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Tempting a Devil By Samantha Kane,

  • Title: Tempting a Devil
  • Author: Samantha Kane
  • ISBN: 9780345537928
  • Page: 339
  • Format: ebook
  • In Samantha Kane s erotic tale of secrets and temptation, a woman whose only defense is seduction targets a rake who teaches her the true meaning of love As wealthy and beautiful as she is desperate, Harriet Mercer can have any man she wants which makes picking the worst of the lot quite easy By convincing the ton she is a ruined woman, Harry hopes to outwit the greedy,In Samantha Kane s erotic tale of secrets and temptation, a woman whose only defense is seduction targets a rake who teaches her the true meaning of love As wealthy and beautiful as she is desperate, Harriet Mercer can have any man she wants which makes picking the worst of the lot quite easy By convincing the ton she is a ruined woman, Harry hopes to outwit the greedy, conniving cad blackmailing her into a loveless marriage Roger Templeton is a rogue with a scandalous reputation, no expectations, and no shame He is perfect for Harry s fall from grace Her brazen attempts at a very public seduction are delightful fodder for gossip and pure torment for Roger With his pockets as empty as his heart, Roger is in no mood for games and decides to show Harry how foolish it is to tempt a devil But behind her mesmerizing golden eyes, he sees something unexpected a woman in trouble Her scandalous behavior would be amusing if he wasn t captivated by her lush, curvaceous beauty Worse, every libertine bone in his body has turned traitorously noble Only a rake would seduce her But only a gentleman in love can save her Includes a special message from the editor, as well as excerpts from these Loveswept titles The Devil s Thief, Flirting with Disaster, and Long Simmering Spring.
    Tempting a Devil In Samantha Kane s erotic tale of secrets and temptation a woman whose only defense is seduction targets a rake who teaches her the true meaning of love As wealthy and beautiful as she is desperate

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    1. Lady Harriet Mercer is desperate to be publicly ruined in the hopes that her blackmailer will finally leave her and her son alone Already having a loveless marriage she has no plans to enter into another one and if her pristine reputation is ruined, the blackmailer will not accept her and keep her secret just that, a secret When she attempts to seduce her old childhood friend, Roger Templeton, she believes she has found the perfect man Roger is a devil and has no qualms about ruinationuntil it i [...]

    2. Another great book the this series Tempting a Devil was a wonderful historical romance It was perfect, brilliant, fantastic Loved it Samantha Kane had a gift creating unique historical romances This book definitely didn t lack in originality A desperate widow trying to ruin herself with a rake that just discovered his morals in order to avoid the man who wants to trap her in a marriage and there s a whole other story going on there This story took me on a wild ride and I enjoyed every minute of [...]

    3. I liked this book its characters were great and the plot was engaging I loved the way Samantha Kane painted the heroine she was gorgeous, seductive, independent and mischievous I enjoyed hearing how she effected other men and the Hero with her sexuality and playfulness I wanted her to have that power because, as the reader, we knew her back story and inner thoughts so we knew that she did not experience and enjoy her life as that woman, but she rather took advantage of it to protect her family a [...]

    4. A fun, flirty historical romance Very sensual love scenes between two people trying to deny they re in love, and also some suspense to keep the story flowing.I really liked the heroine She s spunky, she has sass, and she s doing the best she can with the limited knowledge and experience she has Her love for her child is also warm and affectionate.I didn t quite care for the hero as much as I wanted to I usually really like rake heroes, but this one seemed a bit flat to me Sometimes he seemed dow [...]

    5. 4.5 StarsIn Tempting a Devil by Samantha Kane, Harriet Mercer must find a man to ruin her reputation if she is to keep her freedom and independence as a widow with complete control of her now deceased husband s money until her son turns of age But she must hurry or she will be forced to marry Faircloth against her will.While out escaping the party, Roger Templeton hears a woman in the garden arguing with a man to lay his hands off her But he knows that the people that venture there go there for [...]

    6. The book wasn t a terrible read, but plot wise, I was absolutely infuriated by the fact that view spoiler the heroine knew who the bad guy was all along, but refused to tell the hero because Reasons hide spoiler That kind of wilful stupidity just drives me nuts Kane is great with characterization and dialogue but the plots in this series have been, well, unimpressive.

    7. Harriet Mercer is a widow but she s wealthy and beautiful and if she were so inclined, she could have any pick of eligible men as her next husband Married off to a much older man by her father at a young age, Harriet s first experience with marriage has definitely not made her at all inclined to try it again Harriet is being blackmailed by a man who wants to marry her for her considerable fortune and the only way she feels she can escape this fate is to blacken her name among the ton so badly th [...]

