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Song of Solomon By Anonymous,

  • Title: Song of Solomon
  • Author: Anonymous
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 412
  • Format: None
  • Book 22 of the Old Testament
    Song of Solomon Book of the Old Testament

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    1. 20 11 16 1 428 .2 .3 16 6 8 2 444 500 19 1 3 Thine oils have a goodly fragrance Thy name is as oil poured forth Therefore do the virgins love thee ASV 1 4 Draw me, we will run after thee the king hath brought me into his chambers we will be glad and rejoice in thee, we will remember thy love than wine the upright love thee KJV 1 2 11 4 12 32 1 2 Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth for thy love is better th [...]

    2. normalde bu eseri b yle zel bir zamanda, mesela tabiki sonbaharda okumak istemi tim bi anda kendimi okurken buldum ama nas l olsa durmadan okuyaca m i n, m hkem de il ama ilkler nemlidir neyse k smen i inde bulundu um halet i ruhiye d n l rse asl nda ok mant kl okumam ki nedeni de budur asl nda nys nas lsa devaml okuyaca m arada kar p kar pz kitapta, filmde g r rs n bu ayetlerden iirden al nt lar asl nda s k a var tabi biraz merakl melahat isen, dev yaparken kendini alakan olmayan ba l klar nda [...]

    3. Song of Solomon is a lyrical, romantic story of King Solomon and his beloved I certainly can t claim to understand what all of it s saying but for the most part, I see it depicts the beautiful, sacred, mysterious love and union between a husband and wife.Hmm, I suppose there was a reason this book was put in the Bible Perhaps God is trying to show us that love and intimacy within marriage can be so much than some people know Perhaps to show us that this pure and beautiful union, fellow single p [...]

    4. Place me like a seal over your heart, like a seal on your arm for love is as strong as death, its jealousy unyielding as the grave.It burns like blazing fire, like a mighty flame.Many waters cannot quench love rivers cannot sweep it away.If one were to give all the wealth of one s house for love, it would be utterly scorned.

    5. Esta obra, publicada en 1561, fue una traducci n desde el hebreo a lengua vulgar, del Cantar de los Cantares libro Sapiencial de la Biblia que contiene una explicaci n verso por verso acorde al significado teol gico, l rico e hist rico de cada uno de sus vers culos Su autor, el cl rigo agustino y poeta Luis de Le n fue una de las m ximas figuras de la l rica espa ola del Siglo de Oro Su obra en prosa incluye este texto, por el cual fue puesto en custodia y encarcelado de 1571 a 1576 por la Inqui [...]

    6. Omg, and I thought my cover was ugly Wonderful book that could do with some different packaging, but that s okay.Precisely up my alley Hits the trifecta of RSIM, language, and poetry Really fascinating I enjoyed the translation notes perhaps even than the text itself I pored over this book and devoured it I m a little sad it has to go back to the library, although if I ever get a copy to keep then at least I can choose the cover Three cheers to the Blochs I laughed at how many times in the comm [...]

    7. I thought I understood this book when I was 14 Rereading it now, I find mystery after mysterywhich only adds to the poignancy of the Song, and brings the thought that Love was God s story long before it was man s, and though I may wish to understand it, it is far deeper than time bound human experience can ever measure.That last chapter is it the chapter of happily ever after or is it a triumphant death scene All I know is that I know nothing.

    8. Song of Songs also known as Song of Solomon is made up of lyrical poems between a woman and her lover, who I m assuming is Solomon Some of the words did make me giggle Your hair is like a flock of goats descending from Gilead.Your teeth are like a flock of sheep coming up from the washing.Each has its twin, not one of them is alone.Your temples behind your veil are like the halves of a pomegranate.I have a somewhat interesting vision of what this woman looks like now.

    9. Excellently formatted, beautifully translated, with wonderful forwards and afterwards going into detail on both the translation and the original text Seeing the Song of Songs lifted from millennia of dogmatic and boring interpretation and re interpretation makes me a very happy person.

    10. Set me as a signet upon thy heart, as a signet upon thy arm For strong as death is love, hard as Sheol is passion The flames ofit are flames of fire a flame of Jehovah.Great waters are not able to quench love, and floods drown itnot.Poetry will forever be that child both ever youthful and ancient that playfully slips into the cracks of the centuries and laughingly says, I m wordy silence and silent words The Song of Songs proves that, indeed, good poetry has always the ability to move the reader [...]

    11. Ci che colpisce e fa innamorare, o per lo meno ci che ha colpito e fatto innamorare me del Cantico, la sua estrema fisicit , il suo coinvolgere tutti i sensi la vista, l olfatto, il tatto, il gusto e l udito L A si fa carne, sapore e consistenza E impossibile resistere all A nel momento in cui si fa una simile materia, cos concreta e cos viva Non solo l uso costante di richiami ad animali, fiori e cibi crea un intero universo avole e erotico Il Cantico dei Cantici non narra soltanto dell a fra l [...]

