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The Dark Winter By DavidMark,

  • Title: The Dark Winter
  • Author: DavidMark
  • ISBN: 9780857389206
  • Page: 471
  • Format: ebook
  • Hull, northern England Two weeks before Christmas Three bodies in the morgue The victims each a sole survivor of a past tragedy killed in the manner they once cheated death Somebody is playing God And it falls to DS Aector McAvoy to stop their deadly game.
    The Dark Winter Hull northern England Two weeks before Christmas Three bodies in the morgue The victims each a sole survivor of a past tragedy killed in the manner they once cheated death Somebody is playing God And

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    1. This is a dark, bleak and atmospheric police procedural with a strong sense of location in Hull It is a rain sodden, grim and rundown city in economic decline with high unemployment It is the first in the series and we are introduced to DS Aector McAvoy, a happily married man with a young son, Fin He is a man with an immense physical presence, but is a gentle with an inner geek and a strong intuition After a turbulent past as a whistleblower, which has made him few friends, he is looking to keep [...]

    2. I really liked Aector McAvoy He s a Scotsman, a gentle giant, pensive He deeply loves his wife and absolutely knows how lucky he is that she loves him, too A past incident involving bringing down a superior is alluded to that caused Aector to become mostly tied to his desk His current supervisor, Trish Pharaoh, believes in him, calls him natural police because he has good instincts and a strong sense of justice There are three seemingly unrelated murders until Aector susses out the connection He [...]

    3. Christmas is approaching in the middle of a bleak, depressing winter Detective Sergeant Aector McAvoy works in Hull, a bleak, depressing town in East Yorkshire While braving the outdoors with his young son one afternoon, Aector hears screams coming from the town s cathedral He races to the church doors only to be bowled over by an assassin wielding a machete Aector, though a large man himself, is momentarily incapacitated and the assassin escapes, leaving behind in the cathedral the body of a yo [...]

    4. not quite 4 stars like 3.5, but only because I felt the epilogue in this novel was so not necessary The rest of the novel, for the most part, was very well done, considering that this book is the author s first foray into the world of novel writing I ve done a longer reviewelsewhere if you re interested, but here s the gist The crime fiction I read the I think I m starting to see it all, but that s not at all the case in The Dark Winter, by David Mark Sure, you ll find some of the same charact [...]

    5. Three bodies are in the morgue in Hull, East Yorkshire each of them a sole survivor of a past tragedy Someone is playing God, targeting the people who have once cheated death It is up to Detective Sergeant Aector McAvoy to try and stop them In the depths of The Dark Winter, driven by need for justice will he find himself on the wrong side of the killer s blade Aector McAvoy is an unlikely hero he is of an office worker than an investigator and you get the feeling he would comfortable on a comp [...]

    6. 3.5 For a debut fiction novel this is a very good police procedural Definitely character based as the main character McAvoy has a very moral sense of right and wrong, he is not satisfied with east answers but wants the truth Has an interesting home life as well Different threads of the story eventually connect and the trail McAvoy follows is not without personal cost Really enjoyed following the trail and I did not guess the who done it Look forward to his next outing which I will be watching fo [...]

    7. 3 starsI really enjoyed this book, the first of my December holiday reads for 2016 Had never heard of it before someone nominated this debut novel for a group read for one of the GR groups I belong to Christmas plays a very minor role in this murder mystery, or I should say murders mystery Several seemingly unrelated murders are committed around Christmastime Some take place in Hull, Yorkshire, England where DI McAvoy works and some are further afield He is witness to one for which he is then as [...]

    8. Received from First Reads Let me state by way of context that I am a fussy crime reader, it s a genre I enjoy but find I can often be disappointed by what I pick up.Having read a couple of let down crime novels recently I gave myself a bit of a breather before reading this, as I wanted to approach it with a properly open mind I am glad I did because it is a really good read David Mark has an excellent writing style and has crafted his characters with a lot of enjoyment and empathy, refusing to f [...]

    9. David Marks debut novel about a series of seemingly unrelated murders that are being investigated by, among others, Detective Sergeant Aector McAvoy, is a a winning police detective novel in the tradition of Ed Mcbain, but set in Hull, England Like many a police procedural, Marks has the police follow the clues to the killer by old fashioned police work and intuition Reading the flyleaf may clue us into the plot of the story, but the detectives must follow the actual clues to find the murderer.M [...]