    8. My Rating 4 stars Enjoyed strongly recommend A Originally posted at That s What I m Talking AboutReview copy provided by NetGalleyRoger Templeton, a rake known as one of the Saint s Devils, is leaving a party when he overhears a woman attempting to remove herself from a man s unwanted advances He rescues her, only to find himself being seduced by this beautiful temptress However, he soon realizes she is his childhood friend, Harriet Harry Stanley He quickly back pedals and attempts to help his l [...]

    9. Having read Samantha Kane s THE DEVIL S THIEF at the end of 2012, I was so eager to to read the second book in her series TEMPTING A DEVIL This series is not your ordinary Regency Romance, these books are sizzling and provocative.In TEMPTING A DEVIL, we meet Harriet Mercer, who after marrying up, but to an older and uncaring man, contentedly becomes a widow several years later Harriet has a beautiful son from her disastrous marriage albeit not in the traditional way, and will do anything to prot [...]

    10. Utterly a delightful surprise to read Roger and Harriet Harry are two complete opposites in a lot of ways Harry finds herself in a situation that requires the services of a man, or so ever a rake From the moment that Roger and Harry see each other, there seems to be an attraction for both of them, but Roger is fighting it.One of the things that I like about Roger, our hero is that he is seemingly running away from Harry s attentions It s a great inversion of the hero chasing the heroine It s th [...]

    11. I got this book from Netgalley for an honest review.Can you have a girl crush on a book character If yes, I have one Roger is a gentleman but a rouge he likes his affairs He doesn t go for every woman because he doesn t want any bonds He is looking for somebody new Usually he sleeps with a woman and walks away because he has a background story One night he wanders through the gardens at a party and hears a couple talking, a woman saying that she doesn t want something Walks towards these people [...]

    12. I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review The second book in the series is focused on Roger Templeton who, on the previous book, had already hinted at not being the unconscious rake he appears to be The story takes place a few months after Alaisdar and Julianna s wedding, when Roger inadvertently interrupts an amorous affair and ends up saving the dame who has meanwhile changed her mind The dame in question is Harriet who, despite having changed her mind about the gent [...]

    13. You are all grown up now Or are you Harriet Stanley Mercer has a problem and she believes that becoming a ruined woman will solve it While endeavoring to be ruined, she gets cold feet, and starts to fight off the man she has picked to ruin her Roger Templeton was just taking a walk in the garden of his host and hostess when he hears this scuffle He reluctantly decides to see what the problem is, when he discovers the victim is none other than a childhood friend from home Roger has not seen this [...]

    14. I d never read anything by Ms Kane, so decided to give this a try, since it fell in one of my favorite genres historical romances Overall, I have to say it was a decent book Harriet Harry has a plan to avoid getting forced into marriage with a man who could ruin her with the town it s not a spoiler to admit that the villain fathered Harry s child because Harry s husband, Lord Mercer, was incapable since it comes out in the first few chapters The villain wants Harry because she s got Lord Mercer [...]

    15. Tempting a Devil Samantha Kane Tempting a Devil is the first of The Saint s Devils books I have read This story does stand alone but to maximize your enjoyment read The Devil s Thief the first book in the series too.I love the heroine Harriet Mercer or Harry.Subjected to the worst of arranged marriages she survives and matures into an independent woman The cost of this transformation isn t revealed until later Difficult choices allowed Harry to maintain her hard fought independence and the well [...]

    16. Posted on What I m ReadingA few days ago, I finished Tempting a Devil by Samantha Kane When I started reading this story I was on the fence about it After all I enjoyed I enjoyed the first book in The Saint s Devil However, it took me a little while to get into the story, but it did grab me towards the end.Well, Harriet Mercer Harry grew up with Roger Templeton Roger saw her as a pest, but they were friends As they grew up, they lost contact with one another until one faithful night, where Roge [...]

    17. I just absolutely adored Harry and Roger They make a great couple, but they are just as incredible as individuals Harriet is trying to be an independent woman in a time when that was just not done I say trying, yet she really was succeeding She had a plan She knew exactly how to get what she wants What she wants is the man blackmailing her out of her life The best way to do this is the ruin her name She has no desire to remarry so what harm can a ruined reputation cause She sees Roger as the per [...]

