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Project Cain By Geoffrey Girard,

  • Title: Project Cain
  • Author: Geoffrey Girard
  • ISBN: 9781442477018
  • Page: 125
  • Format: ebook
  • Jeff discovers he s a serial killer clone and he s got to track down others like him before it s too late in this Bram Stoker Award nominated novel, a thrilling YA companion to Cain s Blood.This dark, literary thriller is a story about blood specifically, the DNA of the world s most notorious serial killers, captured and cloned by the Department of Defense to develop a neJeff discovers he s a serial killer clone and he s got to track down others like him before it s too late in this Bram Stoker Award nominated novel, a thrilling YA companion to Cain s Blood.This dark, literary thriller is a story about blood specifically, the DNA of the world s most notorious serial killers, captured and cloned by the Department of Defense to develop a new breed of bio weapons The program is now in Stage Three with dozens of young male clones from age ten to eighteen kept and monitored at a private facility without any realization of who they really are Some are treated like everyday kids Others live prescribed lives to replicate the upbringing of their DNA donors All wonder why they can t remember their lives before age ten.When security is breached and the most dangerous boys are set free by the now insane scientist who created them, only one young man can help find the clones before their true genetic nature grows even horrific than the original models a fifteen year old boy, an every boy who has just learned that he is the clone of Jeffrey Dahmer.
    Project Cain Jeff discovers he s a serial killer clone and he s got to track down others like him before it s too late in this Bram Stoker Award nominated novel a thrilling YA companion to Cain s Blood This dark

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    1. I also now have no respect whatsoever for this author Guess what, Geoffrey Girard You just lost MANY readers But it s okay, guys Just watch Dora and SVU at the same time it s practically the same thing as reading Project Cain Also, it creeps me out that the If there were a party of good YA books about serial killers, Project Cain would be the creepy one standing outside the window, wanting to join them quote was said by me about this book on Twitter, not , so I m not exactly sure how he found th [...]

    2. Here s the thing This is apparently another author behaving badly and everyone thinks that he should die a fiery death If anything this seems like a case of an author using a negative review in a way to send a positive message to other writers In no part of his post does he personally attack or name drop and where other people are seeing condescension I m seeing a statement of fact so I m still willing to give him a chance If anything, the fact that his book is allegedly so markedly different t [...]

    3. I was lucky enough to read an early version of Project Cain, and can t get it out of my mind The core story is about a shy, bookish teen who must battle the monster he discovers hidden within his own DNA and join forces with a shadowy government operative to stop a group of similarly afflicted teens who ve embarked on a killing spree Layered in with this action is a haunting exploration of nature vs nurture and science vs soul told with emotion, authenticity and surprisingly touching humor A mus [...]

    4. The idea for this book was simply intriguing Say what The government takes dead serial killers and make clones OMG Where do I sign up to read it Yeah, but it was dull WHHHHHYYY take a brilliant idea and waste it There was absolutely no dialogue _ How do you write a book and not add dialogue Did you perhaps forget Maybe you were busy with other things like fishing or eating pizza I don t know and I don t get it.Jeff is on the run with a man who doesn t like him, the end, basically Nothing even ha [...]

    5. If you ve known me for a while, you re probably well aware of two things First, I am a very forgiving and easy to please reader who rarely dislikes a book enough to give it anything less than 3 stars Second, I love creepy stories, dark and disturbing premises and unsettling plots That being said, I have never read a book before with such fantastically blood chilling premise and such poor execution Project Cain had so much potential that was never realized, it would ve surely broken my heart, if [...]

    6. Geoffrey Girard s debut is two pronged There s CAIN S BLOOD, his adult novel, which I definitely want to read Then there s PROJECT CAIN, the YA novel, covering the same events from a different point of view They both focus on the hunt for six teenagers, all products of the same scientific experiment.The Cain duo has a high concept, ridiculous premise that s quite fun A government project cloned serial killers to try to create a group of killers they could use Some boys were treated normally, oth [...]

    7. In a word A creepy mystery that will keep you guessing, a main character with a totally unique voice, filled with true facts about serial killers, cloning and government conspiracies, and yes, you might have nightmares Ted Bundy Richard Ramirez Jeffrey Dahmer Jack the Ripper These horrifyingly familiar characters and others like them are all in Project Cain Sort of Actually, clones of these and other serial killers are the characters in Girard s young adult debut, a decidedly creepy story filled [...]

    8. Geoffrey Girard s Project Cain is not your typical teen fiction novel nor is it a book I d recommend for certain teens themselves due to topic This is the story of 16 year old Jeff Jacobson whose life is thrown upside down when he discovers that he s really only 8 years old is the product of Project Cain a secret government project that takes DNA from serial killers in his case Jeffrey Dahmer clones them in order to turn them into weapons When Jeff s father leaves him, he eventually ends up bein [...]

    9. I am a horrible reviewer BUT I do work for a local bookstore and received this book as an ARC I loved Project Cain and was shocked by it as well I think that although it will not appeal to some it will appeal to the masses of boys who need books to read It reminds me of Patterson and I also believe that if you put this book in a boys hand he sure as hell isn t going to run out and rape and kill someone I think alot of people are put off with the idea of boys men as being created down to the thei [...]

    10. Original Review Posted Here firestarbooks 2013Thank you Simon and Schuster Canada for providing this ARC for review First off, I want to say that I didn t know that there was this whole author blogger drama with this book And my rating towards this book have nothing to do with the drama that went on I only found out about the drama after I decided on the rating and saw other s ratings and found out.I was very excited to receive this book from SS Canada Who didn t liked a book involving serial ki [...]

