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Unsolved Serial Killings By R.J. Parker,

  • Title: Unsolved Serial Killings
  • Author: R.J. Parker
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 342
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Unsolved Serial Killings is a compilation of over twenty criminal dossiers on serial killers that were never caught, including The Zodiac Serial KillerThe Frankford SlasherThe Original Night StalkerRapid City Serial KillerThe Babysitter Serial KillerHighway of Tears Serial KillerI 70 I 35 Texas Serial Killerand many .
    Unsolved Serial Killings Unsolved Serial Killings is a compilation of over twenty criminal dossiers on serial killers that were never caught including The Zodiac Serial KillerThe Frankford SlasherThe Original Night StalkerRa

    One thought on “Unsolved Serial Killings”

    1. First off, I am a fan of RJ Parker s true crime writings I don t even bother to read the book descriptions before buying I ve read several other Parker ebooks and loved them, so I bought this one without thinking twice Unfortunately, I was disappointed for several reasons 1 The book starts out as serial killers for beginners The unsolved killings don t actually start until Chapter 8 Given the title, I felt that the extra information took up too many pages, given the short length of the book.2 A [...]

    2. I found this book very informative, tho some of this info I knew, there was a lot I didn t realize I had heard of some of these people, but there were many that I hadn t heard of I have a fettish for reading about true and fictional killers I have personally reseached several killers and this has given me to ck out Very well written Enjoyed

    3. I need to stop reading these short books.The stories were interesting being well known cases and all enough, but the way the author writes was really damaging to my perception of the book.

    4. I have to say that I am new to the world of true crime literature I have long had a romance with reality homicide shows, so I tried this book just to see how I would react The author delivers an informative look at the history of serial killers From the early days of The 1800s to present I cannot believe that the serial killer is that prevalent This is an indepth study that is set up as a case study style piece of literature that is great for an introduction into the world of crime literature Th [...]

    5. Considering that this is about UNSOLVED serial killings, I was disappointed that the first 40% of the kindle ebook is just random facts profiling is not almost always accurate and or helpful to police and tidbits based on captured killers.Then, when we finally get to the unsolved cases, the information is awfully light and undetailed In fact for two of the cases the police have ruled that there was no serial killer involved in the killings at all they were random murders with no connections.

    6. Each case is covered very briefly, and I was disappointed that they weren t covered in depth OK for strictly informational purposes, it s a bit cut and dried kind of like reading a short newspaper article on each crime Unfortunately, there isn t any back story or details of the people involved in either the investigation or the crimes themselves which is something that I find interesting Not a bad read, but if you re looking for something to really sink your teeth into, this isn t it.

    7. This was a free Kindle book, but not only was it much too short, it was put together like someone had been in a huge hurry to make it available The title did not fit the content at all most of the cases cited in the book were actually solved, although they tended to be some of the obscure, gory American cases in the country s history I am glad the book was free, because I would never have paid for something that was put together this poorly

    8. Short read and some interesting facts but overall written at a grammar school level Seemed as if written for a book report in school Maybe the book is written for children If you are looking for a brief introduction to serial killers then give it a read Props to the author for giving his books to service men for free.

    9. This book tells the truth about some of the most terrifying killers that got away It is hard to beleive that these men were never caught but truth be told they were just lucky enough to stay one step ahead of the police RJ always give the most detail available in all of his books and this one is no exception.

    10. As another reviewer noted, the author did seem to take most of his wordings straight from the pages of google One would think that as an author in the field of true crime, Mr Parker would have contacts and be able to supply his readers with some never before seen or heard knowledge in many cases, but again, he misses the mark of proving himself to be a credible author.

    11. This book had the potential to be good but the author fell short The only detail was in the classification of serial killers The rest was a very brief overview of different serial killers which could have used fleshing out to be mildly interesting.

    12. I love reading true crime books and this one does not disappoint It s interesting to read about unsolved cases There were many in this book that I did not know about.

    13. Short storiesvery good, quick read for people who like true crime storiesI will definitely check out his other crime books.

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