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Calico Joe By John Grisham,

  • Title: Calico Joe
  • Author: John Grisham
  • ISBN: 9780345541338
  • Page: 143
  • Format: Paperback
  • Grisham knocks it out of the park The Washington Post It s the summer of 1973, and Joe Castle is the boy wonder of baseball, the greatest rookie anyone has ever seen The kid from Calico Rock, Arkansas, dazzles Chicago Cubs fans as he hits home run after home run, politely tipping his hat to the crowd as he shatters all rookie records Calico Joe quickly becomes the id Grisham knocks it out of the park The Washington Post It s the summer of 1973, and Joe Castle is the boy wonder of baseball, the greatest rookie anyone has ever seen The kid from Calico Rock, Arkansas, dazzles Chicago Cubs fans as he hits home run after home run, politely tipping his hat to the crowd as he shatters all rookie records Calico Joe quickly becomes the idol of every baseball fan in America, including Paul Tracey, the young son of a hard partying and hard throwing New York Mets pitcher On the day that Warren Tracey finally faces Calico Joe, Paul is in the stands, rooting for his idol but also for his dad Then Warren throws a fastball that will change their lives forever 1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER An enjoyable, heartwarming read that s not just for baseball fans USA Today Grisham has hit a home run Calico Joe is a great read, a lyrical ode to baseball, small town America, youthful innocence and a young boy s search for heroes The Buffalo News A pleasure Suffice to say Grisham knows his way around the ballpark as well as he does a courtroom The Washington TimesIncludes an excerpt of John Grisham s The Racketeer
    Calico Joe Grisham knocks it out of the park The Washington Post It s the summer of and Joe Castle is the boy wonder of baseball the greatest rookie anyone has ever seen The kid from Calico Rock Arkansas

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    1. The blurb on the front of the book reads the great American storyteller meets our national pastime I remember when Calico Joe came out The Cubs were in the midst of another losing season and the radio announcers had John Grisham in their booth to discuss his new baseball book I did not get around to reading it until now, and of course I finished in 3 hours, as it s the time of year where I binge on baseball books Paul Tracey receives a phone call from his father s current wife that his father Wa [...]

    2. The greatest triumph in today s popular fiction could be the equal success John Grisham gets from his deepest hatred and his richest love Most know that Grisham the author of a number of good and best selling legal thrillers hates the law Or precisely hates the act of lawyering Fewer probably know that Grisham loves baseball He coaches his son s teams and gives mightily to building fields of dreams in both Virginia and, his native, Mississippi.With Calico Joe, Grisham tells a wonderful story ab [...]

    3. 4.5 stars.John Grisham, obviously, is a very accomplished writer of tense legal thrillers, all of which are best sellers Every once in a while, he strays from that genre and writes simply fantastic day in the life type books of which I can t get enough This is one of those books, and fits right along with Playing for Pizza and A Painted House Those two books weren t well received, but for some reason, I like those a whole lot that the legal thrillers There s something about how he captures emot [...]

    4. Fan of baseball Not a fan of baseball Doesnt matter this book is a must read This is so much than a book about baseball It s about family, heartache, broken promises, disappointments, growing forgiveness and resiliance You ache for Paul Tracey, his sister and Mom You are so so disappointed in his father, MLB pitcher, Warren Tracey He is far from a role model even farther from father of the year How could this emotionally charged story have a positive ending what s the saving grace Grisham [...]

    5. Calico JoeJohn GrishamCALICO JOE is not like any other John Grisham book I have ever read It is a story about fathers and sons and forgiveness and letting go of events in the past My husband is a life long Cubs fan and I pulled him right in with the story of Calico Joe Paul Tracey gets a call from his father s current wife His father Warren is dying He was an okay pitcher for the New York Mets back when Calico Joe was playing for the Cubs He was a horrible father and was very abusive to his wife [...]

    6. John Grisham has hit this one out of the park It isn t masquerading as rocket science it is simply a tender tale of baseball, told with all the glory, and even the horror, that sometimes may accompany the game.It is hard to know, at first, if this book is for adults or young adults, especially because of the cover which appears a bit juvenile, but perhaps it is for both, even though the subject matter may get dicey, with the inclusion of a dying parent who has also been physically abusive and sa [...]