    11. I finished this book literally in 3 days By reading the cover, you might get the impression of a young adult themed book In reality, it s much I feel like this story had some type of deep meaning behind all the characters and settings etc By reading this book, I ve suddenly become aware of all the problems and secrets what the government might be hiding Even tough all the theories and strategies in this book aren t real, I feel like they could be Since I m also interested in history and psychol [...]

    12. the big word of this book is creepy.but good, i thick i might even get cain s blood.just to have of the creepy good.

    13. This book got into my head The way that facts like stuff about Mendel and actual serial killers such as Jeffrey Dahmer are seamlessly woven into the fiction like serial killers being cloned by the government at least I m pretty sure this part is fiction cause the govt would never do anything like that, right right had me totally freaked out and wanting to put the book down to do some fact checking via Google and cause those sources are always correct, right , but instead of rushing to the intern [...]

    14. You think I m gonna read this book It is the readers that will make or break your possible success, Mr Girard.You just lost a potential reader and my respect for you.

    15. Holy cow Any book that can make me sympathize, care for, and love a clone of Jeffery Dahmer is a God in my book Geoffry Girard is a God.The characters are amazing and perfect My favourite line in the entire book, summing up the book perfectly in my mind Those monsters will never harm you again Castillo Brilliant The only thing I m not sure about is how Castillo escaped I wonder if this will be solved in Cain s Blood.

    16. Simply incredible Perfect for Conspiracy Theorists You cannot put this down It s raw and believable and horrifying and so altogether plausible.

    17. Ted Bundy, Richard Ramirez, Jack the Ripper and Jeffrey Dahmer Recognize these names They all make an appearance in Project Cain, in a round about way.Jeff Jacobson s life is about to be turned upside down He goes from being a somewhat normal teenager with a stable home life to fatherless and on the run from the men in the suits that want to kill him in a matter of hours His father shares a secret with him He is in fact only 8 years old and the clone of the noted serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer His [...]

    18. Update I had to change my rating to 1 star I thought 2 stars was being too generous Well maybe not Fine 1.5 stars I guess I was expecting a lot from the book and that s why I m so critical Jeff Jacobson is a sixteen year old living a relatively normal life when he finds out that he is a clone of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer To his surprise he finds out that there are other clones like him but of other serial killers around the country Sounds like an interesting read right I thought so too, that [...]

    19. Jeff Jacobson thought he was an ordinary kid That is until his father hands him a file about Jeffrey Dahmer and lets him know he isn t his son and he was created in a lab He is part of Project Cain and made of Jeffrey Dahmer s DNA He isn t alone there is many kids made of different serial killers DNA and now they have been turned loose by the man he thought was his father While some where raised in nice families the other projects were sent to live with families similar to what the original seri [...]

    20. This review can also be found here Let s start off by reading the description shall we Sounds amazing right That was the same thought I had when I first read it Starting the book however I quickly realized that wouldn t be the case I had to pretty much force myself to even finish this book despite my love for serial killer related things.The info dumping was a huge turn off for me It was pile upon pile of information just shoved at you and some of it I really didn t think mattered too much, case [...]

    21. Received as an ARC from the publisher It also came with the upside down reverse copy of the companion book Cain s Blood Started it on 9 10 13 Finished it on 9 13 13 Liked this one It s for YA but us old folk like it too Government military agency clones serial killers and then rears the boys in different environments to test nature vs nurture Everyone from Ted Bundy to Jeffrey Dahmer that last one well known in my area This book is told from the standpoint of one of Dahmer s clones Interesting w [...]

    22. I wanted a little from this book, but even that is a bit of a good sign It was good enough that I wanted it to be just a bit some of the fact that it was written for young adults limited the content Dahmer, was, of course, not simply beaten to death with a broom in prison, as most of us know I wonder what other details were lost on trying to keep it cleaner Although at the end of the book it does advertise an adult book through the eyes of another character, which will definitely be worth chec [...]

    23. Jeff Jacobson and his widowed scientist dad live a pretty normal middle class life until the evening that his dad shatters his world by telling him that nothing about his life to this point is true While Jeff has always believed his mother was killed in the same car accident that sent him into a coma and rendered his early memories fuzzy at best, his father tells him that this was a convenient backstory Jeff isn t actually 16 years old, but is a clone who was developed in a lab 8 years ago as pa [...]

    24. 4.5.Human clones made from the DNA of serial killers Now who wouldn t want to pick that up to read Jeff Jacobson was a 16 year old boy who was made only 8 years ago in a lab where he was constructed entirely from the DNA of Jeffrey Dahmer He wasn t the only one There were many clones made with the same DNA and other serial killers and they were born at different ages Each one had a different upbringing ranging from lab rats to ideal, loving homes to totally sick twisted ones All in the name of [...]

    25. So when I found out that I had won this book from naturally I was excited Its definitely something I don t usually read I read a few reviews on Project Cain before I got it and was a little worried that I wasn t going to like it I will say that some of them were right about the first part of this book being a information dump The thing I was most surprised about was even though there was a lot of info it wasn t hard for me to keep reading it It was definitely an interesting concept that Mr Girar [...]

    26. I almost put this down because I hate prologues and this book had a prologue and an introduction I m so glad I kept reading While it took me a few chapters to really sink into the story, I found myself eventually sneaking the book under my desk at work to read between phone calls The story is graphic than I originally thought it would be and there are some gorey bits but the story itself is fast paced and tense The only thing I would have adjusted is the head hopping chapters, I really just wan [...]

    27. What I loved most about this book was the research Geoffrey Girard did to create this book, it bordered on obsessive fact finding to me and I gotta love a writer for telling the truth in fiction Every horrible statisical detail His writing is superb and it was humbling to watch him write like a sixteen year old and then an adult in Cain s Blood It was pure writing talent The reason for the four stars was only for the slow movement in the middle of the story There were a few places in the middle [...]

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