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Midnight Clear: A Novel By Kathy Hogan Trocheck Mary Kay Andrews,

  • Title: Midnight Clear: A Novel
  • Author: Kathy Hogan Trocheck Mary Kay Andrews
  • ISBN: 9780062280527
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Audiobook
  • In this heartwarming, suspenseful, and hilarious novel, Callahan Garrity and the outrageous band of girls in her Atlanta cleaning crew join together during the Christmas rush to prove that her trailer trash brother didn t kill his even trashier estranged wife.It s a few days before Christmas, and sometime sleuth full time cleaning lady Callahan Garrity has things under cIn this heartwarming, suspenseful, and hilarious novel, Callahan Garrity and the outrageous band of girls in her Atlanta cleaning crew join together during the Christmas rush to prove that her trailer trash brother didn t kill his even trashier estranged wife.It s a few days before Christmas, and sometime sleuth full time cleaning lady Callahan Garrity has things under control for a change, until her ne er do well brother, Brian, shows up He s kidnapped his toddler daughter, Maura, from his estranged wife, a vengeful shrew with the law on her side.When his ex wife is found dead, the cops suspect Brian To save her brother and her holiday, Callahan, along with her irascible mom, Edna, and a gaggle of House Mouse employees, will crisscross yuletide Atlanta, going everywhere the search for truth leads.
    Midnight Clear A Novel In this heartwarming suspenseful and hilarious novel Callahan Garrity and the outrageous band of girls in her Atlanta cleaning crew join together during the Christmas rush to prove that her trailer

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    1. A light murder mystery surrounded by the custody of a child Not really a Christmas book but it was timed around the Holiday Season A Mother in Law takes on the responsibility of protecting her granddaughter from her Mother, who has less than any moral compass when it comes to the welfare of her child When the Mother is found murdered everyone involved in the sweet child s life becomes a suspect Callahan Garity, her aunt, is a retired PD officer and private detective so understandably she is on t [...]

    2. I m almost certain I read this book in its first publication under the author s other name, Kathy Hogan Trocheck So if you, like me, have a little trouble remembering titles after 10 or years have gone by, check before buying However, if you haven t read the Callahan Garrity series by Trocheck, which are now being republished in paperback as by Mary Kay Andrews, you are in for a treat and I highly recommend it All the great humor and characters you love in Andrews books, with a little detectiv [...]

    3. I LOVE this author and I LOVE Hillary Huber s amazing ability to sound like all the characters I ve listened to almost every book in this series and I m never disappointed Warning this book does have some bad language No explicit sex scenes Just so you will know what to expect I normally am offended by bad language and this series doesn t usually have a lot of it This book deals with a lowlife brother and the language is pretty much isolated to his rants It serves to make Jules brother seem like [...]

    4. Review of the audiobook.This is the second last book in the series and it makes me quite sad that the series is ending The characters are great, the plots change with each book this one involves a custody battle along with past and present murders While sometimes you get a good idea of WHO, you don t know why so it leaves you questioning what you believe.This is just a good, strong series of mysteries.

    5. Did not Finish Only got about 20% in, I can t stand the bad grammar that just repeatedly slaps you across the face in each section of dialogue And I have no sympathy for the main characters, the whole plot line is dumb This just isn t for me.

    6. I felt the last few chapters were very rushed Just trying to finish the book Our book club was looking for an easy read for December and this certainly fit the bill but I think we could have found something a bit better Really like this author as Mary Kay Andrews but haven t enjoyed as much under this name with this character.

    7. Didn t grip me I did appreciate the treatment of the difficult issue of children and unfit mothers parents So tricky for of course the child still loves the mom or dad The mystery wasn t much, and I wasn t having much fun being with Callahan in this one I need the humor to get me through and it was pretty sparse here.

    8. I didn t get to the see the cleaning staff in this one as much as in the others, but it was still a good book I really like this series and I wish there were of them.

    9. GreatAlways a great story with lots of guessing Keeps you on your toes with your nose in the book Unsuspected ending.

    10. This was the best one so far I really love these characters and I truly felt for them through the entire story.

    11. This book was originally published in 1998.It was fun to read a mystery where they had to actually go talk to suspects, go in person to pull records, call a beeper number to track down a lawyer.A good Christmas mystery I haven t read any other books in this series, but the author does a nice job of filling in new readers to the key back stories I actually liked the style of writing and character development of Callahan Garrity et al, than any of the recent Mary Kay Andrews books I ve read.

    12. This is my first Callahan Garrity book I liked the book Callahan Garrity, was a police detective She got out of that career to open a cleaning business and get her P I license She lives with her mom She has a friend named Max who likes to build doll houses for little girls and give back rubs to tired big girls.The time is before Christmas Mom Edna and Callahan are getting ready for a Christmas party for Garrity s employees At the door is Brian Garrity with his daughter Mora Mora is 3 years old a [...]