    7. I feel like I should preface this review by saying that I don t like baseball, in fact I think I would rather watch paint dry, it is just as exciting So it was with great trepidation that I picked up this book and how very surprised by how much I loved this book by the end The book isn t really about baseball, it just happens to be the catalyst for many of the actions in the book.I really liked the dual time periods in the book, the start of Calico Joe s red hot career, his down to earth attitud [...]

    8. I enjoyed this story and would have marked it higher if only there was less details on baseball Maybe it would have worked better for me if it was based around a sport I am familiar with On the positive side there were some excellent characters and the plot was solid but a little simple Another John Grisham novel that is a change from the court room classics he is known for.

    9. Calico Joe is a pleasant parable on the vicissitudes of life in professional sport, where one decision made in the heat of the moment can destroy a promising career, and also on the holding of life long grudges, forgiveness and redemption I ve long been a fan of Grisham s courtroom and legal novels, and although this is a stark departure from that genre, I enjoyed the book very much.The author handles Calico Joe with compassion and a distinct lack of hyperbole Centered around a baseball player w [...]

    10. A MUST READ for all baseball fans Brings back memories from your own favorite teams Cincinnitti pitcher hitting Cardinal s Pujols on his broken wrist last year remembrance for me We all love our teams and players I happened to finish this book on Friday, April13, when the Cubs beat my Cardinals 8 5, when one of our great pitchers, Wainright, pitched on comeback from Tommy John s surgery I so wanted him to do great So, we all have our great memories Hitting on the head terrible Really enjoyed hea [...]

    11. The place where this book failed was at the beginning.Grisham, a gifted writer of course, made a choice to write in the point of view of a boy whose father is a baseball player, and has since grown up Much of the book is this man looking back about events and decisions that happened around his father especially one event inside baseball.The problem with choosing this point of view is that everything the boy saw and remembered later was from the outside from the stands, from far away I already kn [...]

    12. This was a pleasant read I like baseball, so that made it easy It wasn t a page turner in classic Grisham sense, but I read through it pretty quickly anyway I wasn t on the edge of my seat, which is why the word pleasant came to mind just pleasurable reading Despite the potential for sentimentalism there really wasn t anyway it was almost as if the son was disinterested in the whole thing, not as in, not interested, but removed from being concerned about the consequences Just thought that gettin [...]

    13. Book read for Book Discussion groupI loved this story This is, at heart, a story of fathers and sons Although the father in this story was a pitcher for the Mets, he wasn t the made for TV professional player he made terrible decisions at home and on the field His son, Paul, discovers that his father is dying of cancer He doesn t want to try to mend fences between them, it s far too late for that, but he would like his father to apologize to Calico Joe His father intentionally threw a pitch at J [...]

    14. I like to assign the tag 24 hour read to books that only take me a day to get through Calico Joe falls into that bunch, but in reality it only took me about 18 hours with a night of sleep thrown into the mix You do the math A quick book that, overall, kept me interested and engaged.I guess I ll start with the reasons this book earned 4 stars I like the story I like looking into the father son relationship, especially when it s rocky and tumultuous Unfortunately, I can very much relate, so I felt [...]

    15. It s not my kind of book because it was sad and depressing But it was well done if you like this genre.Most of the book has me thinking about the terrible tragedy view spoiler of a young baseball star Joe who was injured with permanent brain damage This was done on purpose by a malicious pitcher who wanted to hurt Joe The publisher s summary mentions forgiveness and redemption, so I confirm that this happens hide spoiler But it didn t feel good to me It felt too little too late There is also a s [...]

    16. This short book only 4 1 2 hours of listening packs a punch on many levels It alternates between the summer of 1973 and present time and is a story about baseball fans and players, fathers and sons, redemption and forgiveness Paul Tracy, the son of a Mets pitcher, tells the story from the vantage point of his 12 year old self and from his 40 ish married father of two self Calico Joe Castle, a phenom of the 1973 Cubs team, is called up from the minors and starts his career with 12 hits in 12 at b [...]

    17. For years, superstar author John Grisham has wanted to write a novel about baseball Unfortunately, the story just never came to him Then, a couple of years ago, Grisham read a story about Ray Chapman, a baseball player who was killed by getting hit with a fast pitch There was much speculation about whether the player was beaned intentionally Grisham thought this would make an excellent basis for a story, and so we have his latest novel, Calico Joe.I was sent an advance review copy by the publish [...]

