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City of Light By Will Wight,

  • Title: City of Light
  • Author: Will Wight
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 311
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Simon has spent the last six months hunting Incarnations, and has begun to realize that his power alone won t be enough to stop a true enemy.Leah is queen over a nation of refugees, driven from their homes by the power of Territories gone mad.Alin rules his city with an iron fist, imposing the virtues of Elysia on an imperfect population.Now, the three must stand united asSimon has spent the last six months hunting Incarnations, and has begun to realize that his power alone won t be enough to stop a true enemy.Leah is queen over a nation of refugees, driven from their homes by the power of Territories gone mad.Alin rules his city with an iron fist, imposing the virtues of Elysia on an imperfect population.Now, the three must stand united as the balance of the world shifts once A greater threat looms, and it has made its presence knownThe Incarnations are missing.
    City of Light Simon has spent the last six months hunting Incarnations and has begun to realize that his power alone won t be enough to stop a true enemy Leah is queen over a nation of refugees driven from their

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    1. The Incarnations are all loose as the Hanging Trees have been destroyed Alin is transforming Enosh into a version of Elysia as the madness of Incarnation overtakes him Leah, Simon, and Indirial hunt down Incarnations until the Incarnations mysteriously go missing.City of Light was a fitting conclusion to the Traveler s Gate trilogy The conclusion has many reveals including the beginning of the Hanging Tree process The book also had some heart wrenching moments that I didn t really think it was c [...]

    2. Usually, when i am about to finish a good series i feel sad some good books i dragged reading a lot, because i was afraid to let go But not this one, because it finished so fast You will not realise the time flying past The book is full of beautiful action sequences And is an excellent end to a lovely series Highly recommended.P S Will miss the dolls They were awesome.

    3. 5 StarsCity of Light, book 3 in the Travelers Gate series is a 5 star awesome conclusion to the series As a whole, the Travelers Gate series is a 5 star blast of a read that fantasy lovers will adore Each of the three books are better than the last The action is top notch The cast of characters is large enough to have a little bit of this and a little bit of that The plot and story progression of the series runs a straight line but it does so while showcasing the increase in tension and peril.Si [...]

    4. The star rating mostly relates to this book I truly enjoyed the series overall and the first two books were fantastic There are some flaws but they are not as bad as to stop you from reading What made this series unique The real hero is not foretold by any prophesy, no one believes in him and is ridiculed throughout the series The prophesied hero is a prince charming kind of character who mostly cares about looking heroic and has no idea if what he s doing is right There is a princess of course, [...]

    5. Oh my I finished this book three days ago but have been in denial that I will no longer tag along with Simon back to the House of Blades with all his creepy dolls This was one of those series that break your heart when they re over because you just don t want to leave Amazing These books are amazing If you don t read these books you are missing out Recommendation READ THE TRAVELER S GATE TRILOGY QUICK

    6. In general I liked the book and the series as a whole.Alin turned out to be at least somewhat interesting comparing with his charater from the previous books , especially when we could see different prespectives through him.It was sad that Valinhall Travellers turned out to be some unstoppable killing machines some battles reminded me about anime fights, though this isn t too bad.Incarnations were quite interesting in this book, I suppose we just didn t have time for them previously.And there we [...]

    7. While not quite providing me with the ending I had hoped for, City of Light maintains the high quality of this series and was an excellent read.After having nearly lost his life dealing with just one Incarnation, Simon must now find a way to battle the other ten On top of this, he has struggles inside Valinhall that he must deal with and all in all, our hero is forced to reach much further than he ever has before just to survive, let alone win Leah, already struggling in her new role as Damascan [...]

    8. Interesting, This was honestly, the most adventurous read I ve read in a while Bringing you from one section of the story to another section of a story in a blink of an eye Perhaps its the element of fantasy fiction, which allows the author to dictate the laws of the story The story is fine, if not a little predictable The author adds in elements that are just over powered Some characters just gets some new power and then it go out slaughtering everything in its wake Wow Its probably personal ta [...]

    9. My rating for this book is 2.5 stars This is the final installment to the series although the author hints at possible additions in the future I personally think this is a good idea as the series definitely has room for growth As for the book itself, it did not offer much above and beyond it s prequels I felt it got fairly predictable and repetitive The author did not expend much effort towards world building, character development or plot twists Much of the elements in this book seem to borrow [...]

    10. This book was a nice ending to the trilogy The story that started out in the third book was wrapped up fairly well Some stories were ended, others were started, and some were left unfinished This sets things up nicely for another book But that s what kind of irked me and made me give this book 4 stars instead of 5 It s good no doubt, but I didn t really get a sense of an ending here Not to mention, the question that was set up as so important for Simon, view spoiler What do you want hide spoiler [...]

    11. Poor way of concluding the trilogy Did nothing to build the character relationships or give them any depth and the story line was weak and predictable with every character doing the same thing as the previous one.

    12. Identical reviews for the entire trilogy, because the author is if nothing else consistent.I enjoyed the series enough to finish reading it, and many of the concepts seem like they would make a fairly fun game Wight did a great job of continuing to flesh out the world enough to keep me interested in finishing the trilogy, but at the end of it all I had no interest in returning to this world.While I did like the characters, I still felt like all of them started from very similar points and didn t [...]

    13. Even so than the previous book I felt that my main interest lay with Valinhall and not much with the rest of the territories or the unnamed world In the end, I felt there was still a lot to be learned from just Valinhall I think the problem with the other territories was that there was no main character that really learned any of the skills so there was no real interest to learn about those territories As I mentioned in the earlier review from the earlier books, it s clear that Will was still [...]