    10. I received a digital copy of this book from Netgalley and the publishers Blue Rider Press.McAvoy, works in the North England city of Hull as a Detective Sergeant While on an outing with his young son, McAvoy witnesses the brutal murder of a young black girl As a witness and a detective, McAvoy wants to plunge right into the case But, there are some issues First of all he is called away to inquire about a man that disappeared on a voyage This is mere political stuff since the man s sister s husba [...]

    11. There s a new cop in the English city of Hull No sooner does he start his job than he views a 15 year old Somalian adopted girl being slash down in their central church He has even seen the hooded slasher But is he a serial killer Seems that survivors of fatal incidents are being murdered Thus starts this gruesome murder mystery with a unique plot for a murderer.Perhaps some of the best parts are the development of the characters Aector McAvoy is definitely an experienced cop, and rumors abound [...]

    12. David Mark has done a terrific job with his first novel, creating a likeable and compelling hero in DS Mcavoy Rather rare for crime fiction, Mcavoy is a happily married family man, a gentle giant and from the start you are rooting for him to crack the case the case being several murders The victims have all previously survived horrific incidents and are now being killed in the manner in which they would have died originally The case itself is intriguing and the pacing of the novel is spot on The [...]

    13. I thoroughly enjoyed Dark Winter by David Mark I think I went into it with pre conceived idea s on what to expect, but Mark very quickly turned all that on its head I was expecting dark and hard boiled Some stereotypical traits What I got was a DS who was real and human and had a warmth about him A warmth in contrast with a cold hard environment I loved how this worked The sense of place is incredibly well drawn and you can feel the cold and the emptiness of a low economic climate area, where pe [...]

    14. Sergeant Aector Hector McAvoy is a mass of contradictions He is a large muscled cop with the capacity both for great gentleness and in this case physical intimidation He is an honest cop who cares too much about justice in the eyes of his colleagues, who resent his having taken down a crooked superintendent the year before He stays idealistic, though treated badly by his superiors And then comes a case in which all of his strengths and weaknesses come into play It is actually several cases the d [...]

    15. This is a cop procedural set in Hull in East Riding of Yorkshire The main character is DS Aector McAvoy a huge man with some insecurity issues.This is a first book I think but it is well written and doesn t feel like a first book It is set in a run down town in a time of recession This resonated with me as the locations were ones I knew and were similar to many in which I have been brought up The author describes the run down buildings, the unemployment and the depression, very well His descript [...]

    16. It got off to a very promising start with the initial murder in the church The introduction of characters were drip fed through, and we grew to know them quite well For me, however, everything to do with the trawler accident bored me a little, but that s just personal taste, it just isn t my bag The atmosphere and settings were captured well, it was grey, very grey, all different shades of grey Just as you would imagine It did slow down, which is probably why it took me as long as it did to read [...]

    17. I almost gave The Dark Winter 5 stars, but something bothered me about the ending of the book that I can t quite figure out yet It may be because I read book 4 in this series, Taking Pity, first I regret that now Most of the books I read are in ebook form and borrowed via the Overdrive library app I will have to exercise patience and put books on hold in order to read them in sequence.I also wondered why the back story of Aector McAvoy s conflict with other detectives wasn t dealt with in deta [...]

    18. I won Sorrow Bound, book 3 in this series, last summer, and liked it This is book 1 in the series and the debut novel for this author I enjoyed this one also I give it 3.5 stars rounded up to 4 This book revolves around a series of murders which only Detective Aector McAvoy puts together The 1st murder takes place in Hull and McAvoy is just outside the church murder scene He rushes into the church upon hearing a scream, only to be attacked by the killer.There is some character development that h [...]

    19. First in a series featuring a large, brooding Scottish policeman based in the economically depressed city of Hull, England This book hit so many marks that usually drive me up a wall It was written in the present tense, had both a prologue and an epilogue, and overall just was written in an overdramatic style However, it was a fast read, the plot, though highly implausible, kept me turning the pages, and I found the lead character, Detective Sergeant Aector McAvoy, quite different than most.

