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High Treason By John Gilstrap,

  • Title: High Treason
  • Author: John Gilstrap
  • ISBN: 9780786030194
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • First Lady Anna Darmond has been kidnapped in a bloody gunfight It s an unthinkable crime that, if revealed, could cause public panic, so hostage rescue specialist Jonathan Grave and his team must operate in absolute secrecy But the mission is not all it seems There are shadows in Mrs Darmond s past Cracks in the presidential marriage Leaks in the country s criticalFirst Lady Anna Darmond has been kidnapped in a bloody gunfight It s an unthinkable crime that, if revealed, could cause public panic, so hostage rescue specialist Jonathan Grave and his team must operate in absolute secrecy But the mission is not all it seems There are shadows in Mrs Darmond s past Cracks in the presidential marriage Leaks in the country s critical shields of security As Grave tracks the missing First Lady through a labyrinth of lies and murder, he confronts a traitor at the highest level of Washington power and a devastating scheme to bring a nation to its knees.
    High Treason First Lady Anna Darmond has been kidnapped in a bloody gunfight It s an unthinkable crime that if revealed could cause public panic so hostage rescue specialist Jonathan Grave and his team must ope

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    1. The First Lady being kidnapped was something that intrigued me from the start, until Jonathan Grave and his team reveal something almost fraudulent about her Her son and grandson are then later kidnapped, enter 2 zealous reporters who find themselves involved , with no choice but to assist Jonathan and his team with the rescue I have to say, the story itself was unorthodox in such a way that I had trouble with my eyes I couldn t resist rolling my eyes every time the First Lady was mentioned THIS [...]

    2. Won Through a Giveaway John Gilstrap has been on my radar for a long time because fellow readers have suggested that since I like high octane espionage thrillers, he should not be overlooked Suffice it to say, these recommendations were true to form and I am than thankful to whatever system found me suitable for winning this giveaway of John Gilstrap s High Treason.High Treason is the 5th book in the Jonathan Grave series Jonathan Grave and his team are who you send when someone is taken hostag [...]

    3. When you pick up a John Gilstrap novel one thing is always true, you are going to be entertained at a high rate of speed John s latest book, High Treason starts off not with a bang but with an explosion In true Gilstrap form, the reader is instantly immersed in action that doesn t stop until the last word When the First Lady of the United States, Anna Darmond is kidnapped, the tension begins to build when it looks and like an inside job Jonathan Grave is then thrust into an impossible situatio [...]

    4. Really You know when you read books that most of this stuff could never happen but you go along with the story This one was just unbelievable for me Just couldn t straight my imagination that far.

    5. This is a great series and whilst the 5th book was not as great as previous ones, it still managed to draw me in.I am totally engaged with the characters Jonathan Grave aka Scorpion is totally endearing.per tough alpha male with a heartand Brian Van de Meulebroeke known as Boxershell, his credo kill and ask questions later So, here we have the team called in by their good secret friend, Irene Rivers, head of FBI aka Wolverine to find the First Lady who has disappeared and feared being kidnapped [...]

    6. I love Jonathan Grave and his crew, but this book had me shaking my head The only reason it gets 3 stars in my books is that the action scenes and the actual hostage rescue are simply awesome Apart from that, it s lame o The unbelievable factor is a 10 The whole back story is just ridiculous, and then to hit us with the FIRST LADY as accompanying them on their mission well at that point, I almost stopped reading As well, there are several important characters missing, although I did enjoy spendi [...]

    7. The first half of the book was wild and the implausibility high, but fun.Then for some reason the author did a 90 degree turn and be used his formulaic thriller methods to finish out the story The story was almost silly Mentioned were shooting down a passenger airliner but nothing else and fight with the Russians A pot boiler that forgot to be edited and well developed Although I do like John Gilstrap s writings hopefully, his next novel will be cogent it was like reading two unrelated novellas [...]

    8. 3.5 stars, mostly because I love the series I look forward eagerly to every new installment of Jonathan Digger Grave, but High Treason was a rare misstep for John Gilstrap Not because there wasn t plenty of action, because there was, but first of all, because the story rests on such an unlikely and unbelievable premise that it taints everything that comes after And second, because I m with Big Guy on this one, Digger compromises operational security to such an extent that it s hard to believe th [...]

    9. Weakest book of this series by far The main characters continue to delight, but the plot was too far fetched FLOTUS First Lady is out at a nightclub her Secret Service detail is gunned down and nobody knows what happened to her Wolverine Irene Rivers and the White House Chief of Staff do not know who to trust Enter Jonathan Grave, Boxers, Venice FLOTUS joins them to rescue her family from a well defended island stronghold Her background story and persona is simply ridiculous I really hope the ne [...]

    10. I ve enjoyed the previous Jonathan Grave novels, but his one didn t quite measure up to the previous efforts Reading some of the other reviews, after reading the book, I see I am not the only reader that felt that way Hopefully End Game, the next Jonathan Grave novel due out next month, will not have such an over the top plot line Just have to wait and see where Gilstrap takes the character.

    11. Jonathan Grave and Boxers are back, and in fine form as usual There s plenty of action and political intrigue in this page turner, and a well developed cast of supporting characters don t tell Venice she s supporting thought she ll probably hack your computer and post embarrassing pictures of you all over the web.

