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Finding the Dragon Lady: The Mystery of Vietnam's Madame Nhu By Monique Brinson Demery,

  • Title: Finding the Dragon Lady: The Mystery of Vietnam's Madame Nhu
  • Author: Monique Brinson Demery
  • ISBN: 9781610392815
  • Page: 479
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In November 1963, the president of South Vietnam and his brother were brutally executed in a coup that was sanctioned and supported by the American government President Kennedy later explained to his close friend Paul Red Fay that the reason the United States made the fateful decision to get rid of the Ngos was in no small part because of South Vietnam s first lady, MadIn November 1963, the president of South Vietnam and his brother were brutally executed in a coup that was sanctioned and supported by the American government President Kennedy later explained to his close friend Paul Red Fay that the reason the United States made the fateful decision to get rid of the Ngos was in no small part because of South Vietnam s first lady, Madame Nhu That goddamn bitch, Fay remembers President Kennedy saying, She s responsible that bitch stuck her nose in and boiled up the whole situation down there The coup marked the collapse of the Diem government and became the US entry point for a decade long conflict in Vietnam Kennedy s death and the atrocities of the ensuing war eclipsed the memory of Madame Nhu with her daunting mixture of fierceness and beauty But at the time, to David Halberstam, she was the beautiful but diabolic sex dictatress, and Malcolm Browne called her the most dangerous enemy a man can have By 1987, the once glamorous celebrity had retreated into exile and seclusion, and remained there until young American Monique Demery tracked her down in Paris thirty years later Finding the Dragon Lady is Demery s story of her improbable relationship with Madame Nhu, and having ultimately been entrusted with Madame Nhu s unpublished memoirs and her diary from the years leading up to the coup the first full history of the Dragon Lady herself, a woman who was feared and fantasized over in her time, and who singlehandedly frustrated the government of one of the world s superpowers.
    Finding the Dragon Lady The Mystery of Vietnam s Madame Nhu In November the president of South Vietnam and his brother were brutally executed in a coup that was sanctioned and supported by the American government President Kennedy later explained to his

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    1. Another focus of the article was on Madame Nhu a woman who seemed to be a fascinating character to the journalists of the time as I found several references to her in than one Newsweek article, and as many pictures of her in fashionable dress It s reported that Diem is little than the puppet of Madame Nhu and her husband, Ngo Dinh Nhu She s portrayed as an almost comic book like villain an Asian femme fatale known as the dragon lady by journalists in Saigon She is described as being imperious [...]

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    4. Gi ng v n v gi ng d ch hay, c ch vi t l i cu n, c ch s p x p n i dung theo tr nh t th i gian l h p l ng nh k v ng tr c khi c s ch, nhi u c u chuy n li n quan t i qu tr nh th nh l p v ph t tri n c a n n nh t VNCH c m t d i g c nh n c a ng i trong cu c y c ng c th xem nh m t cu n s ch nh p m n v gi i p kha kh th c m c d nh cho nh ng ng i quan t m t i Chi n tranh Vi t Nam.Tuy nhi n ph n l u vong h i qu ng n so v i k v ng, c l v l a ch n cu c s ng n d t c a nh n v t ch nh n n n ko c nh c t i nhi u h [...]

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    6. He said, Meet my sister, Madame Nhu, the sweetheart of Dien Bien Phu Phil Ochs, Talking Vietnam Blues That s not fair, of course Madame Nhu may have had a hand in various unpleasant things, but Dien Bien Phu was not one of them It was just a good rhyme for a folk singer perhaps too angry to be interested in fairness However, it gives you a good idea the profile of Madame Nhu in her day easily recognized and lampooned.This book is not quite a success because it ran up against Madame Nhu s unstopp [...]

    7. This biography documents the author s search for and connection to her elusive subject Tran Le Xuan, who became Madame Nhu, goes in and out of Monique Brinson Demery s radar.With all that has been written on Vietnam, it is surprising how little attention Madame Nhu has received This could be due to her gender, her unofficial role other than hostess in her brother in law s government or her being on the losing side of history The book shows the pivotal role she played She used her position and in [...]

    8. S ch em l i c i nh n t ng qu t v c c di n th i t ng th ng Ng nh Di m mi n Nam Vi t Nam m t c ch kh b t ng qu quen v i c ch nh n m t chi u c a l ch s v truy n th ng Vi t Nam c ng nh c a nh ng b n ch ng i, m nh r t th ch c ch nh n kh ch quan v trung l p c a t c gi V l ng i n c ngo i, t c gi i m l i nh ng s ki n l ch s v a ra nh n x t hai chi u v r r ng y l i m c ng l n nh t c a quy n s ch n y.Nh ng n khi kh p l i quy n s ch, m nh v n ch a h i l ng v i h nh nh c a Madame Nhu c kh c h a M nh kh ng b [...]

