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The Giver Quartet By Lois Lowry,

  • Title: The Giver Quartet
  • Author: Lois Lowry
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  • Page: 329
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    One thought on “The Giver Quartet”

    1. While The Giver was written years ago, I did not discover it until this year So lucky me, I got to read all four books in the series quite close together although not directly back to back Although unlike other series, the four books didn t weren t technically sequels serials each book picking up where the last left off in fact, it was a bit of a stretch to tie the books to each other.Book 1 The Giver I really liked this story The reader is introduced to a pretty perfect society a Utopia one wou [...]

    2. Typically I make a point to review each individual book in a series because, as we ve all experienced, not all installments are created equally This time separating the individual books in the quartet seemed to give the wrong idea about the group as a whole As a quartet, I rated it a 3 but given the chance I would have given it a 3.5 I really enjoyed the first one, The Giver On its own I rated it a 4 These are written for middle school and junior high aged kids but reading them as an adult gave [...]

    3. abooktopia.weeblyI quite enjoyed the simplicity of this book Each book told of a different story from someone else s point of view, yet in the end they are all connected together and brought together the story through different perspectives The main moral of the story explains how our lives and the way we live can sometimes be the outcome of how some misguided leaders think problems in the world should be solved or eliminated, though there is no such thing as a perfect world, and even if there w [...]

    4. I saw the movie and I know the book is always better I enjoyed the movie, but it left me wondering what happened next I am glad I didn t buy just the book the Giver because it is exactly like the movie and it leaves you wondering what happened too But this book tells 4 different stories and gives you the whole story I could see similarities in the story to how our lives and the way we live could cause misguided leaders to think all the problems in the world could be solved if only we did this or [...]

    5. The stories were so thought through and unique At first I was confused because they were all so different, but in the end it all tied together and made sense I would definitely recommend this series.

    6. The Giver Quartet is an absolute must read Each of the four novels is beautifully written, but when read consecutively in this omnibus format, it becomes clear how brilliantly Lois Lowry tied them together There is something to learn in each story, and I think Messenger is especially meaningful given our current political climate in America Please give this series a read if you haven t yet.

    7. The Giver is premiering this Friday August 15th To the younger generation of moviegoers, those in their teens most likely, this is another blockbuster in the same vein as Hunger Games It s got some big names like Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep, Alexander Skarsg rd, Katie Holmes, and even Taylor Swift To an older audience, those in their 20s to 30s, they know that this was actually a book released in 1993 by Lois Lowry Some from this generation, like my wife, actually had this assigned as summer read [...]

    8. The Giver Quartet is a series of short stories about different dystopian societies It begins with Jonas who lives in a society where pain and suffering is no longer known But the price paid for a life without pain is a life without love, a life without happiness Everyone in the community is a follower of Sameness and they live by many strict rules Precision of language is important It doesn t do to use words with abstract definitions if the definition is too broad, how will you ever understand t [...]

    9. I read this series after seeing the 1st I hope movie with Brenton Thwaites as Jonas I d not heard of the series I was a bit skeptical as s age range is 12 and up, vis vis YA I like reading good YA as they usually have elements that take maturity and experience to fully realize and they make me feel young again, a rational pursuit These are not children s books The Giver Quartet does this well The books are easy 1 nite reads I always read from 10 pm till I start nodding The prose is simple while [...]

    10. The Giver Quartet has been on my To Be Read list for quite some time now I finally finished it while waiting for another book to come in and maybe my impatience colored my opinion of this one a bit Frankly, and I ll keep this short, this series by Lois Lowry was very well written I enjoyed the reading, though I feel like I rushed through it It wasn t earth shattering or life changing for me but it did keep me entertained for the few days it took to read.The characters are very crafted but the wo [...]

    11. I think the concept was good Four simple connected stories told by four different characters The first book was the best for me But, even if these books are targeted at children, I still feel that the stories are not developed enough and it left you with so many questions unanswered.

    12. Dystopian teen fiction is pretty hot right now, with blockbusters like The Hunger Games and Divergent But the grandaddy of them all was The Giver And long before it became chic, Lois Lowry produced a hauntingly memorable quartet of stories set in a world where emotions are suppressed and people with gifts are imprisoned The four books are loosely tied together the first and last most tightly and mingle fantasy and science fiction, with haunting prose and some very strong characters, as well as a [...]

