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Are You Mine? By N.K. Smith,

  • Title: Are You Mine?
  • Author: N.K. Smith
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Human connection Who needs it Ever since she can remember, wealthy but weary Saige Armstrong has felt different from her peers in Pechimu, New Jersey With only one good friend to her name, she has navigated the complicated halls of high school and is now faced with the timeless question Now what Fox Harrington, a fun loving, socially charismatic graffiti artist uses hisHuman connection Who needs it Ever since she can remember, wealthy but weary Saige Armstrong has felt different from her peers in Pechimu, New Jersey With only one good friend to her name, she has navigated the complicated halls of high school and is now faced with the timeless question Now what Fox Harrington, a fun loving, socially charismatic graffiti artist uses his passions to color his world exactly how he wants it He knows exactly where his life is headed That is, until he meets Saige.A summer project links the two together, making a tentative friendship bloom into romance, but despite their affection for each other, fundamental beliefs and ways of thinking threaten to destroy all they have built.In this tender story of young love, N.K Smith delivers a striking tale of two people standing on the precipice of adult life.
    Are You Mine Human connection Who needs it Ever since she can remember wealthy but weary Saige Armstrong has felt different from her peers in Pechimu New Jersey With only one good friend to her name she has nav

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    1. Not everything has to be so serious, Saige Not everything has to be a joke, Fox Opposites attract Two people that are different in every single way and yet cannot resist the pull bringing them closer together This is the story of Saige and Fox, two young people on the brink of adulthood, but with very different attitudes towards the unpredictable future before them.Saige is not a people person She does not enjoy spending time with people nor does she make any efforts to make others like her, her [...]

    2. 4 Stars I highly enjoyed this book It was a nice stray from the norm and had some really good lessons in it about acceptance and assumptions I read it in one sitting and just fell in love with it It is one of those books that with writing alone is a Solid high rating, but with the extra special bits thrown in to make it a top rated in my book Not all authors can weave a story that not only draws you in, but invests you in the characters This is one of those books and N.K Smith is one of those Au [...]

    3. ARC Copy Kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review Review to Come Once book is released.8 4 13 This book was a SOLID 4 stars It was quite the enjoyable read The storyline was interesting enough to keep me intrigued throughout the whole book This is a coming of age love story Two people who are trying to find their way in the world after high school I think I had a smile on my face throughout the majority of the book I loved these two characters Fox and Saige were complex cha [...]

    4. i might getting overdose by epic romance side of Fox Harrington, such a gentleman though he is a dyslexic here, i give you the scene where the title of this novel comes from You want to say something, don t you This is one time she doesn t turn away from me I want to ask something, but I don t know how What s it about Um, you Me I look at her for a moment, then take out a clean sheet of paper With the nubby pencil, I start sketching, aware that she s watching my hands move over the page I d like [...]

    5. When Saige and Fox meet at a graduation party, they certainly don t seem like a likely couple They re leaving high school behind, but the labels they acquired from their peers still linger Fox was a popular guy, despite being held back in school, and Saige was the unfriendly loner, the stuck up rich girl But those labels rarely encompass the complex people beneath them.When Fox first approaches Saige, she s hostile and rude to him, but Fox doesn t get upset He s actually intrigued by her As fate [...]

    6. Are You Mine was a deep and emotional story that really delved into the idea of opposites attracting It was filled with love, hope, sadness and redemption Once I started I couldn t put it down because I was truly captivated by the characters and the journey they took with each other There was something special about watching Fox and Saige fall in love.Fox and Saige are two very opposite people but they end up being exactly what the other needs Fox is a guy with a million friends who everyone lov [...]

    7. There are books created just because then there are book written because a story NEEDS to be told, Are You mine Is one of them I love this book the story is one that touched me true and reached deep.Saige love the name just graduated high school and is in no hurry to make any decisions about her future Life has been cruel to her she became an orphan at the age of 11 after losing her father and her mother at age 5 Pain hurt and anger is all she knows so she shuts every one out to protect herself [...]

    8. Writing a review on a book you neither loved or hated can be quite difficult There are no strong emotions to express either way Don t get me wrong, I did enjoy this story, yet I was left slightly underwhelmed The plot was interesting, the characters had potential, but sadly it didn t quite get there.Saige Armstrong is a bit of an outcast She dislikes practically everyone she goes to school with, except her friend Myka, and they feel the same about her They see her as a loner, always negative and [...]

    9. Before reading Are You Mine , I signed up to reveal the coverd once I saw it, I was totally smitten The cover was cute and the description totally had me hooked, and boy, oh boy, did this book ever deliver I absolutely LOVED it D The characters were complex, and completely compelling and I loved getting to experience the story through both Fox and Saige DFrom the first moment we meet Saige, she seems bristly and downright mean, but then we meet Fox, this wonderful guy who is constantly smiling a [...]

