned the movie rights I don t usually read this kind of fiction despite that, I was thoroughly entertained 5 stars.

    21. I think this is an excellent comedy novel Triple Dog Dare was lot of fun And I don t like Lars ,he deserved a worse fate for his deeds

    22. Hilarious and one of the best reads in a long long time My dog LilyPup was honored to have a character named after her in it

    23. Loved this book Hilariously written, this book kept me laughing all the way through If you re looking for something to lift your spirits, this is the book to read

    24. Cozy mystery times threeThings happen in threes in this lovely cozy mysteryree dogs, three schemes and three women pivotal to solving this mystery and bringing the wrongdoers to justice Just as you think it s all tied up in a bow of the most colorful characters has a secret yet to be told.

    25. Triple Dog Dare is a rollicking, zany, funny read All of the characters are chasing an adorable Westie terrier, a national championship dog that will make them rich.From the beginning we know that Bianca s fianc , Lars, doesn t deserve her Lars is self centered, egotistical, and always admiring his Viking Adonis looks Bianca is horrified when she discovers that he has spent all of their money Lars, as well, is putting pressure on Bianca to write another, successful, children book about Lo Lou, h [...]

    26. Not since the classic movie Dog Show have I enjoyed a doggy book than this one and would join the support in making this the next really fun dog flick Bianca Jameson is the hapless author of children s books involving a beautiful little Westie of champion lines Lord Louis nicknamed Lo Lou given to her by secret admirer Stu Hockersmith, dog breeder, in the hopes of winning her interest Stu s father is mucky muck of the kennel club in which they are very deeply embroiled Bianca has realized that [...]

    27. Doggedly DelightfulThe authors have brought to life the wacky world of purebred dogs, their owners and those who feel envy when their competitors receive attention from the public Lo Lou is a charming West Highland Terrier out of the Oakwood Hills Kennel that is the center of much of the craziness.Bianca is a beautiful model who is controlled by Lars her photographer Lars is an egotistical manipulator who only cares for himself He has convinced Bianca her only job is looking beautiful and earnin [...]

    28. Triple Dog Dare by K.S Brooks and Stephen Hise is a wonderful, hilarious read It flows well and keeps the reader entertained from start to finish Bianca is living with her BF Lars, and her little dog Lo Lou She writes children s books and and he takes photo s of the dogs for the book All isn t what it seems and you ll find out the true characters as you continue to read Stuart Hockersmith comes into Bianca s life and you ll find that Lars hasn t been very truthful to Bianca.Much to this cute st [...]

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