    12. I enjoy the Jonathan Graves series.Some other reviewers thought the story line of High Treason implausible hello, it s FICTION It s no implausible than MOST of fiction, especially some other genre s And isn t that the point of fiction The High Treason story is entertaining and gripping You feel the fear of the minor characters You feel the intensity of the major characters THAT S what good fiction does If you are a fan of Tom Clancy, Vince Flynn, Lee Child, Stephen Coonts, John Connolly and or [...]

    13. John Gilstrap writes like you are there This story should be made into a movie series with the two heroes, Scorpion and Big Guy not changed a hair Great stories.

    14. Number 5 in the series supports my view that the Jonathan Grave series is like a literary comic book The plots are far fetched, especially this one.First to first note I read this in 2016 a month after the 2016 presidential election An angle in this story is as if Gilstrap could see the future It s hard not to read this and imagine certain people involved.Even though the story is wild, it is a fun one This is hard not to read fast as I was trying to figure out if the story was as outrageous as i [...]

    15. Jonathan Grave is No Gabriel Alon or Mitch Rapp I love mystery, legal, and espionage thrillers I read every Vince Flinn, David Baldacci, John Grisham, Nelson De Mille, and Daniel Silva, I can get my hands on Now that I have read all of their books, I find it difficult to fill the time as I am a chain listener After my third Jonathan Grave, I found myself cursing and groaning out loud That s ridiculous Stop lecturing I can t take it How morally inconsistent can you make one character By this last [...]

    16. No one writes action explosions gun battle all hell is breaking loose scenes like John Gilstrap No one.High Treason is the latest Jonathan Grave thriller Digger as his friends call him , Boxer, Venice and the rest of the hostage rescue team are back at it, and this time the stakes are higher than ever It is the First Lady herself who has disappeared in a hail of gunfire and dead secret service agents But her disappearance is kept secret, and maybe there is to the situation than it seems Has the [...]

    17. I received this book as part of the First Read program.FLOTUS has been kidnapped and Director of the FBI, Irene Rivers needs to keep the situation under covers She approaches rescue specialist Jonathan Grave to track down and recover the First Lady With little to go on, Grave has to dig into the First Lady s past.It seems that Lady Anna Darmond, has her own deeply buried secrets At one time she was a Russian terrorist Jonathan s investigation discovers hints that the attack on the First Lady mig [...]

    18. When I m in the mood for reading CIA KGB stuff John Gilstrap will definitely be high on my readership bookshelf It took a little while to get involved with the story, but by halfway through the book I couldn t put it down Its the typical CIA KGB reading where you are dealing with politics and the under handedness often of the CIA Things the general public thinks happens and the things in life that really do happen behind the scenes is the prevalent part of this book Illusion is the wording High [...]

    19. Another Good One It s getting to be Old Hat , and others may think I m too generous with my stars, but, the Jonathan Grave books are really that good They have great character development, albeit, some of the characters are pretty much out there like Yelenta But, she was compensated by the action As an action fanatic, I can t over emphasize the non stop action and quality writing.I may be wrong, but, the Darman administration seems to be modeled on the Obama debacle government How can that be Oh [...]

    20. I love this series, the characters, and the fulfilled promise of an incredible, action packed ride As some others have already pointed out, though, this one stopped short of my expectations due to incredulity in several facets of the story I mean, c mon, Digger you re really going to allow that many citizens to accompany you and Boxers on a major mission And Yelena, who s supposed to be a former bada terrorist, standing there gawking at bodies like a schoolgirl All of which left a bad taste, but [...]

    21. Jonathan Grave s and his team of hostage rescue specialistsare called in when First Lady Anna Darmond is kidnapped in a bloody gunfight All is not as it seems though Anna seems to have shadows in her past There are cracks in the presidentialmarriage and leaks in the country s critical shield of security.As Jonathan tracks the missing First Lady through a labyrinthof lies and murder he confronts a traitor at the highestlevel of Washington power Another winner from John Gilstrapand the Jonathan Gr [...]

    22. Generally, really good Lots of action, shooting, bad guys getting shot blown up something But the initial premise centers on a kidnapping of the FLOTUS, which is kept quiet really she can t cut her bangs without Fox News going into a tizzy It turns out that the FLOTUS has some major skeletons in her closet again, really There are people still not convinced that Hawaii is a state, but secrets of this magnitude stay hidden.The action is good, the technological stuff is interesting, but the basic s [...]

    23. It is not every day a book is written by someone you know, who uses your name for a character My brother Len met John Gilstrap often at Ecological conferences A New York Times best selling author, he decided to use Len s name for a terrorist in this novel He signed a copy for my mother and asked her to forgive him for turning her son into a terrorist So, that was fun I found the beginning slow but it rapidly became very fast paced and there was a lot of detail surrounding the military strikes an [...]

    24. A fast paced thriller I enjoyed it so much I purchased a second book in the series and preordered the next one that comes out in June The main characters fight on the good side but slightly outside of the law In this book they rescue the son and grandson of the FLOUS and put down a plot to bring down the US It may be a bit of a stretch to think that 2 heavily armed men can stand against a large group of Russian terrorists and come out without a scratch but it was entertaining none the less.

    25. Not my favorite I have been making my way through John Gilstrap s novels since discovering them a few months ago Though or less following the same formula as the earlier Jonathan Grave novels, this one really bogged down for at least the middle 3 5 of the story The story line tried to get a bit clever, but really just became muddled with the addition of unneeded characters I hope the next one is better.

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