    10. Complete review here sexandthebooks.wordpress 2Through all the story they balance each other Fox s funny side is what Saige needs in her life, so she can open up and stop being a bitch not my words to strangers And they grow up together A LOT It is great to see when two characters learn with each other and this book is all about learning to balance your feelings and how to balance your life and your choices.Saige is still undecided about her major in college and Fox is not going to college at al [...]

    11. For reviews visit livinginabookworldThe storyThe story is pretty simple but I think that s one of the best things about this book.The charactersSaige Armstrong has lost both her parents.She grew up with her grandmother but then she decided to live alone because she always felt that way.She has Myka,her best friend who is kind of obsessed,in a good way, with steampunk and Myka s boyfriend,Val.These two have been the only people she considers her friends for the last few years.Summer is finally h [...]

    12. With this novel Smith takes the transition between high school and college university and presents it in a very captivating light She brings forth a myriad of trials and challenges that an individual could face and shows how her characters can come out on top at the end As a reader you see and re live all of the trials and insecurities of a first real relationship, and of two individuals who haven t had the ideal childhood Smith very tactfully tackles some really tough and possibly uncomfortable [...]

    13. Saige Armstrong isn t easy to love For valid reasons, she s emotionally closed off, only letting a select few close enough to call them friends This makes her introverted, moody, and fairly unproductive despite having the monetary means to do anything and everything her heart desires The problem is she doesn t know what her heart desires, and she s in no hurry to find out because she s too afraid that as soon she finds it, it will be ripped away.Fox Harrington is one of those book boyfriends you [...]

    14. pagetrotter 2013 Giveaway Aug 29th 31st Oh man, this was such a sweet book for no other reason than Fox He is the sweetest most perfect boy in the world I m pretty sure every single teenager in the world has dreamed about him He s also perfect for Saige Saige is.h around the edges She walks around with pain like it s her toxic best friend that she is only still friends with because they ve known each other for so long She doesn t know how to shake it and she s not sure if she wants to There s co [...]

    15. So, I really, really enjoyed this book Saige is frustrating as hell, but I get her We all have our flaws and Saige has some pretty big ones, but you can t really blame her She s really a great character It was fun to watch this romance build and develop, especially with all the complications and Saige s reservations.Both of these characters have their issues, and it was so much fun watching how they influenced and helped each other grow They were both good and bad for each other but in a balance [...]

    16. The lives of Saige and Fox have not been pleasant by any means The ways they have dealt with the hand fate has given them are vastly different.Saige has one person in her life, her best friend Myka She has her writing, her independence, and plenty of money, but no direction in her life As a new high school graduate, Saige has not determined whether she should go live on the beaches of California or attend NYU with Myka When she bumps into Fox at a graduation party, everything changes and a new p [...]

    17. Not everything has to be so serious, Saige Not everything has to be a joke, Fox I love this book It was a new story It was a break from the other stories I like how the two protagonist are so different from each other yet found a reason to love each other I love the jokes they were corny and hilarious and Fox s nicknames to saige are just so sweet It broke my heart whenever Fox beg Saige to not break his heart The essence of the Title was heart warming It was such a good book it may not be the b [...]

    18. Emotional Romantic ReadI really enjoyed reading this book it had a lot of emotion and a lot angst but lots of love and laughter to I really didn t want the book to end saige was a very complicated character but also vulnerable as well I loved seeing her grow and how fox was her match in everyway such a swoon worthy hero only thing missing was an epilogue I just love me a good epilogue unless there s another book fingers crossed well done N K Smith def a fan

    19. This story is very enjoyable The only thing that kept it from being a 5 or even 5 in my book was that Saige only gets to be truly HAPPY for like 10 pages out of the whole book Even when she s with Fox, and there are happy things going on, she spends the whole book bracing for something bad to happen, and that s a little frustrating to read Highly enjoyed Fox, tho super sweet book boyfriend

    20. This book took me a good while to read, and I m not exactly sure why The story itself was interesting and I m not sure the blurb did it justice, however, Saige and Fox just didnt have the chemistry for me Add in the weird friends, and mental problems, and something just didnt click.

    21. This was a great romantic read N.K Smiths characters always have such rich characterization Both Saige and Fox do not disappoint There are layers to each of them, that make this an extremely gripping and emotional read.Thanks so much for the great read I loved it

    22. Great book Very Different kind of love You never know what a person is hiding protecting themselves from I LOVE FOX

    23. 3.5 starsNot my favorite N K Smith book but still a good one I really love how well she develops the characters and Fox is definitely one of my favorites

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