[E-Book] È Vampires Need Not...Apply? | By ☆ Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Vampires Need Not...Apply? By Mimi Jean Pamfiloff,

  • Title: Vampires Need Not...Apply?
  • Author: Mimi Jean Pamfiloff
  • ISBN: 9781455575763
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Paperback
  • This is book 4 in the New York Times and USA Today bestselling Accidentally Yours paranormal romance series Meet Dr Antonio Acero Heir to Spain s wealthiest family, world renowned physicist, and dedicated bachelor While on vacation in southern Mexico, Antonio discovers an ancient Mayan tablet Local legends say it contains magical properties, properties that could putThis is book 4 in the New York Times and USA Today bestselling Accidentally Yours paranormal romance series Meet Dr Antonio Acero Heir to Spain s wealthiest family, world renowned physicist, and dedicated bachelor While on vacation in southern Mexico, Antonio discovers an ancient Mayan tablet Local legends say it contains magical properties, properties that could put his stalling research on the map But is this really his lucky break When Antonio attempts to put the tablet to use, he ll discover that Fate has other plans Her name is Ixtab, and she s quite possibly the deadliest deity who ever lived.Approx 85,000 words The Accidentally Yours Series BOOK 1 Accidentally in Love witha God BOOK 2 Accidentally Married toa Vampire BOOK 3 Sun God SeeksSurrogate BOOK 3.5 AccidentallyEvil a Novella BOOK 4 Vampires Need NotApply BOOK 4.5 AccidentallyCimil a Novella Coming in January 2014 BOOK 5 AccidentallyOver Coming in August 2014
    Vampires Need Not Apply This is book in the New York Times and USA Today bestselling Accidentally Yours paranormal romance series Meet Dr Antonio Acero Heir to Spain s wealthiest family world renowned physicist and dedic

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    1. There is so much ooey goodness in this book I ll just have to give you a list and call it my review 1 The vampire army is taking a vacation at EuroDisneyugh place 2 Cimil is now a housemaid for an old vampire and spends her time ironing his many many capes Cimil is always fabulous 3 Vampires have a reason why they wear leather pants and they get a discount for buying in bulk.No, please no 4 There is an official list of Immortal Groveling Instructions for when you upset a deity, and it is both ep [...]

    2. Vampires Need Not Apply is the fourth book in the Accidentally Yours series by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff Everything is really ramping up in this book Not only are we still dealing with the issues of the existing characters from the previous books, we meet a new character And Cimil s devious actions have caused chaos in everyone s lives and may lead to the end of the world as we know it Meet Antonio Acero who is a physicist with many secrets Antonio s dreams are haunted by a woman s eyes and voice begg [...]

    3. Hilariously captivating This perfectly paced story will keep you on your toes laughing and guessing If you haven t read this series, I advise you to get all the books so far They ll hook you from the start with Mimi s accomplished witty and funny writing and each is unique in its own way.If you re up to date with the series, well doh You know you ll love it, what are you waiting for Written from multiple points of view that give you a better scope of the story, the characters get your attention [...]

    4. Don t you just love when the wealthy, brilliant, hot, handsome and confirmed bachelor with a self important attitude gets knocked down a few pegs, or maybe to his knees It s even better when the woman who does it is a deadly deity Vampires Need Not Apply by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff once again will give your face muscles the workout of their lives as you smirk, smile and outright guffaw at the antics and banter of her characters Can you imagine falling for the goddess of suicide, the girl with the dea [...]

    5. Arc provided by Net Galley for an honetst review Dr Antonio Acero wealthy, womanizing physicist while on a trip to Mexicois lead to a tablet said to allow for time travel and inter dimensional travel which he comes to believe may be the solution to his personnel problems.Since acquiring the tablet he keeps hearing a women s voice telling him to hurry that time is running out and having erotic dreams of having incredible sex with this turquoise eyed women While experimenting their is an explosion [...]