    9. Interesting look at a person and a time and place I didn t know much about Reading this book, I realized that I knew very little about Vietnam in the lead up to the Vietnam War More even then the story of Madame Nhu, I found this information interesting Madame Nhu herself was definitely a worthy subject for a book, but not a particularly likable one Though I could admire her for being ahead of the times as far as feminism, she really didn t seem like a good, kind person, but rather a very egotis [...]

    10. I attended the BEA show in NYC May 29 to June 1 of this year Passing through a crowd one day, I came upon a book giveaway and so, I got a copy Settling into my seat on my flight back a day later, I dug in to read.I grew up during the Vietnam conflict Though very young at the time, I remember hearing the news and seeing the pictures flash across the television screen I remember especially, Malcolm Browne s photo of the burning monk When I went to college, I studied political science and philosoph [...]

    11. I have to give credit to Monique Brinson Demery for her incredible tenacity, spending over 10 years researching this historically reclusive woman But therein lies the problem Monique spent much of the book detailing her problems in getting interviews She never met Madame Nhu in person and had to piece this book together from the erratic phone calls she received.Madame Nhu is the dragon lady, the woman who used her feminine wiles to influence the Diem regime, leading to its downfall and America s [...]

    12. I found this book revealing a tiny bit of the elusive and very private Madame Nhu I seriously doubt we will ever know this woman, and frankly I believe she orchestrated this plan She strikes me as a woman thoroughly taking pleasure in being an enigma, mysterious to the end and even loathed Demery confirms this woman possessed a thirst for power, her authoritarian demeanor very apparent, and barbed tongue gained her the title of Dragon Lady She never allowed males to control or dictate to her, h [...]

    13. History and politics are my favorite topics for nonfiction reading This biography of notorious Madame Nhu enticed me from the moment it was discussed in a program segment on NPR Since so little is known of the Dragon Lady of Vietnam, the biography is fascinating I must extend caution, however Demery claims she is in possession of Madame Nhu s memoirs, though it does not seem from the author s commentary that much of these memoirs made it into her biography of Madame Nhu Demery also talks conside [...]

    14. Very engaging and a nice, fast read Recommended for those who are as fascinated by Vietnamese history as I am

    15. Quy n s ch cu i c ng c a n m 2017 ch a nh M t quy n s ch h p d n, v n phong l i cu n, chu n b t i li u c ng phu.T c gi d nh 10 n m ph ng v n v vi t v cu c i c a m t trong nh ng ng i ph n quy n l c nh t c a Vi t Nam c s ch khi trong u m nh g m h nh nh b Nhu khi m nh xem phim h i c n b Xinh p, m ng manh, ki u h nh, t i n ng nh ng y quy n l c.M t ng i ph n quy n l c, v c ng m nh m c s ch th y b hi n l n r t i v tinh th n kh ng s h i.C u chuy n ch nh tr th c r t nhi u g c khu t hi u m t ng i ph n qu [...]

    16. L 1 ng i Vi t c s ch l ch s Vi t Nam do 1 ng i n c ngo i vi t, t ra m nh kh ng c c m gi c g ng p nh c s ch gi o khoa.Th c t l cu n s ch kh d c N c vi t d i v n phong k chuy n, i l c c n mang ch t th C l t c gi nh ng mong i u y s l m m m d u i s s t c ng ngh c a nh n v t ch nh Madam Nhu C u chuy n c a b Nhu qu l 1 thi n s thi bi k ch Xen l n cu c s ng c nh n t ng th th i cu c, t c gi th nh c ng trong vi c kh c ho Nh t Phu Nh n c a Vi t Nam C ng Ho 1 c ch h i ho , b t nh ki n h n so v i quan i m c [...]

    17. I came to this book in a rather indirect way Some years ago, I heard a radio interview with the author, Monique Brinson Demery, in which she described her ongoing efforts to meet the mysterious Madame Nhu 1924 2011 and earn her trust It was a fascinating story One that stimulated some part of my memory that contained a scrap of knowledge as to whom Madame Nhu was and her role in the leadership of South Vietnam between 1954 and 1963 The Vietnam War, though the American phase of it largely took pl [...]

    18. I come to this book after finishing 13 episode documentary about Vietnam War by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick because I want to understand each party s motive in Vietnam war there were 3 of them This book, I think, is a good reading for this purpose Who else could talk about that better than the first lady of the Southern government This document match well with my expectation before starting it However, I think this one is suitable for anyone who already has some knowledge about Vietnam war, not f [...]

    19. First the negative, or maybe exact would be neutral, thoughts on the book A pronunciation guide would have been very helpful I might actually state this as a negative Had Madame Nhu been a minor mention in a book about JFK or LBJ then I can see not bothering to show pronunciation lazy, but I can see it But as this book was very obviously full of Vietnamese names, a pronunciation guide really should have been given Maybe not everyone feels the same, but I hate knowing that I am most likely massa [...]