    13. Book 1 The Giver A classic dystopian, about a society that is cold, sterile, avoid of feeling and spread with sameness A rule or law for everything The children are born in a factory like setting, then given to parents as a chore after they are 1 years old Anything out of order must be destroyed There is a special job called The Receiverd A Giveransmissions of long ago memories Jonas escapes with Gabeon bike, though a harrowing journey he rides them both to safety on a red sled.I have read this [...]

    14. I don t feel like writing four reviews on four different books, so I m going to put them all hereE GIVER by Lois LowryThe Giver is a fantastic story about a young boy growing up in a world without feeling I loved it because it isn t a clone of any other book as most books today are It is original and unique, in its own way I think that most everyone will enjoy this book thoroughlyTHERING BLUEThe only thing that disappointed me about Gathering Blue was the fact that it isn t a direct continuation [...]

    15. Since I learned that Macmillan Farrar Straus and Giroux, had picked up my husbands war memoir and that it will be directed to young adults, I became curious about what young adults are reading today As I expected, this field as changed tremendously since I was a working librarian And so far, I am fascinated by what I have read I especially fell for the Giver Quartet It was recommended to me by the director of an English language private school here in Mexico I practially gobbled down the four bo [...]

    16. A series worth reading After reading The Giver, I almost decided not to go on with the series because I was disturbed by a scene that explained being released with a set of twins, and I feared the rest of the books would involve this level of deceit and darkness I m glad I gave it a chance If you read Book 1, keep going Book 2, Gathering Blue, is labeled a companion to Book 1, but you will not see any relation between the two books as it is the story of another character In Book 3, The Messenger [...]

    17. This was an interesting and very thought provoking quartet I was very surprised by the the four stories told a different tale but were all connected.The first book takes places in a society which is at first presented as utopian but gradually appears and dystopian Jonas is chosen to be the Receiver of Memories and struggles with the knowledge that is withheld from the other members of his society.The second book, Gathering Blue, revolves around Kira, who has a deformed leg, who must learn to s [...]

    18. OUTSTANDING, I could not put this one down Book 1 The Giver truly left me thinking about how precious life is and the gifts we are given with which to make changes when we have to Book 2 Gathering Blue Mesmorizing, the writing makes you feel as if you are within the story itself, leaves you with a true appreciation for love and life Breath of fresh air this one Book 3 Messenger the story builds into the fantastic, everyone has a role to play in life, the reading of this book kind of insured that [...]

    19. I have spent the past few days reading this series for hours on end While reading this series I grew an appreciation for the skill great writers have of stringing words together in such a way to pull the reader seemingly effortlessly into a story Granted this is a children s or young adult book, so it was not a hard read While this series is meant for a younger audience, the writing and material transcends age categories The stories were all beautiful and made me reflect on the current conflicts [...]

    20. For the overall series I would give a 4.75 I loved the first book, The Giver I thought it was really interesting I enjoyed the concept, Gathering Blue was good as we follow the story of the young disabled girl named Kira and her living in the city where she is taken in by the Guardians The Messenger tries to tie them all together and I think it did a pretty good job of that How Jonas is indirectly mentioned of who he is in the Village, but knowing very obviously it is him I enjoyed the son, I li [...]

    21. Compelling, Insightful,HopefulLois Lowery weaves a tale of a dystopian future that consists of many varied communities some primitive some advanced but only one with any hope She paints a picture of how many people must look I side for their true strength and press on through overwhelming disappointment and hardship to forge a better future for the world and ultimately vanquish evil.

    22. Unlike everyone else, I actually saw the movie first The book was actually better, to me And even though the next 3 books weren t really sequels, I really liked how they all linked together I didn t see at first how they did until the third book, but I thought it was a wonderful weaving together of stories.

    23. The Giver is one of my favorite books ever I recently re read it and read the other three in this quartet for the first time Lowry is a masterful storyteller, and her plot twists and connections are sophistically architected I highly recommend this series to any teen adult looking to lose themselves in some beautiful and thought provoking fiction.

    24. An amazing series The first series I read which is so disconnected but strongly connected each book in series has different protagonist it s good paced book and writing style is very simple and nice Descriptions are to the point nothing unnecessary and nothing missing good one

    25. This was a great collection of Lois Lowry sThe Giverquartet I gave this 4 stars because I felt thatGathering Bluewas a let down , in my opinion My favorite book wasMessengerwith my least favorite beingGathering Blue

    26. I liked how the stories all interlinked in the end The first was very strong throughout, the others slightly weaker until the end of each where there was a connection established Overall strong as a quartet.

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