    14. Some interesting ideas, things weren t made entirely clear with the whole magic and stuff but enough has been explained enough to a degree that I get it Yes it did take this long for me to get comfortable with it all Overall it was an interesting trilogy that kept me entertained and interested If another book in this world happens I don t think it would interest me as much though as this one wrapped everything up in a way that I was satisfied with.

    15. 3.5 5 stars Good trilogy overall but there is so much that could happen especially with the open ending at the end of the book In the last instalment of the travellers gate trilogy the characters have grown especially Simon considering that he started off as nothing than a weak village boy and is now the leader of vallinhall If there ever is a sequel I d like to see Simon and Queen Leah end up together.

    16. I m confused about Andra She was like 12 years old when she came to live at The house and in few months, just by herself became a full traveler Is that not a impressive story, then Simon who was 16 and had a somewhat reluctant but still a real teacher Why is she just randomly mentioned like 5 times and that s it

    17. Good bookI enjoyed the unique system of magic The characters and the storyline I look forward to adventures in this world.

    18. Fight scene after fight scene after fight scene I felt like I was reading DragonBall Z fanfiction Almost entirely no backstory It wouldn t be so bad if the fight scenes were actually any good.

    19. A Great SeriesWill Wight once again demonstrates an ability to have intriguing characters within a fantasy setting that has both a compelling and unique magic system I would recommend this as a must read

    20. The conclusion of the Traveler s Gate trilogy, following the tale of Simon, the villager whom destiny forgot Here in the third book, things are looking grim for our heroes wouldn t be much of a book if they weren t The Incarnations are loose and running amok supposedly and its up to Simon, Leah and their crew to put an end to it.I find this entry to be the weakest of the three This book feels like a wrap up and an attempt to make sense of the world Wight crafted in the first two books The endin [...]

    21. The author has created a fantastic world where a type of magic is used through the connection of territories , they vary from one spectrum to the other and can call forth beasts that have there own ability s and act on command from the user, some examples are crystal, fire, mind confusion most of these end up very deadly and messy At the center of these territories are the incarnation of the land and one who uses the power too much and for too long as they have a limit they will then turn into a [...]

    22. This review is actually for the trilogy as a whole Will Wight provides a very entertaining and novel world populated with mostly realistic, three dimensional characters who are distinct from each other.One of the most important jobs a author of fiction has is to create an interesting and self consistent world for the story Not only does this require some care in the design of the world, but the author must also describe the world so that the reader can understand it Wight manages to create a wor [...]

    23. These books are a lot of fun to read and Will has cranked them out amazingly quickly All of them are extremely entertaining and feature a very unique and interesting magic system based on 11 different parallel worlds, each with their own powers This third book picks up sometime after the end of the second as Simon and Leah struggle to deal with all of the released Incarnations that were set free at the end of book 2 At the end of book two, I was left with conflicting emotions Throughout the whol [...]

    24. What a run Talk about a series I didn t want to see endI loved this series start to finish and as much as I really didn t want to see it end this set of characters needed this arc to finish As heartbreaking as some of this book was it is the best of the series in my opinion I have enjoyed the system of territories since I saw it in the first book and my love for it hasn t waned a bit The seemingly unlimited power that isn t all the unlimited at all and how it affects the travelers was well thoug [...]

    25. The third book felt like an extension of the second bookcked to the rim with various action scenes To be honest I was surprised that view spoiler Wight made Indirial and Kai incarnate, I thought he would leave the Valinhall travelers alone since there were already so few of them I felt bad for both of themIndirial being tortured to the point of incarnating, and Kai snapping after the attack on the dolls Alin s sacrifice I could see coming a mile away, since Rhalia kept on hinting at the white li [...]

    26. This is an amazing conclusion to an amazing seriesThis book was a fulfilling ending to the series that pulled at your heart strings and made you feel every exciting blow while also giving some amazing humor Will Wight is an incredible author who I will continue to read and if you like action adventure heart and comedy you will to.

    27. What a great series I really really really really enjoyed this trilogy At first, I was a bit hesitant to dive into it s story, with characters I was unsure I would ever relate to or enjoy reading about, but books 2 and 3 were exactly what they needed to be and very much pulled me into the story and this beautifully created world As I ve said with the past two books, this series is not overly complicated or difficult to read and are highly enjoyable The magic used in very unique and easy to under [...]

    28. This book is about Simon s struggles of trying to catch and defeat the Incarnations that are on the loose Simon and Leah are working together and as Leah is the Queen and also a traveler she also has powers to help Simon is a traveler from Valinhall and has many special abilities, especially in combat They are working together to catch Incarnations which are travelers that become too in debt of their territories and become a living embodiment of their territory and are very powerful and dangerou [...]

    29. Simon has spent the last six months hunting Incarnations, and has begun to realize that his power alone won t be enough to stop a true enemy Leah is queen over a nation of refugees, driven from their homes by the power of Territories gone mad Alin rules his city with an iron fist, imposing the virtues of Elysia on an imperfect population Now, the three must stand united as the balance of the world shifts once A greater threat looms, and it has made its presence known The Incarnations are missin [...]

    30. I am writing this review of the trilogy here Not just City of Light.It was really good Character development was good, and the world is vibrant and feels real The action was fast paced and well written Easy to follow Although I have to say, I would have liked to have read about Valinhall I wish there was about Simon developing and practicing in Valinhall My one major qualm with the books was, there really were not relationships Some of the characters seemed friendly with each other sure, but I [...]

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