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Spy Island By Sophie Schiller,

  • Title: Spy Island
  • Author: Sophie Schiller
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 249
  • Format: Paperback
  • When the world is at war, even an island is not safe Abigail Maduro arrives in the Danish West Indies in 1916 to live with her Aunt Esther, a bad tempered spinster, and her houseful of eccentric servants Despite the island s veneer of tranquility, St Thomas is a hotbed of German spies and saboteurs who use their Hamburg America Line steamers to aid the Kaiser s war effoWhen the world is at war, even an island is not safe Abigail Maduro arrives in the Danish West Indies in 1916 to live with her Aunt Esther, a bad tempered spinster, and her houseful of eccentric servants Despite the island s veneer of tranquility, St Thomas is a hotbed of German spies and saboteurs who use their Hamburg America Line steamers to aid the Kaiser s war effort When a mysterious stranger suddenly appears in town, Abigail is drawn into the conflict In the handsome, scholarly Erich Seibold, she finds the friendship and love she has been craving, even when she learns that Erich is really a deserter from a German U boat Their idyllic interlude comes to a crashing halt when the island s German consul also discovers Erich s identity and blackmails him into committing sabotage, forcing Abigail to risk her life to save him Action and adventure abound in this colorful historical novel that brings to life a fading West Indian sugar colony in the last days of Danish rule.
    Spy Island When the world is at war even an island is not safe Abigail Maduro arrives in the Danish West Indies in to live with her Aunt Esther a bad tempered spinster and her houseful of eccentric serva

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    1. See reviews on Short Sweet Reviews Spy Island tells the story of Abby Maduro, a young girl sent to live with her bitter spinster Aunt Ester on the island of St Thomas World War I is going on at the time, and German spies are everywhere Abby has an active imagination, which is stoked by a young sailor named Ian who she meets on her trip to St Thomas, so of course she sees spies and conspiracies everywhere The good This was a very well researched book The author really did her homework when it ca [...]

    2. Enter my giveaway for a paperback copy HERE As soon as I read the summary for Spy Island, I knew it was the book for me I always love historical fiction novels, especially when they have to do with exciting things such as German spies and exotic locations Luckily, Spy Island managed to be everything I had hoped it would and much, much Spy Island begins the story of Abby Maduro, an everyday girl living in Panama during the early 1900s She loves her parents and friends, and she hopes to one day b [...]

    3. This is an excellent story of how adversity can bring out the very best in people Abigail Maduro is a young lady with many privileges but has been brought up to care about others When her parents die and their estate mysteriously dwindles to nothing, she is forced into a world which is very different to the one she has grown up in A main thread throughout the story is her transformation from a na ve and fanciful 16 year old to a resourceful and compassionate young lady She does not lose sight of [...]

    4. Spy Island hits that rare spot for me in historical fiction Not only is it an entertaining story with lots of movement, but the authentic island feel and early 20th century world surround you The portrayal of the German soldier as a sympathetic character was refreshing I learned quite a bit about this forgotten part of the world and its strategic part in the ramp up to WWI Everything was so cleverly woven together The secondary characters are richly drawn and come off the page A great read

    5. Spy IslandIt is Panama in 1916 when Abigail Maduro, a sheltered 16 year old, is unexpectedly orphaned, and overnight she loses not only her parents but her home Impoverished, she is forced to take refuge in St Thomas in the Danish West Indies, with her Aunt Esther, a bitter old maid and recluse, who is slowly drifting into dementia World War I dominates the world and as she travels by ship to her new home, a headstrong Abigail tries to escape A steward charged with her safety, tries to frighten [...]

    6. In my own wordsThis is a novel set in 1916 during the First World War, in the Island of Saint Thomas in the Caribbean The main character of this novel is Abigail Maduro She just lost her parents in a train accident in Col n, Panam.She is send to ST Thomas to live with her only relative, Aunt Esther, she live in an big old house with two servants But what Abigail do not know, is that this aunt is very grouchy In 1916 Saint Thomas was part of Denmark, but because was in war time, a lot of Germans [...]

    7. Spy Island is an exciting adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat Abby is spunky, yet innocent heroine with a big heart and a lot of guts A cast of distinctive, wonderfully drawn minor characters adds their own, distinctive flavor to this tale as well I love being immersed in the world of the Caribbean during World War I, I felt like I was looking into a snapshot of the past This book is full of adventure, exciting twists, just when I thought I had the plot figured out, it would ch [...]

    8. Abigail Maduro lives a carefree life in Panama in 1916, she is the 16 year old daughter of a wealthy merchant That is, until her parents die in a tragic accident and her family lawyer leaves her with nothing to her name Abigail is shipped off to St Thomas, where her Aunt Esther has reluctantly agreed to take her in Abigail immediately finds trouble upon the boat to St Thomas and begins to search for German spies aboard The trouble follows Abigail when she gets to St Thomas Not only is her Aunt E [...]

    9. There are good things about this book and there bad things That happens with a lot of books This book was well researched, which is good The description of the Caribbean Islands was well done The characterization was well done The topic of the book was a great idea All in all, it was a well executed book.Now, you must be thinking, if all that was good, what s the bad The bad was that it felt too long for me Even though it was only a 300 something page book, which I d usually be just fine with re [...]

    10. The setting of Spy Island is what drew me to read this book St Thomas, that tropical island in the Caribbean, I never realized World War I reached all the way over there Or that at one time it was under Danish rule That s one of the things I love about reading historical fiction, learning at the same time as being entertained.It s 1916, Abigail s world has been turned upside down and she is now forced to moved to this island to live with her cranky old aunt It didn t take long to realize that th [...]

    11. Spy Island by Sophie Schiller, is a historical fiction novel set in 1916 on the Caribbean Island of St.Thomas Abigail Maduro, who is the main character, is sent by her parent s lawyer, after their deaths, to live with her Aunt Esther in the Dutch West Indies This of course was after the lawyer, shyster that he was, sells everything to pay for Abigail s parents supposed debts Aunt Esther is not a very likable character by any means She does have her own sad story though so that might account for [...]

    12. Really, really riveting novels the kind that I can t put down even though it s the middle of the night or my family is begging for dinner are difficult to come by these days Thus it was a great treat to read Ms Schiller s Spy Island.Fortunately for both my starving family and my poor, sleep deprived body, I was stuck at the car repair shop for the better part of a day last week This gave me ample time to indulge in Spy Island without neglecting any of my other responsibilities.I loved the book s [...]

    13. Sophie Schiller wrote a great book here With a few differences, it is the same book as Transfer Day I strongly recommend this book for those who like war, romance, history, politics, intrigue, and much The main character in the book, Abigail Munro, is a very sympathetic character, as is the person she finds love with, Erich Seibold I won t spoil it for you here, just read and enjoy Sophie s book I like it so much that I ve started reading it again When I first read it, I just couldn t put it do [...]

    14. A unique setting and storylineSet in the former Danish West Indies during WWI, this is a unique novel of a young orphaned girl sent to live with her cantankerous spinster aunt She is convinced a German spy is operating from the island and that he murdered her friend Then a German deserter enters her life I truly enjoyed this novel and would like to give it four stars, but the numerous editing errors were a distraction.

    15. Really liked this one The characters were so interesting, there was plenty of mystery, and it was definitely a page turner It was like a fun to read history lesson Blog tour stop up on blog.

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