    18. Tempting a Devil is starts off with Roger Templeton rescuing Lady Harriet Harry Mercer from a compromising position Little did he know that it was someone from his past all grown up Harry was trying to cause a scandal that would deemed her as unmarried material to her blackmailer to save her son and her from ever marrying again For Harry, after finding out that that Roger Templeton one of the Saint s Devils, she plotted to used Roger to cause a scandal What better way than to be associate with a [...]

    19. Witch Apprentice.A widow who must save the inheritance she received from her husband and be able to raise her son without interference, has a daring plan to get rid of a destructive marriage in sight to seduce a scoundrel, to marry him for convenience and thus rid from the claws of Faircloth.Target an old childhood friend, Roger Templeton, handsome and broke And his reputation as a libertine was also not the best But at least she knew him for many years and, even without telling him what was her [...]

    20. This is book 2 in the The Saint s Devils series The gist Harriet Harry is a widow with a young son Roger is a notorious rake and Devil They knew each other as children and then lost touch They become reacquainted with Harry s return to London after her husband s death Harry is on a mission to muddy her reputation in an attempt to make herself an undesirable marriage prospect for an unsavory fellow who is after her money Roger is the perfect candidate for her ruination During all the madness that [...]

    21. ARC courtesy of Random House Publishing Group Loveswept via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Tempting A Devil is 2 in series The Saints Devils series by Samantha Kane I have not read the first book, but this one stands alone with no issue Lady Harriet Mercer has come to London Married off to a wealthy older man, she s lived like a prisoner in the country estate until his death She s come to experience a new life with her son, but has run afoul of a man determined to marry her for her m [...]

    22. In Samantha Kane s Tempting a Devil, her heroine Harriet Mercer is on a mission to show the Ton she is a ruined woman She sets her eyes on Roger Templeton, an old childhood friend and a notorious rake to accomplish this undertaking Throughout the book we see the results of Harriet s pursuit of Roger, and we find out the reason behind her desire to be ruined.Samantha Kane was able to successfully create a storyline that was fast paced and had some twists and turns along the way, yet was also able [...]

    23. There are pockets of passion in Tempting a Devil that are VERY hot Roger s desire, barely leashed, is toe curling fun His refusal to consummate the affair inspires delivery of creative and delicious alternative erotic experiences Roger is wildly sensual, charmingly tender and sweetly respectful of sexually naive Harriet Equally enjoyable is witnessing Harriet s sexual liberation She grows bold and assertive as her body and spirit are awakened.I was hoping for a little scoundrel in Roger s chara [...]

    24. 2.5 StarsI got this book because I was under the impression that his was an erotic historical romance, when,to me, it was nothing of the sort This was said about the author one of historical romance s most erotic and sensuous authors There were not a lot of love scenes, and the ones they did have were completely nondescriptive To me, it read like a tame Harlequin The story was OK Kind of predictable I wanted to smack Roger when his rationale was that Harry wanted marriage because she said she di [...]

    25. Roger Templeton the rake and Harriet Mercer the wannabe ruined ladyHarriet Mercer is on a mission to get ruined it dosen t matter by who So How hard can it be After her first try was unsuccessful and interrupted by her long lost almost forgotten friend Harriet turns her sights on him Roger Templeton is a notorious rake How hard could it be to accomplish being ruined with his reputation This book is about Harriet s pursuit of Roger with single mindedness Though the story we learn about both of t [...]

    26. Originally reviewed for Historical Romance Lover blogWhile taking a leisurely stroll in the garden at a London Party, Roger Templeton comes across a woman whom he thinks needs his help extricating herself from an improper situation He soon finds himself in the arms of the beautiful woman who for some reason seems familiar to him.He soon learns that the woman in his arms is none other than his childhood friend, Harriet Harry Mercer Harry is trying to ruin herself, unbeknown to Roger, so that she [...]

    27. Very good, but I liked the first book betterI really liked Harry and Roger s story It wasn t exactly what I was expecting, but it was still very good The only thing I didn t really like was the fact that Harry kept so many secrets from Roger I really tried to see it from her point of view but I just couldn t accept her reasoning Roger was just wonderful I loved watching him trying to resist Harry It was truly the best part of the book This book is part of a series, but could easily be read as a [...]

    28. Lady Harriet Mercer is in a difficult situation and the only way that she can think of to protect both her young son and herself is to engage in a relationship with the most wicked rake that she can find, so that the folk of the Ton will think she is beyond the pale.She gets than she bargained for when she accidentally encounters her childhood friend, Roger Templeton He has the required reputation, but his own thoughts on the matter may interfere with her plans.This was a nicely written Regency [...]

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