    20. Hi,The score on this book is between 3 to 4.Why, well it took quite a few chapters to get into this book In fact about half way through the book, and became very interesting and the story and twists starting to all come together.The second half of the book was much exciting and grippinggardsSean

    21. I was ill with the flu and had been signed off for the week so was looking for a book to take my mind off of how poorly I was feeling and to tied me over until I went back to work and off to the library to pick up my next book which I had reserved I d bought this a couple of years ago and saw it laying there, it was about the right length so thought this ll do nicely.It s the first in the Aector McAvoy series so I didn t know what to expect The book started lively, the murder of a young girl fro [...]

    22. I am not usually a big fan of crime mystery thrillers but, as you may have noticed, I am working my way through the books available for 20 pence via s Kindle store and this was one of the options available to me To say that I downloaded several other books and read them first after acquiring this probably tells you all you need to know about my relationship with the genre It will, therefore, come as somewhat of a surprise when I reveal that I absolutely loved the book from start to finish So muc [...]

    23. First Sentence The old man looks up, and for a moment it feels as though he is staring through the wrong end of a telescope.An old man is telling a journalist the story of how he survived the sinking of a trawler thirty years ago They take a break and he disappears only to be found dead later in a lifeboat off the coast of Finland Det Sgt McAvoy is sitting at an outdoor caf with his son when they hear panicked screaming from the church across the way As he arrives, he barely being struck by a bl [...]

    24. Dark Winter by David Mark, is a debut novel and the first in a series A British police procedural mystery set in Hull, a port city in North Eastern England, this series features a protagonist who has the character to see us through several books I only hope he does.Aector McAvoy Hector is a transplanted Scot, a family man with a pregnant wife and a young son He is larger than life, both in physical size and moral character Blessed with a fine tuned acuity for noticing connections between events, [...]

    25. I wasn t fond of this book Set in the port city of Hull, England, Detective Sergeant Aector McAvoy is a whiz on computers and though he is huge and looks intimidating, I found him to rather wimpy and boring This dull officer is married to Roison and they have a 4 year old named Fin and a baby on the way What was the author high on when he named these people McAvoy s boss is a woman named Pharoah.The book is written in the most annoying present tense manner which seems awkward and way too noticea [...]

    26. Set in the city of Hull, this debut mystery thriller from crime reporter David Mark introduces us to Detective Sergeant Aector McAvoy, whose imposing built is totally at contrast to his quiet and gentle demeanour, a happily married man who is comfortable sat at his computer trying to find leads in police related cases We know he is not popular with his colleges, due to blowing the whistle on a former case involving police corruption, but not given to much information, and I feel we will learn [...]

    27. David Mark brings Hull screaming and kicking to violent life in his debut novel The Dark Winter A police procedural novel that is drawn with vivid characters and stark deacriptions Detective Sergeant McAvoy is a troubled character The author eludes to past events that have left McAvoy out in the cold and untrusted by colleagues Events that led to the dismissal of a senior officer The air of mystery suurounding McAvoy is one of the most endearing things about the novel and Mark uses it to good ef [...]

    28. This was really quite a good thriller, a debut novel done very well I had a few problems with it along the way, but overall it was definitely worth reading, almost a page turner, with some intriguing characters.The present tense prose is unusual, and sometimes it would flow well, but sometimes it would feel just a little jarring The characters were well drawn, although sometimes I felt, quite unsually, that there was a little bit too much of the inner angst from our main protagonist McAvoy.I qui [...]

    29. What do an elderly man who survived a trawler accident in 1968, an adolescent girl adopted from war torn Sierra Leone, and an alcoholic former arsonist have in common The police don t know yet but someone has decided that since these individuals didn t die when they should have, they will die now each in the way that they had each earlier survived So the old man dies of exposure off Iceland the young girl is murdered in church, in front of the congregation, priests, and acolytes, by machete the [...]

    30. This is one of the best debut crime novels I ve seen in many years, with excellent characterisation and enough twists and turns to keep even the most impatient of readers interested from beginning to end.The author s background as a journalist shines through in the descriptions of Hull and of events, which are shockingly graphic at times, as well as in the fast pace of the story The plot is imaginative and the theme of the murders is original enough for Dark Winter to stand out from the crowd.Ho [...]

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