    6. Gods with ADHD Check Twists and turns Check Funny and quirky characters Check Wonderfully written, taking you and the next leg of this journey with gods, vampires and Vamp ubus or is it incu pires Mimi definitely know how to keep us interested, and the way she tells the story keeps your attention making it hard to put the book down.Now only waiting for Buy it, read it, and enjoy it

    7. Another fantastic instalment in the Accidently Yours series.This one is about Ixtab the Goddess of Suicide and Antonio the Vamp ubus or Incu pire It s getting hilarious as we near the apocalyse A lot happened in this book The Vampire army is still vacationing in Euro Disney and Cimil is ironing Roberto s capes yeah that had nothing to do with the Apocalypse Cimil s evil plans are all coming together nicely That Goddess is so unpredictableI have no idea how this is going to go down Penelope and [...]

    8. First off, if you love reading books that will make you LOL and I do mean literally Laugh Out Loud, to the point where you almost have tears running out of your eyes, you HAVE to check out this series I have been a fan since book 1 and I just have to say, they keep getting better and better with each book that comes out This book does not disappoint in any sense, the characters, the story, everything was just done amazingly well Ixtab, oh what to say about her I want to say that she s sweet and [...]

    9. The intriguing supernatural battle between good and evil keeps readers on the edge of their seats Dr Antonio Acero is trying to decode an ancient Mayan tablet that is rud to have magical properties that could put his research on the map But fate has other plans, Ixtab is quite probably the deadliest deity that ever lived and she needs him to use the tablet to open the portal and free the other gods.This steady to fast paced plot keeps readers guessing with lots of action, suspense, romance and s [...]

    10. Prologue Emma s grandma came propositioning for them to relase Chaam in exchange to forty of their most loyal vampire soldiers, the God of Death and War, aka Emma s fianc , and the General of the Vampire Army, aka Helena s husband.She only needed to get him through these first days as a vampire And orchestrate a rescue mission for the God of Death and War and the General of the Vampire Army And deal with the return of Emma s evil granny And figure out how to stop an impending apocalypse set to o [...]

    11. Book Review Vampires need not ly by Mimi Jean PamfiloffThis story picks up where the last one left off Kinich has been turned into a vampire and Penelope is the acting God of the Sun Kinich has to come to terms with being a vampire as he craves Penelope s blood He is a danger to her and decides to leave fleeing to New York The end of the world has been prophesized and the only way to stop it is to attack the Maaskab with the help of the Vampire army The group of gods also needs to rescue Voltun, [...]

    12. First and most importantly, note that this is book FOUR of a series If you haven t read books 1 3, you re going to be confused by all these people and sub stories going on If you have read them, continue on Vampires Need Not Apply is part of a unique and different paranormal series Yes, there are vampires, but there are also a host of ancient Mayan gods who have found their way to the modern world In this way the book reminds me of Neil Gaiman s American Gods Each of these characters has quirks [...]

    13. Vampires Need NotApply An Accidentally Yours Novel Mimi Jean PamfiloffReview from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.Well, I love paranormal romance, and this book seemed to have a bit of everything, Gods and Goddesses, Vampires, Prophecies and of course a host of secrets It s a series loved by many, and the host of 5 star reviews prompted me top try even though I ve not read earlier books Sadly though I guess its a Marmite book, you either love it or hate it, and for me it just didn t cut it Mimi has a [...]

    14. Have I mentioned that I love these books Because I absolutely do They are funny and wacky and filled with oodles of paranormal goodness The writing style is easy and witty, filled with the zany antics that only a bunch of gods and other paranormals can produce.This book was really a continuation of Kinich and Penelope s story, which was left hanging at the end of the previous book Does Kinich survive his transformation Will he beat up Zak The answers to all these questions and are answered in t [...]

    15. I probably would have never known this series existed if I hadn t received the invitation from NetGalley The mix of deities, vampires, and snarky humor immediately made me think of Sherrilyn Kenyon, but the comparison pretty much stops there I can t pinpoint exactly why, but regardless of those basic commonalities, this series has a very different feel than Kenyon s Dark Hunters Coming into the series mid way through is a little frustrating to my OCD tendencies, but Pamfiloff conveys enough back [...]

    16. I loved it Simply loved it All of the books are funny, entertaining, the story gets you and doesn t let go until you finish it and you want I was hungry to read itbut now I m starving for the next oned it ll be one painful wait that s for sure.I love Mimi Jean style, her super fun side, Cimil is so fun, and the guysmmy.I 110% recommend this series to anyone who wants to dive in a different world and have fun.Mimi Jean it s your fault that half my gym thinks I m a freak because I laugh so hard wh [...]