    18. If your write 24 novels and have a number of them made into movies, your reputation is already set You don t have to beg publishers to read your latest work, to take a chance and publish it, to fund your book tour.So John Grisham gets a pass for a thin book like Calico Joe The story has been written many times rookie rises to the major leagues as part of a losing team, goes on a tear at the plate, breaks a few records, the team lands in first place, crowds come to see him at home and away Natura [...]

    19. Yes, I am a big baseball fan GO REDS However, even if one knows ZERO about ANY sport, this is a really good story I finished it in just a few hours but will think about it for a long time.I like when Mr Grisham veers off his typical very enjoyable legal thriller path and gives us something different i.e playing for pizza I think.Bottom line I wish we could give half stars as I feel this novel would be a solid 4.5 I am very frugal with my fives and am again in this instance as I felt it was a bit [...]

    20. What a truly amazing book I listened to this on Audio and I know already I will listen to it again And again Now You need to understand something I am about as interested in sports as I am in watching my grass grow But a few years back I read a book by an author who convinced me that I should not close down this genre as a matter of course And thus I gave this book a try and I am totally delighted that I did Like most books in this genre in my limited experience sport is a subplot This is all ab [...]

    21. A great Grisham tale that takes us outside the law firms and onto the fields of America s pasttime Grisham delivers an excellent branch off and great read for this short novella, as he examines the game of baseball and the issues that plague one family surrounding it.Dealing in two timelines 1973 when a rookie amazes the baseball world, and the present day when the son of a former great and fan back in 1973 is dealing with events back in 1973, the book seeks to bring as closure that has been lin [...]

    22. Just finished Shoeless Joe by W.P Kinsella, was still in a baseball mood, saw this and picked it up.This is a strong baseball novel, folksy and filled with love of the game The prose is solid, the story sentimental without becoming treacly, and the characters believable I loved the baseball centric flashbacks, but only liked the bitter modern sections Still, a darn good read, highly recommended to fans of the game.

    23. My wife knows how much I enjoy reading Grisham so when she saw this book on sale at Target she bought it It is a very easy read but an excellent read Calico Joe is a rookie playing for the Chicago Cubs He is setting all kinds of records and is on pace to be the all time rookie ever until his career is cut short when a pitcher throws and hits him in the head The son of the pitcher years later when his father is dying sets off to meet Joe and try to sit up a meeting between the two Grisham weaves [...]

    24. The author is a pretty big baseball fan and it shows in this story, part coming of age and part reconciliation Told in two eras, this is the story of a rookie hitter and a veteran pitcher in 1973 coupled with the story of an aging, distant and difficult father and his son.I found the baseball credible though the rookie accomplishments cross the line to in credible and the story believable Both the characters and small town America are well fleshed out This is the first John Grisham novel I have [...]

    25. I ve been meaning to read this for a long time I haven t picked up anything by John Grisham in a long time, but this was a winner A lot of baseball and some really thought provoking situations and conversations I really enjoyed it and only wish it was a little longer.

    26. Warren Tracey plays baseball for MetsUsing his old and arrogant methodsJoe Castle is the rising star of Cubs Baseball teamBecoming like him becomes Paul Tracey s dreamPaul is brought up breathing BaseballBut something makes him leave it once and for allAt Read John Grisham after an yearNice read with a message so clearWhatever bad happens in the pastRemembering it, will make it forever lastUnless the Forgiver and Forgiven forgetTheir families would always be upset early age of 12 or soHe knows t [...]

    27. In many ways, baseball is the perfect game Unlike the open ended contest between bowler and batsman in cricket, baseball limits the interactions and the tension mounts Pitcher and batter are playing a game of wits and strategy, something like tic tac toe in the simplicity of the formula but with the element of chance and skill A tiny angle on the bat can mean the difference between a grand slam home run and a foul ball A keen eye can pick up a weakness in the opponent or in the fielders.John Gri [...]

    28. Calico Joe is a breezy little novel coming just under 200 pages , it is the first person account of a fictionalized beaning of a Chicago Cubs prodigy by the name of Joe Castle, from Calico Rock , Ark The story is narrated by Paul Tracey, son of Warren, the head hunting power pitcher for the New York Mets who aimed a fast ball at the head Joe Calico and took him out of the game and ended his career.In the summer of 1973 Joe Castle was the boy wonder and the greatest rookie anyone had ever seen an [...]

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