    20. M t th c phim ng n l t qua c c s ki n l ch s t 1802 n 1995 trong b Nhu l nh n v t ch nh M t nh t phu nh n kh ng ch nh th c c a Vi t Nam C ng ho , m t b c l n b n trong m t con ng i nh b M t ph n kh n ngoan, l nh l ng, kh t khao quy n l c, t o nh h ng gh g m n l ch s Vi t Nam M nh m , ki n nh nh ng v n n khu t u n i bu n v m t tu i th b cha m h t h i v m t cu c s ng gia nh thi u h nh ph c Cu n s ch n y n u x p lo i m nh s x p lo i v o s ch v l ch s v c ng c th x p v o lo i khuy n kh ch n quy n Th [...]

    21. Women in politics They are often reduced to the clothes they are wearing and the hairstyle they rock In a predominantly male driven aspect of society the female is usually merely the wife of, daughter of or mistress of a man in power Not enough women take center stage in government and when they do they are scrutinized and criticized far harsher than their male counterparts.Madame Nhu was only the sister in law of the man in charge and yet she and her family exerted the strongest influence on hi [...]

    22. I admire an author who sets out n an ambitious path and creates something unexpected even by the author that is so incredibly interesting The story is personal, this woman who I knew so little about It is about a country and about geopolitics It is funny, it is sad it is broad in scope and yet focused on this one person Ms demerit tells us about Vietnam and South Vietnam and the US in a way that is not expected The former First Lady of South Vietnam is a great centerpiece for the story f it s ti [...]

    23. I received a free copy from BookBrowse to participate in their online book group about this book It is a biography of Madame Nhu who was the First Lady of South Vietnam in the early 1960s in the years leading up to the war with the Communist North Her bachelor brother in law was the President and her husband was second in command, although much of the West felt that she was the real ruler Madame Nhu survives the coup of her family by being in the USA at the time She then disappears into Europe w [...]

    24. An intriguing and insightful work on the legend and the truth of South Vietnam s Madame Nhu Before reading this novel I had virtually no idea who she was, where she was from, or why she was important But after reading this I can say I ve learned a great deal and am amazed I hadn t come across this stunning woman earlier Monique Brinson Demery does a masterful job of weaving the mysterious Madame Nhu s life together and manages to create a rich tapestry of mystery and intrigue This novel also exp [...]

    25. More than anything, reading this book made me realize how little I learned about Vietnam in school The combination of sources, including conversations with Madame Nhu, made for a well rounded portrait of the Dragon Lady The writing style and subject made it much engrossing than the typical non fiction.

    26. This was an excellent biography of a woman misunderstood, vilified, and forgotten The story of Madame Nhu is the story of Vietnam and America s involvement there Rather than just the big picture of Cold War politics, this book tells the story of a woman who saw herself as the savior of Vietnam and its women.

    27. Quy n s ch nh l m t cu n ti u thuy t h n l ti u s v b Nhu C ch k chuy n h p d n, tuy nhi n b n d ch v n ph i l i c h u c a truy n d ch l c ch h nh v n lai c n, kh ng thu n Vi t, i ch kh hi u.

    28. i u u ti n m ai c c ng s nh n ra l b n d ch TV kh k m v c nhi u ch h i t i ngh a, n u c th m nh khuy n kh ch c c b n c nguy n b n ti ng Anh C n v n i dung th m nh th y c c chi ti t r t ch n th c v c o, v t c gi c m t qu tr nh nhi u n m li n l c v trao i v i b Nhu C u chuy n c k l i kh ch quan ch kh ng c nhi u nh gi c nh n c a t c gi , th nh ra m i ng i c s c k t lu n ri ng B n th n m nh th th y quy n s ch n y b sung c nhi u ki n th c cho m nh v kho ng tr ng v Vi t Nam C ng H a m tr c y l ch s tr [...]

    29. V i m t a th ch t m hi u l ch s nh m nh th y kh ng g kh c ch nh l m t tuy t ph m i l c t c gi vi t nhi u ch kh d i d ng nh ng b l i, c em l i cho c gi kh ng ch trong n c m c n ngo i n c nh ng ng i quan t m n di n bi n l ch s c ch y g n c th k nh ng g ch n th t nh t, h n h u v c ng ng nh nh t v Madame Tr n L Xu n M nh h m m b v kh ng quan t m n nh ng b b i ch nh tr xung quang b n gi n, m nh th ch l i s ng, th ch suy ngh l c n gi n, l c ph c t p, l c ng y th , l c y tham v ng c a b Chung quy l i, [...]

    30. T tr c n nay m nh ch a c cu n s ch n o v th i nh t c ng h a n n cu n n y nh m t cu n x a m v y Tuy nhi n, n i dung ch a chi ti t nh m nh mong i v c r t nhi u c u h i ch a c tr l i C ch vi t s ch ko theo tr t t th i gian, ko gi i quy t v n ng n ng nh trong m t l c m r i r c ko bi t c ph i ng i c ph i c l i ko , b n th n m nh ko th ch l m nh ng c ng th y ok D sao v i nh ng ng i ch a hi u r v giai o n l ch s n y th cu n s ch r t b ch, t nh t t c gi nghi n c u t t vi t, h n h n nh ng b i b o tr n m [...]

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