    13. I found this book to be captivating than many of the others in this series It is unique in that this mystery is personal to Callahan and to top it off deals with an adorable child You have to know what happens to the little girl and I for one was never quite sure who the culprit was There have been times I ve thought the series was too boring to continue, but I m glad I held on.This book also spoke to me because I can greatly sympathize with Callahan and her relationship with her brother, thank [...]

    14. When Callahan s estranged brother Brian shows up at her home, he brings a surprise a small daughter named Maura Callahan and her mother Edna weren t even aware that Brian had married and were further shocked that his ex wive is someone they know and never liked Brian is not forthcoming about what has happened in the ten years he has been missing, but Callahan learns that a custody hearing is quickly approaching She decides to try to find some evidence to help Brian gain custody of the child who [...]

    15. I am enjoying the Callahan Garrity series and have one to go have not read them in order They could be a standalone however, once you start reading them, you will want to read them all to learn the crazy colorful southern characters.Again, Callahan solves a mystery as she has a nose for being digging and finding clues to get her murderer she owns a cleaning service House Mouse as well as being a PI former cop This time the investigation hits home as involves her long lost brother Brian, his 3 y [...]

    16. It s Christmas time, and what better gift than to have all the family gathering for Christmas Unless one of the family members is a long lost brother who shows up unannounced with his previously unknown three year old daughter his kidnapped daughter, that it Before Callahan can fully appreciate this family reunion, her brother s beyond trashy ex wife is found murdered, and her brother becomes quite a person of interest to the cops If things aren t complicated enough, a custody battle ensues, wit [...]

    17. Midnight Clear is the latest recently re released book in the Callahan Garrity series from the 90s This book has all the ingredients of the other novels in the series that make it easily digested a murder occurs that hits close to home for Callahan When her brother s estranged wife turns up dead, all fingers point to Callahan s brother Even Callahan has her doubts about his involvement, but ultimately she believes he had nothing to do with it and starts investigating the circumstances and eviden [...]

    18. 7 in the Callahan Garrity series set in Atlanta, Georgia, about a 30 something owner of a cleaning service and an investigation service I thoroughly enjoyed the sense of family in this story set at Christmas The sense of forgiving and dealing with all the problems in an imperfect family In this adventure, long lost brother Brian returns home with his 3 year old daughter The plot thickens when Brian s wife, Shay, is found stabbed to death Then a retired detective decides that this case is like a [...]

    19. library audiobook, plot summary elsewhere A bit better than others in the series Still, some plot points didn t make sense why would the bad girl s mother s lawyer live in such a squalid apartment with the daughter Why are the trashy mother daughter combo so attractive to men Who laid the beating on the bad girl, putting her in the hospital After some reflection, I decided the 3 year old daughter was behaving somewhat like my 3 1 2 year old grandson, which is pretty cute I really like the narrat [...]

    20. Apparently the publishers have recently reprinted the House Mouse series originally written under the pen name of Kathy Hogan Trocheck I think I read most of those quite a few years ago but I don t remember this one Callahan s long lost brother Brian arrives on their doorstep a few days before Christmas with an early gift his three year old daughter Maura The only issue He s in the middle of a divorce from Maura s mom and she had full custody of the child It gets worse from there Well crafted as [...]

    21. I hadn t realized that it was number 7 of a series Anyway, it is a mishmash of humor, gore and family drama Callahan Garrity is an interesting character former police officer, owner of a cleaning service, breast cancer survivor This is the story of the murder of her long lost brother s ex wife, Shay Her brother Brian is a prime suspect, and Shay Brian s 3 year old daughter, Maura is up for grabs in a custody battle A quick, entertaining readm though I m not sure if I ll look for others in the se [...]

    22. When Callahan s brother shows up with his daughter Maura, it isn t the happy family reunion you d expect.Brian doesn t have legal custody of Maura and fearing for her safety, has taken her from her mother Shay Edna Callahan agree to watch Maura until Brian can arrange custody but then Shay is found stabbed to death and Brian is the number 1 suspect Now it s up to Callahan to prove to the police AND herself, that Brian is innocent.

    23. I think this is my first from this author and, once again I started to read a series from the middle.This one should really get 3.5 stars since it was pretty good and kept me guessing.What I liked most is that most of the characters are basic, regular people that get mixed up in things beyond their control, but somehow get it to work out The main characters does not pretend to be the smartest person in the room and even mistakes are made That down to Earth type made me like it even .

    24. I really liked this one Although they read kind of funny because they were written in the 90s, I really do like these Callahan Garrity mysteries I actually like them much better than Janet Evanovich s Stephanie Plum novels they don t seem like the same story over and over again, as those ones do To be fair, these aren t the light fluffy chick lit that we love from Mary Kay Andrews, but they are fun mysteries Looking forward to reading the rest of them

    25. It s Christmas in Atlanta when Callahan s black sheep brother shows up after being gone for ten years He s not alone, either He s got his three year old daughter with him Seems he s kidnapped her from the mother When the mother shows up dead soon after, he s the prime suspect Then there s the matter of who gets custody It s all a big mess.The book is filled with great characters and has a fast pace I enjoyed it.

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