    17. I just love this I cannot get over Mimi Jean s quirky point of view and wonderfully crazy characters I pre ordered the book as soon as I heard it was coming out And this one Couldn t stop reading Like I said, this is the best yet in the series The new gods keep coming and making me laugh out loud I mean, The Goddess of Suicide is just delicious And, of course, there is Cimil What can I say Hysterically insane You just have to read the whole series.Can t wait for the next one for thoroughly enjoy [...]

    18. This couple is crazily adorable OMG i think I love Antonio x Ixtab the best their chemistry are so CUTE FUNNY kinda INNOCENT TOO OOOH the plot is getting exciting tooo LOL these book are so fun i haven t got any chance to review the books yet and from what i see, i probably won t until i finish the whole things.5 full stars for this very deliciously written book.

    19. Awesome Omg Mimi really knows how to keep you wanting Book was amazing, writing, characters, the suspense and drama of it all I don t ever want them to stop This is an absolute must read The whole series is Can t wait for the next one

    20. Loved it There was no surprise in this Mimi s stories are fun, full of ADHD personalities I can relate to, and with a plot that is never quite what you think it ll be I m excited yet sad to read the next novella and the last book Thank you Mimi

    21. My favorite book out of the entire series Well, so far This book is about Ixtab, the goddess of suicide and Antonio Ixtab is my favorite character because she seems to think logically and not lead with her emotions like the other female characters Ixtab struggles with her powers but at the same time, she loves bribing happiness to people Ixtab has been given the task to help Antonio open the portal Antonio has his own secrets and reasons as to why he needs the portal open Cimil is still Cimil an [...]

    22. Busy busy busy I recommend reading the short entitled Accidentally Evil just to give you a brief on two of the characters of this book And because it s a hoot This was a very detailed plot with, of course, all the characters we have come to love and laugh at With all the lose ends getting tied up comingmpires waking upd an old incubus, and a new one or twoI guess that would be Incubi I think incubuses sounds like a small foreign vehicleot toot I didn t think it could be pulled off well.gods I lo [...]

    23. Paranormal romance at it s bestIxtab and Antonio are yet another unlikely love story with characters you love to hateh withh at.but always root for in the happy ending Mimi has again weaved a hilarious, sexy and unexpected story that will quickly become your addiction Loved it Need NOW

    24. The title says it all Was I expecting Shakespeare Obviously not and this series is as silly as they come But I like the way this authors writes It s beyond far fetched but I keep on turning the pages Don t judge me

    25. I love these stories They are long but they keep your attention and sometimes they even make you laugh out loud good times Ps gotta love the triple stitching

    26. Posted on Les Romantiques Le forum du siteReviewed by FabiolaReview Copy from the PublisherVampires need not apply is part of a series in theory made up five volumes and named Accidentally yours The previous volumes are Accidentally in love with a god , Accidentally married to a vampire , Sun God seeks surrogate Accidentally over , last volume in the series announced by the author at the end of book 4, is due by next year The series has also two novellas Accidentally evil And Accidentally Cimil [...]

    27. This review and can be seen at gothicmoms I have yet to come across one book in this series that I dislike Its as though Pamfiloff has conjured Krestley Cole, Lynsay Sands, Sherrilyn Kenyon because if characters from different books could be related, Cimil would most definitely be at Simi and Nucking Futs Nix family reunion and Kerrilyn Sparks, and mixed them with the talented, darkly passionate brain that is all her Readers can feel the passion she has coming off in waves from each and every p [...]

    28. Review from Backchatting BooksDr Antonio Acero discovered an ancient Mayan tablet while on holiday What he doesn t know is that the ancient Mayan gods have been watching his attempts to decode it with interest They vote to send in Ixtab, the Goddess of Suicide, to keep an eye on him and remove the dark energy swirling around him They suspect unlocking the tablet will have great significance in their fight against the Maaskab but Antonio refuses to assist them.Antonio is obsessed with the woman i [...]

    29. I got this book from GCP via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.I hear a lot of good things about the author, Mimi Jean Pamfiloff and actually looking forward to read Accidentally in Love withA God when it will come out in printed book format in October 2013 yes, I still one of those people who really prefer to read a physical book But the opportunity comes and I have chance to read this book first, I decide to take it And it is a good decision Even this is the fourth book in the series, [...]

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