    12. I found this work of immense interest and importance.The compilation of historical accounts, wisdom proverbial insights, and thought provoking texts, along with descriptive and informative footnotes, are of great value.Explanations, including varying scholarly views depicting the material related in this book, are available for each of the 66 individual books of the Bible.This book is but one of the individual 66 books letters which were written by forty different authors over at least 1500 year [...]

    13. Cantar de los cantares, es conocido como el libro m s rom ntico de la Biblia, y en realidad hasta su t tulo es un tanto rom ntico Disfrute mucho leer este libro durante la poca en la cual celebramos el d a del amor aunque en realidad, Dios es amor, y esto es algo que debemos celebrar en cada momento de la vida Dios mediante quiero volver a leer a este libro pero haciendo un estudio m s profundo acerca de los distintos significados que tienen los mensajes que aque se encuentran.

    14. Edition read Giant Print Reference Bible KJV Classic book 22 7 pages I m so amazed by this edition I read this beautiful book several times before in German and Polish and struggled because I was never sure if I was able to determine the correct POV This edition includes in form of headings the person for all the verses and makes it so much easier to understand and enjoy the book so much .I m sure it s not the last time I read the book and now I m looking even forward for the in depth study I p [...]

    15. The book ends in a very open ended way Which is a lot like love There is always to be discovered and pursue in your beloved True love has no end and neither does this book

    16. First proper read for the preparation of an academic seminar Surprised by how much it is like a secular love poetry.

    17. La siguiente rese a se refiere a la edici n de El Acantilado del a o 2001Hay ciertos problemas est ticos, teol gicos, pr cticos, est ticos y morales, y ticos, y semi ticos, y semiol gicos y al enfrentarse con una nueva traducci n de alg n texto b blico, por suerte suerte el Canto sin rival nunca ha sido piedra de punto de pol micas interpretativas mayores aparte de la atribuida autor a , as que ciertos y m nimos cambios no afectan mucho su disfrute Sobre todo cuando casi todas las versiones de l [...]

    18. Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth, for thy love is better than wine, begins the King James version of The Song of Solomon The text confronts readers with the most erotically charged of all Bible books With sometimes scarcely veiled language, speakers in the book long for and offer themselves to each other I found him whom my soul loveth I held him and would not let him go, until I had brought him into my mother s house, and into the chamber of her that conceived me 3 4 I sleep, but my [...]

    19. I have heard two sermon series on the Song of Songs, both of which used the book as a sort of guide or example for dating, marriage, and sex Both of them left me unsatisfied and thinking that the preachers were not doing justice to the poems Likewise, many translations of the Bible seem to be hopelessly obscure to anyone without a commentary.So it s refreshing to read two translators who have taken the plunge and made a commitment to a particular interpretation Even if they may get things wrong [...]

    20. WrensReads Review Sidenote The reason for such vague and short and eh words on each of these books, is because I wasn t challenging the study of the Bible when I read these I was challenging myself to read the whole Bible in a year because I knew it would be discipline to keep at it daily I do, however, plan to pick up a book and study what it is saying Those will be longer reads and notes.So here is my review from my Read the Bible in a Year challenge Usually just snippets of thoughts and rand [...]

    21. Song of Songs is the twenty second book in the Bible It was written by Solomon and inspired by God Song of Songs is a piece of romantic poetry between Solomon and a woman he loved It tells how love should be mutual, not just one person chasing the other but with both individuals chasing each other Another point I received from this book is the importance of romantic love to God While often Christians focus on the love of God for the church or the caring for and less changing agape love this boo [...]

    22. Some good insights, but overall a fairly liberal approach to the book In just the first few chapters, they end up asserting that the Shulamite girl and the Shepherd boy were sleeping together before the marriage covenant was established It should be a good reminder to evangelicals that if you take the book to be an historical documentary love tale, then you are forced to accept that fornication is condoned by God Otherwise, you must take the story first and foremost as a love poem between Yahweh [...]

    23. Reads great, avoids the crass and prurient, and has helpful commentary, plus facing page Hebrew and English Argues for the lover and and beloved as unmarried Frequently resorts to the fantasy device for explaining things, especially related to Solomon and kingship, as in we re playing king and queen , but it never occurs to the Blochs to even suggest that the couple may be playing unmarried Both options really unmarried and playing unmarried be problematic to some level Beautiful and concise Wel [...]

    24. Read this mainly for the design of it But it s certainly poetic, and delightfully odd, and sensuous By night on my bed I sought him who my soul loveth I sought him, but I found him not I will rise now, and go about the city in the streets, and in the broad ways I will seek him whom my soul loveth I sought him, but I found him not.The watchmen that go about the city found me to whom I said, Saw ye him whom my soul loveth How beautiful are thy feet with shoes, O prince s daughter

    25. This is a new scholarly translation of the book The Song of Songs, including extensive notes on the translation, summary of the texts, commentaries, information about the author whatever is known , information about the historical setting of the author at the time of writing, etc.It is a very interesting read, and enlightens the reader much of the contents of this books song s really than any bible It gives the reader much about which to think.

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